Su-30MKI (Flanker-H) multirole fighter

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  1. xnur44 says:

    The Su-30MKI is a variant of the Su-27 in its export version and was designed to offset the F-15 Eagle. Desgnated Su-30M, the ‘K’ letter means that it is an export version equipped with revised avionic suite and AESA Electronic Scanned Pulse Doppler Radar, and the ‘I’ means India. It is equipped with 2x Saturn AL-31FP Turbofan with thrust vector in the vertical axis.
    On priceing, the Su-30MKI is comparable to the Swedish JAS-39 Grippen but what gives her the edge is her uncandy ability to put its nose on an adversary warplane or pointability, superior agility and combat persistence.
    It is in Nigeria best interest to take a close look at this multirole combat airplane than build up a false sense of security with inferior capable Chinese made aircraft.

  2. jimmy holloway says:

    why doesn’t Nigeria buy the Swedish JAS-39 Grippen instead of russian or chinese JET FIGHTERS WHICH HAVE QUESTIONABLE records against WESTERN JETS?

  3. xnur44 says:

    Yes Nigeria can.
    The two warplanes are incredible weapon system platforms and affordable by Nigeria status. The JAS-39 Grippen is optimized for point defense with secondary attack capability. The Su-30MK is suited as a mulitrole combat aircraft with range and warload exceeding the Grippen.
    Nigerians (on net and elsewhere) are screaming for the Airforce to raise her stakes (develope a degree of offensive capacity if you will) rather than possess an offensive arm of trainers only (as is currently the case).

    “…questionable records…” eh; as this thread evolve maybe opinions will clarify issues not raised here yet.

    Superior technical aircraft and well trained but aggressive combat pilot combination account for high successful mission rates; be it Air Combat Maneuvering, bombing mission or integrated strike package. Aerial combat tactics and strategy continue to evolve as technology present itself and any airforce that is contented with its status quo will find itself achieving nothing in combat even with newly minted warplanes.

  4. jimmy holloway says:

    Thank you very much you

  5. jimmy holloway says:

    Thank you very much you proved my point . The case of NEWLY MINTED aircraft points to countries like Libya/ Iraq that HAVE a horrible record when it comes to air defense OR AIRPLANES( THEIR PLANES just get shot down) hence the lack of faith in RUSSIAN aircraft , however they do have battle tested HELICOPTERS M-24 & M-35. LOVE THE HELOS HATE THE AIRCRAFT.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Teed up. What say you, gentlemen?

  7. benedict says:

    What is wrong? Why have’nt the Nigerian Airforce gone for the su-30 multirole fighter plane?

  8. beegeagle says:

    OKAY Gbash, this is where we shall be logging the AIRCRAFT PROFILES. Watch this space.


    Su-35 Super Flanker of the Russian Air Force (WIKIMEDIA)

    General characteristics
    Crew: 1

    Length: 21.9 m (72.9 ft)

    Wingspan: 15.3 m (50.2 ft)

    Height: 5.90 m (19.4 ft)

    Wing area: 62.0 m² (667 ft²)

    Empty weight: 18,400 kg (40,570 lb)

    Loaded weight: 25,300 kg (56,660 lb)

    Max. takeoff weight: 34,500 kg (76,060 lb)

    Powerplant: 2 × Saturn 117S with TVC nozzle turbofan

    Dry thrust: 8,800 kgf (86.3 kN, 19,400 lbf) each

    Thrust with afterburner: 14,500 kgf (142 kN, 31,900 lbf) each


    Maximum speed: Mach 2.25 (2,390 km/ h, 1,490 mph) at altitude

    Range: 3,600 km (1,940 nmi) ; (1,580 km, 850 nmi near ground level)

    Ferry range: 4,500 km (2,430 nmi) with external fuel tanks

    Service ceiling: 18,000 m (59,100 ft)

    Rate of climb: >280 m/s (>55,100 ft/ min)

    Wing loading: 408 kg/m² (84.9 lb/ft²) Thrust/weight: 1.1

    Armament 1 × 30 mm GSh-30 internal cannon with 150 rounds

    2 × wingtip rails for R-73 air-to-air missiles or ECM pods

    12 × wing and fuselage stations for up to8,000 kg (17,630 lb) of ordnance, including a variety of air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, rockets, and bombs such as:

    Vympel R-27: R-27R, R-27ER, R-27T, R-27ET, R-27EP, R-27AE Vympel R-77: R-77, and the proposed R-77M1, R-77T Vympel R-73: R-73E, R-73M, R-74M Kh-31: Kh-31A, Kh-31P

    Anti-Radiation Missile
    Kh-59 Kh-29: Kh-29T, Kh-29L

    KAB-500L laser-guided bomb KAB-1500 laser-guided bomb LGB-250 laser-guided bomb

    FAB-250 250 kilograms (550 lb)
    unguided bombs

    FAB-500 500 kilograms (1,100 lb)unguided bombs
    S-25LD laser-guided rocket,

    S-250 unguided rocket B-8
    unguided S-8 rocket pods
    B-13 unguided S-13 rocket pods

    Irbis-E passive phased array radar

  9. Henry says:

    The sukhoi-30 mki is the holy grail (in my opinion) of fighters of the 20 century. The sukhoi-30 and the mig-29 were built primarily to counter the u.s threat of the F-15 eagle. It is a long range fighter, it can fly from nigeria, drop a bomb in northern mali, POSE FOR pictures and SIGN AUTOGRAPHS in the air and come back to nigeria. This is a fighter nigeria needs, it’s a perfect russian fighter. Good radar system and avionics, carry a massive payload and deliver a big punch on the enemy.

    With a sukio-30 in the nigerian air-force (15), cameroun would gratefully hand back bakassi to nigeria….damn!! The french would think 6 times before pondering to issue a threat/ condemnation against nigeria. With a sukio-30 mks shekau (boko haram leader) would never leave his mother’s womb. Forget about western fighters the sukhoi-30 would deliver the goods. The sukhoi-30 or the m-g-29 is the kind of fighter we should have the only fighter in this world that is better than the sukoi-30 is the F-22.

  10. gbash10 says:

    The Sukhoi SU-27 is really the best fighter of the 20 century such that it has evolved to the much more ultra-manoeuvrable and deadily variants like the renown SU-30MKI and SU-35BM fighters.
    As the fighter evolves,so does its Avionics:Radars and Laser-Optical Locator Systems,Radar Warning Receivers(RWRs),ECM/ESM,navigation systems and communication systems,powerful engines that enhanced increased payload,kinematics and combat persistance.
    Nigeria has never got it right in terms of high performance fighter jets that would be a strategic tool in the hands of NAF.
    However,we hope that this time the FG would do the right thing by acquiring the most advanced variant of the flanker, the SU-35BM!
    This is the warbird I’m always and will continue to advocate for the NAF,Yes the SU-35BM multirole fighter jet.
    The FG should please for the sake of National Security send a high-power delegation to Russia,to be headed by the VP,the leadership of MoD Abuja,NAF’s CAS and some officers,Defence Committee members of the National Assembly,as well as the National Security Advicer himself,so that they would inspect and watch some demonstrations by this Russian fighter jet.

  11. Henry says:

    You wan’t the president to send his V.P, and all his security team? Who go come protect am for ASO-ROCK na……lol. You are right on the money @gbash. But I disagree with you the fact that the sukio-27 and sukhoi-30 are the same though…..true they have similar characteristics, and are of the same family( just like leopards and cheetah very similar animals, not quite the same) but they are not entirely the same. The sukoi-27 was built, and then the sukoi-30 was also designed differently. The soviets thought the sukoi 27 did not meet the range they wanted. Sukoi-30 brought to the table better range (not like that of the sukoi-27 was bad), improved precision to targets both in the air and on the ground. It’s a really great fighter.

    Algeria operates 28 fighters of the sukoi-30, uganda has 6 with 4 delivered. India has a whooping 140 sukoi-30 fighters. Uganda got 6 fighters for 740 million dollars. That’s a lot of money man.
    Ethiopia, and eriteria operate sukoi-27’s , 13 and 7 each respectively. Infact during ethiopia’s war with eriteria, ethiopian sukoi-27’s shot down a couple of eriterian mig-29 jets.

    To be honest the nigerian air-force requires at least 15 sukio-30mks jets. We can’t be flying mig-21’s in 2012 naah. Airforce wetin dey happn.

    • beegeagle says:

      Don’t mind the people saying that Uganda got the Su 30MK2 for $740m. The last SIPRI report I saw quoted the procurement price for the six units as $200m. It could rise by another $75-100m when you add the full option of weapons.

      Part of that money went into the acquisition of S125 Pechora missile systems, T90 tanks, Kornet-E ATGMs and definitely, some surplus stuff such as Mi-24 and Mi-17 helicopters are bound to have been thrown into that shopping list.

      At another level, Museveni placed orders for some yet-unclear materiel from Israel and China. Could be APCs, mortars and artillery..most likely so.

      That is what he spent the $740m which he forcibly took from his nation’s comparatively small reserves to acquire. It is opposition politicians and activists who are twisting the facts to read that he spent $740m on six Su-30MK2 jets just to create the impression that he is profligate.

      But Museveni is twice as wise as his voluble detractors are. He has taken the steps fit for a visionary leader and I commend his courage. Has the money not now been recouped?

      The FEAR of taking action is the worst kind of fear. That is where Nigeria are stuck…fear of the rainy day – saving to obsessive dimensions while the national chestnut glows in the fire in the here and now.

      • doziex says:

        Yeah beeg, when the sudanese air force started to bomb the crap out of the SPLA, all of a sudden museveni’s 740 million usd, seemed like money well spent.

        Give me museveni’s visionary style of leadership any day. Over these vain, thieving gangsters we have now posing as Democrats.

  12. Henry says:

    The general beeg himself, told us that the government was in the market looking for jets. I hope he told his high level source that the F.G.N should for the sukhoi-30 instead of looking for western jets.

  13. gbash10 says:

    Haha @ Henry,i don laugh tire,ok the Su-30/33/34 and 35 are all variant of the Su-27 basic design,they members of the T-10 Flanker family.I wrote that “the Su-27 has EVOLVED to the much more ultra-manoeuvrable and deadily VARIANTs like the renown Su-30MKI and Su-35BM fighters”, this does not mean the Su-27 and Su-30 are the same.Though the Soviet/Russia are fond of using Evolutionary Design Method to manufacture products that tend to be superior in performance from the original basic design.
    I can not imagine that Algeria would acquire 28 units Su-30MKA,and even Uganda has gone for 6 units Su-30MK2 and our leaders in Abuja are still undecided about our choice for a Russian fighter jet.
    Please some body should tell Mr President that the NAF need 48 units Su-35BM fighter jets before the year 2020,money should not be a constraint to this Air Combat Transformation.
    God bless Nigeria!

  14. beegeagle says:

    The aircraft acquisitions which the FG need to focus on

    * sixteen low mileage Su-27s $200m

    * eight new Su-30MK2 $360m

    * two Shaanxi ZDK-03 AEWC planes $140m

    * twelve Hongdu L15 Falcon $120m

    Our history makes it imperative that the foregoing strategic core cannot be acquired from the West so that tomorrow, we do not have our Air Force grounded yet again by activists and lobbyists who traditionally overwhelm their governments. That cannot happen in Russia or China – who overwhelm who? That is our national interest. Tis ours to safeguard and does not call for emotional or wimpy decisions.

    From the West, we can
    – buy C130 Hercules
    – buy more Agusta helicopters – Sokol Gluzsec and A109LUH
    – buy CN 235 planes

    That is as much as we should risk to make sure that everyone is carried along. We already own Dornier 128/228, Alpha Jet, Aermacchi MB 339, Alenia ATR-42MPA Surveyor radar planes, Puma/Super Puma, Agusta A109e/A109 LUH/AW 139, ABT-18 trainers, G222 and C130 Hercules. That is good enough.

    But the FANGS of the NAF cannot be banked in the vault of the West, not so soon after our air power was destroyed by arms embargoes and sanctions, lest our offensive/defensive capability be grounded whimsically yet again after only five years.

    Imagine what would have happened at a time like this in Syria, for instance, if their jets and attack helicopters were not all sourced from apolitical and amoral dealers? So we had better take a cue from that mural if national interest does guide our strategic decisions.

    The problem is not Western least, not most most of them. Rather, it is their activists and lobbyists – the same sort who are causing confusion right now by suggesting that economic deprivation rather than vicious ethnoreligious and political scheming lies at the root of our BH Haram Insurgency.

  15. Somoric says:

    Oga Beeg, we need to move our forces into an info-centric warfare mindset. Our current fighters will cost an arm and leg in upgrades to provide lead-in flight training to our flyboys in handling these proposed 4th plus generation fighters ensuring we do get true value for our hard –earned bucks. May i suggest changing the advanced trainer selection to the Yak-130 ($15M cost price) for the extra dollar more, we start to enable our flyboys with not only the capacity to defeat any untoward agrression but build the network capabilities to get the right information delivered in the cockpit.-
    A few friends of my friends in command positions do smile at your postings as khaki no be leather now, soldier come, soldier go; order na order o!. Love your musings, keep it up.

  16. beegeagle says:

    Oga SOMORIC, I cannot have any objection to the YAK-130 acquisitions. That is no less qualitative stuff. Anything in the $10-15m range goes with me. We are just trying to match cost/quality/expediency. That is why some are new, some are suggested for acquisition from surplus stocks.

    I recall, for instance, that the initial haul of eight Su-27s by Ethiopia landed in sixty days flat…because they came from Russian surplus stocks. Nigeria need to toe that line without further delay in the first instance. Thereafter, orders can be placed for brand-new Su-30S which would take 18-24 months to arrive. Before then, the flyboys would have enough time to familiarise on the Su-27s and can prosecute any stern assignment in proven and qualitative 4G airframes.

    What we REFUSE to accept is the idea of having the F7 AirGuard, however upgraded, as our no.1 combat jet. ZlDem dey forbid am’ and we shall not waver until that absolutely disagreeable ‘ambush’ is reversed.

    When we have cornered the start-up mix of sixteen Su-27s, we can thereafter turn to Pakistan for their most advanced F7PG variant which they are decommissioning and which might not cost more than $2m per unit to acquire. A country such as Bangladesh which already own MiG 29s for strategic ops are planning to swoop on as many of the decomm. F7PGs to shore up the numbers.

    The trend is CLEAR. Angola have a strategic core of eight Su-27s(‘should in case’ 🙂 ) while retaining a few squadrons of the vastly upgraded MiG 23-98 which are BVR capable to a range of 50 miles. By the same token, Pakistan,Bangladesh and Burma use their F7s to shore up overall numbers of airframes, with F16s and MiG 29s available for really serious stuff. HOW and WHY should our own case be different – making the F7 our frontline jet? Is that a plan to weaken our national morale? It is not OK at all, at all. No,no..NO.

    That said, thanks for the kind words, sir. Extend our warm, patriotic greetings to the said ‘red-neck, Commander-grade’ senior officers reading our ideas backstage.

    We are resolved to stand to this challenge and shall pursue the matter to a logical conclusion by TOTALLY raising awareness in a country where a senator was asking about ‘the MiG 21s at Makurdi’ (the MiG 21s entered NAF service in December 1975 under Murtala’s regime?) in 2011, perhaps in his bid to ensure that the NAF do not put in a requisition for contemporary-era jets such as befits the status of Nigeria.

  17. beegeagle says:

    JH-7A Flying Leopard fighter-bomber

    9000kg bombload, 1,752km combat radius, eight hardpoints.

    (perhaps we can trade-in twelve F7s for eight units of these while we look for surplus/new Su-27s and Su-30s)

    YITIAN SHORAD(Short Range Air Defence)

    Yitian SHORAD is guided by the thermal imaging sight and a 3-D X- band radar which can track fighter- sized aircraft from 18 km and a cruise-missile target from 8 km.

    Comprises of 2 quad launchers equipped with TY-90 (Tian Yan ) surface-to-air missile with range of range of 500-6,000 m


    TYPE 86 portable 50mm MORTAR

    40-TUBE 122mm MRLS

    (rated higher than the SAAB Erieye by the Pakistan Air Force)

  18. beegeagle says:

    YAKOVLEV YAK 130 trainer/light attack
    (US$15m, 2,000+km combat radius. 9 hardpoints, 3,000kg bombload)

    General characteristics
    Crew: 2 pilots
    Length: 11.49 m (37 ft 8 in)
    Wingspan: 9.72 m (31 ft 10 in)
    Height: 4.76 m (15 ft 7 in)
    Wing area: 23.52 m² (253.2 sq ft)

    Empty weight: 4,600 kg (10,141 lb) Loaded weight: 6,350 kg (14,000 lb) Max. takeoff weight: 10,290 kg[28] (22,685 lb)

    2 × Progress AI-222-25 turbofan,
    2,500 kg (5,512 lbf) each


    Maximum speed: 1,050 km/h (644 mph) Cruise speed: 887 km/h (551 mph)
    Stall speed: 165 km/h (103 mph)
    Range: 2,546 km (1,582 miles)
    Service ceiling: 12,500 m (42,660 ft) Rate of climb: 50 m/s (10,000 ft/min) Wing loading: 276.4 kg/m² (56.60 lb/sq ft)
    Thrust/weight: 0.78

    Nine hard points for a mixed load of all
    types of Russian and western air to air
    (short to medium range) and air to
    ground dumb and smart bombs

    Wow, this is a GREAT MIX – okay speed,stern 3-ton bombload for a light attack jet and an excellent 2,000+km combat radius. This perfectly makes the cut for a SOKOTO-Gao/Kidal/Timbuktu return blast. Well, Nigeria again slow on the draw because we have not developed that habit of even commiting a standard $165m to each service for procurement every year. That is why we are yawning all round 🙂

    On a very modest $165m procurement funding level, one can actually come out looking very good by building towards the big picture every year instead of waiting for a day which never seems to arrive when a jumbo multi-billion dollar contract for hardware shall be signed.
    What is killing our plans is the fact that whole years start and end without anything being acquired in terms of COMBAT ASSETS.

    For $165m x 5 years, here is what the NAF can get

    YR 1:

    4 used Su-27s($50m)
    4 surplus Mi-24V ($20m)
    4 surplus Mi-17-V5($20m)
    3 new Yak-130($45m)
    2 new CN235 airlift planes($30m)

    YR 2

    4 used Su-27s($50m)
    2 surplus Mi-24V ($10m)
    3 new Mi-171Sh Terminator($60m)
    3 Yak-130($45m)

    YR 3

    4 used Su-27s ($50m)
    2 surplus Mi-17-V5 ($10m)
    3 new Yak 130 ($45m)
    3 new L15 Falcon ($30m)
    2 new CN235 ($30m)

    YR 4

    3 new Su-30MK ($135m)
    3 surplus Mi-24V ($15m)
    3 surplus Mi-17-V5($15m)

    YR 5

    6 new L15 Falcon ($60m)
    2 new CN235($30m)
    3 new Yak-130 ($45m)
    4 surplus Mi-17-V5($20m)
    2 surplus Mi-24V($10m)

    After five years of factually modest procurement, the NAF would have acquired a consequential and balanced fleet of advanced trainer/light attack jets, air superiority jets and transport/assault/attack helicopters and planes with MINIMAL exertion, as follows.

    twelve Su-27s
    three Su-30s
    six CN235
    twelve Yak-130
    nine L15 Falcon
    thirteen Mi-24Vs
    three Mi-171Sh Terminator
    thirteen Mi-17-V5

    With some luck, extrabudgetary funding by the FG would bring in a further six Su-30s. But the plan already ensures that from the off we have something to throw at everything.

  19. Somoric says:

    Oga Beeg, thank you for the kind words. We shall pass on the kolas to the powers that be. I agree with the helos but I will also add 2 Squadrons of Super Tuscano from Embarer proven in many COIN operations in your list, talk about projecting air-power in current operational challenges especially with Border Interdicton, COIN Ops, Sea Protection Duties plus others ahead.
    Meanwhile, to keep our fellow commentators on their toes, how about watching these videos from Flight Global on the SU-30MKI capabilities (no be my mouth una go hear say Iya Kudi don murd).

    Finally Beeg, Our biggest challenge in our defence procurement process is in ensuring the ability to transfer technology know-how in-situ and the enshrine the capability to build our local defence industries, to improve and build upon the purchased assets.with our hard-earned dollars. Taking your shopping list for example, if we are willing to put approximately $1B towards purchasing some decent air assets, we havent included lifetime, maintenance, spares and renewals costs. Why not negotiate with these export defence suppliers to assist us in building our nascent defence industry. It seems we have a number of people in our Ministry of Defence who are making the life of our men and women in uniforms a real hell because they refuse to have think outside the box of what it means to have a 21st Century deterrent force. Meanwhile, we need to get our joint services command working more efficiently and assets (human and technical) that make it happen sooner than later would be high on my list. Our Defence Forces have been marginalised for a very long time and they have been making do with biscuit bones for meat. This country has invested too much in the training of the men and women of our Armed Forces to be given “handouts” to do the job that will demand blood and sweat. General Patton said ” Success demands a high level of logistical and organizational competence” It starts with our MOD.

    • beegeagle says:

      Oga Somoric, you hit the nail on the head squarely. I cannot recall how many times we have called out our MoD over everything from being outrightly medieval, slow on the draw and lethargic.

      The Armed Forces are only working with the tools at their disposal. They do not have the last word on procurement.
      Let us not go back to the F7 AirGuard lest I smash this device.

      The bit that I find most worrisome is that even as we have not attained saturation point in any realm – transport planes and helos, attack helos, utility helos and planes and dedicated COIN platforms such as the ALX Super Tucano and the Su-25 Frogfoot, the MoD find it convenient to allow a whole year to roll by without acquiring ANY hardware systems at all.

      Because we do not have bare minima, we do not even know where these technocrats are steering our ship to. Gentlemen, a country that is critically tasked with CTCOIN and counter piracy ops at home and in the near neighbourhood, it would alarm you to know what a token $150m would acquire for the aforementioned tasks

      – 2 upgunned Damen 8313 ORPV $45m
      – four Shaldag Mk.III $25m
      – 100 MRAPs $30m
      – four surplus Su 25 Frogfoot $25m
      – three surplus Mi-17-V5 $15m
      – three surplus Mi-24V $15m

      Gentlemen, concentrating on CTCOIN and CTPY alone and leaving out conventional warfare, that is what our MoD ought to have been raking in for a minimum since 2009 when these matters attained an apogee.

      For goodness sake, our MoD cannot be so stuck in yesterday as not to know what time is it. Even if the put a cheap $100m for COIN hardware, we can draw up a plucky list for them. To imagine that this is what they are supposed to be doing for a living, they can even call on us to do it for free. wetin?

      • Somoric says:

        Oga Beeg, that’s why this platform becomes a crucial sounding board for projecting our concerns and outlook, Personally, I dont think they do read outside their ministerial boxes but I am really sure that our focus discussions do place a critical mass on these “archaic” civil servants to listen to their citizens who do take a keen interest in the geo-political and defence studies around our sphere of influence.

  20. Somoric says:

    Oga Beeg, this is IAF point of view to the comments made by the USAF officer courtesy of

  21. jimmy says:

    Oga Somoric
    Good job please keep on contributing we look forward to THE DAY OF DAYS WHEN the NAF finally gets their plane and the NN finally gets their Sub.

  22. jimmy says:

    What are you smiling at ? Onijogbon (trouble maker).

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