NigeriaSat2, one of four satellites so far launched by Nigeria since the first-ever launch in 2003

NigeriaSat2, one of four satellites so far launched by Nigeria since the first-ever launch in 2003

October 19, 2011

A Ghanaian researcher, Dr Nana Browne, on Tuesday called for collaboration among Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana in the development of space technology.

Browne, who made the call in an interview with reporters, said that Ghana was interested in the collaboration to facilitate its proposed Space Science and Technology Development Centre.

African collaboration

“Ghana’s Space Science and Technology Centre is very new and we see Nigeria to be in the business for so many years and we have common problem as African countries. We see that Nigeria and South Africa will understand Ghana better and collaborate with us at our level because they are more advanced to assist us in the sector”, Browne said.

“We believe that when our space science centre collaborates with Nigeria, we will be able to move faster and better. Nigeria has a number of space science training and research centres, when we collaborate, especially with the National Space Research and Development Agency, we will be able to get in touch with other centres”, she added.

The Director of the Centre for Basic Space Science in Nigeria, Prof. Pius Okeke, in a separate interview, commended Ghana for venturing into space technology.

He said that there was need for African countries to form synergies and collaborations for development.

Memorandum of Understanding

She made it known that although Ghana was yet to sign any Memorandum of Understanding on the collaboration with Nigeria, it was discussing with individuals and institutions in Nigeria to that effect.

Browne, who is a scientific researcher in Ghana’s Space Science and Technology Centre, said that all necessary agreements with Nigeria might be signed before the end of this year.


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  1. Chidi says:

    Would be a good idea to pool funds and expertise and develop a West African space science technological hub

  2. Joe says:

    Ghana Scientist,and other African countries scientists should collaborate with Nigeria ,and south Africa in many areas of technological advancements . Firtsly,the huge money Ghana plan to spend on Space program to foreign scientist should remain within Africa.Secondly,the projects would cost less when comparing with foreign counterpart and the future benefits it shall offer present generation and Generation to come..Slowly but surely African would develop her scientific technological skill. Such collaborate quest indeed a good one .The time has come when African in diasporal to collaborate with African university,polytechnic, and other institute of higher learning in building the continent through knowledge skill transfers in difference part of the Globe is now..

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