SSS operatives wielding Israeli-made Tavor automatic weapons escort a suspected Iranian gunrunner

SSS operatives wielding Israeli-made Tavor automatic weapons escort a suspected Iranian gunrunner

An operative of the SSS during a raid on an explosives production outfit in Niger State, Sept. 2011

An operative of the SSS during a raid on an explosives production outfit in Niger State, Sept. 2011

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  1. ifeanyi samson mogbolu says:

    Gr8 job by d sss keep it up am so impress and I pray dat after school I join u guys lol

  2. would like to be a member nigeria state security service

  3. Dear sir, the means of applying for Nigeria state security service is what i don’t know, so i would like to know the detail please .

  4. godfrey otuvie says:

    Dear sir,i have always been an admirer of your selfless service to humanity and decided to be a member,please i would like to know the details of how to be one?

  5. David mezenye mba says:

    i want to join sss.pls help me david mba, from omueke isiokpo in ikwerre local govenrment area thankS.

  6. J. O. Osaigbovo says:

    I wish to serves under the State Security Service (SSS), after my nysc. I’m a Bachelor’s holder in philosophy. Please anyone with a sure information, as to how i can be recruited should contact me on 08034384089. Thanks!

  7. francis uduma oti says:

    stop the supply of fertilizers to the north immediately;also check big farmers’ depots and impound them if possible. also watch out for anyone buying small or large quantity of diesel with containers
    from any petrol station.these two things come easy and are easily overlooked but can be an easy tool for Boko haram mayhem.

  8. suhailu musa says:

    when did SSS will recruit

  9. abey says:

    how can i join you guyz i really love your job…pls some1 help me 07089989043

  10. Adelekun Pius Shemime says:

    I am interested in joining the state security services.
    I have try my possible best in trying to get the form
    but all my effort was abortive. please i need your assistance.

  11. Adelekun Pius Shemime says:

    I shall be grateful if i am assisted to join you people,
    to protect this great nation Nigeria. here is my phone
    number 08076442089.

  12. victor says:

    ur activities on security is very comendable.hw do u recruit pls..its d comonest inquiry here,pls do well to reply.tnx

  13. Felix says:

    I like the sss more than my life and i want to by an sss officer i promise line nigeria fwd

  14. Iorzaa Manasseh Terna says:

    I am from Benue State and i really want to join the sss, can some one please help me. my contact number is 07055282722

  15. wilcox says:

    Am a graduate of Education/Political science of Uniport, am interested in joining the State Security service

  16. Micheal Baron says:

    I want to know when the recruitment excise of Nigerian state security service will carry on

  17. mmekan s. says:

    i love this job too, but how to fined my way in is the problem.

  18. Mene says:

    I will like 2 join d sss, i luv they job

  19. MIKE OGBONNA says:

    sss is impressive. I say kudos, more grease 2 ur elbow.

  20. Oparaugo, Immanuel .C. says:

    Please somebody tell me how to join the Nigerian State Security Service, my phone number is 08161591747 my e-mail address is I LOVE SSS.

  21. Micheal Baron says:

    Please sir i just want 2 no when is de next recruitment of nigerian state security service (sss) will take place

  22. GOWOK says:

    i love nigerian state security service

  23. Nku Peter says:

    I have the capability and techniques to be a part of the Nigerian State Security Service, but where is the opportunity?

  24. ABDULLAHI says:

    for long im trying

  25. Lisa heck says:

    Everybody wants to join sss bcos they think its all about posing with guns in pictures.
    Do u know how many get killed during operations?. I am sure u dont know or care.
    All u want is d cash nd power. Idiots

    • JAVASEEE says:

      God Bless you. If anybody want to join you need to be “VERY READY” it not by pose but by brain and the grace of God.

  26. Lisa heck says:

    I was a soldier.
    I saw many soldiers cry when bullets fly at d warfront.
    When there is peace soldiers are supermen,so are sss too.

  27. mbata k kingsley says:

    i like this job so much pls this is my phone num 08064468006 can somebody tel me how 2 join

  28. I like sss,bcs they soceity, when the recruit start pls contact me thro my phone number (08066573272) THANK TO SIR

  29. I like sss, when the recruit start pls contact me thro my phone number (08066573272) THANK TO YOU SIR

  30. I am a borne Nigerian with exclusive passion to serve my dear country, Nigeria, with the Nigerian State Security Service. My living appreciation will be dedicated cheerfully to a person who serves me with the awareness of the aforementioned agency’s recruitment. my mobile contacts read thus : 08064289422 and 08087773119. love you so dearly.

  31. samuel sitam says:

    i want to join the sss thanks sir

  32. Daniel says:

    Sss is a very gud force,pls get me informed wen d form 4 recruitment is out. My no is 08076271494.

  33. Lanre says:

    Helo sir,i wish 2 join sss.plz inform me when z tym 4 recruitment,ma email

  34. Amah Tony says:

    I can’t really commend your unreserved effort in peace-keeping this great nation. I’ll be with u soon.

  35. Alum festus says:

    Stil searching 2 no d way out of diz recruitment very intrestd.anybody wt vital info shld call:07030269066.tankz

  36. Nwagwu George Chinonso says:

    Gr8 job guys keep it up, i wish to join u guys after school

  37. k.c maduka A says:

    its been credible so far, ur job i urge you all keep it going like that.i want to jion you can help 07032128595

  38. Auwal jibril says:

    Iam diploma graduate in {history} please and please my dear friends when ever sss is recruit contact me on ds number {08072231758 or 08089308142} iam always which u thank.

  39. john says:

    lots of corruption,nepotism,tribalism and injustice melted against the southern staff both executive and non-executive of CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION BY THE RG AND HIS KITCHEN CABINET. Merit and performance has gone only ur tribe speak. PRESIDENT JONATHAN S.O.S

  40. jack mkpoikana akpan says:

    Pls how do I get register and τφ know when d s.s.s recruitment form į̸̸̨§ out į̸̸̨§ someone help ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ by calling ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ on my number now 08035458604 pls am waiting

  41. Garba Abdullateef A says:

    this has ever be dream” be an SSS officer” please lead me to my dream come true. my contact:08035636394

  42. king says:

    i love nigeria and sss

  43. This is the job of my dream bcos of the level of decipline and intelligence required. I love u all! God willing, i will join u guys someday!

  44. I have the interest to serve this organisation diligently as may be required.
    As a freelance jounalist in the print media since graduating till date, i would put in my best for the achivement of the goals and objectives of this reputable organisation if favourably considerd for employment.

  45. Micheal Baron says:

    Pls sir i jt want 2 no when detective recruitment excise of ur organisation will come up?

  46. i honestly aprct the Nigeria, State Security Service ( SSS ) for their full comitment in the fight of crime, i pray the Good Lord continue to give them more wisdom to work more and God must also protectn them all. Amen.

  47. sarah says:

    I ve succeded in de zonal screening of sss…wat is next?an how is d training?

  48. Adeyemo jelili ayinde says:

    Hello, nigerians sss job is d type of job dt i have passion for, GOD bless nigeria amen

  49. Mogbogu Ikenna says:

    I ‘ve such a burning desire for your kind of security work.i wil join u guyz subsequently.keep it up.

  50. Infact i like this job.

  51. abigide isioma says:

    i really love the job(sss)…i really jus want to know wats the training is like.

  52. tochi ewelum says:

    best job

  53. Aladese oluwatosin ezekiel says:

    sir, i want to join Nigeria state security service and i want 2 go for the train.

  54. Festus says:

    Pls notify me abt sss recruitment.

    • wilcox Oweikeme job says:

      I hv dreamt of serving my father’s land by working with the SSS, Pls, when they starts recruitment do inform me. My number is 08064544740… Thanks

  55. waliu says:

    pls i luv this job and i wil like to join the sss hw can i get the form. Pls if their is help from any one this is my contact number for God almight sake 08171944615 i really love the job is nice to be an sss for this great nation nigeria

  56. Fmafriday says:

    I want d link 2 d form

  57. joseph says:

    friends, sss wil b sending their new recruited officers to training next month. are u surprised do not.

    • Sojid mbuwako says:

      Guy which state are u from, cus my state we are still waiting 4 d interview result oo pls help me wit any info 070397104070 pls…..

  58. Chiedozie says:

    I appreciate ur work alot sss,u keep nigeria fit i must commend u,thanks, but one more thing is i so much love working with u.when is your 2012 recruitment taking place,i love geting good result in what ever i do.God bless nigeria…kingsley.c.onyeze.08060389534

    • wilcox Oweikeme job says:

      I have dreamt of working with the SSS all my life. I am a graduate
      of Education Management/ political science and would really like to service my country with SSS. Please, i jst want to know when SSS wil be recruiting again because i am so much interested… Wilcox Oweikeme Job(08064544740),

  59. chris says:

    When will sss recurit again

  60. Mbatyuyla Tertsegha says:

    When is sss doing recruitment again in 2012, 08166960231

  61. I need government work to do i have apply in differend catigories of job with them pls can somebody help me?call08098096091

  62. Moh'd .a. Moh'd says:

    May God bless all sss in nigeria in my life is 2 job that i like. Army and sss i love this jobs my father is a member of sss alhassan moh’d rabiu. May God give u people long life and prosperity. Iam a prince mbk bwari.08187087224

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