IGP, Mr MD Abubakar

IGP, Mr MD Abubakar


January 25, 2012

President Goodluck Jonathan, Wednesday, has approved the appointment of Mr. Mohammed D. Abubakar as Acting Inspector General of Police as a first step towards the comprehensive reorganization and repositioning of the Nigeria Police Force to make it more effective and capable of meeting emerging internal security challenges.

Mr. Abubakar who is currently an Assistant Inspector General of Police replaces Mr. Hafiz Ringim who proceeds on terminal leave with effect from today, 25th January 2012.

Born on May 5, 1958, Mr. Abubakar enlisted in the Nigeria Police Force on July 30, 1979. He was the AIG in charge of Zone 12 Headquarters in Bauchi, before his new appointment.

In a statement by Reuben Abati, Special Adviser to the President (Media and Publicity), the President also approved the retirement of all Deputy Inspectors General of Police with immediate effect. These are:

* Mrs. Ivy Uche Okoronkwo, DIG POL 2i/c Force Headquarters, Abuja,

* Mr. Azubuko J. Udah,DIG Administration(“A”Dept),

* Mr. Sardauna Abubukar, DIG Training (“E” Dept.);

* Mr. Audu Abubakar, DIG Operations (“B” Dept);

* Mr. Saleh Abubakar, DIG Works (“C” Dept.) and

* Mr. Mohammed A. Yesufu, DIG Planning and Info-Tech (“F”Dept.)

According to the statement, the President also established a Special Committee to oversee the urgent reorganization of the Nigeria Police Force.

The committee is to be chaired by the Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Mr. Parry B.O Osayande, DIG (rtd).

Other Members of the Committee are:

1.Mr Casimir T. Akagbosu, AIG(rtd), mni

2. Mr. Bashir A. Albasu, AIG (rtd.), fwc.

3. Major Gen. S.N. Chikwe, rtd.

4. Prof. S.D. Mukoro

5. Dr. Fabian Ajogwu, SAN

6. Aisha Larai Tukur

7. Solicitor General of the Federation

8. Permanent Secretary, SSO, Office of the SGF to serve as the Secretary to the Committee.

The statement further listed the committee’s terms of reference as follows:

1. To identify the challenges and factors militating against effective performance in the Nigeria Police Force and make recommendations for addressing the challenges.

2. To examine the scope and standard of training and other personnel development activities in the Police to determine their adequacy or otherwise.

3. To determine the general and specific causes of the collapse of public confidence in the police and recommend ways of restoring public trust in the institution.

4. To examine records of performance of Officers and Men of the Nigeria Police Force with a view to identifying those that can no longer fit into the system due to declining productivity, age, indiscipline, corruption and/or disloyalty;

5. To make any other recommendations for the
improvement of the Nigeria Police Force.

The statement added that the Committee’s recommendations shall be implemented along with those by previous committees set up by Government on the reform of the Nigeria Police Force.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    You have read the foregoing. Now read the following.

    The PROOF of expertise lies in the capacity to INFLUENCE POLICY and outcomes. No, we are not clairvoyant. Rather, we have always said that at the highest levels of governance, BEEGEAGLE’s BLOG is followed avidly because they know that we mean well and know what we are talking about.

    It should not surprise you that as homers in the know, we are confident enough to call out any of the purported Nigeria specialists within who are doing their master’s bidding and moreso, those ones who are causing confusion offshore London or New York by trying so hard to distort the picture and influence their governments to the detriment of Nigeria’s national interest. Beegeagle’s Blog is about us telling OUR own story like NO externals can. The evidence lies here.

    IF you want to have a hand on the Nigerian button, visit BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG everyday. NO thinktank, no print or electronic medium would come close. You are either with us or you are at sea.


    GENTLEMEN, ever since this bit of news broke, we have heard that a platoon-equivalent of cops was on ground when this twist developed. In that case, was the man allowed to escape or what because there could not have been more than 20 insurgents attacking? This is
    straightforward madness coming from Police quarters.

    IF they were surrounded, I am sure that a well-placed RPG shot would have wrecked the escape attempt. A helicopter? The idea was about taking the man to his house so that the place could be searched for incriminating stuff. He would have climbed out of the chopper at some point.

    The seeming level of rot in the police beggars belief. Was this man allowed to get away? We have yet to receive reports of a gunbattle at the scene, so what happened? Were they ambushed? Who tipped off the ambush party in what ought to be a high security and classified operation?

    More questions. Perhaps the Police need to be placed under a Sole Administrator for all of 2012 while the place gets cleaned up.

    OPTION A – Parry Osayande (the Anini buster), a no-nonsense crack cop who is a retired Deputy Inspector General of Police and the incumbent Chairman of the Police Service Commission.

    OPTION B – Major General Sarkin-Yaki Bello, Presidential Assistant on Counterterrorism takes on the added mantle of Sole Administrator of the Nigeria Police Force for the whole of 2012.

    That institution needs to be knocked back into a state of sobriety and iron discipline instilled from top to bottom. Nothing extraordinary about that. There is a Nigerian precedent to be followed.

    In the mid-1990s when corruption and inefficiency practically brought the operations of the Nigeria Customs Service to a halt, the Federal Military Government placed the Customs Service under a Sole Administator in the person of a Zuru (Kebbi State) native, Brigadier General Samuel Ango.

    Elsewhere in Africa, Kale Kayihura, an army officer who got promoted to the rank of Lt General last week, is the IGP in Uganda and has been saddled with that job for a few years now.

    Why are our police so damn unruly? The Army captured and handed over Mohammed Yusuf to them and he was extrajudicially executed at pointblank range – riddled with bullets. There is a very disturbing video on the internet showing a cop, baseball cap turned to the back like a true deviant, shooting at unarmed civilians who had been made to lie with their faces to the ground in the manner of a hunter shooting at guinea fowls in the savanna. That was 2009.

    Years later, they sent them to Potiskum, some got killed inside a beer parlour. Now they have a prime target and they just let him out of their grasp – just like that?

    Please..PLEASE is this not why Nigerians have overwhelmingly refused to believe that the police is your friend –accidental discharge on account of twenty naira,bribery, corruption, complicity in crimes and extrajudicial killings with impunity by trigger-happy cops everywhere?

    All of that is proving to be an obstacle to intelligence gathering as the people are seemingly estranged from the police and are wary of the informant suddenly becoming the suspect or getting sold out to the adversary.


    Thank you FG for listening to us. We are poised to raise our game by a notch – trust us. Thank you Beegeagle’s Bloggers for keeping us at the top – XNur, Doziex, Peccavi, Jimmy, Henry, Tobey, Yagazie, Ken, Gbash, SBM, Ryan, Ocelot2006, Tope – solid gold. Let us continue doing what we do


  2. Gbash says:

    Thank you Mr Beegeagle for providing this medium in which issues of national and international hot topics are being discussed and analysed vividly. The appointment of Mr Muhammed Dikko Abubaka as the acting IGP by president GEJ is a very good development,I hope this new man will not be as incompetent as his predecessor.Lets keep our fingers cross.

    • beegeagle says:

      Mr MD Abubakar appears to have a knack for instilling discipline in his men. Let me cite one example.

      Pre-2008, wailing sirens where a REAL nuisance on the streets of Lagos – police vans and escort cars, ordinary drivers abusing the privilege of driving escort vehicles, bullion vans and all manner of unimportant people like me felt the need to affront our sensibilities with wailing sirens. NOBODY in Lagos believed that any law or enforcer could successfully check this major menace in the massive metropolis.

      So the Lagos State Government of Governor Babatunde Fashola who does not use sirens himself, decreed that the use of sirens was outlawed in Lagos. Not even bullion vans were to use them and any defaulters were to be arrested.

      At the time, MD Abubakar was the Commissioner of Police in charge of the Lagos State Police Command. God knows how he did it but the sirens FELL silent across the length and breadth of the urban sprawl that is Lagos. It was VERY EFFECTIVELY enforced.

      Not long after that, Abubakar was promoted to the next rank – Assistant Inspector General of Police and assigned to Zone II Command under which you have the Lagos and Ogun States Police Commands.

      It was from Lagos that he was posted to a Zonal Command upcountry. That was what I saw of his time in charge of the Lagos State Police Command as Commissioner of Police and as AIG in charge of Zone 2.

      I wish him goodluck and given his antecdents, I imagine that he could turn out to be a good fit, aided by Parry Osayande, a true old cowboy and sheriff rolled into one.

      Old school discipline could be on the cards. It would be a monumental task but Osayande (who ended the menace of Lawrence Anini, Nigeria’s elusive Robin Hood wannabe in 1986) and MD Abubakar are not people to shy away from monumental challenges.

      We shall be watching and commenting. That is our job. So we say “bon chance”

  3. WOW MR BEEAGLE THIS IS ACTUALLY VERY SCARY they (F.G.) actually are listening to our recommmendations does it mean that they really have the best interest of Nigeria at heart? I can actually see some variations of the recommendations based on some of the things we have earnestly recommended on this blog.
    WE (MR BEEGAGLE, DOZIEX, PECCAVI, XNUR AND THE REST) REALLY TAKE OUR JOB VERY SERIOUS, WE want what is the (BEST)x2 FOR NIGERIA we hope if they are truly listening this commitee must have bark/ bite AND TOUGHNESS it should not be A WITCHHUNT but A WATCHDOG that truly has the backing of the PRESIDENT and should not be allowed to report to ANYONE EXCEPT THE PRESIDENT THROUGH THE NSA (AZAZI) AND THE KEY WORD IS THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO GET BOGGED DOWN

  4. Hassan Adamu says:

    In most of the local govt. State of emmergency decleared policed are collecting money from comuters, how can we curbed the infitration of criminals?

  5. TERYILA says:


  6. doziex says:

    This is great news. In the past, my hope was for some top official or their relative to stumble across this blog. Beeg, has assured us a number of times that some big wigs are taking note. This is most promising.
    While some of us are nigerians with experience in foreign military establishments, others are keen observers of security/military related situations world over. Years of observing the application of the best military trends confers some expertise on the subject matter. This is then compared and contrasted with trends,events and perceived doctrine in the nigerian armed forces.

    Hence, the resultant opinions whether in form of rants or a composed plea, should not be taken with a grain of salt.

  7. doziex says:

    @Hassan Adamu, has raised an issue of critical importance. Are police personel still collecting bribes at check points in cities under a state of emmergency ??
    WOW !! talk about shooting yourself in the foot. I hope this Osayande/ Abubaker team can deal with this issue.
    If we in nigeria pauperize our police, we will get pauperized security. ( no magic here )

    However, in addition to fair salaries and welfare packages, a zero tolerance policy should be enforced from top to bottom against bribery and extortion.
    This should be enforced with numerous, random STING OPERATIONS.

  8. beegeagle says:


    January 26, 2012

    Muhammmed Dikko ABUBAKAR,
    Assistant Inspector General of Police, joined the Nigeria Police Force, NPF, as a Cadet Inspector on August 1,1979. An indigene of Zamfara State, he has meritoriously served the Force and his country in many capacities.

    Important positions he has held in the Force include; Assistant Commissioner of Police, State Criminal Investigations Department, Sokoto Police Command; Assistant Commissioner of Police,Federal Operations,Force HeadQuarters, Lagos; and, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Airport Police Command, Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos.

    He is a principled and operations-minded officer with deep understanding of modern policing strategies and ethics. A committed crime fighter with keen eyes for details, he has also served as Deputy Commissioner of Police(Administration), Lagos State Police Command.

    On his elevation to the position of Commissioner of Police, he served as a substantive Commissioner of Police in charge of several Police Commands across the Federation. Some of these are Plateau, Abia, Kwara, Kano, Airport and Lagos State Police Commands.

    An amiable and intelligent officer, he was later promoted to the rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police and he subsequently became the
    Assistant Inspector General of Police in- charge of Zone 2 comprising Lagos and Ogun States. He was also the AIG Zone 5, Benin comprising of Edo, Delta, and Bayelsa states. He was later posted to Zone 6 comprising Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Ebonyi states. He is currently AIG in charge of Zone 12 Bauchi State. He is a detribalized Nigerian.

    Born May 5th, 1960, he is happily married with children. MD as he is popularly called, is a member of the prestigious National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS). He has undergone several professional training locally and internationally; some of which include:

    *Intermediate Command Course –Jos;

    *Senior Command Course – Jos;

    *General Detective Course –Metropolitan Police, West Hendon, England;

    *General Security Course – Israel;

    *General Security Course – FBI, USA;

    *International Security-England

    *General Detective Course – Scotland Yard.

    *He is an active member of International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Economics (FCE) and a holder of the prestigious Police Medal (NPM).

  9. beegeagle says:

    Wow, MOHAMMED DIKKO have quickly become names which are associated with wielding power in Nigeria.

    * In 1975, General Murtala Mohammed appointed a certain MOHAMMED DIKKO Yusuf as Inspector General of Police. He served in that capacity until 1979.

    * In 2010, Air Marshal MOHAMMED DIKKO Umar was appointed Chief of the Air Staff

    * In 2012, MOHAMMED DIKKO Abubakar has been appointed Inspector General of Police

    If you are a Fulani man, do consider naming your son MOHAMMED DIKKO. It won’t backfire.

  10. doziex says:

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    I have found some evidence that we here in beegeagle’s blog have an ally in the senate as concerning defense spending.
    Go to youtube and search NNS Thunder, in one of the clips listed, senator chris Anyanwu ( a lady ) is making the point that the just under 6 billion dollar defense bill is TOO SMALL.

    In her capacity as the senate committe chairman on navy affairs, she was at the christening of NNS Thunder. She argues that the 6 billion encompasses SSS, Police, the armed forces and our entire security infrastructure.
    While we here are elated, because half a loaf of bread is better than none, it is encouraging to have proof that someone in the senate is articulately fighting for MORE DEFENSE SPENDING.

  11. Ken says:

    Hi peeps….ok..its good to know that the “almighty” FG listens to us. Let me use this opportunity to make a few suggestions on the NPF.
    I have painstakingly used my time to befriend several policemen of different Ranks…especially the rank and file. I noticed something disturbing. The average policeman’s iq is very low. Most of them don’t even know a thing about policing. They don’t know a thing about Psychology or even general knowledge of the country. Most of them on duty, especially at checkpoints are not focused on their job…i believe i and a couple of handpicked guys can disposes them of their rifles at this checkpoint without firing a shot…they sole aim at checkpoints is to collect bribes.. don’t believe me…take a ride through the various checkpoint across Nigeria and see for yourself. These are just a few thing i observed.

  12. Ken says:

    My Recomendation:
    1) Increase the minimum entry level into the NPF to OND. Only people with OND or its equivalent would be recruited into the Rank and File. There are over 300,000 Nigerian youths who can fill those positions and these would provide intelligent personnel for the rank and file
    2) Make the NPF more attractive and lucrative so that it would attract brilliant Nigerian graduates and not drop outs and riff raffs. These graduates can come from any field..Psychology, Sociology, Engineering etc. These can provide an employment boom to the FG and equally serve in providing first rate personnel for the NPF. There are millions of unemployed graduates who can fill these role
    3) In order to make the NPF attaractive, the FG can assist them in providing good uniforms(boots, belts, shirts and trouser etc), Kevlar jackets, 2 way radio system, for the force. The maintenance section should be overhauled so as to provide maintenance services for cars, trucks and comms equipment’s. Here Engineers can come in handy. I see nothing stopping a state of the art hospital for the NPF which would employ Doctors and Nurses.
    4) An office of internal affairs should be set-up to overlook the Police. Their duties would be to monitor the policemen for corruption and extra judicial killins etc
    5) The training program of the NPF should be overhauled entirely. A new training program should be made available which would encompass all aspects of policing and not just terrorism. Now i see policemen with assault rifles and live rounds engaging rioters. Not good

  13. Let give MD a chance an see what wil happon

  14. beegeagle says:

    Thanks and welcome back, Ken. Smart recommendation.

    @Matawal Danjuma. I agree with you as well. We saw a bit of MD Abubakar’s hand on the plough in Lagos where acts of criminality were FORCED into a downward spiral and of course, those annoying sirens fell silent. Whereas the lavish provisions made for the Lagos State Police Command by Governor Fashola’s administration, which has so far provided over 30 APCs and 500 4WD trucks, 6 gunboats and two helicopters for the Command, greatly facilitated patrols and response to distress calls within the conurbation that is Lagos, it has to have been his disciplinary touch which quietened those noisy sirens. He appears to be the enforcer kind of man.

    That said, knocking a massive and decadent force of 380, OOO into becoming a disciplined body of men is not AT ALL going to be a tea party. Many of those “very local” cops in the backwaters of Nigeria are totally blind to technological aids (metal detectors, jammers, internet research etc) and are proficient bribe takers who only understand two words of command, namely – “SALUTE” and “FIRE”. Not an easy road.

    We are willing to give them all of 2012 to prove to Nigerians that their hands are indeed on the plough. Hopefully, Mr President would oblige them while we hope for the best within the shortest timeframe.

    • Ken says:

      Thanks Big Boss….i also want to use this medium to ask the house if we cannot put in some amour into the toyota 4×4 hilux which the security operatives use. I believe the guys who were given 2 billion to work on an indigeneous APC can also look into this. They can form a partnership with Toyota to work on this…what do u think guys?

  15. tope says:

    I agree with beegeagle.

    It is no mean task but I think the office of the internal affairs unit known around the world has the geezers are a force to reckon with. They crack their whip and officers run. These men are highly educated and they discipline police forces.

    I think all force stations should have one and for God’s sake we need to do something about police stations. Thε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ are not developed infrastructure-wise or IT-wise. That said we can create IQ Stimulus Tests to guage those whose duty will be more clerical and field officers and management control detectives and special units for special units.

    In my lifetime, we need serious air surveillance and should make use of satellite monitoring too, not only for SSS or NIA or military troops. We should have a boat service, firefighter service, emergency and paramedic unit, service laboratory, data and forensic service and a civilian contractors and advisers wing. Let us put in place a proper anti-fraud unit meaning merging the EFCC into it.

    We need proper riot squads, sterner SWAT teams, anti-kidnapping units and anti-robbery squads which these days dont do anything. Thε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ are the ones that need APCs .

    More homicide, psychology and psychoanalytic units aka shrinks using lie detectors and interrogation. Let us revamp the public service,armoury and ordinance, health and safety units and arrange for refresher courses in intelligence and cyber crime. We need an engineering corp unit, ballistics and arms unit and a drug unit or narcotics unit to complement the NDLEA

    We could do with a research unit on policing techniques, defense and a martial arts unit for close combat. We also need a sting operation trainer unit and should consider setting up CCTV grid systems like Metropolitian and Scotland Yard. Let us have a Detective Corps and a proper Police Academy.

    Also, we need to establish HUMINT undercover unit and more importantly, a witness protection agency and a legal unit biometric data filing system so that a comprehensive capture of all the nation’s known criminals is done.

    Stop dehumanizing peeps in the media by stripping them almost naked their must be a series of processes. We need a reinforced bomb squad and we need CSIs or crime scene investigators.

    Our police must stop checkpoints and rather patrol round neighbourhoods, set up APB centres or data request centres to give information on suspects and also stopping torture entirely by setting up interrogation rooms. A proper police station as it should be in larger cities in the world. No harm in borrowing from them also a mounted police unit horses need to be created bikers unit also done and police divers and autmobile configurations done dose 4X4 are not safe or reinforced at all

    Weapon handling also and discipline must be done recruitment process must be strict course will infuse military background also need for setting up federal state and local zones jurisdictions and many other units if there are any unit U̶̲̥̅̊ kno our police can create lwt us know my own is dis bribery and unfit officers must be retired let us weed out lots of dem we hv idle graduates who will readily join the ranks of the security force to help develop our state frankly 450000 is too small to police a 160 million populace a need to wake up let us trust the police once more

    Your suggestions are welcome. If the Govt truly listens let it take down notes on all things said both military security, defense and police. Let’s change the system

  16. beegeagle says:

    By the way, gentlemen, do you realise that the Professor SD Mukoro who is listed above was one of the young revolutionaries of April 22, 1990? He was one of those implicated in the abortive Orkar coup and as a Major in the Corps of Military Police back then, he had already earned a Ph.D in Criminology.

    We hear(so said Colonel Tony Nyiam in a 2011 interview) that Major(rtd) Mukoro is now a Professor in an American university. He was correct.

    To that extent, Prof Mukoro comes to the board with a background as a Professor of Criminology, a former Major and a Military Police background.

  17. xnur44 says:

    In Nigeria, sometimes what is temporary quickly assume the permanent. The 4×4 hilux configuration as in use today was to solve an immediate problem, which is to increase the mobility of squad size units in low risk environment. We have scandalously with disregard to life of occupants, deployed such vehicles at high risk areas with attendant loss of lives, and this gross error continues. The cost of applying armour to the hilux will necessitate a structural redesign and also increase of internal volume of the vehicle, this off course will come at a price close to the casspir for example. The outcome will be a vehicle closely resembling a fighting armoured lorry as seen in the casspir designs and the likes, so it makes more sense to buy/assemble similar vehicles than up-armour the hilux.

    Tope addressing your concern is a simple thing to do, it has to do with leadership. If a leader is firm and resolute, fears no sacrifice, summon every difficulty to achieve victory, then such an entity shall prevail. What you have mentioned are already operational with the police.

  18. beegeagle says:

    Believe me, Tope, the Police have had all those units and formations for decades

    *Serious Fraud Office
    * Mounted Police Training Wing, Zaria
    * Police Academy under construction in Kano(would be a 5-year course)
    * Police Colleges in Lagos, Kano and Kaduna and Nonwa for officers, inspectors and men
    * Police Detective College, Oji River in Enugu State
    * Police Staff College Jos
    * Police Engineering Corps
    * Marine Police
    * Ports Police
    * Railway Police
    * Forensic unit(wef 1982)
    * Physical Combat School, Remoland

    Just name it, we have it on ground. All that needs to be done is for them to be optimised and for the men who man them to be reoriented. We just have too many bad men in the system and that is the cause of the bog-down.

    They have engineers, lawyers, doctors, dentists, architects, surveyors etc working in the Police system. They just need to tackle their disciplinary problems is all.

    In a related development, you might not believe the fact that the Nigerian Army Corps of Engineers has more engineers, surveyors, architects and technicians working for her in five brigade-sized formations than do the Federal Ministry of Works!

    • tope says:

      Wow I’m shocked! Ha!

      The police force has been totally underestimated and mismanaged. Apart from an airwing, others are on ground. Lord have mercy. This is a serious lapse of policing system.At least, our mounted cops can take care of local crimes or so and lots of employment. I mean, the police force can take nothing less than 100,000 vibrant staff.

      Which leads us to another issue. The need to revamp our judiciary arm cos extremely corrupt judges, justices and lawyers exist today, so politicized beyond redemption. Worse, our Prisons are in a horrible dehumanising state and condition. This must be addressed if the judiciary and enforcement of law must happen effectively. And we need detectives o.

      Thanks for the information. We need people like you as special advisers, not like some people up there. As for the NA, I’m not surprised. I’m starting to love my country in a new light. I might as well join the forces.

      Also dont you think it will be wise to begin volunteer conscription for reserve purposes? We never know tommorrow and also make a law that either you do service or when you are 18 years of age you must undergo basic military training of survival and navigation in terms of war and peace scenario and also close combat to improve civilian security awareness and safeguard.

      What do you think?

  19. beegeagle says:

    @Ken. XNur has already shed light on that.

    During the era of military rule, particularly in the post-1990 period, crime and internal security issues attained a crescendo. The Police were overwhelmed so the military government, cooked up joint Police-Military security teams which were apparently inspired by successes scored by the premier “Operation Zaki” in pre-partition Borno which took effect in 1990 under a Lt Col(later Brig.Gen) Mohammed Buba Marwa whose was the Military Governor at that time.

    Those were leaner times and because the environment was low-risk as was rightly pointed out by XNur (meaning, operations bereft of ambushes, grenade attacks and the detonation of roadside IEDs), the cheap alternative that was Toyota HiLux 4×4 trucks, sufficed.

    Operation Zaki-type joint ops proliferated across the land and in every state of the federation with the same Toyota 4WDs deployed. Prominent joint ops which followed after OP ZAKI were OPERATION SWEEP in Lagos and the Rivers State Internal Security Task Force which cracked down savagely on Ogoniland. But those were routine IS Operations, the scale of same regardless.

    TODAY, the threats to troops are very different. As we speak, there are as many suicide bombings and roadside IED blasts taking place in Nigeria as is the case in Algeria. For sure, the scale and intensity of the violence has exceeded the levels attained in Mali and Mauritania.

    Typically, they lay ambush and open fire therefrom in which case all occupants of any soft-skinned vehicles are dead as dodo. When that is not happening, they detonate wired roadside IEDs as security forces drive by or they ride/drive-by on motorbikes or cars and hurl IEDs/grenades at forces’ vehicles.

    It became clear a long time ago that Toyota or Ford Ranger 4WDs have no place in that theatre at all. It is not an IS operation out there, it is a full-blown insurgency characterised by the effusive usage of powerful explosive materiel and ambushes. These guys have gone as far as hanging an IED in a tree above a sentry post! Even at that, soft-skinned Toyota and Ford Ranger types continue to outnumber Otokar Cobra APCs and Panhard VBL scout cars by a ratio of 3:1 in the Northeast. WHY?

    What the specific threats in-theatre are


    It does not take a soothsayer to see that what this calls for is the use of Category 1 MINE RESISTANT AMBUSH PROTECTED(MRAP) vehicles such as the following

    *Navistar MaxxPro MPVs
    *Casspir MRAPs of any sort
    *RG 31 Nyala MPV
    *Bushmaster MRAP
    *Mahindra MPV-I (18 seater)
    *Ashok Leyland MPV(12 seater)

    Those Toyota and Ford Ranger 4WDs need to be consigned to rearguard action lest we suffer more avoidable casualties. They are LIFE-THREATENING for our troops and are tantamount to yet-to-be-executed death sentences.

    Toyota and Ford Ranger 4WDs are OK for use elsewhere for IS Ops. But not in the following theatres

    * STF operations on the Jos Plateau, which used to be a high-intensity inter-ethnic conflict but is also now a theatre of minor insurgent action involving IED blasts.

    Recommended ratio(vehicular deployment):
    Otokar Cobra 3: 4WDs 2: Panhard VBL 1

    * The KANO-NE Nigeria front.

    Along this 700 kilometre-wide front between Kano and Ngala, we have the highest incidence of ambushes and roadside/hurled IED explosions occurring anywhere across the highly volatile sahelian belt of Africa – from Senegal to Djibouti – at this time with such flashpoint towns and cities as Maiduguri, Potiskum, Damaturu, Biu, Ngala, Gombe, Bauchi, Azare, Alkaleri, Geidam, Bulkachuwa and the “baban birnin arewa”(big city of the North), KANO.

    Last weekend, nine suicide bombers were unleashed on Kano backed up by dozens of insurgents and operating in several independent squads. Five of them were successful, the rest KIA by the SSS. Ever so often in Maiduguri, we hear about IED blasts as JSTF troops drive past. What are we doing inside soft-skinned 4WDs in such a dangerous theatre?

    RECOMMENDED ratio (Vehicular Deployment)

    MRAP 5: Otokar Cobra 2: VBL 2: 4WD 1

    • tope says:

      Sir I think its high time you write to the Acting Inspector General and drop your recommendations and observations we need highly intellectual and weapon tech knowledged people like you there dose 4 WD are sitting coffins in Nigeria its not safe anywhere here in da Niger Delta daunting Armed Robbers hv been seen wit RPGs Tommys and oda high calibre guns also kidnappers pirates and illegal oil vandalizers thiefs are well armed so its a matter of importance dat all operation cars must have dis APCs and MRAPs and cobras to help form a defence front line den use of light armoured reconfigured police specific trucks can den be deployed dats whey our police engineer corps will be busy and den finally patrol cars such as the Dodge and SWAT team cars employed by the Police of the US we need to keep our men safe too many lives hv been lost and also a need for kevlar amour head gear covering all vital kill shot areas bullet proof and flak jackets etc we can den deploy power BMW bikes to bring up the rear but if we must use the 4WD let us use dem strictly for command control field surveillance intelligence and data capture usage mostly and make dem reinforced glass body and tire also and quick suspensions to move you decide.

  20. beegeagle says:

    Even in Thailand, Tope, the Ford Ranger plant specialize in having 4WD up-armoured. While it might offer a measure of protection, Nigerian terrorists appear mostly ready to join their ancestors and usually open fire at pointblank range. So even the up-armoured Ford Ranger made in Thailand would only offer partial protection and certainly, they are neither V-hulled nor do they offer blast-free wheelbases as can be seen in the Otokar Cobra.

    Doziex informed us the other day about the availability of surplus-to-requirment, up-armoured HMVV gun-trucks from the Iraqi theatre. Two days ago, the Americans committed to training, intelligence gathering and providing werewithal. We need to have some of those up-armoured Hummer gun-trucks for utility roles, even as they cannot nearly override the CORE REQUIREMENT for ongoing counterinsurgency operations – MRAPs.

    At all levels of security operations, we must be clear about what we are into lest we make the same mistake twice.
    What we have ongoing are COUNTERINSURGENCY OPERATIONS…NOT internal security operations(ISOs). The sooner we have it properly defined, the quicker we would prepare appropriately. The only thing “internal” about it is that it is not taking place outside Nigeria. Otherwise, it is a full-blown insurgency.

    Indeed, what turned out to be the Nigerian Civil War of 1967-70 had similarly been declared to be “police action” – perhaps, the sort of police action which claims a million lives.

  21. beegeagle says:

    Ah Tope, we do have a Police Wing. The Nigerian Navy Air Arm commenced full operations in 1986 and we have had a Police Air Wing for much longer.

    It is recorded in Nigerian history that a certain Assistant Inspector of General of Police (who later became an Inspector General) on the 30 December,1983 “commandeered” a police aircraft and flew out of Lagos to Kaduna. The next day, Major General Buhari, some of his mates and near-subordinates such as Major General Babangida,Brigadiers Idiagbon, Abacha, Nasko et al seized power from President Shagari.

    So we have had a Police Air Wing for a long time. Early variants of the Bell 412 were supplied to the Police in 1986 and in 2010, modern variants (armed with machine guns) were also commissioned by President Jonathan. They have aircraft and helicopters on order as we speak.

    If they need our patriotic service in an advisory/research capacity, we shall answer the call. Ditto ONSA, DIA, NIA and the SSS. Our nation is caught in the throes of deep crisis and all men of goodwill are duty-bound to act one way or the other. A man who cannot serve his fatherland has nothing to live for. For now, they have not requested for technical support from this end.

    Concerning conscription, the NYSC scheme really should be converted to a military service scheme. Ditto the one-year period of alloted for industrial attachment for OND holders popping out of polytechnics. It would raise the general level of security appreciation nationwide. That is what countries such as Israel and the USA are reaping bountifully from. The military are embedded in civil society. That is why leaders and followers alike are security conscious.

  22. beegeagle says:


    January 26, 2012

    The Plateau State Government
    has condemned the appointment of
    Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar as acting
    Inspector General of Police, describing
    it as unfortunate. Chief of Staff, Government House Jos, Mr. Gyang Pwajok in his reaction on Thursday said the appointment was a big surprise considering the fact that the state government sent a copy of the white paper which indicted the acting IGP and recommended his retirement to the Presidency.

    According to him, “Plateau State Government did its best by coming out with the white paper concerning the crisis in 2001. The president recently said we should forward the paper which we did. I wonder if that document has been examined by the appropriate authority. This would have served as an opportunity for the government to know about the character of individuals concerning the crisis”.

    He said the implication of the appointment was that someone who
    failed on a lower assignment was
    being saddled with a higher responsibility adding that the Justice
    Niki Tobi Commission of Enquiry painstakingly documented the roles
    played by individuals in the crisis and
    recommended the actions to be taken
    in each case.

    The white paper had described Abubakar as a religious bigot accusing him of playing an ignoble role in the 2001 crisis when he was the Commissioner of Police in Plateau

    The white paper read in part:
    “Religious fanatics should not be posted to head state police commands. The commission recommends that for his ignoble role during the September 2001 crisis which resulted in the loss of lives,the former Commissioner of Police,
    Plateau State Command, Alhaji M.D.
    Abubakar, be advised to retire from
    the Nigeria Police Force and in the
    event of his refusal to do so, he should be dismissed from the service.”

  23. Kazeem says:

    Well,they ve terminated our reserved IG,who saw what was happening within our internal chao,but his character and nature made him to over look the scenario such N20 changed to N100 by him so called his subordinate by the assistances of other technical police crew and the level of incompetency and also high level of insecurity at his door step.Withthis,let see the outcome of mr mohammed abubakar in a short period of time.

  24. IE says:

    Will M.D Abubakar also protect all (Christains inclusive) in the same manner, looking at his indictment of complicity in the Jos Crisis fact-finding Panel?

    Interesting things happen in this country! Ringim (the former IGP) was a personal friend of Mr. President. For this reason a lot of mess could happen with the police and he will be left untouched until he retires while Nigerians continue to surfer under terrorists’ siege. Also, that’s why Ringim cannot be probed and punished if found guilty with regards to all that went wrong with policing in Nigeria in his tenure, at least to serve as deterrent for incoming IGPS. This same Ringim was in charge of the South-East and South-South area when Abia State (Aba) was literally brought down by kidnappers, yet he was later rewarded for his inefficiencies with the igp APPOINTMENT. People raised this concerns in the same manner that they are raising concerns about the M.D Abubakar’s appointment but the authorities seem to have preferred trading our security for their personal relationships

    Now, it is M.D Abubakar – who was indicted by a fact-finding panel in the Jos religious crisis and subsequently recommended for dismissal from the police force. What stage is Goodluck Jonathan setting in his promise to deliver security for the people of Nigeria. Can people really be encouraged to do good in their official capacities and also can our people be deterred from doing evil under this circumstances? Our Dear Goodluck and his family members are highly protected; that apart, our police force is now taking more time to protect themselves, the political elites and their Bosses with their meager resources much more than they try to protect the helpless public while bombs are still exploding predominantly in churches and sparingly in government establishments. Now the same indicted religious bigot has taken charge of the security of both Muslims and Christians in the face of the Boko Haram challenges.

    Nigerians should watch it oooo!

    • tope says:

      First and Foremost let us look at the man in question his character and his mark everyone is biased when it comes to ethnicity and religious sentiments let us not kid ourselves and do holier than thou I hear people talk and I shake my head you have history books you have records internet and libraries I urge everyone to go and research on this man Wherever MD has gone he has shown stellar qualities in duty and has put high discipline in his men and himself that said we cant ignore the report but let me ask also can we truly verify if the Justice tobi commission carried out dia duties to the latter and not used hearsays as a base of dia demands we all make mistakes and we all learn from it is it not without prejudice that he is widely acclaimed as a detribalized officer before he got posted to Plateau dont you think it is incompetence in da part of the plateau state govt dat lead to ethnic wipe out of the Birom people and also political so ​​☺k° he was biased because of his ethnic affliation right now the police need an iron hand to beat it to shape can you honestly point to us any CP or DIG or AIG right now dat has the moral capacity tenancity and brain to tackle a terrorist situation and the crime rate remember dis so called Boko Haram members are acting on a Religious idealogy and not Ethnic ones any Ethnic problem you see happening in Nigeria is definitely caused by wicked politicians simple and short. What we need now is to tackle dis problem now! We cannot Negotiate wit Terrorism in any form it takes route if it has to resort to striking fear den so be it dont think I support him but I dont I’m only stating Facts remember dat osayandes Group is also dere and one of his member a former coup plotter is now a professor of criminology in a US university now if we had said ah U̶̲̥̅̊ ђèRë plotting to overthrow Govt Ūя̲̅ not fit or die wont we hv lost an asset one thing you will agree with me is dat US always use assets good or bad to drive home ap oint so even if you say he is a biased as he has been given a mantle to do he cant afford to remain so he saw what happened to his boss! And min you I prefer a man who has shown results dan any oda Ringim was weak and incompetent and politicized and Corrupt we dont want that MD said he will lead by example so expect sterner sanctions to the Police That said I urge media and public servants now to use dis time to weed out bad eggs so he can review dia performance and kick dem out of the Force also urge him to wake up all dead and struggling units in the Force The onus to fighting this people still remain in our courts let us help the police help us like I said everones opinion are different research on all he has done since he joined in 1970s to now all his intl courses n so and besides dont U̶̲̥̅̊ think the NIA OSNA SSS PGF SENATE REPS did dia homeworks? Dont U̶̲̥̅̊ think d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ didn’t see dat report but d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ weighed da decisiom either put in a weak hand like Ringim or a Strong one like MD all his roles as CP r great go to lagos ask Fashola da records on Ground say odawise even his opponents say da same thing why must one report be the basis to disqualify him I still question Justice Tobi my reason is simple our judiciary arm has been corrupted and d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ r not clean let us help him and if we den  he is not going to change den we can cry to remove him after all he is in an acting capacity I have said my lot the ball is in our hands

  25. Ibrahim says:

    Allah shiyima IG M D Abubakar jagora.

  26. seyi adelowo says:

    The best acting IG 4 Nigeria.



  29. With all respect sir abubakar d muhammad may allah reward u what u dnt 2 nigeria hundred percent and their member my assist 2u sir help me 2 sign for me as pollice acadamy udil,kano. Knw i’am in the hand of God my assit to u sir

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