Oshkosh Sandcat M-LPVs

Oshkosh Sandcat M-LPVs


The SandCat TPV, part of Oshkosh’s light-payload vehicle portfolio, offers a protected, highly maneuverable vehicle for use in law enforcement, border patrol and security operations, among others.

“The SandCat TPV can provide security forces with swift mobility and optimal protection, whether used in combating crime in tightly confined urban areas or patrolling borders in remote, off-road landscapes,” said Serge Buchakjian, senior vice president and general manager of International Programs for Oshkosh Defense.

The SandCat TPV is part of the Oshkosh SandCat family of vehicles and can be configured to meet individual performance, protection and payload needs. The vehicle’s armor system can be customized based on the threat level and mission profile. Seating capacity can be adjusted to accommodate four to nine passengers.

The vehicle also can be equipped with standard or customized storage, and is typically integrated with a wide array of weapons and communications systems.

The SandCat TPV’s compact design, combined with an 18-inch vertical step capability and 42-foot curb-to-curb turning circle, enables mobility in both tight urban settings and rugged rural landscapes.

The SandCat family of vehicles also includes the base vehicle, Special Operations Vehicle (SOV) and Mine-Resistant Light Patrol Vehicle (M-LPV). These variants are based on the same lightweight, highly maneuverable platform for eased maintenance and repairs worldwide.

Oshkosh has received orders for the SandCat from Mexico, Sweden, Bulgaria, Canada, NIGERIA and Israel.



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  1. tope says:

    Finally the Government is listening I checked out the specs on their website but it didn’t say on what type of weapons this thing can carry at least if we do dis we can den hv teams of police officers and not dia 4WD wich has same 8 men and hence field operations will be better and its also custom fitted so I expect IED protection high calibre armour n oda special ops gadget I believe dia will be grades 4 VIP transport Special Ops Intelligence and Military and Border patrol and the last Police special Configurations dis will greatly help our MOPOL ATS and oda unit and regular forces now high training in tactical manueveribility and Drive lessons should hv started already as well as making them understand use of state of the art brand new systems also and my question is this do you kno if maintenance facilities r built in country or we will hv to tk it dere or bring dem here any way dis is a step in da Right Direction now dat we kno it is a War on Terrorrism as Boko Haram has decided to fight Govt and no negotiations we shall see who is stronger in the End.

  2. Hussein says:

    With this it has shown, that our government is taking some postive step towards curbing the security challenges in the country.
    But candidly our various security outfits are not prepared or well trained to handle the situation.
    poorly armed & kitted. Modern law enforcement is more scientific & not all this colonial policing we a praticing!

  3. Anon says:

    Interesting news, which Military / Government agency is responsible for this procurement? I hope they have purchased enough!

  4. beegeagle says:

    Yeah, looks like this machine which went into production in 2010-11 is already deployed for COIN ops in Israel and Afghanistan and by the Mexicans in their battles against narco-terrorists.

    The idea behind the product is to have a light vehicle with heavy duty mine and ambush protection.

    The product itself rolled off the lines of OSHKOSH, a reputable manufacturer and America’s top supplier of MRAPs – namely the Oshkosh M-ATV of which more than 10,000 units have been produced for American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan alone. To that extent, Oshkosh Corporation have probably now produced more MRAPs than any other manufacturer in history.

    It is a really good step forward and reviews of the vehicle – SandCat- shall come aplenty hereafter. What is clear is that the vehicle heavily complements other COIN operational vehicles deployed by the Nigerian Army such as the Otokar Cobra and the Panhard VBL, both of which are monocoque V-hulled with considerable degrees of mine resistivity.

    Two weeks ago, Doziex, whom you shall yet have encounters with on this blog, informed us about the availability of about 8,000 up-armoured Hummer vehicles from American operations in Iraq but which are now surplus-to-requirement. That should be the starting point of our logistical support partnership with the Americans. Being up-armoured but not nearly comparable to the SandCat in terms of mine protection capability, up-armoured Hummers would represent a step forward from soft-skinned Toyota and Ford Ranger 4WDs.

    Going forward, those open-back 4WDs should be entirely consigned to rearguard action. It is ungodly to have our troops who are operating in environments which are characterised by the very high usage of ambush tactics and roadside IED blasts, to be moving around in soft-skinned 4WDs.

    The ONLY role for which we might need Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger 4WDs in COIN operations is to have single-barreled M40 106mm RR or Type 63 107mm MRLs mounted on them. Soon enough, the NA would have encounters with insurgents operating in Toyota gun-trucks armed with those and for which a fitting response would only be provided in like manner, supported by rocket-armed light helicopters and heavy attack helicopters such as Mi-24V and Mi-35P.

    We are waiting for the FG to ask us to draw up a comprehensive shopping list for anti-piracy and counter-insurgency operations.

    By the way, welcome to our blog Hussein and Anon. We are growing everyday and thankfully, that growth is qualitative.

  5. K'yall Kelvins says:

    Quite some gud news 4 the NA on the purchase of those MRAPs.Beeg, hav u heard that the Kenya Police has become the first African force to operate the Eurocopter which ur Airforce is intending to buy? I also hav this Quiz; Is the NA intending to buy those ex-irag Hummers n apprx, how many?

  6. beegeagle says:

    How are you today, Kyall? Been a while.

    Yes, I am aware that the Kenya Police Air Wing lately became the first African customer for the Eurocopter EC145. Same stable but somewhat different from the Eurocopter single-engined AS 550/twin-engined AS 555 light armed helicopters and both of which are dedicated military variants.

    The NAF own a crated fleet of 24 MBB Bo-105 helicopters. MBB have now merged into the Eurocopter Group while the twin-engined Bo-105 is still in service with Spain and Korea and is deployed for COIN operations by The Philippines and Colombia.

    The NAF Bo-105s were affected by the regime of sanctions which took effect in the early 1990s and like the C130s and G222s which have scarcely been flown for 5,000hrs each, they have only been used very sparingly used. Nothing stops the NAF from getting Eurocopter or Israel’s Elbit Systems to upgrade and configure them for COIN ops. If they can get 18 units airborne, that would be just fine.

    Eurocopter have lately sold four refurbished AS 332B1/C1 Super Puma helics to the NAF and one of those was spotted in Darfur last November. They also retain in their old stock, 2 units of Puma and 12 units of Super Puma helicopters.

    This issue of French-made hardware cropped up in February 2010 when a local newspaper carried a report on the approval given by President Sarkozy for the sale of twelve units of Eurocopter AS 550 helicopters, four large patrol ships(not OPVs), Panhard VBL recce vehicles and thirty units of river gunboats to the Nigerian military.

    Concerning the up-armoured Humvees, we are just making a prescription which shall almost certainly be followed through. Last August, a US Deputy Secretary and the Commander of AFRICOM were in Nigeria and specifically wanted to know what they could do to shore up operational capabilities.

    Early in November, hundreds of combat engineers and K9 teamsters of the War Dog section of the Corps of Military Police returned to the country from the USA. Later that month, about 100 COIN trainers from the USA were said to have arrived in the country to join Israeli trainer teams at the Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism Training Centre of the Infantry Corps.

    But we have yet to see the hardware and earlier on this week, the Deputy Assistant Secretaries of State and Defence joined a high-powered Nigerian team for security cooperation talks under the auspices of the US-Nigeria Bi-National Commission. This time, they were unambiguous about intelligence sharing, training and werewithal.

    The conflict which we are faced with is characterised by the heavy usage of IEDs and ambush tactics. This is well-known to the Americans and one would believe that with the needs for MEDEVAC and COIN ops now so obvious, up-armoured Hummer gun-trucks, MRAPs and utility helicopters shall not be long in coming. On the strength of the size of that AOR – 750 kilometres broad and 400 kilometres deep, about 500 up-armoured HMVVs would be required. Add to that 500 MRAPs. Those would complement Otokar Cobra and Panhard VBL which are already deployed.

    Finally, in this part of Africa, a very common feature of guerrilla warfare is massive invasions by hundreds of Toyota 4WDs armed with DSh-K 12.7mm HMGs, ZPU-2 14.5mm AAMGs, ZU-2 23mm AAGs, 73mm AT guns and Type 63 107mm RCLs and MRLs – such as you saw deployed by NTC rebels in Libya.

    We in Nigeria need to prepare 250 Toyota 4WDs in like manner and get ’em attack helicopters ready, no less.

    The contiguous and desertified areas to the north are awash with Gaddafi’s weaponry and mercenaries and the region is characterised by fluidity of movement between countries, particularly in West Africa, bearing in mind the ECOWAS Protocol on Free Movement of Goods and Persons which has sufficed and been faithfully carried through across all fifteen countries of West Africa since 1977. Add to that the ease of movement between Nigeria and her two Central African neighbours – Cameroon and Chad while trans-Saharan crossings for trade or eastwards to Sudan on the pilgrimage route to Saudi Arabia have only served to complicate security challenges within Nigeria at this time.

    There is a problem when people come from neigbouring police states, soak up the liberties available in Nigeria and want to foist jihads on us – something which never occurs to them when in their homelands.

  7. doziex says:

    Gentlemen, on the issue of US military surplus to requirement,
    (1) It pays to be a US ally, relatively poorer NATO members such as Turkey and Greece have been the recipient of much of this largesse during the cold war era.
    They both received between 600 and 800 M-60 MBT each. Only for the cost of transport. The same went for surplus F-4 phantoms, and the vietnam era F-104 thunder birds.

    (2) This surplus is used to reward countries that tow washington’s line. Here Egypt also received a large number of surplus M-60 tanks. They were further rewarded with a 2.2 billion dollar per year package for recognizing and making peace with Isreal.
    The Isrealis get 3 billion per year and more, because they are isrealis. They don’t even have to do washingtons bidding.(LOL)
    (3) Other washington allies such as Japan, south korea, UK, Saudi arabia, UAE, Qatar are too rich for hand outs. But they get to buy almost anything they want.
    It’s instructive that only the saudis,japan, isreal and more recently south korea were given the privillege to fly the F-15 eagle. which until recently was the best fighter aircraft in the world.
    Other EU members could have qualified, but they chose to do their own thing hence the Eurofighter 2000 typoon and the french Rafale.

    • doziex says:

      So nigeria has to fit in with the likes of bangladesh, the philipines and others for a chance at the surplus. Some countries are too proud to beg, and would rather invest in their own defence.
      But we here in nigeria are too PROUD to Tow any country’s line and are not RESPONSIBLE enough to invest in our own defense and national interests.
      Sometimes, we work at cross purposes. for instance, the ecomog operations were in line with US interests, but the despotic, corrupt military regimes not only denied us assistance, it led to sanctions.
      Also, more recently, we were supposed to be gifted 7 ex-uscg balsam boats, we did some dumb sh*t in the UN ( I forgot what ) and they reduced it to 4. I think ghana got 2,and 1 went to the scraps ??
      The up armoured humvees were only marginally successful in iraq. All the extra bolted on armor also wore out the shock absorbers quickly. But the iraqis got 8000 humvees to replace their ubiquitus TOYOTA 4WDs.
      Air conditioned home in a box trailers, fork lifts, other construction equipment, ingredients for BLAST WALLS, sand bags and HESH containers, surplus trucks, portable toilets, portable kitchens, boots, uniforms, kevlar vests and other supplies that run into the hundreds of million dollars. Are also available.
      And worst of all, the iraqis are so busy being ungrateful to take advantage of these largese.

  8. Henry says:

    @doziex, it sure does pay tọ̥ be a u.s ally. It surely does make us puppets tọ̥ thǝ west. No doubt about †ђã†.

  9. THESE up amoured HUMVEES that Mr Doziex and MR beeAGLE discussing I have some fogginess about this issue MAYBE YOU GUYS CAN HONESTLY CLEAR IT UP FOR ME.
    how did THEY REALLY FARE AGAINST I.E.D.S IN Afghanistan? THE VIDEO’S WE SAW IN THE STATES WERE OF ORDINARY HUMVEES AND m1 abrams BEING BLOWN UP we haven’t seen anything of the newer versions of the humvees (I am not doubting just asking).

  10. doziex says:

    Jimmy, the up armoured humvees was a kind of intermediate measure to save lives. With IEDs causing the most casualties, 1st the unprepared US soldiers had to weld on scrap metal sheets themselves.
    Soon after, Factory designed bolted on armor started to arrive on the scene.
    One has to give the Americans credit here, while the IEDs caught them napping,the response time to the problem with effective solutions was remarkable.

    The up armoured humvees would suffice against bullets and some mortar size IEDs, they will definately do well against the current crude bombs boko haram are using. Provided we keep FIRE EXTINGUISHERS handy.
    However, It has several problems:
    (1) excess weight wares out suspension system quickly.
    (2) The Hull is not shaped to deflect bomb blasts. So while the shrapnel may not penetrate the armor, the concusive effect of the blast is still transfered thru the vehicle and is very deadly.
    (3) Even with the bolted on armor, It is still vulnerable to the RPG close up.

    Hey men, there you have it. If the iraqi find use for it, and I believe the Jordianians and possibly yemenis. If they can manage with it, who are we ? A beggar has no choice.

  11. beegeagle says:

    @Jimmy. I think Doziex has it all encapsulated in his insightful riposte. At any rate, those would be a lot safer for troops to be inside than any Toyota or Ford Ranger 4WDs.

    For insurgents,the tide of the times has to be that they either “hit it or die trying”. With Toyota and Ford Ranger 4WDs, IEDs would hit it all the time.

    With some luck and given the right radius, an up-armoured Humvee would sooner get away from the scene of an ambush/IED blast than ANY 4WD as currently deployed.

  12. Bola David says:

    Wow, good development! But have these vehicles been delivered to Nigeria? Again, how many units do have in the country? For the FGN to act right, many of these vehicles would have to be deployed into all conflict ridden parts of Nigeria- BH zones and other potentials areas of attacks to forestall further destruction of lives and properties in Nigeria.

    Beegeagle, please update me on the latest development about SandCat delivery.

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