JSTF counterinsurgency troops in Maiduguri - AGAINST BOKO HARAM

JSTF counterinsurgency troops in Maiduguri – AGAINST BOKO HARAM

February 16, 2012


IT is with total delight and appreciation that we note the increasing capacity of our law enforcement agencies to come to terms with the unusual terrorist challenges posed to the nation by the Boko Haram Islamist insurgency in various parts of northern Nigeria.

When the group, which is widely associated with the Al Qaeda worldwide Islamic terrorist network, made a surprising resurgence after it was crushed in 2009 by the regime of the late President Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua, everybody in the society was a victim because the group started targeting police and military facilities at will.

They issued threats and lived up to their words. They served notice on their next targets and in spite of efforts by the security agencies they were able to pull off stunning raids that left hundreds of citizens dead or injured and property in ruins. They even sent gunmen to kill Baba Fugu, the father in-law of Boko Haram’s slain leader, Yusuf Mohammed, a day after a conciliatory visit by former President Olusegun Obasanjo at the instance of the Federal Government.

An atmosphere of fear reigned supreme, as nobody, not even the President, was seen to be safe from the rampaging group. The signs that our state agencies of security, particularly the Nigerian Army and the State Security Services (SSS) are gradually getting on top of this ugly situation are many.

These include the discovery of their bomb factories and arms dumps in Suleija, Damaturu, Maiduguri and Kano; the capture of Abdul Qaqa, the spokesman of the group as well as the recapture of Kabiru Sokoto, a senior operative responsible for the Christmas Day church bombing in Madalla, Niger State.

There also have been a series of foiling of their hits on military facilities in Kaduna and Maiduguri. The security agencies are sifting useful information from those captured alive. Slowly but surely, we are getting to understand the enemy,their mode of operation, financial sponsors and moral backers in high and low places as well as their foreign connections.

Boko Haram has put Nigeria at the centre of world attention as a terrorist hotbed. This accounts for the many friendly gestures extended to our country by the USA, UK, the European Union, Israel, South Korea and others. They are ready to join forces with us to eliminate a virus which, if not tackled, will spread to other parts of the world.

The impact of the onslaughts by our security agencies is illustrated by the factionalisation of the group and the fact that a former implacable group committed only to the imposition of their own warped form of Islamic rule which runs counter to our constitution, now seems ready to embrace dialogue.

If our country is to eventually dialogue with this murderous group we must do so from the position of strength, having overcome the military threat by superior force. We seem to be well on the way to this juncture, as more and more patriotic Nigerians have started shaking off the climate of fear.

They are now speaking out against the group publicly, portraying them for the fact that they are not true Muslims but agents of national disintegration. We wish to call on the security
agencies not to relent in their brave and gallant efforts to assert the power of the nation and eliminate the threat posed by this sect. We have done it several times in the past and we must do it again.

The effort requires the cooperation and partnership of all Nigeria to help in alerting the security agencies on suspicious happenings within our neighbourhoods.

The high amount dedicated to security this year must be justified by ensuring that we acquire the necessary technology and strategies for overcoming this threat. A nation faced with a common enemy must put aside their differences and face the enemy together.

For our security agencies to continue making progress in their constitutional duty to protect all citizens,they need the cooperation of all Nigerians. We must stop seeing the Boko Haram threat through the prism of politics and religion.

Once again, we doff our hats to the men and women under arms empowered by the constitution to preserve the peace, law and order of the nation. They have done us proud so far, but the work ahead is still a lot.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    NOTE the common threads which run through this Vanguard piece and our assertions

    * That IF the FG do not justify this year’s massive security budget by providing justification through the acquisition of stern and qualitative major hardware systems – Su-27/Su-30 deep strike FGA jets, Mi-171Sh Terminator assault helics, refurbished Mi-24V and Mi-17 attack and utility helics, new light frigates, LPDs and OPVs for the Navy and MRAPs+surplus Leopard 2A4 tanks for the Army, they can ENTIRELY FORGET the idea of being given a second chance. Nigerians are a trusting people but once they have been taken for a ride ONCE, they are going to hit back. That was why the removal of fuel subsidy was not allowed to fly – more like, what did they do with the monies which accrued from previous exercises?

    The FG need to KNOW that Nigerians are aware of the necessity to steel up our defences but if they are subjected to any tales of the unexpected, Nigerians as ONE shall resist any mega security budgets in future. The FG must make it COUNT.

    * We stated previously that insufficient attention is being paid to the battlefield heroics of the military and the SSS. We have been vindicated.

    * Yesterday, we endorsed the growing solidarity with defence sector partners – Israel, Korea, China etc. You just heard a rehash.

    Security ON TOP. Let the naysayers gnash ’em teeth. The FG will only negotiate – since we are all Nigerians – after the supremacy and sovereignty of the State has been asserted. We cannot kowtow to the antics of bare-faced mass murderers and genocidaires. It is not going to happen…and NO, we CANNOT have sharia law enthroned in a multireligious Nigeria.

    Even in those northern states where the population ratio between the religions is something like 60:40 or 55:45, sharia law has not been enthroned as a matter of state policy. Such states include Kwara, Adamawa, Kogi, Nasarawa and Kaduna.

    So we say to Boko Haram without blinking, there is NO WAY in the world that you are going to have your way – even if we all have to become militants. It is NOT going to happen in Nigeria, so you guys might as well move to Niger Republic where society is 95% monoreligious yet they are not calling for the enthronement of sharia law – never mind in a Nigeria which is split down the middle between two religions.

  2. julius afolalu says:

    The piece is well informative and well written.I was going to complain that we no longer talk about latest acquirements of military weapons since the menace of boko haram.Keep up the impressive work,Julius

  3. beegeagle says:


    We were up as early as 4.55am and tuned into to the VOA – no rubbish. Then at 5.30am, I tuned in to the BBC “Network Africa” Run-of-the-mill stuff it was YET AGAIN.

    Nearly 4 weeks after the January 20 outrage in Kano, they were airing a report produced by a former BBC Ghanaian-born journalist Ofeibea Quist-Arcton who has since moved on to the US National Public Radio.

    Of course, it is out of character for the BBC to check if there is any semblance of a normalised security situation in Kano but they are very comfortable with airing a programme which was produced a few days after the January 20 attacks in Kano – nearly 4 weeks ago!

    Note that the news report was aired by the US National Public Radio. Then, pursuant to the old habits of mischief making and oblivious of any change in the dynamics on ground, this is the best report to be aired today…and they say that they are unbiased?

    Here is the report which the BBC cloned from the NPR, even as the NPR used it THREE WEEKS AGO – during which time the Abul Qaqa and Kabiru Sokoto, two members of the 11-man insurgent High Council have been arrested, their Katsina stronghold busted and their Kano armoury destroyed.

    That is why we INSIST that the BBC report Nigeria with preconceived notions and jaundiced mindsets and to achieve predetermined outcomes. That is why they only appeal to African simpletons – the slavish, sadomasochistic and self-despising types who represent a throwback to the days of black cottonpickers in the plantations of the Western World and who still imagine that the white man is either infallible or dropped from the next planet.

    You would not find a self-respecting and knowledgeable African who does not have issues with the condescending and paternalistic style of BBC Africa which is intended to perpetuate certain stereotypes while ignoring the news as it develops on a day-to-day basis. That is why so many are increasingly turning to CCTV AFRICA and AL JAZEERA for regional and international news.

    BBC AFRICA must report what happens, not what they believe likely to have happened based on what they think they know. Everything about news gathering is in a state of flux. For BBC Africa, Nigerian news is immutable and fixed – it does not develop, it has already happened and is unchanging.

    The way they reported the EXODUS from Kano at dawn today, you would think that people were fleeing from the city all through last night. If day-to-day developments mattered to them and their glaring anti-Nigeria bias were not an obstacle to clear understanding, why would they go back all of 4 weeks to dig up and air a report on the fallouts of such a dynamic conflict with its many dramatic and daily twists?

    Is there any city on earth where people would not relocate over concerns for their safety after a major terror attack? People did not relocate from New York after 9-11, from London after 7-7 or after the Madrid train bombing? Yet the BBC would feign temporary amnesia to advance its anti-Nigerian agenda and to perpetuate the myth that the African is a breed apart who cannot handle his own affairs?

    Why don’t they come back and recolonise Nigeria?

  4. doziex says:

    Nigeria’s Ministry of Information and NTA should start taking notes of these occurences. They should SIT UP AND ENGAGE BRITAIN IN THIS ON GOING PROPAGANDA BATTLE .

  5. Henry says:

    kudos to vanguard on this editorial, though not as extensive as i hoped, but nonetheless a nice start. we need desperately a propaganda machine in Nigeria, similar to that of press tv of iran. lets not say it can’t be done because of corruption. a few examples of countries who have been able to grow despite corruption levels are Brazil and south-Korea………yes, south -Korea. just to name a few, so it can be done. alot of kudos has to go to the state security service, with only 22,000 men and women for over a population of 168 million people, they been able to adapt well to the situation( COIN). we only hope that the police, charged with the responsibilty of ensuring the safety of the citizenry, takes a cue from the SSS.

  6. beegeagle says:

    We are too decent to do the needful. Most of these chaps who broadcast tripe about other nations are themselves full of tender nerves and would not be able to stand a quarter of the heat which they malevolently turn on Nigeria for sport.

    Britain do the same thing with all four of her former colonies which are much bigger than she is. Check that out for a fact. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria are all on the receiving end of savage reportage from the British media. These countries have factually outgrown the kind of paternalistic relations which the British seek to have with her former colonies. So they have to be whipped into line. They are simply not comfortable with countries which do not belong to that cowering league of little republics which are too ready to flip out bowls to receive alms from the UK.

    Let the NIA and SSS explore opportunities for the projection of our national interest through the media – radio, television, new media. They might use the transmission facilities of NTA International and Voice of Nigeria but the programme concept and content must come from the intelligence community. NTA International and Voice of Nigeria are trying their bit but they do not possess the necessary level of training or preparation by way of residual knowledge or practical experience as to be able to do something really forceful and authoritative. The persons involved have to be able to able to speak extempore – more like something wired into one’s veins.

    Seems like they know that some of her colonies, aside from citizens domiciled in the UK, can do without the UK and that is the casus belli of the strained relationship with those Big Four ex-colonies who do not see why they should take instructions from Britain. It is that ATTITUDE which is really the sore point and the countries have to be bludgeoned into submission using the power of the media.

  7. peccavi says:

    All in all The Nigerian security Forces are doing reasonably well.
    When you look at how long it took the Indians to get a handle on Kashmir or the Brits in Northern Ireland, these early successes are commendable.

    Hopefully we will build on these successes and more importantly the lessons will be learned and we can start building the Nigeria we deserve

  8. beegeagle says:

    Don’t mind ’em BBC.

    For 33 years until the Good Friday Agreement was signed, were they not reeling cluelessly as IRA thugs let loose on their homeland? How much bad press did they give their own government or their own brand of charity begins abroad?

    They see end-games everywhere else but pay no heed to their own glaring inadequacies, preferring to talk down on all of the earth from their high horses in London?

    • peccavi says:

      The funny thing is all these BBC types are left wing supporters of all fashionable causes but when it comes to Africa in general they can only think in stupid monochrome, war, famine, disease, corruption. When it comes to Nigeria its like they have a script they have to follow. No documentary about Nigeria cannot involve visiting a ‘miracle church’ ‘covert’ filming of a MOPOL checkpoint.
      Honestly Al Jazeera is without doubt my favourite channel. CNN and co you might as well remove your brain, the way they over simplify

  9. chidezboy says:

    With the budget of aljazeera between 25-40 million dollars, and that of iran’s Press tv much less ( I think less than 15million USD), I wonder why our FG wont do such to NTA,VON or NAN to counter western media depicting africa as a sorry continent and help propagate Nigerian ideals and policies. And help correct mis-perception of Nigeria as a highly notorious nation. It vexes me when I cant watch quality audio and visuals on NTA at least compared to Press tv.

  10. beegeagle says:

    The reason possibly stems from the fact that it is a matter of daily bread for some and has become bogged down in bureaucracy and predictability.

    It is one thing to be trained to read the news and to question respondents while it is another thing to create the news. That was why we asked that the project be domiciled with the ONSA – the intelligence community. A threat is identified and clear instructions are given for it to be counteracted. Period – end of story.

    Even if we have to pay a platform for the diffusion of the broadcasts in English, French and Arabic, so be it. It cannot be bogged down in the mainstream media operations because the psyche and methods of the propagators has to be different.

    That was the same idea which underpinned Radio Free Europe and today’s Studio 7 which is targeted against the Zimbabwe Government. The VOA which runs it is an organ of the US Department of State – not the Department which handles the state broadcaster

  11. Yagazie says:

    As I’ve said in an earlier blog, please lets not waste time on BBC- they have their own agenda- namely to paint Nigeria/Nigerians in a very poor light. I hardly listen to BBC news now unless I want an indepth perspective of a UK event. For international news I listen to Al-Jazeera and France 24.

    That said, our Ministry of Information, Voice of Nigeria,NTA Internatinal and the public relations departments of our various embassies and High Commissions abroad should be alert and ready to counter these biaised reports with factually correct responses.

    In the UK, a number of Metropolitan police detectives/officers are being arrested for engaging in corrupt practices (selling tips in resepect of ongoing investigations to newspaper journalists)- I don’t see BBC giving that blanket/prominent news coverage.

    UK Politicians going to jail for fiddling their expenses (our legislators and EFCC please take note)- BBC give daily reportage?- for where??

    In the northern part of England, there is a lot of poverty (and by that I mean people finding it difficult to eat 1 square meal a day)- you don’t see BBC giving that blanket coverage either.

    In Iraq, the british millitary was forced to beat a hasty retreat from Basra and hand control over to the Americans (who incidentally were not impressed with the behaviour of the brits) – you did’nt see BBC reporting it for what it was – a shameful retreat- instead they dressed it up as a planned strategic withdrawal that had been agreed in advance.

    The recent successes our security forces have had against BH, the implementation of the amnesty programme in the Niger Delta, the progress being made in our power-sector reforms and the fact that international partners want in on this, the re-equipping of our millitary, rehabillitation of our railways, the recent opening in Ibese, Ogun State, Nigeria of the largest cement factory in sub-saharan africa, the succesful dredging of the lower Niger to provide all year navigation, the revolution in our telecoms industry, the sanitisation of our banks, redemption of our debts owed the Paris/London club, the progress being made by our nascent democracy, the revitalisation of our stock-exchange, the growth of Nollywood, – BBC don’t see this- its good news which won’t paint Nigeria in a bad light so…….I beg lets not waste time on these biaised charlatans!

  12. doziex says:


  13. AMEN MY BROTHERS don’t stop YAGS the SPIRIT was JUST catching why you stop now? i beg please continue LOL : )

  14. beegeagle says:

    Anyone who does not know how far we have come in the War on Terror should begin from this point and thereafter read our blog archives from mid-February till date.

    Then, you can draw your own conclusion

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