Ghana Army Special Forces Unit

Ghana Army Special Forces Unit

Ghana Army Special Forces Unit march with RPG-7 rocket launchers in tow

Ghana Army Special Forces Unit march with RPG-7 rocket launchers in tow


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Ah gentlemen, I just had to. Since Tuesday when these guys were seen for the first time, this blog has witnessed a deluge of hits emanating from Ghanaians seeking to know about our own combat-experienced Spec Ops guys in Nigeria.

    Now we see a lot of funny stuff from behind this control panel. Even without checking out IP addresses, it is easy to know when a Kenyan or a Ghanaian is checking for something. They just don’t know how to say “NIGERIAN”. It has to be “Nigeria Army”, “Nigeria Navy”, “Nigeria military arsenal”. They cannot say “NIGERIAN” being so used to their own way of doing things where you have “Ghana Army” and “Kenya Army”. So they wrongly imagined that we also have a “Nigeria Army”. When they are not doing that, the Ghanaians and Kenyans are all over our blog searching for “Kenya Defence Forces in Somalia”, “Ghana Army images”, “Kenya Air Force”. Christ, they are UPON the blog like the very air that they breathe. You really cannot loathe what you do not secretly admire.

    Beginning Wednesday, there has been a flood of queries concerning Nigeria’s special forces for two reasons. One reason was the Sokoto hostage debacle and those were mostly Westerners who probably wanted to know about the special operations units in Nigeria and they searched for “Nigerian Special Forces”.

    By far the greater number of clicks came from people who were searching for a non-existent “Nigeria Special Forces” for indeed, what we have are Nigerian Special Forces. As many as 200 clicks in three days for threads(Nigerian Army Special Forces Battalion and Nigerian Navy Special Boat Service) which ordinarily would each manage 50 clicks in one week ever since they were first posted two years.

    So we got curious as to why these Africans famous for unhealthy, if not venal rivalry, suddenly wanted to find out about “Nigeria Special Forces”. I guessed that the Africans probably had a new Special Forces unit and were looking to measure whistles. We got that bang on target for we soon latched onto these photos which heralded the “outing” of the Ghana Army’s Special Forces. Africans are such a predictable lot.

    Well, who would have thought that the Charlies have been dying to have Special Forces all these years. At every discussion forum online, the phrase of the week on all Ghanaian lips has been “Special Forces”. They have finally arrived(laughing).

    The fire has been so all-consuming that all of the country imagines that the rare interception of a ship laden with stolen crude oil yesterday by the Ghana Navy in what is factually everyday action carried out by regular naval ratings in Nigeria – inside the Niger Delta and in the Nigerian EEZ, is what Ghanaians have been ascribing to “Special Forces” – never mind that they have Army Special Forces and nothing of the sort in the Navy.

    Even the country’s Marine Police which is still in its formative stages is already being touted as a Police Special Forces unit. If Marine Police are special forces, what would they call the Anti Terrorism Squad which is trained for counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations?

    Hmn, we learn something new everyday. All armies should strive to be fighting armies – not parade ground armies. That way, citizens get familiar with structures, roles and nomenclature.

    So we posted this thread to entertain our African brothers. Hopefully, the blog does not crash on account of site traffic.

    Congratulations, Ghana.

  2. jimmyhollyee says:

    HMM…… you guys know my views on “independence day ” celebrations . Congratulations to Ghana on the implementation of special forces.Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, We know who is imitating whom, however notwithstanding the kudos GHANA can give themselves a pat on the back and then ask their Nigerian counterparts about the role of the Nigerian special forces in the niger delta, the n.e. their uniforms got dirty and bloody i.e they got busy because being in the special forces is a downright dirty buissiness sometimes to acheive the miltary objective,it is not about looking sharp on OCT1.

    • beegeagle says:

      Na by big chest?

      Transfer a second-tier Boko Haram cell(like Suleja or Jos cells) to Tamale. Better still, allow one of Tompolo’s erstwhile ‘brigade commanders’ in the Niger Delta such as Farah Dagogo to relocate to Takoradi and watch this p’rade disband with full speed.

  3. xnur44 says:

    I also watch the copycat parade. I’ve never been comfortable with these showblitz, SF dont seek notoriety on public parade either are they rambos with knife between their teeth. Allover armies, these band of warriors exist and ply their trade discretly.

  4. Gbash says:

    Busy body crying soldiers.
    Am just praying that Ghana should not acquire the SU-27/30 fighter jets before Nigeria,else these guys will not allow us to rest with alot of noise from them.

  5. beegeagle says:

    Na wa, XNur44. Follow-follow is it.

    Well Nigeria have army divisions and GOCs, so they must not look small. To that extent, an Army of two brigade groups is no longer content with having Brigade Commanders and they jettison the brigade format and replace it with a Northern Command and a Southern Command, so that they can also ‘claim GOC’ on account of two 2,500 man divisions, sorry commands. One would have thought that the numbers in Ghana, given our 3,100-man average for a brigade with a battlion-sized HQ garrison and three outfield battalions, still falls short of a UN-standard brigade!

    So the Nigerian Navy come up with six FOBs and they suddenly need an FOB. The Nigerian Navy hold the first and second editions of the Chief of Naval Staff Conference. After the third edition, Ghana also come up with a Chief of Naval Staff Conference. Hopefully, they should also set up a Central Command of the Ghana Navy before the year runs out. After all, Nigeria have one. After all, did they not also copy our Eastern and Western Naval Command structure at a time when they had only two 45 metre patrol craft and two 58 metre FACs? It is a major case of Napoleonic…

    It did not begin today. We switched from right to left-hand drive in 1973 and Ghana followed the next year. As soon as Murtala inaugurated his Supreme Military Council, Acheampong grew a brain and renamed his National Redemption Council. As soon as we set our return to civil rule for October 1, 1979 they killed Akuffo to meet up. We set up an Education Tax Fund, they followed suit. We set up a Road Safety Corps, they followed suit. We set up the National Maritime Authority, Ghana joined the parade. We can spend a whole hour listing the rest.

    The big question is, with so much Nigeria bashing in the Ghanaian media and online (have you ever visited a web forum – Ghanaweb?. Don’t even go there if you have a short fuse, you might smash your PC in fury), WHY do they still copy such a bad country(Nigeria) and her supposedly evil 419 people?

    Honest to goodness, you cannot loathe what you do not secretly admire. In Ghana, lies the proof.

  6. doziex says:

    Nice special forces pics.

    There is something to be said for Good military showmanship. Frankly, NA needs a lesson in these parade ground antics made famous by the germans and the soviets, and then copied by 3rd world armies ever since.

    As for our midget sized neighbors, it’s only us living up to our full potential that would convince them that this d*ck measuring is a fools errand.

    We all know nigerian navy could easily field say 2 Absalon destroyers, 2 kilo subs, 2 type 214 subs, several OPVs etc.
    Having done that, our midget sized neighbors would have to be absolutely delusional to continue making comparisons to their gunboats and 30 meter CPCs.

    But seriously,a lot of this ENVY LADEN expression, seen in many of our african relationships Should make us re examine nigeria’s foreign policy during the oil boom era.

    Were we Too bragadocious ? , extravagant ?, perhaps bullies ? OR is their resentment of nigeria borne of envy, and a “small nation syndrome.

    The french inherited animosity by francophone west africa , to all things anglophone (read nigerian), then amongst the so called anglophone west africa, the jury is still out on whether our sacrifices in liberia and sierra leone are truly appreciated by the said nations.

    From south africa and the frontline states, i was puzzled at the ease with which zimbabwe and south africa turned on the Abacha regime.

    I convinced myself that the sentiments were ANTI ABACHA not ANTI NIGERIA. But, it now seems apparent that Abacha’s cruel practices had little to do with anti nigerian sentiment.
    Inspite of nigeria’s well known support for the frontline states and south africa.

    Nigerian immigrants through out the continent can attest to this latent hostility. Our leaders must take these experiences and this reality into serious consideration, as they craft our foreign policy.

    @Jimmy Hollyee said it best. Start viewing our neighborhood thru the prism of military and economic competition. LATER FOR THE EMOTIONAL, PAN AFRICANIST BAGGAGE. In other words, RECIPROCITY.

  7. beegeagle says:

    All of the aggression stems from the fact that Ghana have never quite forgiven Nigeria for knocking her off the pretentious perch which she occupied during the days of the Great Nkrumah. A nation of that demographic size and resources was never going to be a continental power in an Africa which has Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa and DR Congo(which shall yet arise). But Nkrumah momentarily stuck his country’s small feet in big shoes and many Ghanaians imagined that the high season which that represented was going to last the distance.

    But politics and national power are about the numbers and the means and not about the charismatic touch of one man and Ghana are badly mismatched against all the big hitters. It is for the same reason that China’s profile has since exceeded that of Japan. It is the reason why India hug the headlines before Korea or a massively deluded Pakistan which similarly believes itself to be locked in some sort of rivalry with India.

    That was why Ghana talked the talk during the liberation struggle while it was Nigeria which got to be admitted to the defunct Frontline States grouping. That was why Obama went to Accra with a view to irritating Nigeria’s annoying and self-absorbed political elite from the not-so-distant regional neighbour, not that the balance of power ever shifted for a minute, while in concrete terms the economic and military ties are firmly tipped in favour of Nigeria. Nigeria are still listed as AFRICOM’s number 1 priority nation and the US-Nigeria Binational Commission is only one of three in Africa – the other two being in Angola and SA.

    Practically, only a schizophrenic would suggest that in real terms, there exists any rivalry between the two countries. One of the country merely imagines it but it does not extend beyond music and football. Not while Nigeria’s GDP is DOUBLE the combined total for the rest fourteen West African countries of which Ghana are one – DOUBLE, I said. Not while the Nigerian Army hold assets which exceed the combined total for the rest fourteen West African republics of which Ghana are ONE.

    That is how the cookies are stacked as we speak, so there is no basis in reality or conjecture for those endless comparisons which tend to run up their blood pressure over there. I do not see Canada as America’s rivals, Austria as Germany’s rivals, Belgium as France’s rivals or Ireland as Britain’s rivals. By the same token, I do not see Ghana as Nigeria’s rivals.

    • tope says:

      My comment is going to be a simple one Ghana must go! If and IF they believe they have any rivalry with Nigeria then they are mislead on all points its a good thing to set up dia so called special force lets see how they work and also Nigeria should wake up there is a growing trend in Africa most “friendly” countries now are turning hostile just see SA’s latest wat next equitorial guinea? Mali? Algeria? I think we need to build outpost both military and high commissions to establish new partnerships before we box ourselves in if we can buy the loyalty of the 13 west africa states and north central and eastern states then we can focus on showing SA why we are termed the Giant of Africa lets wake up and if the words of the service chief and Ad-hoc chairmen on Defence are anything to go by then we expect serious transformation trust me if they tell us to play our part we will by making the legislative and Executive listen to us and keep us safe in this clear and present Danger
      Those who have Ears hear the yearning of the people

  8. Henry says:

    truthfully though, i must say, nice pics. that aside, there equipments are rather, rudimentary. do special forces carry RPJ’s………… this goes to show how far Ghana would go to compete with Nigeria. but i’d have to agree with you totally Mr beeg on your last post, there is no basis for comparison between the two( Nigeria and Ghana), whether it’s in terms of the actual size of the economy( 350 billion usd, second only to south africa) or Nigeria’s military. no need arguing over the two.

  9. chidez says:

    This ghanaian is very funny, he can’t properly construct a simple sentence and he is talking about English….Is this inferiority complex or small nation syndrome?

  10. doziex says:

    For the ghanaian fans of this blog, you are welcome to chime in as anybody else. As long as your comments are coherent, reasoned and respectful.

    Disagree and criticize you can, but curses and abuses, you can’t.

    Ghana has often come in for praise on this blog for topics of discipline and orderliness.
    Ghana has also come in for ridicule for their sometimes obsessive and delusional claim of parity with nigeria. It is simply NOT THE REALITY.

    In this blog, nigeria comes up for more reasoned criticizm than praise. Just do it factually, hopefully constructively and with tact.

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