UPDF troops trekking across the jungles of the Central African Republic in pursuit of LRA terrorists

UPDF troops trekking across the jungles of the Central African Republic in pursuit of LRA terrorists

13 May, 2012

The Ugandan military says it has captured a commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army during an operation in the Central African Republic. Caesar Achellam was seized Saturday following a firefight with Ugandan forces. The arrest of Caesar Achellam is a major
victory for multi-national forces
combating the LRA across central Africa.

The operations center in the Central
African Republic, shared by the Ugandan
military and American Special Forces,has
posted Achellam’s photograph to a wall,
next to the other top targets in the LRA,
including rebel leader Joseph Kony. The Reuters news agency quoted Ugandan
military spokesman Felix Kulaigye
describing Achellam as ”a big fish.”

The military says he was arrested in the
Central African Republic, one of the
countries where the LRA is known to
operate. The group once numbered in the thousands, but U.S. and Ugandan military officials believe there are only a few hundred fighters left. They travel in small groups – Achellam was with about 30 other rebels when he was caught – and move freely through the forests of central Africa, living off the land and stealing from villages.

The group is notorious for kidnapping
children to serve as soldiers, porters and
sex slaves. Thousands have been abducted since the LRA began its insurgency in Uganda more than 25 years ago. Last year, U.S. President Barack Obama authorized the deployment of about 100 U.S. Special Forces to advise and assist regional militaries.

In total, about 2,500 soldiers are engaged in the operation to defeat the LRA. The African Union is preparing to take control of the international military
campaign and hopes to double the
number of troops on the ground. U.S. commanders say intelligence gathering is key to defeating the LRA.

But, the group is difficult to track. Its
members do not use mobile phones, and
the smaller subgroups only rarely meet to exchange supplies and information. The campaign against the LRA and Joseph Kony gained international attention in March when a video about Kony by the U.S. group Invisible Children became wildly successful on YouTube, gaining tens of millions of views in a matter of days.

Meantime, Kony’s whereabouts are still
unknown. Ugandan military officials have said recent intelligence suggested he was in the southern Darfur region of Sudan.More recently, officials have said he is moving around in the Central African Republic.


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  1. peccavi says:

    Well done the UPDF

  2. doziex says:

    Yeah, I guess credit should be given where credit is due. Congrats to the UPDF. We are witnessing in the UPDF one of the best transformations from a guerilla army to a formidable conventional force.

    Kudos also to the US special forces assisting them. And to the US/EU/AU efforts in somalia.

    I have said this before, I ‘ll take one Museveni, over our entire senate and presidency in nigeria. For what good is having all the trappings of a democracy, with none of the substance.

    Granted, military rule was an abject failure in nigeria. However, civillian rule if care is not taken, is coming close to losing it’s legitimacy.

    • peccavi says:

      The guy at least had a vision and has actually tried for Uganda, however its time for him to bow out

    • benjy says:

      For your information KONY was killed two years ago killed by a joint task force of USsf and ugandan soldiers he was caught and executed along with 50 of his fighters all this is propoganda instituted for the expansion of AFRICOM allover east africa as china and US are competng over resources there so do not glorify nobody and also the current president of uganda has killed more northern ugandan where KONY is from than idi amin go check facts so please let not join the wagon of condeming someone because the west and it’s evil media says so

  3. benjy says:

    Musevini is a traitor and a dictator who has killed and displaced his people from the northern region of uganda and also betrayed his best friend who help the economy of uganda by creating companies run solely by ugandans under the libyan petroleum corp. by one of AFRICANS HERO MOAAMAR GADDAFI

    • doziex says:

      Hey benjy, you seem to pick and choose which dictator is an african hero or not. It’s more complex than that.

      Gaddaffi backed charles taylor & the havoc he wrecked on west africa. But, he also did the good things you listed such as economic support to some african nations.

      Likewise, Museveni may be heavy handed in dealing with the Acholi based rebellion in northern uganda, but he has been great for uganda as a whole. Some in rwanda & maybe in somalia may also view him as a hero for his support for kagame’s RPF & AMISOM.

  4. doziex says:

    Hey benjy, I ain’t joining no damn bandwagon here.I have known about joseph kony since the mid 90’s.
    Only a certified lunatic would defend kony. I am an african, that is well read and researched on africa.

    How do you explain kony slaugthering families and kidnapping children in northern uganda where he comes from ?
    What kind of guerrilla tactics makes one turn children into killers, rapists and sadists ?

    I too despise the recent western media/you tube propaganda that happily villified a black “bogeyman”, and made heros of the “white bloggers” without delving into the complex history of the conflict in uganda & it’s neighborhood.

    But complex or not, KONY IS A MURDERING FOOL.
    At least the beastial RUF of sierra leone drugged their child soldiers before they committed most of their atrocities, I never heard of Kony and his ilk using drugs; they believed in or loved their atrocities.

    As for president museveni, dictator ? yes, progressive ? yes. Who can compare uganda today, to uganda 20 years ago. The results speak for itself.
    He rightfully said that western style multi party elections, simply fuels inter ethnic rivalry and tribal wars.

    Almost every african country and the balkans, can attest to that. So much lives and property has been destroyed in nigeria, in the name of so called multi party elections, that president Goodluck Jonathan advocated a longer one term rule, to prevent violent reelection struggles.

    It’s only in the US, the EU, and India were you have one dominant, but tolerant group that multiparty democracy thrives. Let’s see what happens in the US circa 2050 when the demographics get more even.
    There is no easy solution, museveni can’t live forever, so he has to find a way to peacefully transfer power.

    • benjy says:

      DO YOU HAVE PROOF????? IF YOU DO PLEASE SEND ME THEIR OK.and for your KONY was an ASSET ok if you know what that means fine, he is just expandable he is no different from osama bin laden,al-walaki and co that have been killed

      • doziex says:

        Yeah man, I don’t know about your US conspiracy theories of conquering africa before china does,but none of that would turn a brutal murderer into a saint.

        That’s my point.

      • peccavi says:

        Benjy you wey dey talk where is our own proof?

  5. benjy says:

    And please for GEJ he is just a sitting president with no say his orders come from new york so you better dont advocate nothing here about that weakling.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Hey Benjamite04, that sounds TOO HARD to believe, buddy. I kid you not.

    Officially, the UPDF, the DRC Army and SPLA got into the Garamba Forest in the very distant northeast of DR Congo to hunt for Kony whose bandits massacred hundreds in the villages around Dungu at Xmas 2008.

    They actually came close to nailing the chap twice. The first time, a MiG 21-2000 overshot its mark and the second time. They chose that because they decided that a hovering Mi-24 would alert the targets of the intended attack. The second time, they missed him by a hair’s breadth after the hit squad which was supposed to bump him off arrived too late.

    HOW CAN Uganda, CAR, South Sudan and DR Congo wilfully engage in this kind of heavy work over a man who you allege to have been killed two years ago? What would the rigmarole and cover up be all about?

  7. ocelot2006 says:

    Kudos to the UPDF. I hope they capture that Konye bastard very soon

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