First-ever Made-in-Nigeria warship: a 31m Seaward Defence Boat (inspired by the “River Town” class)


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  1. Donspony says:

    Looks splendid indeed. What armaments has she got by the way? High time we started building boats and frigates.

  2. beegeagle says:


    This is NNS YOLA P166, one of four German-built “Abeking and Rasmussen” 31m(95ft) 90ton class patrol craft around the time when she entered service in the early 1970s.

    Perhaps the NN chaps meant to say that they were inspired by the 31m German-built Abeking and Rasmussen patrol craft, rather than the British Brooke Marine “River Town” class.

    It is clear that the P166 German-built design it was which inspired our first-ever Made in Nigeria warship, crafted with pride in the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the Nigerian Navy.

    KUDOS to the NN. From little acorns great oaks shall emerge. This was how Iran veered into shipbuilding by reverse engineering hardware such as the Combattante II patrol ships after sanctions were slammed against them.

    At least,the NN acquired four River Town class patrol craft and another four larger 35m German patrol craft during the 1973-77 epoch. Some of these 31-35m ships are still sailing in our waterways. A refurbished and shiny NNS Yola P166 it was which served as escort to NNS Thunder F90 on the day that she was commissioned into service – Jan 23,2012.

    During the 1972-80 epoch, the NN took delivery of eight 31-35m patrol craft from Britain and Germany, two Hippo-class LSTs and four Vosper Thornycroft corvettes.

    Between 1981 and 1988, she took delivery of a MEKO 360 frigate, six French Combattante III and Lurssen 58m missile craft, two MCMVs, two 20m Vosper Thornycroft patrol craft and an assorment of smaller IPVs(eg Simmoneau).

    Here is hoping that barring the owned/incoming flotilla of 27m Shaldag Mk.IIIs and 24m OCEA patrol craft, our requirement for 31-36m patrol craft shall be met locally.

    Can all the eight oceanic states of the federation each finance the construction of ONE of these Andoni-class ships so that the NN can inaugurate eight of these ships by 2014 and thereby positioning the service to be able to take charge of their littoral zones while the FG concentrate on the acquisition of OPVs, decomm. Pohang corvettes and the Absalon destroyer?

    We have slumbered for too long. Let’s do it again.




    NNS Andoni

    SOME OTHER SHIPS of the 1970s batch of eight British and German 31-35m patrol craft.

    These appear to be the larger 35m(107ft) British-built Brooke Marine River Town class. Check out the mast and see the foredeck layout to be sure that it looks less similar to our NNS Andoni than does the German-built NNS Yola.

    NN patrol craft

    NN patrol craft

    I am thinking, even as I cannot see the hull number, that this is the British-built NNS Makurdi in the Niger Delta. Her sister ship, NNS Hadejia, was being refurbished at the Nigerian Naval Shipyard in PHC at the time when this photo was shot.

    On the other hand, the smaller German-built NNS Yola was active in Lagos and her sister ship, NNS Argungu, was believed to be one of the two ships slated for refurbishment by A and C Engineering in Lagos at the time. A 58m missile craft, NNS Siri, having undergone a refit at the Continental Shipyards in Lagos.

    From the mast alone, I think it is quite clear that the P166 shown in black and white further up this page was the vessel which inspired our own design and not these latter two which are different.

    • bossjoe says:

      the p100 look way more SEXY, i like the curve in the front, this boat is so ……., no words for it, i just don’t know what to say about this, its just too awesome? is that the word

  3. mmakanaky says:

    Guys this is what i call evolution and development.
    This can only occur in science by trial and error. I dont care how beautiful and strong she is as compared to other establish countries.
    The government can only encouraged more of this by patronising local purcahse of such vessels.
    Please people behind this must not allow the Nigerian syndrome to deter them.
    20yrs ago TATA of India was far behind others but today their product are of quality and durability so there is nothing stopping us from doing same.
    The future starts today and now.
    Kudos NN, keep the flag flying and be proudly Nigerian

  4. Deway says:

    Well done Nigerian Navy. It’s a very good start. We need more of these. Any idea the armaments carried by his boat and do they intend to build another?

  5. peccavi says:

    Nigeria we hail thee!

  6. beegeagle says:

    A bit of what we stand for: CREDIBILITY

    LAST NIGHT at 2216hrs Nigerian Time, Beegeagle wrote as follows:

    “On NTA News tonight, the NN built up
    to the commissioning of the new Made-
    in-Nigeria 31m patrol ship. I saw the same photo of the completed but unpainted hull which featured in the 2011 NN calendar.

    More importantly, I saw in a fleeting
    moment a greyish white naval craft in
    the 25-32m size category with the pennant number P100.

    If that was the ship, it has what looked like a fore mounted 25mm gun fore. Until Friday, gentlemen. Then, we shall

    Well, the photos of the little warship are now out and SURE as can be, the pennant number is “P100” .

    So we were right.

    @Deway. It has to be something in the 25mm-40mm range. By default, it could the SUNCRAFT 20mm RALCO – a remote and locally controlled weapon station. Do not expect anything larger based on what I saw in that 3 second snapshot as the vessel sailed past.

  7. This is truly a very special defining moment for Nigeria . I am very gladdened that in my generation 1960-1975 that i witnessed a ship built in Nigeria as a long time critic of the F.G. and the N.N. I say this well done more grease to your elbow 🙂 !

  8. Stan says:

    Congrats to Nigerian navy….plz do us more proud with more of this…..proudly nigeria.

  9. ozed says:

    Wow!!!! These pix and the encouraging comments hereon virtually bring tears to my eyes. To think that in all of these crazy times when some people would have you be ashamed to be Nigerian, that we are still capable of such innovation in the face of enormous odds, and that there are still loyal Nigerians like you to cheer them on? Certainly gives mere mortals like me cause for belief.
    Naija go still make am!!! believe!!

    Meanwhile Beeg Keep up the good work. Proud of You.

  10. gbash10 says:

    Congratulations to the NN for building this warship!we the great people of Nigeria are looking forward to the day the NN engineers will reverse-engineered the frigate NNS ARADU and the fast attack craft missile NNS DAMISA respective without any apology to anybody or country.

  11. gbash10 says:

    Off the topic o! NAF is planning to acquire the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet ooo…
    It is a second best ooo my people!

  12. doziex says:

    WHAT !!! I just had a rough day at work. Are you guys pulling my leg ?? First, a home made patrol boat, now, @gbash10 and him 007 connections says NAF is getting the JF-17 fierce dragon ??

    Wow !! I am besides myself. God dey answer prayer o !

    Ride On nigerian armed forces, Onward ever backward never !!!!

  13. Deway says:

    An analysis and video of the JF 17. Whats ur take?

  14. gbash10 says:

    Got the info on the JF-17 Thunder from Flight Global written by Greg Waldron.
    South African Denel is willing to arm this aircraft with the T-darter BVR AAMs rather than the R-Darter.
    Two western radars are proposed for the JF-17,these are the FIAR(now SELEX Galileo Grifo S7 radar the same on the PAF F-7P and the Thales’ RC400 radar with the MICA AAMs. The dual seat variant is to fitted with the chinese NRIET KLJ-10 radar with the active radar homing AAMs.
    The PAF is not satisfy with the Klimov RD-93 turbofan engine hence it now seeks the Snecma M53-P2

  15. jimmyhollyee says:

    One unscientific observation this aircraft does require quite a lot of airfield( runway) to come to a stop.

    • Manny Aydel says:

      Yes, I observed that too. I guess it’s because it landed without a drag chute which can reduce the length of runway space it would need for landing. Perhaps one can be fitted on it. The experts can answer that one.

  16. BeasF137 says:


    Actually Yola is a German – Abeking & Rasmussen – built patrol craft. The UK built craft have a completely different superstructure arrangement.

    Do you have the picture of the SDB 31 from the 2011 NN calendar?

    Waiting for more pix to surface today.

    Keep up the good work!

  17. beegeagle says:

    NNS Andoni P100..can you imagine that? We are now a military shipbuilding nation!! The NA have developed a Target Acquisition machine while the NAF now have a home-made drone. What have we been waiting for? Feels good.

    Nigerian Navy…ONWARD TOGETHER.God bless you all. We are proud of you, guys.

  18. Triqqah says:

    Mr Beageagle
    I thank u for the accuracy of the information u provided. Now the NN has shown quite clearly dat it knows wot it’s doing.
    NNS ANDONI wat is it’s function and how should it be armed? (if it would be armed), i ask myself. The role of a patrol craft is to maintain the integrity of national waters. We would like to hav more info on its specification, displacement, speed, ships complement and armanment. I hope the NN would not rest on its oars after dis great achievement.

  19. Emma Udoh says:

    I’m truly intrigued, impressed & totally proud. Please make us a true African military giant

  20. Spirit says:

    Fellow Patriots,

    I am deeply sorry for joining the celebration late. I was unavoidably engaged at work. What can I say and where do I start? Is it that in my lifetime I will see my dear country took one simple but highly significant step forward?

    So it is very true that “A GOOD THING CAN STILL COME OUT OF BETHLEHEM”



    Forget the length or the armament,men! Do you know the number of rockets that exploded (and astronauts/cosmonauts that died during re-entry)on the lauchingpad at Cape Canaveral and Baikonur before America and the Russians successfully launched Apollo missions and Luna missions?

    Do you know the number of aircrafts that are still under the Atlantic/Pacific before the Americans and Japanese perfected Aircraft Carrier technology?

    This is the way to go, men!

    Let the Institute for Rocket Propulsion at Epe buckle up and develop better rockets/missiles. Let DICON build better guns/artillery. Let the Air Force Institute perfect the drones and navigation systems.
    Let Ajaokuta Steel Complex provide the flat sheets and other exotic metals. Then, NN will give us WARSHIPS in the true sense of it.

    Very soon, Nigerdock will give us not only frigates, cruisers/destroyers, but even submarines!

    All we need is dedicated and focused leadership. We can go places.



  21. makanaky says:

    Everybody prayers and comments i have read are all positive and encouraging i say AMEN.

  22. Yagazie says:

    I am still pinching myself- the Nigerian Navy have commissioned a Nigerian built warship in my lifetime!! . We have the capacity to do great things- just give our men the tools and they’ll do the job. Welll done Nigerian Navy!!

  23. Ubajala says:

    We thank God Almighty for His support to actualize our dreams as we launch and commission the first naval vessel from a West African region. The day is not far again when we would build what we want and not take what they gave us. God bless the CNS, Adm OS Ibrahim for the foresight in completing the boat after it was abandoned by his predecessor.

  24. Cdr RA OJO rtd says:

    I am so proud of you fellow compatriots. So, in my life time, I can look back to the NN where I spent 35 years and wish I could re-enlist. This is real transformation. Please do not relent as in no distant future other African countries will make their orders. The movers of this great achievement deserve national honours.

  25. Ademola says:

    Beegeagle, Are the radar, sonar, and fire control systems of this boat made in nigeria?

  26. MUSA USMAN says:

    This is a great achievement on the Nigerian Navy. I believe you guys will do more than this because there is more room for more achievement.Keep the flag flying.

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