The decommissioned ex-German Type 143A FAC, GNS Yaa Asantewaa P38 on sea trials

The decommissioned ex-German Type 143A FAC, GNS Yaa Asantewaa P38 on sea trials

GNS Yaa Asantewaa P38 and her sister ship GNS Naa Gbewaa P39 were acquired at a cost of US$35m

GNS Yaa Asantewaa P38 and her sister ship GNS Naa Gbewaa P39 were acquired at a cost of US$35m

Accra, July 6

The Ghana Navy has taken delivery of two newly refitted naval vessels at a ceremony held at Neue Tadewerft,Wilhelmshaven,Germany. They are GNS Yaa Asantewaa and GNS Naa Gbewaa and have since set sail for Ghana and expected to arrive in a few weeks time.

A statement issued in Accra on Friday by Lieutenant-Colonel E. Aggrey-Quashie, of Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Public Relations Directorate said “This brings to seven the number of vessels acquired for the Ghana Navy in the last three years”.

It said Lt. Gen. Joseph Henry Smith(rtd.), Minister of Defence, assisted by Rear Admiral M. Quarshie, Chief of Naval Staff, received the Warrior Class vessels on behalf of Ghana. At the ceremony Lt. Gen. Smith commended the Ghana Navy complements of the ships made up of 14 officers and 56 ratings for their hardwork during their stay in Germany. The naval personnel were in Germany for familiarisation training on the vessels.

The Minister of Defence congratulated the manufacturers for a good work done and asked the Ghana Navy to take good care of the ships.

In a related development, Brigadier General Daniel K. Mishio, Director General, Joint Operations at the Ghana Armed Forces(GAF)General Headquarters, has cautioned young soldiers to refrain from partisan politics and focus on their training. He urged them to concentrate on defending the State against all forms of threats, whether internal or external.

He said “You will be called upon, during Election 2012 and in collaboration with other stakeholders, to provide security to ensure free, fair and transparent election. Remember that your performance of these tasks will require that you remain politically neutral and impartial, but fair and firm”.

A statement issued by Lieutenant Colonel E. Aggrey-Quashie of GAF Public Relations Directorate in Accra, on Friday, said Brig Gen Mishio, gave the caution when reviewing the passing out parade of 446 recruits of the Basic Infantry Training Course 1/12 at the Army Training School (ARTS) at Shai Hills. He advised the young soldiers not to see their new career as an opportunity to constitute themselves into unauthorised law enforcement agencies, adding that, unless they were under clear orders from their superior authority, they had no business undertaking debt collection, guarding lands or settling personal disputes without recourse to due process of the law.

Brig Gen Mishio asked them to be mindful of being lured by their own relatives and friends to undertake ventures that were illegal,and reminded them of their oath to bear true and faithful allegiance to the country. “You are to rise and defend the Constitution and always abide by the laws of the State including those of the Ghana Armed Forces,” he added.

The recruits, all men,were taken through 23 weeks of training, including weapon handing and workmanship, physical and field craft, military history, first aid, map reading and junior leadership. Recruit Warrant Officer Damesi Israel Wisdom was adjudged the best all round recruit and took three out of the 10 prizes
at stake.


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  1. benjy says:

    WOOOOW… there an arms race going on btw Nigeria and Ghana they have increase their military acquisition lately?please someone prove me wrong

    • doziex says:

      Nah bengy, no arms race as of yet. 7 mostly used patrol ships of the GNS, cannot be compared to 3 frigates(aradu,thunder and possibly the ex-CGS Jarvis of the US coast guard), 4 light frigate sized or corvette sized stealth OPVs. Another 4 corvettes that could be refurbished, 6 fast attack missile crafts and several more patrol ships, new and refurbished.

      However, the ghananians can easily catch up if they show the acquisition initiative of equatorial guinea, which now rivals, or even surpasses the nigerian navy in terms of capital ships.
      They however, don’t have the established trained personnel of nigeria or even ghana.

      But if nigeria keeps up this snails pace in capital ship acquisition, anything can happen.

      • tim says:

        Our navy has two corvette’s and they are not stealthy….the 6 tiger class fast attack craft are not seviceable…. Or the shaladag and manta….. I almost usless in a major full scale way engagement… Nns thunder has the fire control removed…. So is at best an OPV,…… Well thanks for provoking me to state of our navy to the whole world……… Maybe this is a brain child of a foreign intelligence agency…….. My country sucks, bcos of corruption

      • tim says:

        Are almost**

  2. Spirit says:

    Hello Benjy, this is not an arm race but an ” awakening”. Nigeria is the economic powerhouse of West Africa followed by Ghana. Nigeria’s economy is 90% dependent on oil exploration (a great percentage of which lies offshore). Ghana too have discovered crude oil in commercial quantity and has started exporting it. Pirates have made the Gulf of Guinea “the 2nd most dangerous waters in the world” ( after the Gulf of Aden offshore Somalia). The two nations know that the Gulf of Guinea has to be made safe if their economies are to maintain the upward swing.
    Please note that not only do they have to protect their EEZ but those of smaller West African states which by virtue of their small economies might not be able to afford the high cost of aquisition of expensive platforms required. Merchant ships leaving Nigeria/Ghana EEZ still have to pass through the EEZ of these smaller nations in other to reach Europe, USA and Asia.

  3. doziex says:

    As for ghana’s air force and army acquisitions, nothing impresses me as of yet. However, a top official has announced recently that they intend to purchase their first main battle tanks and other equipment.

    In my opinion, the progress of the ghananian military, is limited by their usual obsession with nigeria. It prevents them from thinking outside the box.

    Nigeria remains their yardstick, or shall I say blind spot. The problem with that is, nigeria’s acquisition record of the last decade has been atrocious.
    So, rather than emulating equatorial guinea, eritrea, uganda, zimbabwe and some others, they are marking time with nigeria.

    They fail to realize, that the acquisition initiative in nigeria, can be changed over night, depending on the leadership.

  4. doziex says:

    Oga Tim, I included the 4 OPVs on order, the 2 coming from china in about 2 years posses stealthy features.
    Aradu(a frigate), is under going a refit by it’s designer.

    The nigerian navy has 4 vosper corvettes, that they can either choose to junk, or refurbish to very effective standards, like the iranians did theirs. The same goes for the Combattante FACs.

    The 6 refurbished patrol ships from the netherlands, the french OCEA, and the isreali shaldags all continue to give nigeria a slight edge, provided our neighboring states do nothing.

  5. gbash10 says:

    The Ghanians are doing well in their defence acquisition,perhas if only we have a leader that has fore-sight like Shagari,it is then that people will know that Ghana can not be compared to us in any way what so ever.

  6. benjy says:

    Guys u all are really awesome and intelligent in the military industrial complex and it is worth knowing that such intelligence is the bedrock of a nation,keep it up and hopefully things get better.but pls i need all of your prayers cos i am getting better and hoping in weeks to be in NIGERIA BUT SITUATION HERE IS GETTING REALLY DRAMATIC IN THE US units of the NG are being recalled and we are all hearing of MARTIAL LAW taking place as countless of units are already drilling for that across the country pls all my naija people in US who are in self denial wake up it is real and i pray to get out as soon as i can becos i am still having 3yrs more on standby reserve and i cant imagine what the hell would happen with people buying guns and ammo like hell.

    • doziex says:

      Yeah bro, the paranoia amongst some in the US is going thru the roof. I wonder what would happen if /when Obama wins a second term.

      Anyway, the US system has stood the test of time, and there are in built mechanisms to safely depressurize the situation.
      Also, a very capable security infrastructure exists to clamp down on any fool with delusional tendencies.
      Ask david quresh if you don’t believe me.

      But take care of yourself my brother. Remember one can get an honourable discharged based on health reasons. Especially, if that injury happened during deployment.
      The conscientious objectors status however is only applicable in a conscript army, not in an all volunteer force.
      But I suspect you know all this already.

  7. gbash10 says:

    I can not imagine that we have billions of dollars stached in the foreign reserve,excess crude account and our leaders do not see it deem fit to withdraw $12 billion to re-arm the Nigerian the armed force with state-of-the-art weapons. Crude
    Oil thieves are stealing our oil that is worth more than this amount of money per annum.
    Check out what Algeria,Morroco,South Africa,and even Sudan are respectively spending on defence acquisition.

  8. doziex says:

    @gbash10, you from within and me from “without” agree with this puzzling dilemma.

    My question to you, and all others “within”, is how wide spread are these sentiments with the officers and enlisted personnel of all our security agencies ??

    • tim says:

      I can tell you that the officers in the navy are not happy about it…….but information is so gauarded…. Even the officers as decision makers don’t know the full states of the ships

  9. gbash10 says:

    @benji, if you are coming back please do we need guys like you to come and build our dear country from your experience gain over there.
    Back on topic,imagine a senior defence official would address the press that the responsibility of bringing our soldiers home from darfu is that of the UN,if only the corrupt PDP government that has been in power had acquired brand-new C-130 transport or refurbished the entire fleet of NAF transport planes,our troops would have been brought home on time.
    We Nigerians are watching what President GEJ will do in terms of defence acquisition for the armed forces in the 2013 budget proposal.
    Our airspace is not being monitored properly using either fighter jets(not the F-7NI,or the Alpha jet which is actually an advanced trainer jet) or modern integrated air defence system(IADS) with advanced search,acquisition and engagement radar network,haba,haba,haban kai!!!
    Our political leaders are thieves.

  10. Henry says:

    @OGA doziex, wetin dey happen naah? Most of your recent posts have really been critical and without grace or believe in the nigerian union. I believe it all began on this forum with your post on the assertion of the possible break up of nigeria, quite a few months back. You have turned from an optimists to a perssimists ( hope I spelt it correctly). I don’t blame you sha, there has been another round of killings in jos with two high profile politicians ( a senator and a member house of reps) amongsts the casualties. I still hold on to my hope for a better tomorrow of a united nigeria, anyway.

  11. gbash10 says:

    @Doxiez,our service chiefs are suppose to tell Mr President the truth,not the officers or the NCOs that would be charge of inciting others,which would be termed to be a treasonable offence.
    For the service chiefs, most of them tell the President what he wants to hear but not the truth which is always painful.
    Right now we do not have a first line air superiority, long-range,heavy-class fighter jets!yes we do not have,however the top leaders in NAF keep on lying to Nigerians that the F-7NI carries modern avionics,lies.lie,lie…
    Great Patroits, do you know that another deadly state-of-the-art BVR air-to-air missile is now in service with some air forces?the “Meteor” a ramjet missile built by the European manufacturer MBDA, which is said by some defence analyst to offer world-beating air superiority,it is claimed to be fast and agile with the largest “no escape zone”,NEZ,of any air-to-air weapon.

  12. doziex says:

    Oga henry, I see my harsh criticism of the bullshit coming out of nigeria, as being pro nigerian.

    Trust me, I would be nigeria’s chief praise singer, if we ever get our act together.

    Actually, on this thread, I was attempting to explain to @benjy that the glass was half full, not half empty, before @Tim (with hands on knowledge), perhaps rightfully called me on that nonsense.

    Any way, @TIM, and @Gbash10, you guys are better than me. While I am a “preacher” , you guys are “doers”. And I respect that.

    But isn’t their a way professional military folks in our armed forces can establish a web based think tank that officially brings to light all these issues, without being political, or seen as being insubordinate to the political order. ?

  13. beegeagle says:

    Congrats to the Ghanaians BUT I am MOSTLY not after these kind of ships 58m 400ton vessels. For Nigeria, the strategic focus has since shifted to the DEEPWATER precincts. Tens of billions of dollars worth of offshore oil facilities, deepsea bunkering in international waters and piracy.

    Barring little ships in the 24m-45m category which can patrol the coastal waters alongside 17m Manta ASD Littoral Interceptors to protect berthing and outbound ships, pursue inshore pirates and bunkerers before they can get into deepwater precincts and support COIN ops in the wider waterways and estuaries of the Niger Delta, WHAT WE NEED at the very least, are oceangoing ships which are over 70m in length and over 1,000 tons displacement with a helicopter deck to boot. Ideally, my take would be 85+m and 1,500+ tons.

    @Benjy. No, buddy. Ghana are pursuing their national interest within the limits of the resources available to them. They are doing it conscientiously and making painful sacrifices.

    Since 2010, they have taken delivery of C295 transport planes, an ex-Korean 36m PKM patrol craft, two Diamond DA42 MPP surveillance turboprops plus APCs and four 47m Shanghai II-type patrol ships from China. They are also lined up to receive an Embraer troop transport plane, four Mi-171Sh Terminator assault helicopters and four Chinese-built helicopters anytime soon.

    The bulk of these acquisitions have been made using bank loans – REALISTICALLY,that is scarcely a position from which to engage in an arms race with a country which has over $35bn stashed away in Forex Reserves and which produces over twenty five times as much oil – which can be bartered in exchanges for arms, as these things go.

    That said, the Ghanaians should be wholeheartedly commended for their new-found commitment to equipping their forces after many years of utter neglect. It boils down to having the political will and that has seen them going the extra mile these past ten years. The Defence Minister, Lt. Gen JH Smith has almost singlehandly midwifed these useful acquisitions.

    BTW gentlemen, look what I found yesterday for the benefit of the Nigerian Navy. Great bargains, eh?



    75m OPV

    Built: 1996
    Status: Available
    Price: USD 4,500,000
    Approx Location: South Africa
    Advertiser: Lager Yacht Brokerage Telephone: 516-767-0141

    33m CPC

    33 metre Coastal Patrol Craft/Troopship
    Built 1992; carries 77 troops
    Price €1.3m
    Contact: Norsk Megling & Auksjon AS
    Telephone: +47 90186230

    43metre Offshore Patrol Craft (US$685k)

    Status: Available
    Price: USD 685,000
    Approx Location: Japan
    Advertiser: Lager Yacht Brokerage Telephone: 516-767-0141

  14. gbash10 says:

    @Gen Beeg,the 75m OPV which is just 16 years old is more attractive,if the FG would just enquire and then acquire this ships for the NN,that would go a long way to increase the number of platforms.

  15. beegeagle says:

    Given the total outlay required for these acquisition($7m), I suggest that we acquire all three platforms. In a country where conscientious men run the show, the Office of the NSA really should close these transactions by midweek. The outcomes which we seek are sometimes, partly or wholly, within our grasp. This is one of those solutions. Fancy that OPV deploying operationally by October. Hopefully, there shall be no dulling on this one. There are navies which are HUNGRY for platforms – The Philippines and Bangladesh won’t waste a day to pounce on these.

    We need the latter two coastal patrol vessels(33m and 43m) which are able to push it in Sea States 3 and 4 and in the Niger Delta in places such as Bonny, Eket,Brass and Escravos, chase in the coastal to intermediate range – reason why we are acquiring the OCEA and Shaldag patrol craft and the Made-in-Nigeria NNS Andoni P100. It was within that range that a 38m Sea Eagle Offshore Patrol Craft seized that large illegal bunkering ship after it had been spotted by coastal radar stations.

    Beyond a certain range, it becomes expedient to call in oceangoing OPVs and corvettes because the seas are rougher in the deepwater precincts. For instance, three maritime security incidents took place over 100 nautical miles off the Niger Delta last week. That is OPV terrain.

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