Malian terrorists onboard a gun-truck(aka 'technical')

Malian terrorists onboard a gun-truck(aka ‘technical’)

Anne Look (30 Oct)

International officials are finalizing plans for deploying troops and sending military support to Mali to help it retake the north of the country from al-Qaida-linked militants who seized control in April.

Representatives from the United Nations, African Union, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), European Union and other partner countries are meeting Tuesday and Wednesday in Bamako to finalize operational plans for the African-led military intervention.

After months of wrangling over details,
international powers and Malian
authorities appear to be reaching the
same page. Aboudou Chaka Toure,
ECOWAS Commission’s representative to
Mali, says this week’s meeting is about “deepening and reinforcing” that
consensus. “Every day that goes by
without action gives criminal and
terrorist groups in northern Mali time to
strengthen their disruptive abilities and
further ingrain themselves into the social fabric of the region,” he said,
emphasizing the urgency of moving
against “these mafia-like networks of
drug traffickers and jihadists that
threaten regional and global security.”

Mali has been in chaos since a March 22 military coup toppled the elected
government and paved the way for armed groups to seize the north. More than 300,000 people have fled northern Mali this year, many of them into neighboring countries.

Rights groups say those who remained are being subjected to serious human rights violations as Islamist militants impose a harsh version of Islamic law. ECOWAS continues to encourage armed groups in the region to break ties with al-Qaida and come to the negotiating table, all while preparing for war.

The international community has
supported the carrot-and-stick approach. World leaders say they will not allow northern Mali to become a haven for terrorists. ECOWAS and the African Union have until mid-November to present a more detailed operational plan for the intervention to the U.N. Security Council.

While some say regional troops could
deploy to Bamako within weeks of
getting that U.N. intervention mandate, analysts say the mission could more likely kick off early next year.


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  1. Obi says:

    Thak you very much Beag for your wonderful blog. I’ve folowing it for a long time now. I want to share an information concerning Nigeria’s military hardware and future procurement. The information below also shows procurement for the airforce, army in the next 2-3 years!

  2. Delavegas says:

    “It is alarming that combat troops appear to be in place or positioned with not thought to the post combat phase. Any attack by external forces will succeed in dislodging the insurgents, killing lots of the cheap cannon fodder and simply displacing the hardcore.

    They may lose their heavy weapons and ability to take France sized pieces of territory but they will retain their sources of income and their ability to inflict heavy damage on their enemies.

    Any attempt to merely capture towns and hold elections without a fundamental plan for the next phase is doomed to failure.

    Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Nigeria and Algeria cannot afford to have an ‘Al Shabaab’ in the Sahel, with smuggling routes and influence channels that run from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.” – Anabasis

    • peccavi says:

      I’m not seeing a happy ending to that story but on the plus side theres going to be a lot of very very dead militants between now and Easter so hey, every cloud has a silver lining

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