Gentlemen, keep still everywhere across the face of the earth. The Eagle has landed. One million hits…tis a brand-new turf.

Beegeagle’s Blog commenced operations at the end of March 2010. During the first eighteen month period during which we operated in fits and stops, we garnered 100,000 hits(as of September 2011). Well, look at us now

First 18 months : 100,000
Next 13 months: 900,000 additional hits.

That means we recorded an annual growth rate of over 850% – thanks to you and thanks to our unwavering passion for credibility.

Pop the champagne and set off the fireworks. Welcome to that most exclusive Millionaire’s corner of blogosphere where only the most credible, insightful, influential and authoritative operators make the cut.

Tis your blog. Keep reaching for the skies. We can make our best, even better. CONGRATULATIONS.

Beegeagle GCFR
(Good Citizen of the Federal Republic)


About beegeagle

BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies

19 Responses to BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG: 1,000,000 (ONE MILLION) HITS

  1. 1million gbosas…..Oga Beeg…u know tell us say u done get national award….lok

  2. beegeagle says:

    🙂 OptimusPrime007..

  3. xnur44 says:

    Now that the door to Nigerian military info is ajar, one wonders what riches that will be made within. My Day is made CONGRATS!

  4. Solorex says:

    On my mind: next 12 months; 10 million hits; most popular blog in Africa-I believe!

  5. ademola says:

    congrats, beegeagle

  6. Henry says:

    Kudos to beegeagle’s blog. Enthusiasts like my humble self, have always yearned for a forum, blog, to discuss the nigerian security services, a platform where the myths,facts, cons and pros can be set straight. We cannot continue to depend on an incredibly biased western media to tell us our military stories or a lazy nigerian media which is not prepared to investigate and show/ propagate the armed services in her proper shining light.

    We do not claim to have the best equipped military in africa, but what we have is one of the world’s most radically versatile military, with a secret service which produces the same deadly efficiency which can only be likened to the isreali mossad (which incidentally are their trainers and partners). This is what we have, and what we the citizens of the indisputable giant of africa are proud of. No military in africa even comes close.

    Much thanks & love to beegeagle #NO HOMO, for providing the platform. Godspeed and Godbess our nation nigeria.

  7. jimmy says:

    Since the beginning of this blog we have seen A STUNNING TRANSFORMATION IN THE ATTITUDE OF THE ARMED FORCES. It is apparent that this blog must continue it must keep up the good hard work ,integrity, independence, capability, and competence.
    We are very proud to say this is a 100% Nigerian owned blog no ethnic enclave just strictly Nigerian owned and is the premier go to center for all things militarily. Please keep up the Gold Standard because only that will do.
    Nigeria is a better place because of this blog and we sincerely look forward to the reachable target of 10 million hits it can and will be done ….. ONE HIT AT A TIME..

  8. Somoric says:

    Beegeagle GCFR, kudos for all the hard work. We always knew you will acheive great things from the early days on Miltary.Net; We wont rest until you become the only authoritative voice for all things West African Defence. I see the goal of ten million hits on the horizon. Fortune favours the Brave. See you over the hill.

  9. Deway says:

    Congratulations, job well done

  10. gbash10 says:

    Congrat Gen Beeg GCFN,and other patriots on this Special Nigerian blog for achieving 1 million hits,we look forward to the 10 million hits very soon,guys i don de take my brandy walahi!

  11. gbash10 says:

    Sorry o! Gen Beeg,i meant GCFR,my work de chop all my time now.

  12. Donspony says:

    Salute to the General.
    Congrats Sir

  13. wocon45 says:

    May those who keep peace and security grow wise from the councils of Beegaegle’s Blog and let the enemies of peace and security tremble at the sound of the same name…….live Long to see your son’s and daughters become authoritative and credible voices .

  14. johnbest1 says:

    Kudos 2 u oga beeg,ur passion and zeal in all things concerning the naija military is outstanding and is recieving recognition from all courners of the world,abeg tak am,GBOOSA GBOOSA GBOOSA,oga beeg i throway salute 4 u.
    For sum1 like me who plans to be the next coas(wanna be a career soldier)u’ve really opened my eyes.thanks,we all appreciate ur efforts,

  15. Spirit says:

    The Beeg one,

    Words fail me to express how happy and proud I am right now. I remember those early days of one or two hits in a day, and tears of joy are rolling down my face now at our 1 Millionth hit.

    “Seeth thou a man diligent …….”

    I am very proud to be associated with the patriots on this blog, and although most of us have not met face to face, I am sure that if and whenever there is a CALL OF DUTY to protect and defend our great nation Nigeria, all of us here will gladly leave every other thing and MARCH INTO HARMS WAY.

    Is it the passion with which Peccavi argues?
    The patriotism that Henry’s post inspires?
    The hope we hear from johnbest?
    The facts that optimusprime churns out?
    The commitment of gbash10?
    The fire in jimmy?
    Ademola’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge?
    Those aces that Xnurr brings from nowhere?
    Wocon’s wisdom?
    Somoric’s tenacity?
    Deway’s courage?
    Dospony’s loyalty?
    The celebration that erupts when our Armed Force take steps in the right direction?
    The agony in our “voices” when we see burnt bodies in Kano?

    I salute Beeg and so many other people who have made this blog the first port of call for authoritative info about Nigeria military so much that brass hats in Nigeria Armed Forces can’t but check it out daily! I pray that we will all witness the 10 Millionth hit in peace and tranquility.

    We are doing something right here that our fellow citizens , especially our leaders can emulate. Let the senators “senate am” well, the governors “govern us”, the president “presid us” well as Beeg is blogging well. In no time, we will get to the promise land.


    Congrats to my Beegeagle,congrats to us all.

  16. doziex says:

    Oga beeg, i know i am late, but better late than never, i second all the well deserved accolades my fellow beegeagle bloggers are heaping on you.

    A change in my work schedule and america’s general rat race has of late reduced my contributions, but has in no way dampened my enthusiasm for the vital work you are doing with this blog.


  17. Acting Major Benbella says:

    A very good one. I think you will hit the 2 millionth mark faster than one million.

  18. to4shizzle says:

    Oga Beeg or should I say GCFR oya na its time for all of us to do something in our network of contacts Distribute all traffic HERE!

    I’m dancing here in my office and people are looking at me Crazy *smiles* anyways whether its on your skype,BBM,twitter,facebook,Website to name a few Tell them all Join Beeg Eagle o.

    Our goal is 10 million Hits by end of 2013 its possible let’s get it. to all who are patriots of Nigeria Gbash10,xnur4,jimmy and the rest I bow unto una me I still dey learn work.

    Hoping for the very best from this Blog and one more thing if the Army won’t speak out on dat Ghanian gal issue let us write our own we know our military well let her come and take classes.

    Kudos GCFR!

  19. kwame George kpeh says:

    Many thanks to the General, I salute ur courage.

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