Nigerian ECOMIL convoy led by a MT-LB armoured combat support vehicle enter Liberia, Aug 2003

Nigerian ECOMIL convoy led by a MT-LB armoured combat support vehicle enter Liberia, Aug 2003

Nigerian UNAMID peacekeepers patrol in a Toyota Hilux and an Otokar Cobra in Darfur, Sudan

Nigerian UNAMID peacekeepers patrol in a Toyota Hilux and an Otokar Cobra in Darfur, Sudan

5 November, 2012

The “shocking” state of the Nigerian army has delayed plans for a military
intervention in Mali, amid reports that it lacks the capability to fight on the

A senior source in Mali told the Guardian
that a lack of training and discipline
among Nigerian troops – who are being
heavily relied on by regional bloc Ecowas
to oust Islamists in control of northern
Mali – is becoming increasingly apparent.

“The Nigerian army is in a shocking state,” said the source, who has seen
recent assessments of Ecowas’s military
capability. “In reality there is no way they are capable of forward operations in Mali – their role is more likely to be limited to manning checkpoints and loading trucks.”

“The Nigerian forces lack training and kit, so they simply don’t have the capability to carry out even basic military manoeuvres,” the source added. “They have poor discipline and support. They are more likely to play a behind-the-scenes role in logistics and providing security.”

News about the low capacity of Ecowas
troops adds increasing pressure on the
Malian army, whose lack of training and
equipment led directly to the country’s 22 March coup d’etat, which toppled the
previous civilian government and allowed al-Qaida-linked Islamists to gain control of the country’s north.

Under plans for a UN security council-
backed military intervention in Mali, now being drawn up by the Malian government with Ecowas and the African Union, as well as the EU and US, the country’s military is expected to lead forward operations.

France, Germany, the US and the EU have
all backed plans to provide the Mali army
with training, equipment and logistics
support. “The Malian army should play a
substantial part in any ground operation, following their training by the EU,” said the source. “Once the security council gets the report it asked for, in mid to late November, the planning and co- ordination can really begin in earnest.”

A spokesperson for the Nigerian national security agencies admitted that the army was suffering from a lack of resources, but said it had achieved success in previous military interventions.

“The situation is that Nigeria has the trained personnel, what we require
however is additional funding and logistic support,” said the spokesperson. “We are working toward a coordinated approach that at the international level includes the UN, the EU and France, as well as our regional partners.”

“Nigeria has a lot of past experience in
successful military and diplomatic
interventions on the continent.” Questions about the capability of Ecowas military forces come amid reports that a senior Malian government official has been conducting talks with a delegation from the Islamist extremist group Ansar Dine – the largest of the al-Qaida-linked factions that have control of the Kidal region of northern Mali – in Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou, with President Blaise Compaore.

Ansar Dine is under pressure to break links with al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, although some experts believe there is little to distinguish the groups, which say their goal is to impose sharia law in Mali and the whole west African subregion.

In a recent interview with the Guardian, a senior figure from Movement for Tawhid and Jihad in West Africa – which controls the Gao and northern Mopti regions of Mali – said it would not negotiate with any group that did not accept sharia.

Political and diplomatic figures involved
in drawing up plans for a military
intervention in northern Mali have said
over recent weeks that the use of force
seems “unavoidable” and is likely to
commence in the new year.

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  1. agee says:

    gen beeg is dis an attempt by a Ghanaian to tarnish our image? ih our military less capable than it was years back wen we helped bring peace to sierra Leone liberia??? aint we among UN’s largest contributors to peace keepin efforts world wide? yes our military has its limitations but i think the writer is way out of line

  2. beegeagle says:

    This Ghanaian-born know-nothing and Oyibo born troway YET again? Did some Nigerian girl snatch her boyfriend or this is just inferiority complex at work? I mean, why is she so adept at painting Nigeria black? Is that the core focus of her West African correspondence? Is she quoting the other rambler and ‘Nigeria ambush specialist’, Kwesi Aning – same chap who in his expertise shot down the Niger Delta Amnesty Process on the BBC…same process which has been more that 80% successful, three years down the line.

    If Nigeria are in tatters, Ghana with her parade ground army of 5,000 men and 40 Generals where so called special forces superintend elections and riots, probably does not have an army.

    Why don’t the Ghana Army lead the effort then – talking the talk but never walking the walk as always? Typical small mind. Does she know that Patrice Lumumba of DR Congo and Samuel Doe of Liberia were both captured from dithering Ghanaian troops who later went to Sierra Leone to whitewash sentry posts and shine their boots? They appeared with the best kit but did the least fighting of all? So much for kitting.

    In this part of the world, the Nigerian military alone possesses the whole gamut of skills and experience – amphibious and littoral warfare, highland warfare, airborne ops, counterpiracy, jungle warfare, counterinsurgency, counterterrorism, counter piracy or desert warfare. When last did Ghanaian paratroopers jump? Do they know anything about ANY of the foregoing bar jungle warfare…possessing neither skills nor experience in all of the rest? Look who is talking about skills!

    Rearguard action implied – are we Ghana? She is quite an imbecile apparently and I hope y’all get to Twitter and ruin her miserable day.

    PS: I told you that this knucklehead was up to nothing with her famously speculative and disjointed output which has only one goal – run down Nigeria. Quite a pathetic soul this one. Thinks that pulling down the stocks of another would make her own dim military lights shine brighter.

    • agee says:

      hahahahaha gen. BEEG u’ve got me laffing uncontrollably, its sad how ghanaians like bad mouthing nigeria, God knows how much i love other African country, i get really sad when i hear how much most of this countries hate anything Nigeria S.A especially.
      and concerning the para troopers i cant stop laffin, my friend who was commisioned last month does that 4 fun, i still believe we have about the strongest and most effective military in africa

    • Gen Beeg..leave them alone. I suggest that we continue to draw up a deployment guide here…at least we have veterans here who can do that. Peccavi et al. Even flies in the west know that the Nigerian forces especially the army are a lean mean fighting machine.

  3. Henry says:

    I say this report a few days back, and honestly I didn’t bother to read it, I’m also not reading it now. I should not bother replying this juvenile of a writer, but I would. The nigerian military/ security services are the best trained in Africa. Hell the Nigerian SSS is trained by the best intelligence agency in the world, the MOSSAD. Our military officers are amongst the best in the world, the UN has confirmed this fact times without number, with tons of awards and records of excellence in appreciation for the job we do.

    In Sudan the first two commanders where Nigerians, is there any military officer that comes close to Gen Martin Luther Agwai in Africa!

    Our military schools are par excellence. Jaji remains the premier military training center in Africa, Kontagora and Kachia churn out some of the best trained military officers/ personnel. Does she think Nigeria is Ghana? Military officers troop in to Jaji yearly for high tech/ robust training. They know nigeria is the place to come to, if you want to receive comprehensive training.

    Over the past decade the Nigerian Army has been the most engaged in West Africa. Perhaps, she should take up arms and go fight in Mali, since the military is not well trained.

  4. Henry says:

    General beeg, you even get enough strength to write long post to reply the f**l.

  5. beegeagle says:

    Same writer again..does she think this is some rappers ‘East Coast-West Coast’ thing?


    Please can we lay on this dunderhead and her minders at ‘The Guardian’ for a bit cos her anti-Nigerian fervour is not now a matter for conjecture. She has established a clear trend and as is typically Ghanaian, she becomes benign when reporting the affairs of her own country to the point of whitewashing its image!

    My people say that “when the same disease takes down two relatives, it becomes mistaken for an affliction of the kindred”. So even if she thinks otherwise, the pattern of her work shows her to be a venal but vacuous Nigeria hater without grey matter between those two elephantine ears.

    Afua Hirsch

    Her track record….see how benign she becomes when writing about Ghana? Proves that she is onto a clearcut and very deliberate mission to defame and malign the character of Nigeria. She shall continue to gnash her teeth from that obscure corner.

    She is always passing off her jaundiced opinion off as the offering of some unnamed expert. We have seen through that tired and low quality trick.

    See what this bi**h tweeted with malevolent relish?

    That is why you and all your kind writing in Africa in combination do not manage half the clicks which we get here on this blog…three quarters of our readers being non-Nigerians.

    By the way, I see BBC World Service on her Twitter Page. Those ones cannot lay off anywhere that damage is being done to Nigeria? Does it confirm to you what we said earlier about our feeling that she was probably teleguided by BBC when she visited Lagos in September to report about events in Maiduguri, 1000 miles away?

    Tis so easy to see through these tramps.

  6. Henry says:

    I’m not in the business of forcing any other african country to like me as a nigerian. If you hate me, I also hate you. If you love and respect me, all do same. Tit for tat. “An eye for an eye, does not leave the world blind, there would be someone left with one eye, and that person would be me”. I’m done with this ungrateful africans. When they burn their houses, you’ll see them running down to abuja like made dogs. We would carry their problem, carry our own problems on one head.

    Is this not the same ghana obasanjo and late president yar’adua gave fuel to on credit plus over 250 million usd in loans.

    Perhaps if we had left them to their fate, and fenced our borders like the americans, we would be happier by now.

    What do they have in ghana, only parade ground soldiers, who took to their heels in absolute show of cowardice in seirra leone, living gallant nigerian soldiers, to hand out some serious “kick ass” to RUF. These people make me laugh truly.

  7. agee says:

    i think the problem is that our own journalist and citizens use all their energy to defame this great nation. if u dont treat yourself well no one will do, u need to see d amount of bashing n negativity nigerians get on social media.
    once again BEEG, u r doin an amazing job

  8. giles says:

    Wether we ar not trained or well equiped,as long as d world is countin on us den let dose dogs(ghana) go leak deir wounds.we d best

  9. beegeagle says:

    Somebody let me know if there is any basis to report this rubbery-lipped and ostrich-necked dunderhead to Twitter for her established trend of anti-Nigerianism and fanning the embers of discord.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Skills or no skill, it is TELLING that
    neither MEND nor Boko Haram have held onto one inch of Nigerian territory. It is eloquent testimony to the REAL MIGHT of the Nigerian military..a fact known too well to her adversaries and that is something which cannot be upended by trolls and jaundiced external commentators. That is why neither MEND not Boko Haram have managed that feat – holding onto territory – ala Al Shabaab or Mali Islamists. with it.

    The only countries where that has similarly not happened (rebels taking territory) in guerrilla warfare are South Africa(during the anti-apartheid struggle) and Algeria(the Islamist insurgency).

    Power is decipherable whether bottom feeders from crouching republics know it or not.

  11. beegeagle says:

    Militarily, we OWN Ghana.

    Even during WW II in Burma, Nigerian soldiers ALONE of the lot from these parts it was who made the cut to operate alongside the Chindits. We even relieved bungling Ghanaian soldiers from their besieged positions.

    Do not write your gibberish based on the clueless standards which suffice around your country.

  12. beegeagle says:

    These past ten years ALONE, the following Nigerians have commanded the following international military missions

    – Brig Gen Festus Okonkwo ECOMIL

    – Lt Gen Joseph Owonibi UNMIL

    – Lt Gen Isaac Obiakor UNMIL, thereafter UN Military Adviser

    – Maj Gen Festus Okonkwo AMIS

    – Maj Gen Collins Ihekire AMIS

    – General Martin Agwai UNAMID

    – Maj Gen Moses Obi UNMIS(Sudan)

    – Maj Gen Moses Obi UNMISS(South Sudan)

    Since 2006, three Nigerian Generals have commanded the Liberian Army. Why not ‘professional’ and skilled Ghanaian officers?

    What appointments have Ghana Army officers whose claim to fame is tepid peacekeeping held over the corresponding period even in what they hold to be their claim to fame?

    We have even gone to Senegal to impart littoral warfare skills to US Marines and Senegalese commandos. Who defers to Ghana and what have they done these past ten years? Do officers get interviewed before being appointed to command UN PKOs? Why have well trained and professional Ghanaian officers failed to make the cut while Nigerian officers have leapt from the command of one mission to the other?

    Ghana and their delusions of grandeur. Small republic mentality.

    The only thing which bind Ghana and Nigeria is that they both participate in foreign PKOs. As far as combat operations go, the Ghanaians are jot cluelss. Even so, what have Ghana achieved in PKOs?

    I know what Nigeria have done. Let us see your scorecard as you guys go deluding yourselves about your supposed rivalry with a country which is seven times larger(demographically) and whose economy is even larger than that wide margin?


    * Major General JTU Aguiyi Ironsi, OP CODE…ONUC,COUNTRY…CONGO, PERIOD 1960-64,SPONSOR…UN

    * Major General Edward Unimna(RC2) OP CODE…UNAVEM 1, COUNTRY…ANGOLA, PERIOD….1991,S PONSOR…UN

    * Major General Chris Garuba OP CODE…UNAVEM II & III, COUNTRY…ANGOLA, PERIOD…1991-95, SPONSOR…UN

    * Major General Ekundayo Opaleye OP CODE…UNAMIR, COUNTRY…RWANDA, PERIOD….1993, SPONSOR….UN

    * Colonel Joshua Dogonyaro OP CODE..Nigerian Neutral Force(NNF), COUNTRY…CHAD, PERIOD….1979, SPONSOR…BILATERAL

    * Colonel Mohammed Magoro OP CODE..NNF, COUNTRY..CHAD, PERIOD…1979, SPONSOR…BILATERAL.

    * Major General Geoffrey Ejiga OP CODE..HARMONY II, COUNTRY…CHAD, PERIOD..1981-82, SPONSOR…OAU

    * Major General S Iliya OP CODE…MONUC, COUNTRY…CONGO, PERIOD…2003-2005, SPONSOR…UN

    * Lieutenant General Joseph Owonibi OP CODE…UNMIL, COUNTRY…LIBERIA, PERIOD…2003-2005, SPONSOR…UN

    * Lieutenant General Chika Obiakor OP CODE…UNMIL, COUNTRY..LIBERIA, PERIOD…2005-2007, SPONSOR…UN

    * Major General Festus Okonkwo OP CODE…AMIS, COUNTRY…SUDAN, PERIOD…2004-2005, SPONSOR…AU

    * Major General Collins Ihekire OP CODE..AMIS, COUNTRY…SUDAN, 2005-2007

    *General Martin Luther Agwai OP CODE: UNAMID, COUNTRY ..SUDAN, 2007-2009.


    * Major General Joshua Dogonyaro(RC 1) 1990-92

    * Major General Rufus Kupolati (RC 2) 1992

    * Major General Ishaya Bakut (RC 2) 1993

    * Major General Adetunji Olurin (RC 3) 1994

    * Major General John Inienger (SSC 1) 1995

    * Major General Samuel VL Malu (RC 3) 1996-97

    * Major General Timothy Shelpidi 1997-98

    * Major General Felix Mujakperuo (RC 4) 1999

    * Major General Gabriel Kpamber (RC 5) 1999-2000

    So what do the Ghanaian rivals have to show for being ‘ skilled professionals’ ?

  13. makanaky says:

    I have said it times without numbers Ghanians have inferiority complex when it comes to NIgeria! there is no basis for comparison on all fronts(Land mass, Economic status,Military etc)
    They are always a stumbling block when it comes to Ecowas intervention Ivory Coast was a typical example and here they go again.

  14. beegeagle says:

    The gurl needs to go find a solution to her boyfriend’s flaccidity and stop taking out her frustrations on Nigeria.

    The UN expect to see the Action Plan on Nov 26th. I mean, she is so clueless that she does not know that a plan has to be debated, fine-tuned and approved before troops can move in legitimately. That is how clueless she is. Tomorrow, ‘The Guardian’ or the BBC would come mouth off about her being a West Africa expert – yes, this vacuous thing.

    She just has to offer her gibberish as always because she never spares any opportunity to vent her frustrations on Nigeria.

    This diatribe about Nigeria is not only in traditional poor taste, it is premature. How does one tell Afua Hirsch to hush up? Is this not like writing a post-mortem on a race even before the runners have left the starting blocks.

    Afua is a shallow and poorly grounded Ghanaian jingoist who can be trusted to pollute every analytical effort with her jaundiced and jingoistic hot air.

  15. chidez says:

    This is a classic ” tale from sunlight “:-D
    I wonder how one would know if troops are disciplined without deployment, She was even talking about logistics and training, I know that the Nigerian military is not best at logistics but how did Nigeria single handedly deploy to Sierra Leone and Liberia? How can ECOWAS know the entire state of the Nigerian military even to the extent of rating it as” shocking”?
    Over a decade down the line, the Nigerian military has improved training, logistics and acquired more military equipment than any other time since democracy.
    This article is out of this earth, a far cry from reality! Perhaps, a tale from sunlight!

  16. peccavi says:

    Wetin this pikin sabi?
    It has taken me like 3 rewrites to even comment here as my first 3 were full of very uncharitable comments about this person.
    The first sign of a dubious story is ‘unnamed sources’. Not a single quotable individual in the entire article.
    I don’t know what this ladys issue is. In fact its so childish I’m strongly inclining towards Oga Beegs hypothesis that she is a victim of a Naija girls boyfriend snatching.
    If we can find her email I think its best to ask her some searching questions. Unfortunately theres no comments section beneath the article.
    Lets not worry ourselves anyway. No be everytime dog bark you go check window

  17. peccavi says:

    On a more cheerful note Gen Ham, head of Africom is coming to London next month, someone I know will be at a presentation, I’m hoping to prime him with questions. Suggestions??

    • Deway says:

      1. Does the US think the Nigerian Military has a strong role to play in Mali?
      2. What is their assessment about our current capability and capacity to lead the Mali mission?
      3. What kind of support should the Nigerian military expect to receive from the US if it is to lead the Mali intervention? Short term and long term?. Does this open up opportunities for more US support for our military (training and equipment, joint exercises) like the one being provided to Egypt and Morocco (or at least one-quarter of it)?
      Hope I’m not out of line here?

  18. makanaky says:

    Whether they like it or not they will always play second fiddle to Nigeria, inferiority complex is their stumbling block to success apart from economies and military, look at the film industry and music ? With Nigeria Nollywood they rushed to form Gollywood with no structure and proper planning and the result ? your guess is good as mine…….. I also encourage them to produce P-Square, D’Banj,Whiz Kid, Darey etc since they know how to follow follow.
    Ghanians should learn to appreciate a better product and not criticize out of jealousy.

  19. beegeagle says:

    Ah Peccavi, wetin mek man tok nah? This is straightforward putrid and infantile gibberish from a very poorly-grounded journalist who makes me wonder how low ‘The Guardian’ really are if she is able to meet their standards.

    She writes poorly, she thinks poorly, she talks tactlessly and she is always seething with anti-Nigerian bile. Since she obviously is a shallow minded twerp, I can only imagine that she lost a boyfriend to a Nigerian girl and that is the heart of the matter.

    Look again at her last but one report on Nigeria titled “Boko Haram attacks set to escalate”…same dudes who are right now angling for dialogue? What did she mean by the way “southerners carry themselves on the corridors of power?”. That kind of divisive and petty stuff in a serious matter such as an insurgency? How do you compare a waif such as this who had the spleen to spew trivia from Lagos about an insurgency anchored 1,000 miles away in Borno?

    Compare that to Jacob Zenn who I KNOW got to ground in Kano and Maiduguri and even on to Chad, Niger and Cameroon?

    Afua Hirsch sat in Lagos and aggregated self-spawned venom plus the micronationalist drivel of malcontents on the payroll of a very notorious and divisive Hausa Service of a foreign radio broadcaster?

    One thing is sure. We are going to frustrate this girl MAXIMALLY until she either does right or chooses another vocation.

    I mean, as long ago as June 2012 ECOWAS had asked for a UN mandate to go into northern Mali. They said ‘no, go and talk to the terrorists’. So they kept on trying ways and means including talks moderated by President Compaore. It was only last month that the UN realised the futility of pursuing that hare-brained option of dialoguing with terrorists and asked ECOWAS to come forward with a military action plan.

    Do not forget that before then, ECOWAS went to Bamako severally with a view to getting the military junta to lift the lid on constraining preconditions put in place to limit the capacity of MICEMA to operate freely across Malian territory, including deploying in Bamako which the junta did not want to see happening for selfish reasons steeped in politics.
    It took months before they also agreed to allow ECOWAS to deploy unconditionally across Mali. Then, they began working on a joint action plan to retake the North.

    But because the likes of Aning and Hirsch are known to take their anti-Nigerianism to any length including telling lies and obfuscating the facts, they have conveniently laid the blame at the doorsteps of Nigeria – the country which must be written off before Ghana can become a hegemon. Pathetic folk.

    Experientially, in terms of the capacity to take casualties, versatility and diverse skills; not to mention assets, Ghana are NO MATCH on paper and on the ground for their Nigerian counterparts. The cowering performance which we saw during the ECOMOG years is there for all to see.

    So that pathetic attempt at pulling everyone into their hapless small pond or to assess everyone from the prism of their own limited capabilities will be shot down – right here, right now.

    What do they know? We have done desert warfare at Kanamma, highland warfare in the Mandara Mts, we are battling insurgents, kidnappers, bunkerers and pirates in a river delta one third the size of Ghana and clamping down on terrorists across some parts of Northern Nigeria equal in size to Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire combined. What do Ghana know about terrorism or insurgency, let alone suicide bombing? Easy to wax flippant when one is an observer. Wait until you have walked the walk.

    AQIM have heavier conventional weapons – AA guns and rocket artillery but are not as virulent as BH. They cannot match BH in IED manufacturing skills and do not come close in suicide bombing. BH have carried out ALL the suicide attacks in West Africa in 2012. AQIM and all Malian rebels in combination have not managed ONE.

    At ANY LEVEL, we are not to be compared to Ghana which does not even own a battle tank. What notes would we be comparing with a bloody parade ground army? Even in the idle business of PKOs, we grabbed all the command appointments.

    Just imagine..Ghana which we have been trying to spare blushes, a constabulary army which does not have the firepower of ONE Nigerian mechanised brigade?

    Go get yourselves your first tank before coming to compare notes with a Nigeria which has twice the combined tank and artillery firepower of the rest fourteen West African countries including Ghana.

    We have made our APC, warship and drone in Nigeria. Catch us if you can or crouch in your hapless corner. Rivalry my foot. More like military bottom feeders.


    • peccavi says:

      Bros na the ‘manning checkpoints and loading trucks’ comment wey tire me. I mean that one is just pure vindictiveness.
      Please those of you on twitter need to invite her to this forum to defend her views, make we see how her liver dey

      Miss Hirsch if your reading this, let me console you, you be fine girl, one Naija boy go fit handle you well well, you’ll forget that guy that abandoned you and the Naija girl that snatched him, maybe na bottom power.
      Then maybe you will discover that Nigeria is the only West African country to conduct expeditionary operations single handedly since Independence.
      that Nigeria is the only West African country with a blue water Navy.
      That Nigerian officers that Sandhurst are consistently rated best foreign cadets
      That Nigeria is the only country in West Africa with an indigenous arms industry
      That the Nigerian armed forces as we speak is prepping to bring the righteous hand of vengeance onto the enemies of Africa in Mali

      So no worry my dear. You be fine girl, time heals all wounds, it was not you it was him etc etc.
      Possibly your talents are better suited to judging fashion shows or commenting on kenkey cooking contests but abeg no open your mouth to castigate the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  20. Yagazie says:

    I had to read the article about 3 times to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me. Anyway the Hirsch girl or whatever she calls herself has only exposed her ingnorance and crass stupidity to the whole world. Of more concern to me is why a respected british broadheet paper like the would publish such drivel without cross-checking. In any event I am going to write a rejoinder to the Guardian. This nonsense cannot go unchallenged.

    • doziex says:

      @Yagazie. the answer is simple. For africans like miss Hirsh, nigerian bashing is a PREREQUISITE for her job with the UK guardian.

      The UK guardian are 100% behind this broadside against the honor of the nigerian army.

      But it’s like the very fragile and cowardly british ego, to attack nigerian armies reputation from under the skirt of a journalist of ghananian decent.

      As for nigerian leaders and nigerian press, it is time to pay attention, and to keep score of all unwarranted attacks against nigeria’s name, a country you claim to love and represent.

      If miss Hirsh was half a journalist, she would have noted the following:

      (1) The NA have been in non stop COIN battles, since the end of ecomog combat in sierra leone( in niger delta & anti boko haram urban operations )

      (2) The latest COIN training & doctrine is now wide spread in the NA.

      (3) A brigade, 4 battallions of NA troops, every 6 months for years, have been acclimatized to the desert conditions in northern mali by rotating thru darfur.

      These are things that would mean something to any defense correspondent worth her salt, But a nigerian bashing jingoist would miss the significance.

      However, as long as nigerian leaders keep looking for US or EU hand outs, rather than equipping our armed forces, to be the best that they can be, NA would always give a sub par performance, and jingoists and nigerian bashers ghananian and british alike, would continue to have a field day.

  21. Deway says:

    Gone through this lady’s write-ups in the Guardian UK, typical anti-nigerianism demonstrated by modern day Ghanians. She brings a terrible appeal and totally biased perspective to journalism as a profession and if she were a judge, I really would pity any Nigerian that ends up in her court, with or without evidence. The whole world knows Nigeria is going through a trying time but she amplifies the bad and pays no attention to the good. As the Guardian-Uk’s west african correspondent, where was she when the Andoni was launched? Where was she when the igirigi APC was launched and others are coming? Where was she when the navy chased and retook a ship that was in the hands of pirates? If its about military capability compared to her country, it is a waste of time commenting, but let me just add that just 2 airforce bases in Nigeria will wipe out their entire airforce. I no too like to dey comment but I must talk for this one. Stories like these infuriate me to the point of blaming our past leaders over the current state of the military. However, things are gradually taking the right shape.

  22. Cutievik says:

    Why can’t ghanians do witout licking our firm ass! Damn them they so jealous of us wit nothing to show in comparism,Watch us ghana we are on the path of been africa’s next world power! Keeping talking the talk while we walk the walk jst as 2face sang ‘IF NOBODY TALKS ABOUT YOU IT MEANS YOU ARE NOBODY’ so keep the lips clapping!

  23. seun says:

    #GBAM#!! ..GEN Peccavi has spoken! Is it our
    Fault that one smart ,young, pretty looking female
    Lieutenant in the Nigerian Armed forces snatched
    Ur bobo.. instead of u to accept ur fate, u are
    Opening dat septic tank you call mouth to
    Tarnish our Armed forces.
    Since the advent Of ghana armed forces wat
    Major military achievement has been recognized
    With it? NADAA.!!. and there you are talking.
    Even if we (which is not possible) are to offload
    Trucks and do sentry duties, then u ghanians
    would be better off scrubing toilets and collecting refuse.
    even men of our NSCDC are well trained than
    your whole army.
    GEN Beeg no Vex…. GEN Peccavi has spoken
    “No be everytime wey Dog bark person go check
    window”.. As dem black reach na so dem heart black..
    shoot ghanian for war, the bullet go come back
    come ask for torchlight..cos dem too black.
    Naija Armed forces , I hail thee.

  24. seun says:

    We man check points, they scrub toilets and
    dispose waste.

  25. joe says:

    its funny bcus this is probably the most popularity shes gotten, shes just one of those clueless ‘journalists’ out there that should go find a better job.

  26. jimmy says:

    I came way to late to the party omg i have been laughing my _SS OF
    @OGA SEUN shoot the bullet the bullet will come back and ask for torchlight.

  27. Spirit says:

    Dear Afua,

    If any of your relation was a victim of the Operation “Ghana -Must-Go” in Nigeria in the early 1980s, please forgive, forget and move on in life.

    Fellow patriots, let’s keep praying for Afua;



    • beegeagle says:


      🙂 Dat wan concern dem. “Ghana-Must-Go”, so what? Did Nigeria not go before Ghana went? Who cast the first stone?

      History records that during the heat of the Nigerian Civil War(1969) of all injurious times, the Busia government in Ghana expelled Nigerians by the hundreds of thousands.

      The Buhari government in 1984 eased out hewers of wood and drawers of water from neighbouring countries including Chad, Cameroon, Ghana, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger…SO?They can go twice if they feel the need to. I do not give a toss about any.

  28. beegeagle says:

    @Peccavi. Has General Ham not yet handed over to his designated successor? Anyway, do ask him what plans they have for supporting the ground troops as it pertains to mine and ambush protection.

    • peccavi says:

      No I think he’s still in post at least he’s still listed as commander. Do you mean for Naija troops in Mali or for US troops?

  29. beegeagle says:

    Let us see Ghana’s scorecard for a change. Here we show you what we are able to remember about Nigeria’s

  30. beegeagle says:

    Okay, I have just been contacted by someone in America – someone who does what we do asking

    “(..) I am curious to hear about what you think of recent reports in the Western Media regarding the Nigerian Army not being ready to take a role in the upcoming UN Military Action in Northern Nigeria.”

    end of quote

    By the way, he is quite big in blogosphere as well.

    It goes to show you how much damage this malevolent Ghanaian b**ch has already done to the interests of Nigeria through her deliberate manipulation of information to assuage her flagging ego. It shows you how open to abuse privilege can sometimes be.

    If she were not regurgitating the contents of her eclipsed and troubled mind, why did she not name one source in all her damning rhetoric – not even the purported Nigerian military respondent. Truth is, this moron simply FABRICATES much of the content of her Nigeria stories to suit her dispositions. In effect, “The Guardian” have availed her with a platform to be used for her stock-in trade…the pursuit of anti-Nigerian vendetta

    Reminds me of another callous operator, Jeff Koinange, who used his privileged position to prop Niger Delta militants and to insensitively posit that Nigerians prefer military rule…so soon after a gruelling fifteen year military interregnum.

    CNN ultimately pulled him out of the country in the face of a nationwide uproar. This Afua Hirsch has a lot of career sommersaults coming her way in a bit. Bloody idiot.

  31. beegeagle says:

    This girl wrote this nonsense in 2012 during which the Nigerian Army have trained 8,000 troops(1,500 more are right this minute undergoing training at the NATRAC in Kontagora) in the specialized CTCOIN arts of Fighting In Built Up Areas, Close Quarter Combat, Ambush Defeat, House Clearing and INDUCTED same into battle?

    In 2012 when Fifth Year cadets of the Nigerian Defence Academy commenced a 16-week training module on counter terrorism and counterinsurgency….two years after their versatile curriculum was expanded to encompass a mandatory field training exercise in desert warfare out in the desert at Yusufari in NE Nigeria?

    What are Afua Hirsch and her puppeteer, the emasculated rambler Kwesi Aning talking about? Pulling stuff out of their behinds in the name of analyses rather than keeping an eye on the ball?

    It is our duty to ensure that Afua Hirsch pays a career price for hoodwinking her employers and consistently using their platform to ventilate lies and myths and to advance her private war against Nigeria.

  32. beegeagle says:

    Is it not supremely ironic that this Ghanaian airhead came up with these lies about counterterrorism skills less than 3 months after the brand-new Nigerian Army Training Centre(NATRAC) with the capacity to train 2,000 troops simultaneously in any specialised area of warfare such as exigencies throw up and with Counterterrorism/Counterinsurgency as the CORE FOCUS of NATRAC activities at this time? Is the Mali operation not all about CTCOIN – an endeavour in which thousands of troops have been trained and have had their battle innoculation in the field in 2012 alone?

    What does Afua Hirsch think she is talking about? Does any of that cohere with the reality on the ground or is she merely keying into the Western penchant for always looking for some misfit to be enthroned as ‘specialist’ or ‘expert’ so as to absolve themselves of the moral responsibility for muttered drivel?

  33. beegeagle says:

    For all those preparing ripostes, here are resource materials which you can use to explode the myths spawned by this female Ghanaian idiot and her minders and to expose her crass ignorance and charlattancy.

    For the LAST TIME, we are not Ghana. Whether it be combat experience, versatility and the sheer diversity of skills sets, guts, training or wherewithal, Nigeria and Ghana are as far removed from each other as are sleep and death.

    There is NOTHING happening in Mali which we have not trained for in our most diverse environment here in Nigeria or garnered combat experience in for that matter.

    Desert warfare, urban operations, CTCOIN, K9 teams, combat engineers for IED defeat and loads of battle experience on account of NON-STOP combat operations dating back to 1990…been there, done that. Tis Nigeria


    (Ghana is spatially too small to have a foothold in the desert so they assume that we do not know anything about desert warfare – typical Kwesi Aning – Anna Hirsch combo. In their minds, Nigeria and Ghana must be lumped into the same boat of military misfits at all costs)


    MAKE SURE that your ripostes are blistering and that they thoroughly expose this self-loathing jingoist for the charlattan and tale bearer that she is.

    With the glut of embedded links shown above, it is clear that with Nigeria, Afua Hirsch ALWAYS writes with a made-up mind and an easy disposition towards defamation. If she were not a lazy and evil journalist, she should have crosschecked what she claims to have been told by an unnamed official, if only for the sake of journalisic balance.

    Sadly and as always, she wrote with evil designs in mind and that was why she threw journalistic ethics out of the window. Not that there are not enough resource materials available online which would have blown the ‘unnamed’ official’s drivel to bits at the first check.

  34. Obix says:

    This is laughable! Well, i have launched a COIN operation on her Facebook page where she posted this same report! Infact, i gave her a link to this page to see what intelectuals have to tell her!!!

  35. Donspony says:

    One lady’s view does not mean we should let it degenerate to ‘country bashing’. Obviously, that article is indeed a slap in the face for us but then we could perhaps produce a strong riposte without attacking her person. Lest she forgets, the prospect of a large contingent comprising a high percentage of Nigerian soldiers invading N.Mali is already striking fear in the heart of the Islamists, suddenly they are rushing to the round table for peace talks.

    My thoughts!

    • beegeagle says:

      Donspony, I have no niceties or cheap platitudes on offer for a malevolent mischief maker who consistently undermines the interest of my country.None whatsoever and I have no apologies on offer either. On this mortal sphere, we tread on sand and not on egg shells. I doubt that we are known for being afraid to speak from the gut.

      “All is fair in love and war”. Until you make such workers of iniquity weep, there cannot be an about turn.

      “Turn the other cheek” does not cut it with a hardened operator such as this. I really do not care how she receives this. Nigeria bashing is after all a Ghanaian national pastime – go there and read their papers or listen to their radio.

      How many times have this Adua thing or her “Guardian UK” stopped to ponder about the sensibilities of the Nigerians who they lampoon for sport without let or hinderance? How decorous is that? Did you read her last article about Nigeria – attack the President, divide the people, defame the nation and justify the antics of terrorists. Who has the time for diplomatesse with such people?

      Afua Hirsch and “The Guardian(UK)” have an axe to grind with Nigeria. That axe is what we are grinding as we speak – FREESTYLE.

      O’boy…abeg, abeg, tok anoda tin.

  36. That Ghanaian b**ch must be an idiot. So jealous of Nigeria. Well I don’t blame them, I blame the Nigerian Citizens who run to Ghana and start eating crumbs.

    Kudos to Beegeagle for clocking 1 million hits.

  37. kulture1 says:

    I hope the Nigerian govt take note of this and ban this wannabe idiot from ever visiting Nigeria again. She is persona non grata and her article not only portrays her as an ignorant moron,but also as someone suffering from deep-seated Nigeria phobia

    Even if someone go insult the Nigerian military and the sensibility of the Nigerian ppl, e no suppose be a Ghanaian wannabe journalist. Na yam?!!! ..Ha ha, where she dey when their Ghanian general appompom, abi wetin dem dey call am, run comot inside helicopter during Charles Taylor offensive on Monrovia?

    Well, bad belle no easy to give as excuse for vindictiveness jare. No mind am.

  38. peccavi says:

    Guys this is not a joke anymore. This article is being quoted in various circles, I heard a French policy person from their MoD quoting this article while discussing Mali. I don’t know if this is simply bad belle, deliberate misinformation or journalistic laziness but it mustn’t be unchallenged. Going on facebook or twitter will not change things.
    Please email the Guardian direct or and counter this stupid article. Please be factual, polite and non abusive or aggressive as your letter will simply be classified and hate mail and ignored. If your abroad draw the attention of the defence attache to the article and Nigerian MoD and Minister of Information please take note. A stupid article by a silly child is tarnishing the rep of the Federal Republic.

  39. gbash10 says:

    This Ghanaian girl,Afua Hirsch is not a good journalist,she is just been used by Guardian UK!

  40. beegeagle says:

    Good morning, gentlemen. I have just sent my rejoinder to this profane article direct to the Editor of that newspaper.

    The following refers:


    I write to explode the myths advanced in the latest diatribe by Afua Hirsch which was published in “The Guardian” and entitled ” NIGERIAN ARMY’S MALI
    DOUBTS IT CAN FIGHT”, permit me to state that it was not worth the paper on which it was scripted and was clearly steeped in the resentment which most Ghanaians feel towards the regional hegemon, Nigeria. It was just as bereft of facts as it amounted to a deliberate obfuscation of same – which flies in the face of balanced reportage and journalistic ethics

    The article merely advanced the trend of reportorial malevolence and gross abuse of journalistic privilege for which Afua Hirsch has become infamous.

    Her antecedents

    How does the cascade of half-truths which she has advanced using your newspaper cohere with the reality in a year during which the Nigerian Army have trained and inducted into battle no fewer than 8,000 troops specially trained in the counterterrorism and counterinsurgency arts of Close Quarter Combat, Ambush/IED defeat, House Clearing, Fighting In Built-Up Areas and Hostage Rescue? Does she know that the Nigerian military train for desert operations as a matter of standard procedure?


    Concerning combat experience and war footing, the Nigerian Army has been engaged in non-stop combat operations going to 1990 as follows

    – ECOMOG operations in Liberia and Sierra Leone (1990-2000)

    – Bakassi Peninsula (Cameroon) 1993-2008

    – Niger Delta (2006 till date)

    – Boko Haram (2010 till date)

    The foregoing suggests that Afua Hirsch has either been wilfully obfuscating the facts for reasons best known to her or is outrightly ignorant of the subject matter while hoodwinking her bosses into thinking that she knows her onions. She does not.

    You might want to correct the deliberate distortion of facts and damage to reputation which she has used your newspaper to undertake by publishing this rejoinder.

    My name is Beegeagle, proprietor and chief servant of Beegeagle’s Blog, arguably the foremost and most informative military and security blog in black Africa today with over 1 million pageviews registered. I am a Nigerian by birth and nationality and refuse, knowing what we do, to allow the cascade of articles steeped in aspirations to maligment of character and defamation of the Nigerian nation and her institutions as authored by Afua Hirsch to go unchallenged.

    Nigerians by the tens of millions HOPE that rigorous fact checking and editorial control are brought to bear on the articles filed by Afua Hirsch who apparently is on a mission to do as much damage as possible to my country. I doubt that this is contained in the mission statement of “The Guardian”

    Between the contentious article and my rejoinder, I leave you to determine who has painted a more realistic picture of the training and relevant combat experience available to the Nigerian Army, going into Mali.

    It is abundantly clear that whereas your article in a most uncharitable way sought to advance the myth that the deployment to Mali has stalled on account of the ill-preparedness of the Nigerian Army, it is clear that the military chiefs of West Africa did not agree on a Battle Plan until yesterday(8 November, 2012) and no battle group or army deploys operationally before an operational plan has been articulated and approved.

    As we speak, the said plan has not even been approved by West African Heads of State, never mind the United Nations Security Council. It stands to reason therefore that the necessary adjuncts – finance and authorisation – rather than the state of the Nigerian Army as was deliberately distorted by Afua Hirsch, are the real reasons why the deployment to Mali has not kicked off

    Inside Nigeria itself, military preparations for the said deployment have since kicked off. Perhaps Afua Hirsch really does not know what she talks about.

    May the FACTS always remain sacred without prejudice to biases and subjective dispositions. Thank you for your time.

    • Henry says:

      General beeg, absolutely perfect. I doubt if any of us could have given a better response. The citation(s) given are top draw. Now it’s left to guardian(uk) to do the right thing and take down the report by miss afua hirsh( abi wetin be dat her name).

      • peccavi says:

        they wont take it down unless we bombard them, those of you versed in social media need to send to contacts and get the ball rolling, again disappointingly the Nigerian government is silent

      • Henry says:

        The Nigerian Army last night said as the fourth-best military in global peacekeeping operation, ithas no difficulties moving to Mali to restore peacethere.In a reaction to a news story by The Guardian of London newspaper, Director of Public Relations and Information, Nigerian Army, Col. Mohammed Yerima, told THISDAY that the story was intendedby the newspaper to diminish “the successes recorded by Nigeria in peacekeeping operations.”The Guardian had alleged that the state of the Nigerian Army has delayed plans for a military intervention in Mali.It also claimed that the country’s army lacks the capability to fight on the frontline.But Yerima said the story was a complete underestimation of the strength of the Nigerian Armed Forces and what the service could do.He said: “I read the story. At first, I was to issue anofficial reaction. But I dropped the idea, because the news story was foolish. The newspaper deliberately turned truth on its head.”He further said: “There is no force on the West African sub-region that can match Nigeria’s capability. We restored peace in both Liberia and Sierra-Leone. We are at the moment maintaining peace in parts of the country.“Our training programmes are going on as scheduled and we also have modern equipment, as an army,” Yerima added.He advised foreign media organisations to seek clarification about Nigeria’s military capability to avoid misleading the world.He also reiterated Nigeria’s standpoint on global peace and added that the country’s armed forces are ready and capable of effective peace operations in any part of the sub-region.The newspaper had reported thatNigerian army’s Mali mission had been stalled following doubts of its operational capability.According to the story, “A senior source in Mali told The Guardian that a lack of training and discipline among Nigerian troops – who are beingheavily relied on by regional bloc Ecowas to oust Islamists in control of northern Mali – is becomingincreasingly apparent.“The Nigerian army is in a shocking state. In reality there is no way they are capable of forward operations in Mali – their role is more likely to be limited to manning checkpoints and loading trucks.“The Nigerian forces lack training and kit, so they simply don’t have the capability to carry out even basic military manoeuvres. They have poor discipline and support. They are more likely to play a behind-the-scenes role in logistics and providing security.”

      • Henry says:

        I know many nigerian newspapers follow this blog, particularly punch newspaper.

  41. profafrica says:

    She is one of those innane journalist that want to be recognised by all means but unfurtunately she lost with her gimmick expression of ideas. Abeg na bad belle dey worry am jo!

  42. Henry says:

    @peccavi, I have sent this riposte twice to them,and am going to send more. The nigerian government is not silent, the army has come out to refute this obviously bigoted report. Wait let me find the reply and post here on our blog.

  43. jimmy says:

    I will be sending a rejoinder this weekend. This is very important i wanted to calm dwn gather my thoughts and then said a well balanced fact based rejoinder OGA PECCAVVI i need the complete ADDRESS TO THE EDITOR again please the first time i tried i was sent through a maze please redouble your efforts i know you are busy but please get us the link.

  44. Somoric says:

    Beegeagle,……o’boy i hail. What a mugging!. As for Afua, I wont even go to her level but i did reply on her FB account to get a job on the fashion and lifestyle desk at the Guardian. She aint worth my sweat as everyone knows the the Mail jaunt aint going to happen without the beloved Nigerian Army at the forefront. Period.

    PS. Abeg the babe dey vex on something else true-true, e be like she dey find coins to pay mortgage for London. She needs a reality check in her backwaters Ghana

  45. beegeagle says:

    The girl is just a brain-dead numbskull. That is that about that.

    Reading the report, it is clear that it was all about hurling insults at Nigeria as a means of assuaging her frustrations. It simply was not intended to be a report. The claims, against the backdrop of links which I have posted on this blog, are simply figments of a fertile imagination. Her report, juxtaposed against documented and verifiable reality, becomes reduced to the realm of fantasy.

    Weaned on the obtuse and delusional notion of some mythical rivalry with Nigeria, the reality is that in terms of men, materiel, training, exposure, combat experience and skills sets, Nigeria and Ghana are comprehensively MISMATCHED. Simply put, they are military laggards – a mere parade ground and battle-shy army.

    Three crucial adjuncts to military power are ECONOMICS, GEOGRAPHY and DEMOGRAPHY

    Economics: There are fifteen countries in West Africa. Nigeria alone boasts a GDP which is DOUBLE the combined total for the rest 14 West African countries PUT TOGETHER. Makes you wonder what type of rivalry which those economic bantamweights keep on drooling about.
    Military hardware is not handed out by the Salvation Army stores. It has to be paid for. At this time, all of West Africa in combination CANNOT match a Nigeria intent on an arms procurement spree.

    Geography: The sheer diversity of Nigeria’s landscape, four times the size of Ghana, is ONE reason why we have so many skills sets available to us – amphibious operations, littoral warfare, desert warfare, mountain warfare, jungle warfare and airborne operations. Add to that, counterterrorism, counterinsurgency and counterpiracy which a militarily uneventful Ghana are blank clueless about.

    That gap is unlikely yo be bridged. Whereas Nigeria’s Chappal Waddi at 2,419 metres is the highest point in West Africa, the highest point in Ghana – Hill Afadjato is only about 880metres high. Ghana is a flatland with no prospects for mountain warfare.

    Without a a hydrographically complex river delta such as the Niger Delta of Nigeria, Ghana are similarly clueless and hold no meaningful prospects for littoral warfare. We shall always be ahead in that sphere as well.

    Being a sleepy republic where they take it lying down, there is NO comparison – not in training, not in combat exposure between Nigeria’s FIGHTING special forces and Ghana’s do-nothing so called Special Forces who are consigned to quelling riots and monitoring elections.

    Nigeria will always be ahead of Ghana in desert warfare. Unlike Ghana which barely stretches into the Sudan savanna, Nigeria stretches from the Gulf of Guinea to the Sahara desert – the realm of sand dunes and oases. That means we can train for and simulate potential desert warfare scenarios in Mali, right here in Nigeria.

    So much for always positing that if it is not happening in Ghana, it cannot be happening in Nigeria. Talk about mixing apples and oranges. Ghana is Ghana, Nigeria is NIGERIA. We do not play in the same clueless, hapless military pond.

    Demography: A critical adjunct to military power is population size(manpower availability). That is why military power calculations take into cognisance the number of persons reaching military age annually and those within the age 15-49 military recruitment pool.

    What resembles rivalry between 24 million Ghanaians and 168 million Nigerians..a 7:1 mismatch in favour of Nigeria?

    In all of the following nine realms of military specialization NAMELY

    – airborne operations
    – jungle warfare
    – desert warfare
    – amphibious operations
    – littoral warfare
    – mountain warfare
    – counterterrorism
    – counterpiracy and
    – counterinsurgency operations,

    there are ONLY TWO facets of activity – airborne operations and jungle warfare can Ghana fathomably hope compare TRAINING notes of any sort with Nigeria.

    As for combat experience, they are still a a timid, parade ground army who know next to nothing about asymmetric or conventional military operations.

    In closing, it is photos such as you find at the top of this page which have jingoists and delusional airheads such as Afua Hirsch bellyaching. Unable to find a Ghanaian replica of such photos, that for a supposed rival, and unwillingly to see the wide military berth between Nigeria and Ghana expanded even further, Afua Hirsch has simply gone malevolent.

    For those who believe this to be the stand-alone and offkey tune of a loose cannon, HOW MANY Ghanaians have called her out on account of this diatribe? In Ghana where the newspapers, blogs and forums pretend to know Nigeria too well and take Panadol on account of Nigeria’s headache, nobody has read this report or it sits well with the haters?

    • agee says:

      after all said and done, i think d blame falls back on us, yes i said us: u need 2 see how we bash nigeria on twitter n facebook bash our president all witout restraint. At every little opportunity 2 bash d country we take it, n failing 2 praise d country or govt wen sometin remarkable is done, how do we expect d outside world 2 view us wit attitudes like that, u need 2 google kayode ogundamisi n japheth omojuwa 2 hv an idea of wat i’m saying.
      On d part of the govt, wat is there 2 say that u ppl don’t know, they embarrass d country at every chance wit their reckless behaviour n shameful way they go about their biz, the little they can do 2 highlight their little achievements are nt done, they do little 2 encourage nigerians doin great things at home and abroad.
      The press also hv d same issues, they always pick on d negatives sometimes even going as far as writing fiction just 2 paint us badly.
      Finally the armed forces if not 4 Gen Beeg wud never hv known about The SBS n some other moral boosting events of our armed forces, the strength of our armed forces, the achievements of great n legendary nigerian commanders, i read everyday about great american war heroes little exist about that of our great nation. We dont even know d criteria of handing medals 2 our troops, i Shud see a soldier wit a medal n hv an idea of wat he’s done.The websites of our armed forces sori 2 say is nothin 2 write home about. Without proper information about our achievements we won’t be given d respect we deserve.
      Finally being on dis blog gives me joy there is an air of patriotism here, we shud take it upon ourselves 2 rep dis country well in words n action as well

    • beegeagle says:

      Sorry Oscar, the agenda of Afua Hirsch does not nearly dovetail in the contents of this writeup.

      For as long as the rebels have held the North, US-contracted PMCs have been carrying out reconn flights over Azawad using Pilatus turboprops while France and the USA have reportedly been carrying out surveillance using drones.

      It has been stated clearly that drone strikes over Mali and logistical support are likely to be the core focus of international support. That is the UN interest in all of this…and it is not peculiar. It has been happening over Somalia as well – with US drones operating out of Djibouti and Ethiopia.

      Concerning Malian troops, it is their home turf, innit? They were always going to lead the ground assault. You might recall that for a long time, the Malian junta resisted plans for a regional deployment in Azawad. They insisted on being given the tools and funds to do the job – even after they had retreated in the face of multi-pronged rebel advances and even deserted, crossing the border into nextdoor Niger in droves.

      It would not be peculiar and it is the norm for foreign forces to work with local forces or resistance groups during foreign expeditions.


      – The USA worked with South Vietnamese forces and South Korean forces during the wars in Vietnam and Korea

      – ISAF are working with Afghan forces right this minute

      – The Allies worked with Iraqi troops in Iraq

      – ECOMOG worked with Kamajor militiamen in Sierra Leone

      – AMISOM are working with the Somali National Army and the Ras Kamboni Brigade as we write this

      – The racist South African Defence Force of yore worked with UNITA as they sought to stiffle the cross-border incursions of the PLAN into northern Namibia

      – The Israeli Defence Force worked with the South Lebanon Army in Lebanon

      Moving on therefrom, all of the foregoing is clearly distinct from the wilful act of defamation and misinformation which has been championed with a degree of malevolent relish steeped in crass ignorance of the reality on the ground.

      How does the fact of Malians playing the lead role in their own war amount to a complete or partial validation of what Afua Hirsch has written? Mali’s army are now better equipped or trained than the Nigerian Army? How does the leaked plan affirm the absence of CTCOIN skills in the Nigerian Army even as it has been stated clearly that ground troops shall be Africans? How does the fact of Malian troops leading a war effort on their own turf, territory which they conceded to rebels ab initio confirm superior skills relative to a Nigeria with its own War on Terror at home and which has not conceded one square mile of territory to terrorists and is even now set to contribute the largest contingent of troops to the effort aimed at recapturing northern Mali?

      Sorry the two narratives and approaches are incongruent.

  46. to4shizzle says:

    Ah! I have since lost respect for any Foreign Media news! The UK again! First it was BBC, the SSS stormed their office in lagos nw its the Guardian in the person of Afua Hirsch! Her again! Well we Social Media gurus need her Facebook and Twitter Account I’m launching a PR campaign against her tommorrow no rest for the Wicked.

    The “planned Defamation” is intended to do two things:
    1. Make sure Foreign interest are protected….all is not what it seems I am one of the firm believers that a foreign world power is playing a dangerous Chess Game wit people’s lives and hence they are hell bent on destroying Nigeria Economically, religiously, socially. I can bet you they are sponsors of Boko Haram same note different tunes….this piece is to discredit the Federal Government Effort so that the UN and other bodies will turn to them for help and we know the rest…..War is a big Business to those who are playing it.

    2. The Elements of Racism or Xenophobic tendencies Afua keeps using against Nigeria is not a joke anymore I know this one personally I have written to her plenty times tommorrow she will block me or report me to Twitter I can swear this.
    Again it brings me to question the motives of this “big-wig” print and TV media houses what is going on in their minds, who gave them the right to do so…the Federal Government should sue if you ask me it will be messy and expose them likewise.

    Please someone should have her mail somewhere dig deeper people let’s make her lose her job and disgrace her.

    Pls send me her twitter handle she blocked me so I will be opening a new account just for her tnx.

  47. beegeagle says:

    She blocked your Twitter account, eh? Typical of these bloody dunderheads. She can’t stand the heat but never ceases to stoke the fires in the kitchen? If she feels embattled, she aint see nothing yet?

    For every gaffe and any acts of defamation and wilful fabrication which that trashy thing carries out hereafter, we shall raise HELL on her. At some point, she shall become the subject of an online petition in which Nigerians shall be galvanised locally and internationally to FOCUS on her antics with fury and clear articulation until she has those demons of buffoonery exorcised from her narrow mind.

    Her profane and concocted reports would sooner run her into a tub of hot water. Watch this space. We have had ENOUGH of being made fall guys for the feelings of insecurity and complexes of the insidious citizens of a country which professes to be a good regional neighbour.

  48. profafrica says:

    Kpoko!!! 4 all of una! dat girl no reach do! that how we will be treating those foreign media outlet that want to defame Nigeria integrity through their so-called media platform until they leave the country and anytime the name “Nigeria” is being called, they will give respect to that name since they don’t want to give it respect(we go give them the hard way).

  49. kehinde says:

    Honestly I do not know how to respond to this Ghanaian journalist. It is not our fault as Nigerians that she comes from a very small, militarily insignificant country. I sympathise with her inferiority complex, but she is not alone as Ghanaians are generally like that. A friend of mine used to have a Ghanaian driver and it was through this driver that I first got a glimpse of how sensitive and insecure Ghanaians are generally. Comparing Ghana with Nigeria on any count is like comparing america with Nicaragua. Afua Hirsch is advised in her own interest to update her knowledge about Nigerian military, a lot of information is on the net, no need to display such ignorance. Can somebody get me her email address so I can educate her? Or better still can beegeagle package all the responses her report has generated and send them to her as a way of letting her know her ignorance is going beyond borders?

  50. Spirit says:

    The girl is down with “NAIJAPHOBIA”. She’s urgently in need of a cure.

  51. jimmy says:

    I have just sent a rejoinder to Ms AFUA’s piece thank you oga peccavi. i also sincerely want to implore oga doziex, oga spirit, oga henry, oga optimus prime, oga john best , oga eyimola,oga yagazie,oga chidez and all fellow bloggers to send rejoinders backed up with facts . Please let us make a determined attempt to be respectful and non country bashing. once again thank you all for your time .

  52. doziex says:

    Gentlemen, mrs Afua is but a symptom of a much larger problem. Sorry gentlemen, we can write all the rejoinders we want to the UK guardian,and it wouldn’t make a lick of a difference.

    I have said it before, and I will say it again, the problem is the entire british media. It is a reflection of it’s people.

    A small island nation that has had to punch above it’s weight through the ages. Lies, half truths and media manipulation have become its stock n trade.

    So rather than write rejoinders to the UK guardians ombudsman, who over tea with the guardian’s editor would merely have a chuckle at our expense, we should implore nigeria’s own media and political institutions, to awake from it’s slumber.

    Foreign minister Ashiru led the way,with the handling of the nigerian-south african yellow fever spat.

    He exacted a real price from the south africans, whose junior officials, would know not to play anti nigerian politics, at their every jingoistic whim.

    Nigerians and their leaders, should stop thinking, that it is ok to be clueless about african and global geopolitics.

    For heavens sake, somethings are more important than euro soccer league, our daily survival hustle, and our tribally coloured existense that is an anathema to true nationalism.

    The nigerian press, should be in Gen. Ihejirika’s and Admiral Ola saad Ibrahim’s faces demanding a response to the damage already being done by THAT BITCHES article.

    President GEJ should be made to answer, why reequipping our armed forces is still not a priority of his this far into his administration.

    The nigerian armed services should be made to answer, why they don’t have respectable web sites that inform the globe about who they really are.

    For it is in the vaccum created by a secretive and lackaidasical military policies of the nigerian state, that allows for national insults such as the one in question.

  53. Spirit says:

    Oga mi doziex, you have just hit, (NO, SMASH!) the nail on the head!

    Fellow bloggers, lets face facts,

    1) How much information is on the official websites of NA, NAF, NN?. All you will see are ancient memos,pictures of Agbada/headger wearing civilians, cutting of tapes/commissioning of projects etc.
    2) I once reported a crime to a DPO in my area, the guy said I should send a mail to!. He said it will be treated faster as the official website of the Nigeria Police was under construction or something!
    3) The quantity and quality of military news on ONE PAGE of beegeagles’s blog dwarfs the entire website of NAF into obscurity!
    4) In a world where individuals are having/maintaining multiple websites that are constantly being update (daily), what will it cost our armed services (whose budgets runs to billions) to maintaing attention-grabbing,and highly informative websites?. People are maintaining good websites with less than N30k/annum men!
    5)I make bold to say that blogs such as nairaland,skyscrappercity and our own beegeagle have done more to educate (not only Nigerians) the entire world about our military capability than what the people in charge have done in decades.
    6) It was on this blog that we got to know the exploit of NAF (flying thin-skinned Alfas) in Liberia.I say again, other nations would have published books and make movies/video games on it!

    # “South Korean commndos rescued highjacked ship”, a few days later, the video was on Youtube. Do you think the SKs are stupid?
    # US Sec Hillary said on CNN that the world is currently fighting a world war. But this one is not on the battlefied,; Its been fought on TVs such as CNN, EURonews, CCTV, Aljazeera etc. She even said that it seems the US is loosing it!
    # Do you think terrorist organisation (eg Al-Qadea, Talibans , Al-Shabab, Boko-Haram etc) that are making videos on Youtube are stupid?
    # The pirates that “took to their heels” on sighting the approaching NN assets did so for a reason!
    # A Nollywood producer narrated his ordeal when he wanted to make a movie on Nigeria intervention in Liberia. He said he was frustrated to such an extend that, If not for the love of country, he would have given up. He spent far too much trying to obtain relevant information, he was accused of being a spy, he was threatened etc. A GUY TRYING TO PROMOTE HIS COUNTRY’S ACHIEVEMENT. Haba!

    “If you treat your calabash with disdain, be sure your neighbours would treat it worse” as examplified by the underlisted movies amongst others;
    (i) SONY’s advert
    (ii) Bruce Willi’s Tears of The Sun
    (iii) X-Men Origin
    (iv) District 9

    I am in no way condoning Afua campaing to tarnish and malign my country’s image. But the truth is that we are not doing ourselves any good by keeping mute about our achievements.


    Again, we appeal to our military authorities to wake up.

    God bless Nigeria.

  54. Henry says:

    I concur with both OGA’s doziex and spirit. We can right all we want, all the riposte and articles, with links we want. The peeps at the guardians would be like, “who gives a fuck about what this nigg*s have to say”. I’m publishing the damn story, and using it at reference. Look, the media in nigeria should start portraying nigeria in a positive light, every negativity in the society, no matter how minute it is, the nigerian media lead by Saharareporters , blows it out of proportion, post lies and brandishes it as their headline. Is this how you want to project your country, so you can attract foreign investments.

    The media in nigeria abhors good news, again lead by their false information king / leader sahara, then the others follow up in line, abit far away, but in line. Then their is nairaland, where peeps do not want to read anything good, talk about eko atlantic city ( the single biggest project in africa and one of the TOP 5 biggest in the world), light rail systems, mono rail systems, capture or killing of boko haram members, growth in the economy and most of them avoid the threads like a plague, or they scrutinize the thread and make sure the good news becomes bad. but talk about bombings or corruption…. Eh hem, the thread would be upto 10 pages, filled with insults on the president, presidency, security agencies.
    Nobody wants to know that buses, cars are made in nigeria by innoson or that a student(26 yrs old) dropped out of babcock university and now runs his own software company worth 1 billion naira, or power across the nation is beginning to improve, or the middle class is growing, eko atlantic city, or that dangote industries employs over 50 thousand nigerians, and 400 thousand indirectly, or that dangote is building africa’s largest fertilizer company in edo state, or the growth of globacom, honeywell group, silverbird group and genesis group, or the fact that nigerians built two oil platforms at nigerdock in lagos for two multinational firms or the fact that the local content law has seen nigerian firms take on massive engineering contracts delivery the best services in the oil industry like the 1.1 billion usd pipline contract developed in bayelsa state (nestoil) or AFREN oil which is in iraq, or the fact that nigeria sat x was wholly built by nigerian scientists and many more to numerous to mention. The media led by sahara reporters only wants to report lies and half truths when you have the freedom of information as backing to clarify / verify facts.

    I did not see sahara reporters to tell me that people stood in line for over 7 hours before they could supposedly cast their votes in the just concluded US election. Or the fact that election machines where malfunctioning ( if a candidate picks obama, his/her votes goes to romney), or the gun crimes/ violent crimes in the US, not forgetting the serial drug abuse in america. The fact that people protested in missisippi(university) when obama was declared winner. Or the fact that you have fox news on the right and msnbc on the left miss informing people. Or the fact that carl rove and members of his republican echelon did not want fox news to declare obama winner after the results were announced/ miss informing people on election day. Or that CNN has a clear bias in favour of obama.

    The media has to sit up and balance it’s reporting, no one would come and tell our stories for us the way it actually is, and as long as we continue to depend on western and eastern media for our information, we would always complain / protest today it’s guardian, tomorrow it would be cnn, then bbc The media has to sit up and balance it’s reporting, no one would come and tell our stories for us the way it actually is, and as long as we continue to depend on western and eastern media for our information, we would always complain / protest today it’s guardian, tomorrow it would be cnn, then bbc The media has to sit up and balance it’s reporting, no one would come and tell our stories for us the way it actually is, and as long as we continue to depend on western

    • Number one says:

      It seems the British govt/press have a big problem with this administration ,all the same we Nigerians/the govt seem reluctant to use the media to thier advantage.

  55. Spirit says:

    Oga mi Henry,

    Is it deliberate that they dont talk about;

    1)Proffessor Ilesanmi Adesida who has just been made a VC in University of Illinois
    2)Phillip Emeagweli-who is a computer guru and sometimes consult for NASA
    3)Gabriel Oyibo- whose God Almighty Grand Unified Theory left their mouth agape. Albert Einstein assistant was even pushing for Nobel price for this guy’s work!
    4) Tunji Olu-Taiwo who score 4.0 CGPA out of 4.0 (world record) from the Eastern Meditarenea University, Northern Cyprus, Turkey
    5) 22 year-old Emmanuel Oluabunwa who graduated with CGPA of 3.98 from John Hopkins University and was immidiately inducted into Phi Beta Kappa
    6) Jellani Aliyu, who as the Seniour Creative Designer of General Motors (world largest automaker) designed Chevy Volt, the best car in the world
    7) The five nigerian undergradutes who became Best African representative and Best New Comers at the July 2012 Formula Student Competition where they were charged with the task of designing and constructing a formula race car. They emerged 7th in the world out of 222 universities.Egypt was represented by 5 universities and South-Africa (the continental industrial/tech giant) was also represented. These students are not studying abroad, they are in ANAMBRA STATE UNIVERSITY!
    8) The fact that we are building and launching our own rockets at Epe, building drones at AFIT, APCs, Warship and even bomb deffusing robots.

    I can go on and on……

    Come to think of it, why the shout about Nigeria Military’s state of readiness? Shebi her country na our elder brother (Independence in 1957 compared to Nigeria 1960). Aren’t we suppose to look up to Ghana instead of the other way round? She should go and analyse Ghana Military capability before talking about Nigeria’s.
    Something about “the log in your own eyes……………..”

  56. to4shizzle says:

    @Henry @Spirit what more are we to say? as a side project i think we should set up a blog for the only Good things Nigerians are known for and the bad ones also and weigh you will be surprised, The Media hypes every bad news this days and i wonder why?
    most of the things said here are supposed to be PR campaign of the fgovernment let me add to that 4 girls in lagos MakeFair recently designed a urine powered generator nw come to think of it it means it can be powered by urea offshoot from fertilizer ergo Dangote Fertilizer Power Gen Company lol…but the market is there we should promote Science,Tech,industrilization etc. all these guys going abroad to win laurels are snatched up.GM,John Hokpins to name a few while we need this minds here Enough is Enough.

    If you go to the DOJ,DOT in US you will see Nigerians at strategic military wings but is the Government concerned? ogf course not!

    An idea just popped into my head tho will be working on highlighting great things from Nigeria see you all.

  57. Spirit says:

    Carry go my brother. I am currently working on same, and I am encouraging every patriotic nigerian to do same. Tell them make dem hear. We are a great people!

  58. Henry says:

    Look, it is true, most of the negatives they report is true, but as there are negatives there are infact more positives than negatives in this country. We have our challenges,true!! is highlighting the challenges and reporting half truths going to solve the problem instead of proffering solution??? Sahara reporters dwell on too much negativity, I ask my self, “how does that sowere guy even sleep at night”?his reporting should be balanced( both the good and the bad). To much negativity would, would make citizens/ his readers see good news like a mirage.

    Well let him(sowere) and sahara reporters continue to project his country in a negative light. I’m I the person living in new york, who would be looked at with suspicion, or abi, when abdulmuttalab tried to blow up a plane in Detroit, didn’t media stations in the west say NIGERIAN, did anybody say hausa, the rest are different. When we where branded terrorist and put in a list with pakistan, saudi arabia, iraq et al, did the TSA in america say no, this one is southern nigerian, while the other is northern, so scrutinize this one more and let the other go………..naaaaaaah, we(nigerians) were all taken out for extra security checks and scrutinised, no exemptions. If em like make em no get sense, as em don grow.

    • Henry says:

      Abi TSA officials for newark or JFK airport for new york, say OGA sowere, shebi na you get that amebo website dem dey call sahara reporters, oya come this side, you get diplomatic passport nothing do you, mayor bloomberg dey wait for you…….mtscheeeew na lie, we where all treated the same way, na today.

  59. beegeagle says:

    POPOZEE(a Ghanaian) says:

    Your site has been a great source of
    military information for me it’s quite
    unfortunate that recently it’s become a
    place for insults, I’m a Ghanaian who
    lives in London and over here there is no rivalry between us and Nigerians,
    we coexist very peacefully and cordially
    with each other, I’m actually proud to
    say I have more Nigerian friends than
    Ghanaian friends and my best friend
    and girlfriend are both Nigerians. I believe we’re all one and should stand
    up for each other. One Ghanaian
    journalist writing something negative
    about the Nigerian army doesn’t make
    all Ghanaians bad people and the way
    we’re being portrayed on here as being jealous of Nigerians is absolutely
    untrue. Any Ghanaian who is a military
    enthusiast knows our army is no match
    for yours in terms of personnel,
    resources and capability, Nigeria is the
    richest country in West Africa so it’s no surprise if you have the most capable
    army in West Africa. I believe we
    should coexist as one and pull our
    resources together to build our nations
    into rich and successful ones and all
    this Nation bashing is totally unnecessary and not healthy for us as
    neighbours. Thank you, keep up your
    good work of educating us on African
    military matters

    • Somoric says:

      Hear Hear Hear,,,,,,!

    • doziex says:

      Hey, Popozee, I agree with your sentiments, but the anti-nigerian strain in the ghanaian media dates back a couple of decades.

      The long time editor of the new africa magazine Felix Bonsu ?? (i think thats his name) comes to mind.

      Anyway, I agree with you, that such jingoistic, hatred fuelled reporting are time bombs, and can only lead to disaster. (Any one remember the anti tutsi press, before the rwandan genocide?)

      Nigerians have just gotten sick of unjustified broadsides against our psyche, and our sense of national honor.
      Granted, there are plenty bad stories to tell in nigeria, however, when one omits the good stories by design, or just lies to create more bad stories, their evil intent is usually plain for all to see.

      Ghanaians are our brothers, and as you said, we should all mourning each other’s failings, and cherishing each other’s successes.

      The anti nigerian strain that exists in many african countries, should be viewed as a cancerous strain that needs to be tackled with proper diplomacy, and responsible journalism.
      Before it degenerates into something we will all regret.

  60. to4shizzle says:

    i believe we should cripple Sahara Reporters its nt fair A great shame for a journalist not to be balanced i dnt read them or even look at it i trust Vanguard or Punch than those New york bred liars.
    Repercussion don dey knack BBC with all this scandals hehehe i cant wait Sahara Reporters ur own is coming soon.

  61. Henry says:

    The media, PR team are vital tools of any organisation. The media in nigeria is seriously undermined, the government, her military and even the media itself in nigeria do not understand how important a tool it is.

    We(my self in particular), had very high hopes for NN24 news channel on DSTV, I thought to myself “finally we know have a veritable tool to tell our stories the way they really are”.

    Alas, just like 234NEXT, NN24 had no business plan, after a few months operating, NN24 closed.

    The military websites have next to nothing in them, the media goes about looking for all the negativity to report like they are foreigners, while the population continues to live in a state of mirage, embracing all the negatives with open arms, while scrutinising or in many cases completely denying the positives as false or outright fabrication.

    Our mainstream media practitioners need to go back to school.

  62. beegeagle says:

    MWAURA says

    Unfortunately both first hand observers
    and others would agree with her basic
    premise of an undisciplined soldiery.
    Some of their officers were in town

    • doziex says:

      Mwaura, disciple has it’s place in a military organization, and without it, that organzation wouldn’t get far.

      However, combat power, capacity to wage a sustained campaign, ability to take casualties, and keep on fighting, is what is needed in mali.

      And this is what the nigerian army has always brought to the table. Let’s be honest, the ghanaian army, is lauded worldwide for it’s discipline. But it’s ability to wage war has always been ridiculously low or non existent.

      So let nigerian army critics, of which I am a fervent one, call a spade, a spade. If your issue, is discipline, then just say so. But don’t go mixing that up, with an army’s ability to fight.

      • agee says:

        doziex u’re right! Afua’s article was just poorly written and also had hate written all over it. i personally feel the army is more professional in its actions than i think it was in the 90’s and 80’s still we were able to restore peace to sierra leone and liberia, y should we be questioned now? on the issue of oil bunkering well that’s a topic for another day and wat has dat got to do with the Mali operation? yes I hv heard rumors of our top military officials sioling their hands in the bunkering biz still dat has nothing to do with deployment to Mali.

      • Henry says:

        The ghanaian army in liberia, ran away from their posts in apparent show of cowardice. Is that an army that can fight??? Look, I don’t want to launch any vile attack on any person or his country. I wonder where they get all these rubbish articles from everyday when military officers come to National defence college(abuja) every year for advanced military studies.

        Go to NDA and see the number of foreign african nationals in the school.

      • Henry says:

        I’m not cut out for that ‘we are all brothers’ ‘panafricanism’ bulls***. We’ve given so much to this continent, and what have we gotten in return? Well over 15billion us dollars spent since independence, not to even talk about the blood cost, spilt. The relationship has to be mutual, you get something in return while you offer help, except for the case in mali where not doing anything would affect our general security. Everybody suppose be for em own pocket. Recently in ivory coast, nigeria sent 250 military advisers to help out allasane outtarra, and his rebel backed militia in the north to seize power from laurent gbagbo.

        Obviously despite the fact that according to afua hirsh, nigeria’s military lacks training we where able to advise the rebels on what to do.

      • Henry says:

        As for this kenyan guy, he is not just worth talking to, but he shouldn’t 4get that not only KDF are fighting in somalia, the ugandans ,burundians and ethiopians are there supporting somalian government troops and militia men aligned to the govt in mogadishu. I also, guess what…….. (wait for it) NIGERIAN police officers are their building the capacity of the somalian police.

  63. beegeagle says:

    @Mwaura. You must be quite desperate to generate site traffic for your low-quality blog with its issues of integrity and pathetic construct.

    So the Nigerians were in town, eh? They do not have cameras where you come from to show the supposed Nigerian visitors? As usual with online rumour mongers, no photos…no news stories. Just the usual fiction writing “he said, you said, they said”. Please go back to your pastime of spotting F15s and Rafales.

    If the Nigerian Navy have not stopped illegal bunkering, have you stopped cattle rustling which commenced before illegal bunkering? Typical African – would rather pontificate about other people’s issues and take Panadol on account of another man’s headache. Face your own life-threatening issues.

    Remove the beam in your own eyes first
    before manufacturing the trademark and unending cascade of “feel good” fiction stories.

    Clueless African – thinks that talking down on others would make him feel better. Real darkness surrounds you…reason why you elicit no responses on your blog.

    ECOMOG looted and raped..Nigerian soldiery is indisciplined eh? Why then are Kenyans fleeing ahead of a KDF onslaught – they fear professionalism?

    Whodunnit, Nigerian soldiers?


    (since you know how Nigerian troops behaved during the Civil War, how come you don’t know how Kenyan forces behaved a decade later…looting and raping)



    OP LINDA NCHI!14985&a=53331&icon=Print

    Presumably, your pathetic attempt at window dressing(is it a national pastime where you come from?) has been smashed…the antics of an everyday African who thinks that the only way up is to pull everyone else down.

    In Nigeria, we are self-critical and do not feign perfection. See my people slagging off Afua and attacking our PR and media for their laxity all at once?

    In your neck-of-the-woods, you would rather say “relax, everything is alright…Delta, Para, Ranger, professional bla-bla”. Continue to live a lie and to pursue an inauthentic existence steeped in delusions of grandeur if it makes you feel better.

    So much for casting the first stone at Nigeria – the imagined remedy to every African’s flaccidity. You are probably just one other bottom feeder and emotional train wreck out there – most likely, a hater and a loser. You sound like one who has been emasculated for an eon and is desperate to break out by ANY means possible, including mudslinging and hackwriting. Quite poor in spirit.

  64. beegeagle says:

    Henry…wait for it, ke? Is it a secret?

    Lemme tell you a story? I saw with my own eyes two nights ago on Al Jazeera. Nigeria and Uganda have 140-man contingents of Formed Police Units – APCs and all.

    Peter Greste, the correspondent who reported from Mogadishu described the work which they are doing as even more dangerous than the military operations which went before because they physically had to make contact with the civil populace and, in the face of grave danger, they had to dismount from the armoured vehicles for foot patrols.

    A Chief Superintendent of the Nigeria Police Force, Rex Dundu, fielded questions thrown at him by Peter Greste.

    • Beeg….i don’t think any other Army in Africa has the fighting spirit of the Nigerian Army….for real…..but truthfully they lack civil relationship….they have been known to beat up civilians at the slightest provocation…..a friend witnessed one 2 days ago at the Port-Harcourt international airport.. wasn’t a funny incident….Something needs to be done about that….The brass needs to re orientate the boys…such acts portray them as gangsters and not professional soldiers that they are.

  65. profafrica says:

    Oga Henry, make we live dat guy(mwaura k.) for bush. He really look like someone has been enfeebled for years; he his just an inane & befuddled decoy. Abeg, e write-up self dey make me laugh! Kenya; they may have hardwares but training, no. No Africa country can contend Nigeria in terms of Military training not even South Africa.

  66. Henry says:

    Please read.
    This is something afua hirsh forgot to report or even deliberately threw in the trash can while filing her report.

  67. Henry says:

    No Nigerian Troops To Mali
    November 16, 2012 | 4:00 am

    IT is a great idea to restore civil rule in Mali. Promoters of the idea must fund it as well as send their own troops to Mali. It is no time to shift the burden to Nigeria as has been the case in the past 20 years.

    Nigeria has no obligations to bear the burden of another intervention. Nigerian troops fought in Somalia, providing cover for escaping US troops in 1993. Records of that operation are replete with the success of the Americans in Somalia – Nigeria did not get any credits. Another 140 Nigerian troops are currently in Somalia to stabilise a country without a central government since President Siad Barre fled to exile in Nigeria in 1991.

    Since 1989, Nigeria has funded military missions in Liberia and Sierra Leone, hosted thousands of refugees from both countries, lost its troops who fought until elected governments were restored in both countries.

    Former Foreign Affairs Minister Chief Tom Ikimi in 1998 put Nigeria’s expenditure in the wars at $9 billion, a big waste, at a time her economy was haemorrhaging. Credits for ending the strife in Sierra Leone and Liberia do not mention Nigeria.

    Missions in Darfur, Sudan cost us lives as well as resources that could have been used in battling the internal security challenges we face.

    An intervention in Mali should be out of the question for Nigeria. The coup plotters in Mali teamed up with Tuareg nomads to save their country from Amadou Toumani Toure, a paratrooper, who came to power in 1991 through a coup. Those who say Toure’s was a democratic government are giving democracy new meaning.

    A decision on Mali would be tough and Nigeria’s tough decision is to keep its troops out of Mali. The Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, does not support coups. Will ECOWAS not be supporting the junta if it joins it to rescue northern Mali?

    The other claim is that it is a war against terrorist and criminal groups in northern Mali. Again, Nigeria has to weigh its own local situation. The global community can muster the resources to fight terrorist groups, our concerns should be dealing with our internal security issues for which we get little assistance. Our ailing economy dictates so.

    Mali is a testy case. Former Libyan rebels have joined the separatists. Algeria supports them.  Mali needs no military intervention. The global community should sanction supporters of the separatists and ask Mali to return to civil rule.

    Any support for the junta in Mali, whatever the reasons, will set dangerous precedent in dealing with prospective coup plotters and Nigeria should not risk lives of its troops in unappreciated interventions.

  68. Henry says:

    Editorial I got from vanguard. the mali mission would cost between 400 million-500 million usd(half a billion dollars), who pays???

  69. beegeagle says:


    Please as a Ghanaian who enjoy this blog and other related sites, I can assure you that there is no deliberate government sponsored covert operation to tarnish the image of Nigerians. I always marvel when I see nigerians with their green ceremonial uniform completing their course at the GAFCSC which is always graced by either the President or Veep of Ghana.

    I can understand Nigerians frustration towards Ghanaians, I always ask my
    compatriots how they will feel if Togo,
    Benin republic and Burkina Faso who
    Ghana supports in so many ways by
    providing them with electricity and
    even giving Togo water start to act in a way that implies we are colleagues.

    It is unfortunate when I see Nigerian
    blogs always bashing Ghanaians, I can
    assure you your frustration towards
    Ghanaians are all recycled in your blogs,
    because Ghanaians are not intrested in Nigerian sites hence the no Ghanaian
    comments. If it were a neutral blog or
    site such as Youtube, BBC and CNN then
    we will match you boot for boot!

    How can a Ghanaian working for a
    private foreign newspaper represent the views of the government and people of Ghana?

    My dad is a veteran of both Liberia and
    Sierra Leone, we also have a large
    population of Liberians and Sierra
    Leoneans residing in Ghana, they tell us how Nigerian troops looted their shops,
    raped their women and also stole
    diamonds, jewelleries and gold, so you
    guys can tickle yourselves and laugh.

    You will be laughing at the wrong side
    of your mouth when France leaves you in the desert, I guess you will steal the
    sand since I hear they are in

    • Kofi Farouk Bawah…well done you hear….When your country sends soldiers to Mali to fight then we can talk..For now…We know get your time…Your post is full of hypocrisy..Try as much as you can to hide your hate for Nigeria….It still shows Brother man…How many Ghanaians have tried to correct Afua? Your Old man who is a veteran of Liberia (me sef my in-law na veteran of Liberia and Siera-leone…still serving and would most likely be in Mali) cant he at least correct the wrong impression that Afus is giving about the Nigerian Military? Abeg go siddon for one corner jare

  70. beegeagle says:

    Thank you, Farouk. We have heard you this ONCE so you can go back to reading quietly or preferably, log out.

    – Match who boot-for-boot? Na una type?Do you guys have any military boots in there or are you talking Wildlife Ranger or Fire Service boots? Please, you guys should focus on quelling riots. Your crowd can’t match anybody here – intellectually(I did spell checking for you sha :)) or militarily.

    – What is with the GAFCSC bit? You ever heard of any NAFCSC P-0-P which did not have Ghanaian officers graduating – not to mention officers from ten other African and Caribbean countries? It is called EXCHANGE

    – Ghana do not have a Defence/War College. They train in Nigeria and elsewhere at that level. So overall, we train more officers for Ghana – if that is where you are going.

    – If they looted and sold diamonds, fine. But nobody has mooted cowardice anywhere which is the worst blemish which a soldier’s image can sustain.

    – Every Ghanaian claims to be against Nigeria bashing but it remains a national pastime in your country. ALL the people who you say you have led to the light, were they not Ghanaians? Have you ever visited Ghanaweb? How many complimentary things about Nigeria in the Ghanaian media can you show us? Have you seen my own complimentary articles about Ghana? Did you write to say “lay off” to this Afua?

    – If looting is your problem, from India to Uganda, Turkey to Indonesia, Zimbabwe to Algeria, soldiers get accused of looting. I dunno Ghanaians to have better soldiers than ANY of the aforementioned countries.

    A French soldier once robbed a bank in CIV during the War there. Are’nt you better and more ‘prefeshnel’ than the French Army?

    • jimmy says:

      i beg no mind nah bad belle just ask can we borrow those two brand new troop carriers they appear to be gathering dust onthe tarmac lol!

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