The foregoing refers.

Going into Mali, the core requirement is for troops who are trained in Counterterrorism, Counterinsurgency and Desert Warfare. Against the backdrop of the fact that unlike no time before in its history, the Nigerian Army are currently churning out CTCOIN-biased troops, the report which was scripted by Afua Hirsch was calculated to defame and to mislead.

* In 2012 alone, the Nigerian Army have trained over 8,000 troops in the RELEVANT counterinsurgency and counterterrorism skills of Close Quarter Combat, Fighting In Built-Up Areas, IED/Ambush Defeat, Hostage Rescue, House Clearing and trained combat engineers and K9(War Dog) teams, both at home and in the United States of America.
As we write this, another batch of 1,500 troops are undegoing training in the same arts at the all-new Nigerian Army Training Centre, ensuring that within the next few weeks, the total number of CTCOIN-biased troops trained in this one year alone would rise to 9,500 officers and men.

Afua Hirsch’s article becomes even more laughable against the backdrop of the fact that as recently as October 1st, the Nigerian Army commissioned a new 176 Special Forces Battalion. That would complement the older 72 Special Forces Battalion which has been in existence for a few years now and has already seen action in the Niger Delta and in our War on Terror.

This is to say that by the end of this month, the Nigerian Army should be in a position to say that they have put together enough Special Operations Forces and CTCOIN-biased troops to form an army division. More importantly, they have been inducted into battle, gaining relevant combat experience in the process.

Even if ECOWAS decide to send in 4,000 troops to Mali with Nigeria making up half of that number, how can a Nigeria with that number of troops(11,000) with tailor-made skills and experience applicable to the Malian situation be objectively assessed by any journalist worth his onions, as not having the men with the requisite skills sets? The Nigerian Armed Forces similarly undertake mandatory desert warfare field training – the geographical imperative for operating in Mali.

See FOOTNOTES in the comments section to judge for yourself.

Concerning KITTING, there is nothing else to do than follow up the obtuse claims advanced by Afua Hirsch by showing photographs of the troops who are currently leading the War on Terror at this time inside Nigeria and from whose ranks the troops who shall be going to Mali will be drafted. Photographs presumably are still worth a thousand words.

It is instructive to note that the ONLY factory which manufactures night vision goggles and bulletproof vests anywhere in West, East or Central Africa was commissioned this year, a joint venture between Isreali firm MAROM DOLPHIN and the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria. What other items do we need going into Mali? For goodness sake, we even now produce Night Vision Goggles(essential for CTCOIN operations) and bulletproof jackets in Nigeria. So what was she saying about kitting?


Nigerian Defence Academy cadet officers undertake desert warfare training in Yusufari, Far North of Nigeria

Counterterrorism+Counterinsurgency+Combat Experience+Kitting

Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Petinrin with JSTF counterinsurgency troops in NE Nigeria

JSTF counterinsurgency troops in NE Nigeria

NDA 5th Year cadets rappelling as part of the new 16-week CT-COIN proficiency module, 23 Apr 2012

NDA 5th Year cadets rappelling as part of the new 16-week CT-COIN proficiency module, 23 Apr 2012

Maj Gen Ken Osuji,Commd't NA School of Infantry(l) and Brig Gen Tijani Golau, Director CTCIC(c)

Maj Gen Ken Osuji,Commd’t NA School of Infantry(l) and Brig Gen Tijani Golau, Director CTCIC(c)

Graduation of the Quick Response Group Batch 6 from the Basic Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency Proficiency Course(Jaji Stream)

A JSTF Combat Engineer defuses IEDs elsewhere in Kano, as counterinsurgency troops observe his work

A JSTF Combat Engineer defuses IEDs elsewhere in Kano, as counterinsurgency troops observe his work

Nigerian Army troops respond to a bomb scare

Nigerian Army troops respond to a bomb scare

Nigerian Army soldiers react to a bomb scare

Nigerian Army soldiers react to a bomb scare

Troops of 1 Mechanised Division on the arterial Independence Way, Kaduna

Troops of 1 Mechanised Division on the arterial Independence Way, Kaduna

Troops dismount for a defiant foot patrol in the busy Central Market at the flashpoint town of Okene

Troops dismount for a defiant foot patrol in the busy Central Market at the flashpoint town of Okene

JSTF soldier(r)and cop on urban combat and house clearing operations at Damaturu, NE Nigeria June 2012

JSTF soldier(r)and cop on urban combat and house clearing operations at Damaturu, NE Nigeria June 2012

Troops and Police Mobile Force(MOPOL)cops of the Special Task Force in Jos

Troops and Police Mobile Force(MOPOL)cops of the Special Task Force in Jos

So much for kitting


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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies


  1. beegeagle says:


    Afua Hirsch and her minders at “The Guardian”(UK) WILFULLY and against the grain of professional ethics MISREPRESENTED the Nigerian reality as it concerns the Malian crisis.

    WHAT skills or experience for that matter which would be relevant for that mission which are currently not domiciled in the Nigerian Army? The same Nigerian Army which has been training in Nigeria and the USA and deploying straight for action at the frontlines, thereby striking a balance between training and combat experience?






    Read ON response-units/

    * counterterrorist units
    (trained in the USA)

    * US-trained commandos deployed in the North

    * K9 teams – trained in the USA
    (war dogs for sniffing out IED materiel) usa/

    * combat engineers (IED handlers+ detonation experts)

    * We supposedly do not have kit yet we MANUFACTURE bulletproof vests and night vision goggles in Nigeria.


    From the foregoing – whether it be kitting, training or combat experience, we have proved beyond ANY IOTA of doubt..pictorially and reportorially, that the report which was carried by “THE GUARDIAN” was FALSE, uncorroborated, has no toehold in reality and was fabricated, pursuant to Afua Hirsch’s established trend of anti-Nigerian gimmickry.

    – We have special operations forces whose specialty is asymmetric warfare such as Boko Haram and Malian terrorists engage in;

    – We have complementary CTCOIN-biased troops trained for Close Quarter Battles, urban combat, house clearing, hostage rescue, cordon-and-search and ambush defeat;

    – We have K9 teams(War Dog Unit) for sniffing out IED materiel during raids;

    – We have Combat Engineers to identify and safely detonate primed IEDs planted by terrorists;

    – We have the relevant combat experience, having been engaged in both conventional and asymmetric warf are – amphibious ops, counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, urban warfare, house clearing, IED+ambush defeat, littoral warfare in Liberia, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, the Niger Delta and in northern Nigeria NON-STOP since 1990;

    – We train in desert warfare.

    That is ALL by way of asymmetric warfare training and skills required for operations against terrorists anywhere – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Nigeria or for that matter, MALI.

    You have seen and confirmed all of the above categorical assertions from the news reports and action photos posted above.

    Any objective reader should be able to tell , against the backdrop of the evidence presented here, that Afua Hirsch was merely pursuing a diabolical agenda to suit her whims – even if she concurrently misinformed the entire world.

    You have now been empowered to the point of being able to draw your own conclusions. Did Afua maliciously mislead her readers for sinister reasons or have I lied to you in any way whatsoever?

  2. Spirit says:

    Beeg, too much!

  3. Wocon45 says:

    Target locked on!

  4. Spirit says:

    Is it deliberate that they dont talk about;

    1)Proffessor Ilesanmi Adesida who has just been made a VC in University of Illinois
    2)Phillip Emeagweli-who is a computer guru and sometimes consult for NASA
    3)Gabriel Oyibo- whose God Almighty Grand Unified Theory left their mouth agape. Albert Einstein assistant was even pushing for Nobel price for this guy’s work!
    4) Tunji Olu-Taiwo who score 4.0 CGPA out of 4.0 (world record) from the Eastern Meditarenea University, Northern Cyprus, Turkey
    5) 22 year-old Emmanuel Oluabunwa who graduated with CGPA of 3.98 from John Hopkins University and was immidiately inducted into Phi Beta Kappa
    6) Jellani Aliyu, who as the Seniour Creative Designer of General Motors (world largest automaker) designed Chevy Volt, the best car in the world
    7) The five nigerian undergradutes who became Best African representative and Best New Comers at the July 2012 Formula Student Competition where they were charged with the task of designing and constructing a formula race car. They emerged 7th in the world out of 222 universities.Egypt was represented by 5 universities and South-Africa (the continental industrial/tech giant) was also represented. These students are not studying abroad, they are in ANAMBRA STATE UNIVERSITY!
    8) The fact that we are building and launching our own rockets at Epe, building drones at AFIT, APCs, Warship and even bomb deffusing robots.

    I can go on and on………..

    Come to think of it, why shout about Nigeria Military’s state of readiness? Shebi her country na our elder brother (Independence in 1957 compared to Nigeria 1960). aren’t we suppose to look up to Ghana instead of the other way round? she should go analyse Ghana Military capability before talking about Nigeria’s.

    Something about the “log in your own eyes……”

  5. gbash10 says:

    Gen Beeg,well done!

  6. gbash10 says:

    Great Patroits,I salute your courage and sense of patroitism,please keep it up,God bless Nigeria!

  7. beegeagle says:

    A lot of traffic of viral proportions being redirected to the blog now from Twitter and from the website of “The Guardian(UK)”.

    Afua Hirsch has been around here these past few possibly still around here and hopefully leading herself to the light.

    About time. For too long they have listened to the hollow din of their own voices. Time to stand aside and listen to the real McCoy.

    Hopefully they stop misleading the world and subjecting their platform to the chagrin of those who laboured to make a brand of “The Guardian”

  8. julius says:

    Now facing facts the writer was obviously biased in his position about the Nigerian army but we also have several shortcomings.Is night vision goggles and bulletproof vests the only kit needed in a desert war?We know how effective the british SA80 is,can we say the same with the Nigerian army ak47 which is the same thing the insurgents are using?how many apcs are being dispatched to mali if need arises and what communication gadgets are installed in each?We all knowwhat we are going through with the hilux vans the JTF forces are using.
    So he could have been biased but kitting in 2012 has gone beyond just night goggles and bulletproof vests.

    • peccavi says:

      I prefer the AK to the SA80 particularly in the desert, AK’s are fine, the issue is desert proofing the vehicles and helicopters. The desert sand gets into everything and will totally mess up engines, rotor blades etc. Theres alot of open source info there and NAF engineers are masters of improvisation so I trust them, however this applies to vehicles as well so all vehicles will need to be desert proofed and troops familiarised with desert tactics. Our deserts are different from Malian deserts so I would suggest some staging and pre deployment training in Niger or Mauritania if necessary.
      Logistics, mobility and firepower will be the key
      As we will not have sufficient helicopters, there will be lots of road moves, all echelons must be ready for IED ‘s and ambushes.
      The fighting will be for certain towns or transport intersections so the speed by which troops can be brought to battle is key
      Firepower at all levels must be overwhelming, from extra machine guns and RPG’s at platoon level, to a larger complement of snipers, HMG’s and mortars at Company level and each battalion having some form of independent artillery and recce element
      Personally it looks and sounds like an awesome op.
      Wish I could go along as well!

    • beegeagle says:

      Julius, the smartest part of waging war…particularly in the fluid and undefined frontlines of guerrilla warfare has to be the ability to get by…even thrive on the adversary’s supplies. Call it consummate predatory instincts.

      The most widely used rifle in the world – whether by soldiers, guerrillas or terrorists – is the AK47. It is perfectly in order to go into Mali with the AK47. For every terrorist that you knock out, you can use his banana clip. That is the reason why most Special Operations units still train with the AK47 at some point because it is a rifle which you shall encounter everywhere regardless and one on which your very life could depend at some point while fighting against guerrillas.

      Add folding stock, add a foregrip, add a telescopic sight but TAKE the AK47 along. You can make that the standard issue rifle. I do not mind leaving the FN-FAL behind in Nigeria.

      For CQB and FIBUA, give the SpecOps guys their F2000 and TAR 21 while still taking along crates of modified variants of the best rifle ever made – the inimitable and durable Kalashnikov.

      The AK47 belongs to a generation of globally acclaimed weapons which are TIMELESS and durable beyond words – DShK 12.7mm HMG, ZPU 14.5mm AAMG, the ZU 23mm AA cannon, the D30 122mm field artillery, the M46 130mm long range artillery and the T55 tank. These were and these remain world beaters, my brother.

      • peccavi says:

        I second all the above except T-55, its a piece of crap that was a piece of crap even when it wasn’t obsolete. The South Africans, Israelis, Indians etc used it for target practice.

  9. beegeagle says:



    Again, in our Far North(such as Baga) and in the Sahelian and desert areas of Chad, Niger, Sudan and Mali, what they use is TOYOTA LANDCRUISER…not Toyota Hilux, not Ford Ranger, not Mitsubishi 4WD.

    So without having to break the bank, the FG need to quietly seek out one decent Belgian or Dutch used car dealer to ship in 125 units of ‘tokunbo’ Toyota Landcruiser 4WD for use by our MICEMA contingent at a cost of US$1m.

    Note the air cleaner/fume extractor which helps in the dust storms of the desert. We need to get this right. Remember how we took non-tropicalised MOWAG APCs to Darfur and they malfunctioned? That was a PKO, this is PEACE ENFORCEMENT, read WAR.

    Any slip-ups on this the open Sahara and you are donner witte. Presumably, we learnt some lessons about going into combat without the necessary materiel – Niger Delta, ECOMOG.

  10. to4shizzle says:

    ECOWAS Summit Ended yesterday and they are to send 3300 troops to mali of which Nigeria, Niger and Burkina Faso are to present bulk loads as experienced gurus in Military strategy what is our best bet forward i think if we send this communique before deployment we save FG huge cost.

  11. Obix says:

    My people, after series of CTCOIN operations where launched by myself and other folks on Afua’s facebook page, she decided to change her song……i quote “Get distinct feeling lot of readers don’t get concept of news report – nt my views, ppl but those of senior source whos seen the ECOWAS docs” So, we’ve asked her to name her sources or countinue bearing the attacks. I’m sure she would be more careful next time giving us the “concept of news report” ! By the way, it’s like Ghana took off through the back door as usual!

  12. Bigbrovar says:

    Sorry to diverge a little but I saw this very moving story about a Nigeria ww2 hero and veteran of the Burma campaign. I have always tried to find story about Nigerians soldiers in Burma and this is the first full insight into how it was like and what they faced including interview of their commanding officer. It’s a very moving story by Al Jazeera’s Barnaby Philips The Burma Boy
    Barnaby Phillips follows the life of one of the forgotten heroes of World War II.

  13. profafrica says:

    Abeg I still dey hail all bloggers here. Onward Together!

  14. peccavi says:

    On a positive note I’, reading a book about Sierra Leone (From SAS to Blood diamond wars by Hamish Ross and Fred Marafono) which is about an UK SF merc and the Sierra Leone deputy minister of defence and is without doubt the best account I’ve seen of ECOMOG ops in SL and the Battle for Freetown. Our boys really fought competently and professionally. The NAF, NN and NA all come out so creditably. No patronising comments just a faithful retelling. Again its sad its foreigners telling our story but its a pleasing read.

  15. wocon45 says:

    @bigbrovar, u do well post this link. I suggest everyone one on this blog should make it a point to watch it.

  16. Gritsmiles says:

    @Beegeagle.This reporter Afua Hirsch is obviously belly aching for yet to be determined reasons.I imagine her reportage on troop readiness /capability was to compensate for an obvious lack of self esteem.Against the backdrop of evidence provided on this blog I wonder what her next employee appraisal would look like.

  17. Must watch for every “”Patriotic” Nigerian…..

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