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(credit: AK47 Modified)


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16 Responses to MODIFIED AK47 RIFLES

  1. wocon45 says:

    are they presently in use by our forces?

  2. Mean looking BEASTSSSSS!!!!I WANT ONE!!!!

  3. Cutievik says:

    Can’t DICON produced this fine piece? Can’t our MOD change the guns our troops r using? Are going into Mali wit those rusty Ak’s? I pray our troops r well armed probably wit M16 guns nd not rusty Ak’s.

  4. Cutievik says:

    Can’t DICON produced this fine piece? Can’t our MOD change the guns our troops r using? Are we going into Mali wit those rusty Ak’s? I pray our troops r well armed probably wit M16 guns nd not rusty Ak’s.

    • wocon45 says:

      @ Cutievik i appreciate your concern but if i were to choose btwn an M16 and and Ak series . “Ak” all the way. For lack of time, here is an excerpt from gun central about the Ak 47 i suggest you read it and do more research. Beside’s there are other expert opinions on this site that points to the fact that the Ak47 is ideal for the pending op in Mali . 😉
      ” elsewhere @ guncentral”

      “The AK-47. The single most recognizable object in the history of warfare. The symbol of freedom and opression alike. Like the Mosin-Nagant, the Soviets built millions of AK-47’s it is by far the most widely produced gun in the world with over 100 MILLION UNITS being produced since 1947. It is no longer only the Russians who make it eithe; the Chinese, Romanians, Egytpians, Iranians, and others all make their own variation of the rifle. Many have been imported to the United States, and converted to be semi-automatic. There are many many many variants of the AK-47 style rifle; this review is of the series as a whole. At some point I will add variant specific reviews whose score will be based off of a comparison to other variants. This review will compare the series to all other guns, and specifically assault rifles.

      The AK-47 is the epitome of everything that a firearm should be, especially a modern battle/assault rifle. The AK has a reputation for hardiness, and it is a reputation well earned. The AK is incrediby simple in design; you could hold all of the internal pieces in one hand. This simplicity and “looseness” makes it very difficult to make the AK jam, as there is a lot of play in all the parts. Unlike the super precision action of an AR, the robust action of the AK eats through any material obstructing it.

      As a small testament: When I got my first SKS, the gas tube was filled up with a bunch of cosmoline, and the rifle would not cycle. I had to take the gun all apart and clean out the gas tube. When I got my AK, it was the same case; the gas tube was filled with cosmoline. I was unaware of this due to the outside being clean (I suspect the gunstore just forgot to get the internals). When i pulled the trigger, cosmoline shot everywhere, smoke gushed out of the gas tube, and there was a very unattractive smell, but, the rifle cycled! This rifle could go through 40 years of active service without ever being cleaned, and it would more than likely show no detraction in performance. I have heard some amazing stories of soldiers in Vietnam finding AKs that had been buried in a rice patty for sometimes close to 10 years, and have them function flawlessly.

      Ease of use is also a key part of the AK’s success. It is rediculously simple to understand. You could teach someone how to fieldstrip, clean, and operate the rifle in less than 20 minutes. The rifle uses a simple ramped notch and post sight system, and for general shooting has a P setting; this is the “point blank” setting, and will provide accurate fire out to 200m. However, due to the AKs simplicity and looseness, it does suffer some with precision. It falls a little being to similar rifles like the M16, but it is hardly inaccurate; a hit at 200m is no problem on a human size target.

      The AK is fairly comfortable to shoot. The recoil is significantly higher than an M/AR series, but it is very manageable. The magazine loading is rock-and-lock style similar to the M1A, and is very easy and intuitive. If there is something you don’t like about the AK, there are almost as many add-ons for the AK as AK’s themselves. Personally, I think it would be inefficient to put optics on an AK, as it is much more functional with just the iron sights. The goal of the AK is simplicity and functionality; by adding optics, you are only complicating the rifle, and making it more fragile.

      The rifle was also designed to be effectively used by everyone. It is well balanced, not to heavy; it has a good lenght of pull and a good comb drop. Everything on it is OK, and runs the median on size, so that the biggest to the smallest person could use it with ease, and accuracy.

      There are many, many AK variants. For example, the commonly availiable and inexpensive WASR are from Romainia, the Finnish have the RK-62, the Chinese have the Type 56 etc.. These will very rather greatly in price. An original Soviet AKM style rifle can run upwards of $1500+, a Yugoslavian around $600, while a Romainian can be purchased for around $300. There is really no difference in performance between any of the variants, with the only real difference being with historic value or visual qualities. For example, the higher end models usually use better wood while a low end would use whatever wood was availiable. The way the reciever is made is also a selling point for collectors, wether it is forged (Soviet Type I) or stamped (Romanian WASR).

      It has been said that if there were any one gun that you should have to be prepared for any situation, it should be an AK-47. If you want to have one gun, that you can trust even your life to, and to have the assurance that it is going to fire no matter what, you need an AK-47. When you load that oh-so-iconic banana clip you know that you have 30 rounds of sure thing firepower; you know with 100% certainty that it will fire. I recommend owning more than one. Get as many as you can; there are so many variations and fun mods you can do; there are so many options. One last thing I haven’t mentioned is the ammo. The 7.62x39mm is one of the most common rounds in the world, second only to the .22LR. And at approximately $0.25 a round for Russian surplus, and even as low as $0.10 a round, it is very cheap to shoot. Providing about 1500lbf of energy at 2300ft/s, the 7.62×39 will give you alot more hitting power, knock down power, penetration, and a more devastating wound channel than the AR’s 5.56x45mm.

      So, alltogether, the AK-47 is amazing. The AK is simple, inexpensive to manufacture and easy to clean and maintain. Its ruggedness and reliability are legendary. The large gas piston, generous clearances between moving parts, and the relatively small number of parts allow the gun to endure large amounts of foreign material and fouling without failing to cycle. This reliability comes at the cost of some accuracy. To me, the assurance of a sure thing, is worth that small price. The AK is by far the most easy to use, fun, and functional firearm I have ever had the pleasure of using and owning.

      Pros: RELIABILITY, simple, easy to use, fun to shoot, cheap, readily availible, very upgradeable.

      Cons: Accuracy.

      Overall: I give the AK-47 an outstanding 9.5/10″

  5. Henry says:

    Even the nigerian police use a more modern AK rifle( search for police anti terrorism on the blog). I think the army deserve a better modified AK-47 rifle.

  6. Cutievik says:

    @wocon45,tanks for the update i guess u had to go tru a lot of stress just to update us,for this gesture i say thanks once again.i do knw an AK is cool but at least just as Henry said let’s get the modified version just like the picture above,not just the rusty,brown piece they carry about,i just want to see the Nigerian army forces looking well kitted and armed with nice guns to roll with,belive me when i say it wud hurt my tender heart so badly when i hear a Nigerian solider fell out there in mali,thats why we have to voice out our concern for our patriots who are about to go out to the battle field in a dangerous terrian so let the MOD do the right thing for once,meanwhile,my heart stands out to our great compatriots remebering Malian rebels linked to AQIM nd the TALIBAN wit some well trained by NATO forces in lybia,well armed nd ready to die for their dumb founding cause,it might not be easy to stamp them out.

    • peccavi says:

      The rusty wooden stock one does exactly the same job as this one, converts a piece of lead into a projectile.
      Although that is a bad ass weapon

  7. Spirit says:

    This is it! Merely looking at it fit make man dey shake!

  8. Spirit says:

    @wocon45, thanks for the great piece. Good work.

  9. beegeagle says:

    If we can get the variant pictured FIRST as the everyday rifle of the NA Special Forces, NICE. For special duty and CQB, they can use the TAR 21 or F2000.

    Going into Mali, the acquisition of 1,000 units of that full options variant pictured first will not be a bad idea.

    With DICON and Poly Technologies of China involved in a strategic partnership, nothing stops them cloning the said variant and mass producing same.

    All pinned down, the first rifle to be picked up on the balance of factors considered, remains the Automatic Kalashnikov. It is a weapon like no other.

    You already heard the guy say “IF your life depends on it”. I cannot say enough. Stranded in some backwater or in an encounter with some gun runner, even if you were to be gifted a handful of bullets with which to shoot your way through to safety, chances are that those bullets, free or for sale, would be AK ammo.

    In Mali, a soldier marooned anywhere in the desert with an AK47 – rummaging through a wrecked ‘technical’ or digging around an oasis, would sooner find AK47 ammo for his rifle than any fanciful stuff. What does that do for his chances of survival? Again, NO other rifle would be as reliable in the face of ALL advserse conditions either.

    To Mali with the AK, gentlemen. Enough said. Even better if we can lay hands on these beautiful, modified variants.

  10. peccavi says:

    And lets include the AGS-17 in the list of bad ass Warsaw Pact weapons

  11. anas says:

    Guys do u knw that the americans offered the M16 rifle to the iraqi army bt the iraqi rejected the m16 4 d AK 47 . In mozambique some soldiers named their children kalash that goes to show hw efficient that weapon is march on Ak u r d best

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