Air Marshal Alex Sabundu Badeh(right), Chief of the Air Staff, Nigerian Air Force with Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt

12 November, 2012

The Nigerian Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Alex Sabundu Badeh visited Air Headquarters Islamabad on Monday. He is visiting Pakistan on the invitation of Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force.

On his arrival at Air Headquarters, the distinguished guest was received by Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force.

A smartly turned out contingent of Pakistan Air Force presented the Guard of Honour. After reviewing the Guard of Honor, he was introduced to Principal Staff Officers of Pakistan Air Force. The visiting guest paid homage to the martyrs of PAF by laying floral wreath on Martyrs’ Monument at Air Headquarters, Islamabad.

Later on, he called on Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt in his office. Both remained together for some time and discussed matters of professional interest. The delegation also attended a briefing at Air Headquarters on the organization, role and functioning of Pakistan Air Force.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    HMNNN…Henry! What is that jet I see in the background? JF17 Thunder? I recall that you quoted a NAF source last week as having said to you CATEGORICALLY that the NAF have received some JF17 Thunder jets. This week, we have the NAF supremo in Pakistan for uncertain reasons.

    Consequently, I began to follow this story. To my surprise, the NAF Chief is on an unlikely visit to Pakistan. What is going on really?

    The NAF 2012 Work Plan provided for the construction of hangars and the installation of ground equipment at the airbases in Sokoto, Maiduguri, Minna and Makurdi..supposedly for F-7NI AirGuard jets. Given the induction of only one squadron of same thus far, we noted at the time that the NAF were almost certainly on the cusp of taking delivery of new jets.

    The question was – would they really be F-7 jets yet again…and we suggested that with the Pakistan Air Force offloading squadrons of her BVR-capable F-7PG as they take delivery of new JF-17 Thunder jets, the NAF would either be taking delivery of used F-7PG jets from Pakistan OR the FG were being economical with the truth and would altogether be taking delivery of new jets. This, against the backdrop of the US$ 2bn drawings by the FG from the Forex Reserves for a security-related ‘special projects’ during the month of November 2011.

    What is really happening, people?

  2. peccavi says:

    The man sabi waka sha, na just the other day, he dey London

  3. Solorex says:

    Used F7? most unlikely (NAF took too much bashing in the news because of the F7 due to crashes and their unpopularity even with NAF officers, albeit they were new). Always new some airframes are on the way (due to quite a number of hangers been renovated/built)-But I suspect they are helicopters-NAF seems to find using helicopters for COIN operations far more,politically quiet, easy and affordable than Jets. NAF has an history of oversea training and visits that don’t result into any thing though;few years back some NAF pilots were in Uk,Belarus,China and Russia for training(only F7 and Mi 24 resulted); there has been high level visit to Czech Republic,China,UK,France e.t.c and now Pakistan.May be its just professional wanderlust.

    But is NAF has decided on JF17(even though it will be sad knowing that Su30,Grippen,Su27 are all available and within reach) it should carry all Western Avionics,radars and Armament. Deal should come with establishment of a regional services/upgrade centre(like South Africa (Denel) did for the Grippens) in Nigeria(AFIT comes to mind) and possibility of local assembly line also-tall dream you might say but it will at least put some real value into the deal.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Four airbases – new hangars+ground equipment…all for helics, Solorex? Unless they are expecting as many as two squadrons of helicopters – twelve Mi-24V/Mi-35P and twelve Mi-17V5.

    For now, what we know is that bids have been taken for the supply of six Mi-171Sh Terminator assault helicopters.

    The strongest hints from reputable quarters which are in the air as it pertains to the imminent delivery of jets
    has to do with the Chinese-built supersonic Hongdu L15 Falcon, an aircraft which uses the same type of Ukrainian-built engine as the YAK 130

  5. Henry says:

    Shebi I tell una, these people don go collect JF-17 thunder.

  6. Deway says:

    If its the JF17 that NAF has decided to go for, then there is nothing anyone can do about this than to support and advice them to go for the best in line with Western Avionics. They should be bold enough to request as part of the deal some F7PGs (that are worth more and of better capability than our much talked about F7Ni) and the possibility of local assembly.

  7. Henry says:

    I’m very certain that the airforce has gone for the JF-17thunder fighter. There is no other reason why the chief of air staff would be in pakistan…..none, except for the jf-17 thunder. At 20 million usd a piece for a multi-role fighter, and very manoeuvrable too( I saw a video on the JF-17 thunder at a dubai air show). The truth is this, during nigerian airforce 2012 expo the pakistanis presented the jf-17 as a viable replacement for the airforce, taken into account our threats at the moment. The airforce is not going to get used f-7 jets from pakistan, we already got them. It is unlikely that the airforce would buy any jets from russia, very slim chance of that happening. Like OGA deway has said since the airforce has gone for the pakistani jet, we can only advice them to buy western or top of the block chinese avionics for this jet.

  8. Henry says:

    Yep, that’s the jf-17 in the background. If it were to have been the army chief, counter insurgency /special forces training would have come to mind, we got the F-7’s, so that one is closed.The most likely probability is the jf-17, we know that the airforce is to receive 6 mi-17 helics, so basically it’s not the fighter we’ve been clamouring for but, truly we are not the decision maker(s), the buck stops at the table of the chief of air staff. He is the person who takes the decision on what to get or not. The jets is multi role, highly manoeuvrable, does a distance of about 2200km( why under the sukhoi-30 @ 3500km), and flies at a top speed of just under 2 times the speed of sound at MACH 1.8.

    Does any one know if we are going to get any more attack helos, @OGA beeg any idea?

    Besides other things would come on stream oh, the government and armed forces are critically looking at indigenous production of military hard ware and they would soon start bearing fruit, at this point we just have to hope that they are taken a well thought out decision.

  9. Solorex says:

    The present jet trainers of NAF can effectively simulate JF17, if JF17’s are on the way then it is most likely that L15 trainers are also likely on the way, NAF does not have any trainer that does more than Mach 0.8 or has FBW at the moment. There is a bright side to JF17 if the deal is done already. NAF needs to avoid the mistakes of the past, JF 17 is already developed with open minded architecture for third party avionics and armaments( these should be well exploited by NAF), NAF should seek to acquire along with the aircraft huge proficiency,AFIT should be very involved in the whole deal and at the end let it be that NAF/Nigeria in whole has largely acquired maintenance,upgrade and assembly technology of the JF17 and use the opportunity to acquire same skills for other Chinese made platforms(civil not military) -so that we can at least be the Chinese aviation champion partner of Africa! Face it China is behind in these things but they own the future,especially in Africa!

  10. Obix says:

    Beeg and other cyber Generals, i would like you to analyse the information on this site. It shows future purchases mainly by the army and aiforce even with delivery dates!!! How authentic could the info be!!!? Maybe from it we might get answers to our questions!

    • Obix says:

      Beeg and other cyber Generals, i would like you to analyse the information on this site. It shows future purchases mainly by the army and aiforce even with delivery dates!!! How authentic could the info be!!!? Maybe from it we might get answers to our questions! Sorry, heres the link.

      • Henry says:

        No idea,but the air force part, really caught my attention? OGA beeg, what do u think???

      • Deway says:

        Are you sure of this website?

      • chidez says:

        I think this link has been posted on this blog before by someone else, when I read it, I couldnt clearly say if the military equipments mentioned are wish list or whether it was fact. but i pray that they are not wish lists.

      • doziex says:

        Obix, it’s all make belief information.

        They make good suggestions, that makes all the sense in the world, like NA acquiring the SMERCH, the russian built 300mm MBRL.

        However, it’s all suppositions, and has no basis in reality.

  11. Henry says:

    True china behind the US and russia. But u cannot deny, The chinese have got some top notch, top of the range air crafts. I believe the media in the west have shot down chinese equipment for far too long. In my opinion the chinese have better equipment than the british and the french. Chinese military has spending billions over the past decade, the chinese defend budget of 2012 was 100 billion usd, the second highest military expenditure in the world well behind the US(700 billion), the french and the british spend between 45-57 billion, well below china. The chinese stealth J-31 fighter comes to mind and and their WZ-10 attack helicopter is an amazing chopper.

  12. jimmy says:

    The information is very interesting i commend you from where you got your link. however while not burst your balloon some of the information is incorrect or is out of date.let us start with the army.As recently as last month .The president himself inaugurated the newest battallion in the Nigerian Army the special forces 176 th. The Nigerian army’s population as a matter of FACT NOT PRIDE has for the record books five divisions and is in the process of a massive recruitment for its new coin divison this will make it six @ 15,000 men will tke it to a minimum of 90,000 men considering the other auxillary services of recruitment/ training centers of 10,000 men that will take it to 100,000men this is being conservative, truthful figures are betweent 110, 120,000.
    The airforce is next up AFTER THE DISATER CALLED THE F-7 they will not buy the j10 fighter from CHINA it is most likely going to be a pakistani plane. There has been two significant visit by both the COAS and the CNAF . I do not believe it is to go break bread or sight seeing.
    The NAVY is last there are at least three significant OMISSIONS FROM YOUR BLOG. The first is that there has been a written contract for two + two OPV COMING FROM CHINA.
    THe second is there are two boats that recently arrived from FRANCE and the third is there was also a confirmed delivery this year from the israeli ship yards of two SHALDAGS
    Lastly i would be very careful quoting from wiki when it comes to Nigeria verify i am interested on your info about the tanks though.,all in all welcome

  13. jimmy says:

    Sorry i meant three boats confirmed that came from france,and if we add the latest number of shaldags it will bring it to between 6-8 i don’t want to give a false figure.

    • Obix says:

      Baba Jimmy, thanks for your reply. I purposely left out the navy because it’s like the information is only on current equipment without mention of procurements! Again, it’s clear that regional coflicts across the continent and the Boko haram issue has compelled our millitary brass to optimize their strategy as per composure and strenght of the army in particular! All the same, i think the website gives us an idea of already signed contracts and MOUs that are on the table! Beeg, please enter the floor!

  14. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, I would not bet my last kobo on that INVISION article. It appears to liberally mix fact with fiction and as the name suggests, it looks like a corner of cyberspace where military buffs with very fertile imaginations stretch their minds. It states that which has been netted and then rounds up with a wishlist.

    RussellInfinity methinks it was who first posted that weblink sometime ago and I said the same thing. If you dig up our thread on this blog “NIGERIAN ARMY ARSENAL AS OF 2009”, you would see that the whole stuff there was lifted verbatim.

    So, it does contain stuff which we own but then goes haywire with a wishlist for the future. The author also appears to keep tabs on current developments – such as procurement prospects which have been on the drawing board for sometime – JF17 Thunder, Mi-171Sh Terminator, Hongdu L15 Falcon.

    I would not bet on the article’s projection into the future.

    Perhaps our Filipino friends, Max Montero and Victor Tevez would know a lot more about the undercurrents which drive INVISION…more like envision, if you ask me.

  15. beegeagle says:

    I know of a Kenya Air Force pilot online who thinks very highly of the JF17 Thunder. Always talks about “open source codes” “COTS” and its capacity to take on hybrid systems – Sino-Russian and Western avionics and weapons.

    Could that be the strategic vision, against the backdrop of our bitter experience with Jaguar jets, underpinning the lust for the JF17 Thunder – as per, the possibility of deleting the systems of any overbearing nation IF they start those games which are steeped in intimidation and effect, a sanctions-busting maneouvre?

    Well, why don’t they just make the announcement and stop these games of hide-and-seek? Approval for the sale of engines for the JF17 Thunder in favour of a number of countries including Nigeria, was given in Russia a few years ago!


  16. gbash10 says:

    This visit by the NAF chief to Pakistan is a confirmation of the jet(FC-1/JF-17 Thunder,which is a Chinese-clone MiG-29 Fulcrum) i saw on NAF officers redeployment announcement on nta network news sometime last week.
    If the NAF should acquire the JF-17 fighter jets,then we should go for the Isreali avionics and missiles!

  17. Donspony says:

    The NAF also acquired 2 Robinson R66 helicopters for training at the Helicopter Flying School, Enugu.

  18. Please can someone give me a call whenever the form for recruitment is out? 07064752201,thanks very much

  19. anas says:

    For GOd’s sake let us nt buy these chinese copy of mig 29 its is nt wat nigeria airforce needs now EVEN the chinese airforce hv rejected this jf17 bcos it doesn’t fit their specification russia will be more than glad to sell us su 30 we can then incorporate our won avionics just lik wat d indians r doin wit su 30mki

  20. russellinfinity says:

    if the j17 thunder that the nigeria airforce is interested in is a block b variant with aesa radar and inflight refueling capability then its a go for me. Throw in full technology transfer in the deal for a more dynamic package. The naf should then bring back to life our fleet of sepeecat jaguars with the help of india to complement the j17. what do you think comrades?

    • doziex says:

      @russelinfinity, you are right, if NAF decides it wants the J17, then, they also have to invest in a dedicated long rage strike aircraft.

      Like refurbishing the jaguars or better yet, just buying the chinese JH-7b flying leopard.

      If we choose not to buy the SU-30mk2, which is a multirole aircraft, then, we have to buy more types to compensate for the various necessary roles of Air superiority, ground attack, deep penetration strike, maritime strike, intercept, combat air patrols, beyond visual range etc. etc.

  21. Henry says:

    Nigerian jaguar jets have been decommissioned, are for sale and are never to fly again, by nigeria’s airforce. These jets were bought in 1984(18 jets), and there last flights was in 1990. Just 6years all 18 jets gone, money down the drain.

  22. eyimola says:

    The Fc-1 is not a Mig 29 clone. Its origins lie in the cancelled super 7 project. This aircraft is more or less the only truly indegenious Chinese fighter jet

  23. Henry says:

    Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Mohammed Umar, during an inauguration of block of one-storey 12 single officers’ quarters located in Cross River State, announced to attendants that M17 fighter helicopters would soon be added to the Nigerian Air Force fleet.

    He said, it necessary to reappraise the security landscape of the country for strategic national security and defence.

    Umar assumpted  the office of Chief of Air Staff in  September 2010.

    • Henry says:

      Confirmation of MI-17 transport helos for the airforce. Report was written sometime last year.

      • tim says:

        At a time, when it was written here that we had mi 17 terminators…..a number of new papers , wrote that nigeria has aquired some helicopters….I remembered one of the papers calling it jets.

  24. beegeagle says:

    Yeah, I also read about the acquisition of non-existent “M-7 fighter helicopters”. Oh..our journalists, our newspapers…no need for square pegs in square holes apparently.

    Meanwhile, all of that is pending and refers to the current bid for Mi-171Sh Terminator assault helicopters.

    Here is a link to a PDF file. In it, you would find details pertaining to the 2003 acquisition of Mi-171Sh Terminator(4).

    Do click below and OPEN the weblink which specifically says….
    “[PDF] Appendix 13A. – SIPRI”

  25. Henry says:

    Belarus to open Mi-24 maintenance facility in Nigeria

    Helihub RSS Feed

    17 Oct, 11
    Belarusian company BVST currently maintains the Nigerian Air Force’s fleet of Mi-35 helicopters and Nigeria has sent pilots and engineers to train in Belarus. 

  26. Henry says:

    For the peep, who wants help, nigerian navy is recruiting.

  27. Henry says:

    Here is an editorial I got out of vanguard. The mission in mali would cost between 400-500 million usd(half a billion dollars).

    N.B I posted same on the afua hirsh thread, but with over 100 comments, it makes sense to post another here.

  28. Henry says:

    No Nigerian Troops To Mali
    November 16, 2012 | 4:00 am

    IT is a great idea to restore civil rule in Mali. Promoters of the idea must fund it as well as send their own troops to Mali. It is no time to shift the burden to Nigeria as has been the case in the past 20 years.

    Nigeria has no obligations to bear the burden of another intervention. Nigerian troops fought in Somalia, providing cover for escaping US troops in 1993. Records of that operation are replete with the success of the Americans in Somalia – Nigeria did not get any credits. Another 140 Nigerian troops are currently in Somalia to stabilise a country without a central government since President Siad Barre fled to exile in Nigeria in 1991.

    Since 1989, Nigeria has funded military missions in Liberia and Sierra Leone, hosted thousands of refugees from both countries, lost its troops who fought until elected governments were restored in both countries.

    Former Foreign Affairs Minister Chief Tom Ikimi in 1998 put Nigeria’s expenditure in the wars at $9 billion, a big waste, at a time her economy was haemorrhaging. Credits for ending the strife in Sierra Leone and Liberia do not mention Nigeria.

    Missions in Darfur, Sudan cost us lives as well as resources that could have been used in battling the internal security challenges we face.

    An intervention in Mali should be out of the question for Nigeria. The coup plotters in Mali teamed up with Tuareg nomads to save their country from Amadou Toumani Toure, a paratrooper, who came to power in 1991 through a coup. Those who say Toure’s was a democratic government are giving democracy new meaning.

    A decision on Mali would be tough and Nigeria’s tough decision is to keep its troops out of Mali. The Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, does not support coups. Will ECOWAS not be supporting the junta if it joins it to rescue northern Mali?

    The other claim is that it is a war against terrorist and criminal groups in northern Mali. Again, Nigeria has to weigh its own local situation. The global community can muster the resources to fight terrorist groups, our concerns should be dealing with our internal security issues for which we get little assistance. Our ailing economy dictates so.

    Mali is a testy case. Former Libyan rebels have joined the separatists. Algeria supports them.  Mali needs no military intervention. The global community should sanction supporters of the separatists and ask Mali to return to civil rule.

    Any support for the junta in Mali, whatever the reasons, will set dangerous precedent in dealing with prospective coup plotters and Nigeria should not risk lives of its troops in unappreciated interventions.

  29. Henry says:

    There are 140 nigerian military advisers/ trainers in somalia. I did not even know that. We sent 250 military advisers/trainers to ivory coast, we are in liberia, serria leone, congo, sudan etc…. We are about to go into mali. Yet these africans continue to show their ungrateful ness, time and time again.

  30. Henry says:

    If nigeria is going to carry half of that bill (200-250 million dollars), I suggest we stay back at home and man our borders. 250 million dollars would go a long way in taking care of our social/ military wage bills, besides president GEJ of nigeria did not advise a low level soldier to carry out a coup in his country.

  31. Henry says:

    9billion dollars spent on military interventions outside nigeria, as at 1998. What about today, that amount must have topped 15 billion usd, lives lost(troops) in conflicts, refugees taken, we wait secure and defend another man’s country till new leaders are elected, with little or no mention of nigeria with Europe(france, belgium & UK) and america taking the applause and credit. Honestly, if I want to be candid with myself as a conservative, with that wage bill “if mali wants to burn let it burn”, we’ve got internal problems of our own. No government official in nigeria advised them to topple their government.

    I’ve done the maths
    500million usd= 14 suhkio 30 jets
    250 million usd= 7 suhkio 30 jets
    145 million usd= 3 or 4 suhkio

    The only case where it wuld make sense for nigeria to go in, is if the wage bill is divideb equally by each ecowas member country, with france and america taking the biggest chunk of the bills.

    • Henry says:

      NO doug, you got me mistaken. I know that( what you posted). I was simply adding my opinion to the EDITORIAL, not seeking answers. It was rhetorical. No question, no answer needed. Except if you wanted to refer to the editorial. To me, none needed. Merci!!!

  32. chidez says:

    Mr. beeg check your mail please!!!

  33. chidez says:

    Check your spam folder, I ve resent it.

  34. doziex says:

    Oga Henry, you have been a one man wrecking crew, holding down the beegeagle’s blog.

    I have been monitoring and appreciating your exploits from my temporary incapacitation due to an unforgiving travel and work schedule.

    In regards to the editorial, the author is right on the money, about the history of nigeria’s seemingly thankless interventions.
    and since our own press is usually missing in action, our sacrifices are rewarded with the following

    (1) BBC’s brazen manipulation of facts on the ground, and retell the story they wanted. Of course, with nigeria receiving the short end of the stick.

    Anyone, that thinks I am making a mountain out of a mole hill, should try and usurp the praise due any self respecting nations troops, and see what that nation’s establishment would do to you.

    (2) More recently, Afua Hirsh’s nigerian bashing article, in the UK guardian, with NO BASIS IN FACT, is a clear indication, that nigeria’s enemies are not resting on their laurels.

    (3) CNN’s cry freetown again used an african journalist,Sorious Samurra, a sierra leonean in this case to slam a clueless nigeria.
    Inspite of all nigeria’s sacrifices in blood and treasure while the rest of the world did precious little, CNN used footage of nigerian troops maltreating a young boy, to define all what the nigerians ever did in SLR.

    Did they use the abu ghraib scandal to define the entire conduct of the iraqi occupation ? Did ‘My lai’ abuse define the entire storie of a generation of americans that served in vietnam?

    So it’s true that nigerian sacrifices have been thankless and maligned by fellow africans and western pundits, and to that, I say BOO HOO.

    Get over it. It is the job of the nigerian military/political establishment,to tout their own damn horn.

    As for mali, the author of the aforementioned editorial, is right. Nigeria should sit tight and do nothing, if we have given up on a regional and continental hegemonic role.

    We will preserve our lives and treasure, but would be considered a light weight or a non player in regional and continental affairs. Whereas those that rise to this occasion, get to throw their weight about in our back yard.

  35. beegeagle says:

    I read somewhere online that the NAF are believed to have a requirement for 30 JF17 Thunder jets. Well, we still need monster jets such as the Su-27/Su-30 with which we can defend 2-3 countries deep from our most distant airbases.

    Therefore, rather than splashing $600m on 30 JF17s, I suggest, pursuant to my 4-corner defence theory, that we instead look for eight Su-27s from Russian surplus stocks. It 4,000 km combat radius and 400km BVR radius is too good to avoid.

    So for US$600m, I would get

    – 8 surplus Su 27s @ $120m
    – 24 new JF17 Thunder @ $480m

    Pursuant to that 4-corner theory, I would deploy two Su 27s each to Sokoto, Maiduguri, Calabar and Lagos and back those up with three JF17 Thunder jets each.

    The rest twelve JF17 Thunder would be deployed as follows; MKD(4), Yola(2), Enugu(2), Kano(2) and Kainji(2)

    Nigeria need to get this right


  36. chidez says:

    Oga beeg, if you can please send an email, since i cant get to contact you and please check.your facebook!

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