According to a report by Nigeria’s online aviation journal of record, “NIGERIAN AVIATION”, the Nigerian Air Force have acquired two Robinson R66 helicopters for the 305 Flying Training School. The airframes bear the marking s “N7033V” and “N804SF”.

Among the training assets owned by the establishment are FLYIT simulators, Mi-34 Hermit and Agusta A109e Power helicopters.

“The Robinson R66 helicopter is the
Robinson Helicopter Company’s first
turbine helicopter, and is powered by a
Rolls-Royce turbo-shaft engine. The
helicopter is tipped to be the most
advanced, powerful and user-friendly helicopter the company has produced.”


Engine Type Rolls-Royce RR300

Max Gross Weight 2700 lb
Empty Weight Equipped (including oil & std avionics) 1280 lb

Maximum Fuel (73.6 gal) 493 lb

Passengers and Baggage(MaxFuel) 927 lb

Cruise Speed approximately 120kts

Maximum Range (no reserve) approximately 325 nm/375

Hover Ceiling IGE over 10,000 ft

Hover Ceiling OGE over 10,000 ft

Rate of Climb over 1000 fpm

Maximum Operating Altitude 14,000 ft


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Just wondering – 40 pilots trained for the Nigerian Army to man their new Aviation Wing. Does this give any idea as to what aircraft the NA would be acquiring?

    Someone already mentioned to me that the Eurocopter EC Super Five is a hot contender. A militarised variant of this chopper would not be markedly different from single-engined MD500 or twin-engined MBB Bo 105s.

    The R66 is an ultramodern chopper which was only certified in 2010.

    Air aficionados – your thoughts?

  2. wocon45 says:

    @ Oga beege, there was a very recent post on this blog about how Nigerian military capabilities were grossly underestimated plus some updates of Ghana military strength, If the Intel is classified i understand but if they are not, i kindly request their links. Plus remind us to copy and paste such rare write up on our word docs for future consumption next time. Permission to fall out sir…..

  3. wocon45 says:

    A million thanks 🙂

    • beegeagle says:



      “(..) It has been a very good year for the
      Nigerian Navy which, through third party
      interventions by the Nigerian Maritime
      Administration and Safety Agency
      (NIMASA) which runs a quasi Coast Guard
      known as the Maritime Guard Command in conjunction with the Navy, and through the Nigerian Ports Authority(NPA), are also expected to take delivery of the following assets via NIMASA – twenty units of armoured patrol boats
      each valued at US$2m – three Offshore Support Vessels for monitoring the loading operations at offshore petroleum facilities

      via NPA

      – two 17 metre KND patrol interceptors

      – one 32 metre OCEA FPB 98 Mk.II coastal patrol craft”

    • jimmy says:

      More importantly OGA BEEGEAGLE AND PECCAVI
      The more imortant thing about this is( not that the procurement is bad news Lord knows we still need lots of patrol vessels). Nigeria and South AFRICA need to use this vehicle of trade to improve/ strengthen RELATIONSHIPS between the two countries. The better and stronger relationships the better the trade between the two countries and long term defense wise Nigeria begins to acquire (my favorite words task specific equipment) from South Africa. South Africa gets a reliable African source for her petro – chemical needs. I want to see trade increase between both countries rather than read about needless spats in the papers then we see both countries on the same page when it comes to foreign policy issues.

      • peccavi says:

        I agree totally. The rivalry will always exist as these are 2 dominant nations but there is much we can absorb in terms of low cost high tech goods. The military industrial complex built during apartheid is a model we should emulate

  4. The R-66 is the helicopter Frank Robinson said he’d never build, a light turbine job. It’s hardly a new sheet of paper design – it’s been in development for a decade or so, and is largely based on the earlier R-44. It shares a characteristic of all his designs, low rotor inertia, making auto-rotations very tricky, but all in all, it’s a fine trainer/light liaison kite.

    • General characteristics
      R-66 Eurocopter Colibri MD-500E
      ▪ Crew: 1 ▪ 1-2 ▪ 1-2
      ▪ Capacity: 5 ▪ 4 passengers ▪ 5 total
      ▪ Length: 459 in (11.66 m) ▪ 9.6 m (31 ft 5 in) ▪ 30.81 ft (9.4 m)
      ▪ Rotor diameter: 396 in (10.06 m) ▪ 10.0 m (32 ft 8 in) ▪ 26.4 ft (8.1 m)
      ▪ Height: 137 in (3.48 m) ▪ 3.4 m (11 ft 2 in) ▪ 8.4 ft (2.6 m)
      ▪ Empty weight: 1,280 lb (581 kg) ▪ 991 kg (2,185 lb) ▪ 1,481 lb (672 kg)
      ▪ Loaded weight: 2,700 lb (1,225 kg) ▪ 1,715 kg (3,781 lb) ▪ 3,000 lb (1,361 kg)
      ▪ Powerplant: 1 × Rolls-Royce RR300 turboshaft, 300 hp
      ▪ 1 × Turbomeca Arrius 2F turboshaft, 376 kW (504 shp) ▪ Allison 250-C20B Turboshaft, 420 hp (313 kW)
      ▪ Maximum speed: 140 kn ▪ 278 km/h (150 knots, 172 mph) ▪ 152 knots (175 mph, 282 km/h)
      ▪ Cruise speed: 120 kn ▪ 223 km/h (120 knots, 138 mph) ▪ 135 kn (155 mph, 250 km/h)
      ▪ Service ceiling: 14,000 ft () ▪ 5,182 m (17,000 ft) ▪ 16,000 ft (4,877 m)
      Do not think of adding armament to the R-66. The manufacturer has no interest in that market, and is notoriously tight with the technical information a third party would need to fit the extra kit.

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