Jaji Military Cantonment

Jaji Military Cantonment


More desperately disingenious Nigerian tactics?

The foregoing refers.

As we speak, I have already sent an email to the Editors of the concerned newspapers.

What they have done is unprofessional and unethical. I use news stories accessed from many of the Nigerian newspapers and from the VOA, Reuters, Xinhua, AFP, News Agency of Nigeria, Channels Television, AP, among others on this blog and WONDER HOW Nigerian newshounds would feel IF I were tactless or fraudulent enough to claim their content as the product of my own intellectual rigour. I also acknowledge the rare use of their photos here.

If anyone wants to know the source of my photos, all that he needs do is move the cursor of their mouse over the photo and it would tell you which media organ own the photo – AP, AFP, REUTERS, VOA, LEADERSHIP, NATIONAL MIRROR,DAILY TRUST, THISDAY, PREMIUM TIMES and so on.

By the same token, one cannot feign ignorance of the fact that the photos which are authentically mine – STATE THIS FACT CLEARLY with the inscription “Beegeagle’s Blog photo”, or “XYZ for Beegeagle’s Blog”, etc.

As we speak, two major Nigerian newspapers today used a photograph which is authentically mine. It was the frontview of the Jaji Military Cantonment which I shot using a BlackBerry device in April 2012, a photo which was published for the first time ever on this blog but which “Daily Punch” and “Daily Trust” have unethically gone ahead to use without acknowledging their source. One of the newspapers went so far as to claim that it was a “file copy” – my OWN PHOTO!

Like I said earlier on, if Nigerian journalists cannot conduct themselves in a decorous and professional manner, what business do they have bemoaning the failings of government at any level?

What these newspapers have done is patently dishonest and flies in the face of journalistic ethics. Now that both newspapers have met themselves on that plagiaristic turf by using the same photo which was not sold to them by the News Agency of Nigeria or any other news agency, can they explain to Nigerians if they now jointly use one cameramen in Jaji? Same shot..same angle of view, all of them? How else, save for their mutual and odious act of plagiarism, could that coincidence have occurred? Haa, these our “brown envelope” journalists get more unscrupulous by the day.

We are not at all averse to Nigerian newspapers using photos taken by me and excerpted from this blog. All I am saying is that they must always ACKNOWLEDGE their source. I have made myself clear on that. Hopefully, it will not happen again. They know what that means.

I REPEAT, if you want to know who owns the copyright of any photo which you see here, move the cursor of your mouse over the photo and see what turns up. If it says “BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG PHOTO”, “BEEGEAGLE’S PHOTO”, “XYZ for BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG” or “WORLD EXCLUSIVE”, YOU ARE ADVISED in your own interest to post the caption “Photo Credit: Beegeagle’s Blog” somewhere next to wherever you have FREELY used it on your newspaper or web portal. You heard me.

If you need to ask questions, mail

Beegeagle’s Blog is not monetised so our diligence MUST be acknowledged by anyone using our content. It is our just reward.

A word is enough for the wise.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    This photo was not shot by any of those chaps yesterday. The FIRST TIME that this photo was used was THIS me, the person who took the shot.


    Supposedly, all of them decry 4-1-9 on the same pages.

    • eyimola says:

      You need to start putting a watermark on your pictures

      • Somoric says:

        Oga Beegeagle, you have to take this situation by the scruff of the neck. Its as Oga Eyimola as suggested. Put your watermark BEEGEAGLE BLOG on the footer on your photos- its your right as the Author. I guess you will need a Photoshot application to do that but if there was a time when all your hardwork and effort was to be culminated in a scoop. It was Jaji photograph. Intellectual property is always given a short thrift because it takes for ever to get damages from the those whose trample on your right. IHMO, I will stop them even trampling by pasting my name everywhere on the artefact.

    • jimmy says:

      Let me be not the first nor the last to break it down for you , i hope you will in all honesty show a copy of thiscopy right violation to the miltary ( ARMY/ NAVY/ POLICE/ AIRFORCE/DSS/SSS) because i know you are taking the moral high road .The image of the nigerian journalist when it comes to reporting military news is beyond that of the AVERAGE CLUELESS NIGERIAN POLITICIAN. This is practically shows how lazy, and ignorant they really are from the editor down to the printer. it is a shame and this is what the military has to deal with on a day to day basis go ahead and sue they will probabley pay you some money and go right back to copying you without acknowledging their sources.
      Think about it if they have no qualms about copying erroneous western sources word for word what is to stop them from copying yours. The education of military reporting must continue it cant be the vanguard that is the only newspaper that at least gets it right 75% of the time. Keep your head up buddy.

  2. beegeagle says:

    The two papers collided on the same plagiaristic front. One of them, with the confidence of skunks, used the photo on their front page. They are supposedly the leading paper in the North albeit sans scruples of any sort.

    Elsewhere around the world, honest journalists would entirely lay off content whose source they are not sure about – never mind that all the defence and security correspondents, possibly seeking enlightenment, visit this blog several times every day.

    Yesterday, with Jaji cordoned off and everyone looking for anything to report or materials to use, they anchored here and very unscrupulously, knowing that this was no NAN, AP or AFP photo, just poached content thinking that nobody else knew what they were up to. Unfortunately, more than one person hit on that idea and as such they cannot now explain how one paper in Lagos and the other in Abuja ended up with the same non-news agency photo.

    Perhaps they did not credit their source in the hope that they would be coming here ad infinitum to steal photos. So their source has to be ‘coded’.

    But I am the moderator here and know who visits this blog, even if they are unaware of that.

    Final warning! I have never used their news story or report without giving them credit for their content. It gets better…I give them free shine because this blog is featured by two global operators

    – FeedReader..65 million hits a month
    – Before Its News..2.5m hits a month.

    Then with their local platforms, they can scheme to defraud me of my intellectual property rights? The Lagos paper actually said “Credits: File Copy”

    Whose file – ours or theirs?

  3. beegeagle says:

    D-E-S says

    In regards to the ‘main guard posts’
    which of those two would you prefer to
    be a ‘Duty Guard Officer’ on any given
    day?…and Why?


    Just humbly asking, even the silliest of
    questions have been known to save

  4. beegeagle says:

    Kuje gets the nod. But the extenuating circumstances to the seeming disparity, D-E-S.

    Jaji has been there since the 1960s or earlier…even as it only gained continental prominence (ask UPDF, Zim, Tanzanian and Rwandese officers) with the establishment of the famous Command and Staff College there in 1976. It also plays host to several other training institutions(reason why it is a cantonment) such as the CTCOIN Centre, Infantry Corps Centre, a Demo battalion, Warrant Officers Academy, Nigerian Army Peacekeeping Centre and Nigerian Army School of Infantry.

    So the concept behind the construction of Jaji was entirely different and from a different epoch. Regardless, no more than 100 metres from that gate is a fantastic watchtower which has to be seen to be believed. I captured that but for security reasons have not used it on this blog.

    That and other measures within a 200 metre radius which are best left to conjecture are new adjustments which are in line with current realities.

    Military checkpoint along the Zaria-Kaduna Expressway, April 2012

    Military checkpoint along the Zaria-Kaduna Expressway, April 2012

    Most of these measures have been replicated across many cantonments across the federation, never mind smaller barracks.

    Conversely, The 176 Special Forces Bn was built in 2012 for a dedicated CTCOIN unit. As such, the concept and construction was ab initio intended to be “garrison architecture”

    Jaji Cantonment is a training complex while Kuje barracks is home to a FIGHTING unit.

    Here is another OPEN-BUT-CLOSED concept elsewhere in Central Nigeria. Between this point and the preceding 200 metres, there are four checkpoints and sentry points. It is quite accessible, I imagine 🙂

    Military Watchtower: RED ALERT!

    Military Watchtower: RED ALERT!

  5. beegeagle says:

    More disingenious Nigerian tactics?

  6. beegeagle says:

    This blog is also anchored in America and in the international orbit where, unlike our unclear judicial paradigms here at home, they thrive on litigation. Our options are legion. Perhaps someone wants their newspaper sued into oblivion and potential bankruptcy since they refuse to play straight and exhibit any capacity for honesty.

    “We go soon use wan pesin take set example. E nuh go tay…as monkey dey work, baboon dey chop”

    @Eyimola+Somoric. Thanks for the heads up. It is a sure route to go since Nigerian journalists refuse to appreciate the privilege they enjoy in our collective quest to open up the space and expand the knowledge base of our people. Rather than reciprocity and decency, they would rather undercut their benefactor, wallow in sharp practice and ridicule themselves by refusing to conform to the basic paradigms of honesty?

  7. Delavegas says:

    Place a watermark slanted across your pictures. Copyright issues are a dilemma and a huge headache even in the more developed world.

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