Nigerian Army Engineers equipment

Nigerian Army Engineers equipment

* Produced the armoured personnel carrier ‘IGIRIGI’ in 2012

* Constructed the Kuje Barracks of the new 176 Special Forces Battalion at Abuja in 2012.

* Constructed supplementary accomodation units comprised of 60 one-bedroom flats for soldiers at the Mambilla Barracks at Abuja in 2012

* Constructed the Bayelsa Cantonment in the Niger Delta

* Refurbished 80 AFVs/APCs in 2011

* Constructed the 660-unit Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Barracks at Abuja which was completed in 9 months and commissioned in March 2010.

* Rehabilitated the Goodluck Jonathan Barracks at Ohafia, Abia State in 2010 which had been abandoned for 19 years after the Medium Artillery Regiment previously stationed there, relocated. The barracks is today the serves officers and men of the HQ Garrison of the new 14 Infantry Brigade.

* In March 2012, the Ohan Bridge which
links Kwara and Oyo States with Benin
Republic was reconstructed by 42 Division Engrs. The request, in the absence of action by the Federal Ministry of Works,came from the state government of Kwara.

* Constructed a foldable bridge of 94.5 metres on River Nukka in Jalingo, Taraba State in 2005 by the Nigerian Army Engineers in aid of the state Government.

* Constructed a 37 km road and a bridge to assist in the movement of construction equipment to the dam site at Mambilla, Gembu for hydro-electricity generation in 2009 to enhance power supply in the country.

* Constructed the 102.5 metre
bridge across River Rima linking
University of Sokoto and the surrounding
communities in Sokoto in September
2010 following the collapse of Lugu Dam
due to the release of excess water from Goronyo Dam.

* Upgraded the 44 Military Reference
Hospital in Kaduna and 68 Military Reference Hospital in Lagos

* Construction of tank and artillery sheds at Bauchi and Yenagoa.

* Constrcution of CTCOIN Centre physical structures at Jaji

* Reconstruction of the giant Central
Workshops in Kaduna which was
abandoned since 1979


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  1. duduboi says:

    Kudos to the Engineering Corp and the Nigerian Army as a whole. It is always heartwarming to read such positive stories from our armed forces. Apart from the construction at Musa Yar’adua barrackes, Mambilla Barracks and Kuje barracks, this is the first time I’m hearing of all these achievements. Thanks beegeagle for your efforts in chronicling the accomplishments of our military. How i wish our mainstream media organizations will take a cue from what you are doing, and our military should also loosen up on their notorious culture of secrecy and celebrate themselves. If you don’t blow your trumpet at times nobody will.

  2. peccavi says:

    Is this not worth a TV documentary?
    Or a series of articles in military engineering, civil engineering, defence and transport publications?

    HINT, HINT, HINT!!!!

  3. kenee2k says:

    Given the opportunity and funding I believe they could a lot more, a fantastic under utilised but desperately needed resource, Nigerian army engineers.

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