NNS ANDONI P100, proudly made-in-Nigeria

NNS ANDONI P100, proudly made-in-Nigeria


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  1. peccavi says:

    E be like una wan make I begin sing National anthem this morning. How beautiful a sight is that?

    • Henry says:

      Which national anthem, “God save the queen”……hehehehe. it truly is a beautiful sight. For very many years the media both at home and abroad has been awash with terrible/ negative news of our their country nigeria, which for the most part are true, but also during that period there have been many positives. in fact more positives that negatives, as if fulfilling a narrative that africa, nigeria in particular cannot and should not do well all the positive stories are either watered down to a very in significant level, while maintaining the negative( narrative) in the story or the brilliant stories are not reported out-rightly.

      Compared to the ingenuity of nigerian engineers, the andoni is a small feat, let us not forget that by next year another nigerian made seaward defence boat would be commissioned by the navy. This year nigerian engineers built two oil platforms( commissioned by the president) for MOBIL oil company at NIGER DOCK in lagos. So if we can take on this sort of a project, an OPV( wholly nigerian) can be built in the very near future. We are not perfect in this nation( but then who is), but you cannot take away the fact that we are ambitious and ingenious.

  2. wocon45 says:

    plus NNS ANDONI P100’s picture is hereby declared my official screen saver/ background image until further notice.

    • jimmy says:

      oh boy what a wonderful sight to look forward to on LOVELY FRIDAY MORNING even the bloody rain could not dampen my spirits . Looking at the wake behind her we can tell that the NNS ANDONI is hauling ( ass) speeding with all engines.

  3. Solorex says:

    This is the beginning of glory indeed. It is essential that this feat be well watered and nurtured. Lets have a program to build 4 Andoni’s every year for the next 3 years, 1 at Naval Dockyard and 3 at private facilities such as Nigerdock, lets have improved design from the private sector also. Its a great feat and very heart warming but let us not forget, the Navy cannot be burdened with the responsibility of building its own vessels, we should involve the moneybags of the private sector,create jobs,stir up local R&D and improve the local defense industry greatly.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Er gentlemen, you see why I do not do that fake ‘one Africa’ thingie? At times like this you realise how classy that chap Kyall Kelvins really is.

    When Afua Hirsch descended on the Nigerian interest, some Kinuthia chap tried to justify her exertion with talk of ‘indisciplined soldiery’.

    If this were piracy, bunkering or bad press, everyone would be over themselves with all manner of jibes, talking tripe about what they do not know ‘jot’ about.

    At every moment of salutation..Made-in-Nigeria warship, drone or APC, you won’t hear one word – not even a polite ‘good one for Africa’ from the Africa bla-bla crowd. Are too many of us Africans simply poor in spirit?

  5. beegeagle says:

    D-E-S in reply to Beegeagle

    I trust the sincerity of your perturbations…..but there’s a shadow
    of doubt cast whenever you indulge in
    censorship…I’d personally rather see
    the witness of it and draw my own
    conclusions than indulge your omnipresent summations to it….no
    disrespect intended!!!

    But I have a feeling your readership is of the same incline after all they are international. Or aren’t they!!?

  6. beegeagle says:

    That is a pretty poor excuse for glossing over that. If you cannot applaud the product, you can at least applaud the effort.

    This ship was commissioned June 1st. It has undertaken dozens of patrol missions

    It has sailed over 350 nautical miles to the Niger Delta from Lagos for Exercise Farauta this November. You have to board the ship before you can say ‘good effort?’ Not good enough, mate. Say something else.

    What do you mean censorship? To allow people who see a thread on the Nigerian Armed Forces and still post unrelated videos on it even when the one earmarked the content are left fallow? What is the big idea – to derail the thread or just measuring whistles?

    Even if you think the APC has not been hit by landmines, the aesthetics are such as to also elicit a ‘looks nice’. Ahh..mama Africa.

    Internationals – are they not? Come on, I have posted weblinks from the “Sentinel” published by WestPoint here. You saw Beegeagle’s Blog in the footnotes. ‘Global Security’, ‘Afrique Defense’, among others have hyperlinks pointing here. You were here when ‘Before Its News’ wrote from the USA asking to carry our feed! You were here when the African expeditionary legend, Eeben Barlow, came here and fielded questions. You were here when Twitter banned and unbanned us. Is the international span of our readership suddenly in doubt?

    Anyway, if the Britons and Americans are not saying anything here, it could be that they make cruisers and as such are understandably calm. That is scarcely the case with most of my African brethren!

    In a Black Africa which the world likes to see as hapless and dead ended, one of our nations is striving to put Black Africa on the technological map by undertaking the business of producing a patrol ship, a drone and an APC.

    Ordinarily, one would think that everyone who is a pan-Africanist at heart would recognise the significance of that. Perhaps I am hoping for too much?

    Not too long ago, Doziex said something about too many of us in Africa having the ‘crabs in a barrel’ mentality whereby the crabs expend so much energy pulling each other down such that none ends up emerging from that barrel. Perhaps if one had been allowed to crawl out, two more would follow and then, with an abundance of helping hands, everyone of them would crawl out of the barrel.Sounds like gospel truth to me.

    We cannot eternally revel in problems and woes as the basis of our common identity. When an African country lights a torch, let those who are Africans at heart also be magnanimous enough to say ‘kudos’ to one of their own.

  7. beegeagle says:

    D-E-S| In reply to beegeagle.

    [Quote]”What do you mean censorship? To allow people who see a thread on the Nigerian Armed Forces and still post unrelated videos on it even when the one earmarked the content are left fallow? What is the big idea – to derail the thread or just measuring whistles?”…[End quote]

    But to allow absence of it and expect
    Africa to sing praise of what’s lucking
    of you is tantamount to emotional
    blackmail by inference, would that be a rational statement?!!….

  8. beegeagle says:

    Okay, KDF Aviation videos cannot fit into the hundreds of Kenya-related threads here? The objective of exchanging information can only be accomplished by mixing apples and oranges? Of all the KDF threads here, in how many have you found me posting Nigerian military photos or videos…even as moderator? Why then do you insist on derailing threads from their predetermined paths?

    I am trying to understand why those cannot fit into KDF-related threads instead, staving off prospects of disarrayed content in threads? You are the one who always insists on putting stuff where they do not belong for reasons best known to you.

    What has a KDF Air Cavalry thread got to do in a Nigerian Army Special Forces thread, even with dozens of threads centred on KDF Z-9WA and MD500 Defender helicopters? What is the gameplan?

    This was the video which you INSISTED for reasons best known to you, on posting in a Nigerian Army Special Forces thread WHEREAS it has a natural home…HERE?

    Does it take rocket science to see that you perhaps, left alone, you would set things off in disarray since you always insist on putting things in the wrong place?

    Then when you do not get things laid out in the unworkable manner which you seek, you toss in the line of censorship in what amounts to the real fit of emotional blackmail?

    Remind me, what did that video have to do with NA Special Forces whereas you have a Kenyan thread containing the screengrab of that SAME video here and you left it lying fallow?

  9. anas says:

    Can this ship carry anti ship missile cos anti ship is veri critical

  10. Henry says:

    Sorry oga beeg, no pun intended. Let me ask. Have we in nigeria not been pan-africanist enough? Even before we gained independence in 1960, look at tafawa belewa, ZIK, murtala muhammed, obasanjo( military & civilian), shagari et al. Where has pan africanism left us? Have we reached the lofty heights…..hahaha I laugh. Lives lost, over 15 billion dollars spent, free fuel and gas to our supposed african brothers. I cannot say that pan africanism is dead, because in my book it never even existed.

    We require a radical paradigm shift, a complete overhaul, review of our foreign policy as it regards our dealings with the rest of africa, Esp. Sub-saharan africa. That “na our african brother thing doesn’t work”, it never worked to start with. it is only when they’ve turned their countries upside down, you’d see them running helter skelter to Aso rock. Good a thing president GEJ has heard our pleas, and our foreign policy is now under review. You see how we handed it to S.A during the yellow fever saga in ample fold, TIT for TAT. That there is 21st century foreign policy.

    To the seaward defence boat. She is not looking for approval or acceptance from other africans or Afua Hirsch, as long as the nigerian public is proud/ appreciates the effort of the navy or the army to be self sufficient in logistics, then they would know that their job there is done, and can proudly move to the next level/ stage or class.

    This is my humble take. Everyone is invited to join in, in the celebration. However If you choose to decline, No Sweat . Good luck.

  11. doziex says:

    Mr. D-E-S, my advice to you, if you are truly a kenyan military enthusiast, is to just quit with the head games.

    Mr. Beegeagle is too well versed, and too brilliant to fall for any “sneak attacks” , or other similar shenanigans.

    And believe me, I am not saying this, because we are on his blogsite, all you need do is to study the sum total of the work he has put out, thru this blog.

    I have said so before, i consider myself a well travelled and well read individual also versed in global geo politics, Yet my encounter with this blog, has been like a college course.

    Mr. beegeagle, knows his stuff, because it’s a life long passion, and tremendous time, education and meticulous organisation has been invested.( Not for spoilers to come and play african jingoist head games)

    So, any visiting party, should leave their agendas at the door. Foreign credentials or convoluted grammer is not going to phase any body here.

    To cut a long story short, when it becomes clear that you have no other ulterior motives, you will be granted the access afforded the rest of us.

    The issue is not one of censorship, it’s one of mission statement.

  12. Cutievik says:

    Nice one doziex,A word they say it’s enough for the wise.So Mr D-e-s for the love of Nigeria Keep your jingolism to your self.

  13. beegeagle says:

    D-E-S says in reply to Beegeagle

    Well if that tread was initiated by
    patriotic Nigerians for whatever reasons they might perceive and not in your dedicated Kenyan threads why disparage or overlook the legitimate
    response to that effect….I am not personally upset, but you clearly are
    worrying me or us. Well actually u own
    the blog …..

  14. beegeagle says:

    D-E-S, truth is, your hands have always shown their content. Your first post here was Mali-related. You were trying to advice Nigeria not to ” suffer in silence”, “bite off more than it can chew” while groaning silently by trying to shoulder the burden of the Mali expedition, asking instead that it be shifted to the AU..perhaps so that the KDF can come, knowing you.

    Next, we were discussing submarines and you even overreached yourself by categorically shooting down the idea for no reason other than the fact that your own Navy have no such plans. Same crabs in a barrel, jingoistic mindset.


    – You are always on every thread trying to teach the Nigerian military how it should be done while conveniently feigning ignorance when anything salutory crops up..such as this one. Yet you never cease to hide behind “pan Africanism” to conveniently advance your own agenda as you see fit. See how you were so busy typing that you did not notice this, nor the APC, nor the drones which went before? But you never miss one which has to do with piracy, bunkering or allegations of rights abuses?

    – can you show me ONE thread where, as a contributor, you have said “well done?” I have seen Peccavi, a British soldier, applaud the turnout of Nigerian special forces, training photos, paratroopers etc even as his own army have stuff as good or most likely, even better.

    Assuming that as a Kenyan, you also have better 🙂 and are unimpressed, it still does not prevent you from saying ‘kudos’ in like manner, on a blog where we have applauded the KDF over matters in which we have too much experience in Nigeria – foreign deployment, CTCOIN, amphibious landing, helicopter+jet-assisted ground attack/close air support, naval blockades etc, to be salutory to any Africans.

    Unfortunately, you imagine that validation would up the stocks of the Nigerian military or pass you off as being awed. So the “crabs in a barrel” paradigm suffices and sneak attacks persist.

    – You would line up behind a self-rejected Reuters video because it rubs off negatively on Nigeria but would not say, “glad it aint so” when Reuters admitted that they erred. You sought to hold the Army PRO to account with a barrage of questions but when he literarily blew the story apart by saying that only Guards Brigade personnel dress that way and they are marooned in and around Abuja, 550 miles away from Maiduguri, we did not hear your expression of relief in a matter which you were seemingly so passionate about.

    – when reprieve comes from the ICC saying ‘no evidence’, nada from you. So we chide the BBC for selective amnesia and you are all so defensive in a way which suggests that you are more comfortable with aspersions being cast on the image of the Nigerian Army.

    – Nigeria are training special forces for Africa’s second worst basket case..the CAR. African solidarity. I did not hear you applaud that, knowing how much of a pan-Africanist you are.

    Sustain, buddy. We are equal to the task. Let us hope that you do not have tender nerves..just in case we toe your ‘run-them-down’ style cos your guys are highly sensitive and thrive on props ALONE.

    @Doziex, all that for me? Humbled, bro.

  15. beegeagle says:

    In closing, what I see of your offering and style here suggests that you take validation of another country’s military forces as being tantamount to accepting that they are better than your own forces. So you would rather carry on in a manner which says “big deal?”. That is quite a negatively jingoistic outlook on issues

    When we spotlight African armies here, it is not nearly because we are ‘wowed’ in any way. Certainly, I have never seen any special forces in Black Africa, south of the Sahara and north of the Limpopo who look remotely like they can be shoeshine boys for the Nigerian Navy SBS. Neither can they match their experience profile as of today. I welcome photos for perusal.

    When we heard about amphibious landings in September 2012 elsewhere in Africa, it was coming FORTY FIVE years after the Nigerian military executed the first amphibious landings by a Third World military. Get to Global Security and confirm. Still we applauded because it is another step forward for African military capability. That is pan-Africanism. Sadly, too many Africans think that the only way up is to pull everyone else, down.

    So when we focus on African armies here, we are merely celebrating Africa in deed, not mouthing off about pan-Africanism. We are not Malawi trying to learn any new tricks from any African country..certainly not amphibious landings which we first executed 45 years ago, at home and have replicated here at home and 2,000km+five/six republics distant from our shores several times since 1990.

    Fellow Africans would sooner do the exact opposite – RUN DOWN or feign ignorance unless it sets up their country as primus-inter-pares.

    That was why I said too many Africans are just TOO poor in spirit.

  16. beegeagle says:

    D-E-S in reply to Beegeagle

    My apologies for whatever ills anybody
    perceives my motives are…But then I
    have always been shy to partake in
    issues or subjects I am uninformed, ill-
    versed or oblivious to, but believe me I
    read and learn

    Perhaps I’ve been slow or (misrepresented) at giving credit
    where it’s due, but only me and you will
    know which is which and the sincerity
    of our actions and reactions…

    But you can never claim that my intent or contributions on here have ever disrespected or inferred disparage to
    Nigeria as a nation. Yes I have asked
    what I believed was impertinent
    questions here and there, and to affix
    that to an act of disparage in my
    opinion is not a very sociable act.

    I pride myself in rational objectivity (or
    at least I try or perceive that I do) and
    would be crazy to oversell Kenya with
    all her faults and struggles so evident
    to all. I answer my share of questions
    in regards to Kenya’s shortcomings as reasonably and rationally as I can
    understand and observe, after all I am
    not a Kenyan government spokesman/

    Know this I respect you and what you have started here and I hardly doubt that will change. Nigeria has her significant place in Africa and only she
    can determine that and choose her
    path to Pan Africanism, if it were left
    to us we’d disown it whenever our
    sensibilities were questioned, that is
    not strategic reasoning….

    Thank you for the opportunities you offer me, I appreciate that…but it’s hard to believe that I am the only Kenyan or South African or any other African else, that has anything to contribute to all the
    Kenyan, South African or other country related African threads that you start
    on here….just wondering!!!


  17. beegeagle says:

    Let us say that the fact of editing a blog so busy also goes with a near-pyschic capacity to decipher those who are here to do business and those who just come around for rabble rousing and to measure whistles.

    Let us add that it boils down to maturity or lack of it. Eeben Barlow HELD COURT here and everyone felt the difference. He was here to educate and is too mature for those mind games and sneak attacks which too many other Africans effortlessly make a stock-in trade of. He is a South African. He has full posting rights, having come to equity with clean hands.

    THE UGANDAN is another one. So is Kyall Kelvins, a Kenyan. Danooz MKenya and yourself, posting through filters, are Kenyans as well.

    If you see the content which hits my wall, you would know why we cannot run a free-for-all here…desperate lies, bare-faced insults steeped in jingoism, baiting and all that which would only serve as a distraction and quickly see the dissipation of negative energy and insults becoming the mainstay activity here. I shall not allow that to happen because the PRIMARY focus of this blog is Nigeria FIRST and Africa, second. The effort should be telling a balanced and factual story – backed up with photos, news stories and data. I cannot deviate from that to wallow in silly games of “my-country-is-better-than-yours” (even when the claimant is telling fibs) since that would have everyone here up in arms against ‘foreign aggression’, leaving precious little time for the intellectual rigour and spot-on analysis which we cherish.

    Here is an example of what someone has on my wall because I said POINTEDLY (because I have blog followers who monitor stuff such as that for the biggest global players and we talk backstage), that Kenya own no F15s. All that they have on offer are insults, which if I posted and replied to, we shall shut down for the day while people such as yourself would feel alienated on account of the feedback which you are bound to read.

    You saw what Afua Hirsch has gone through here for her sneak attack ..sadly, it is typically ‘other African’ . Well, that is not the kind of showdown which we can risk everyday(some people were still shouting Afua down month after!). So our African brethren are quick to poke fingers in Nigerian eyes and if unchecked, this blog would be terminally derailed.

    It is a BLOG..not a forum, so everyone cannot fathomably hope to dump their agro here. There are many mass membership forums out there which have lost their bearing on account of expletives and polemics.

    Anyway, here is what one Kenyan hoped to dump on me because I said “F15s..tale of the century”. In any case, where would it be said that the tale about Kenyan F15s and Rafale jets was read on Beegeagle’s Blog, given our hard-won reputation for precision and credibility? Is this a mardigras of fiction writers?

    Take note of the cascade of myths

    READ(from my wall)

    OBAMA(Fred Awot) says

    ” Kenya acquired 8F~ 15e fighter jets
    from Israel which have been delivered
    to Laikipia airbase,they also acquired
    Rafale jets that were used to bomb
    Gadaffi which are stored at the 50th Air
    Cavarlry division of the Kenya Army at Embakassi. Embakasi also houses
    Mi~28, Kamov 50, and the chinese night
    hunter. The 11m inflatable boats that
    were used in the beach landing are
    only used in Kenya in the entire Africa
    soil together with the MD 500 attack choppers so why the hulabaloo on
    whether the US will never sell the F~15
    to Kenya which had been sold long ago
    while u make desperate noise simply
    because you think that u r the best in

    U belong to the dustbin of Africa,there is nothing good in Nigeria for sure. IBM giant of American companies an IT firm chose Kenya instead of Nigeria,rem Kenya also houses UNEP headquarters. What do you have or is it that you are loud,nonsense ”


    What response would that have elicited from Nigerians? Obviously, the chap is a liar and an uncouth. He brings nothing but trouble to the board and cannot be a member here. Posting here should be a privilege, not a right.

    Nowhere did I say that Nigeria are the best in Africa. If I had taken the pains to respond to that colonial serf, even you would be sad.

    See him yapping about IBM investment in Kenya like the true bottom feeder while Kenya Lotto issue cheques of Nigeria’s United Bank of Africa to its winners while Alhaji Dangote, a worthy Nigerian and Africa’s richest man has spread his investments across sub-Saharan Africa, from Senegal to Ethiopia, DR Congo to Zambia.

    Nigeria might not have anything but Africa’s richest man and woman are Nigerians. In the list of FORTY RICHEST AFRICANS, 11 were Nigerians, 12 were South Africans, eight were Egyptians and five, Moroccans. I did not see any Kenyan there. Nigerians are investing in Africa, an African is gloating about American investment in Kenya.

    Yet, the bloody African know nothing wants to measure economic muscle with a Nigeria whose GDP is triple that of the five East African nations combined?

    I digress. If we home in on some of the irritants who come by here, I am sure that everyone shall be sad, so sometimes we just let them dribble saliva on the wall. They do not meet the lofty standards which we set for ourselves because they simply sound too low for zero.

    Nigerian Navy Special Forces commandos prepare to board NNS Burutu during a sea training exercise with US servicemen in the Gulf of Guinea, 13 February 2010 PHOTO CREDIT:AP

    That is the 11 metre RHIB way back 2010 in Nigeria which that Kenyan jingoist says are the only one of its kind in Africa. Welcome to yesterday

    Now you know why some of these poorly grounded, high decibel Africans are fated to keep scrawling on our wall and no more

    • jimmy says:

      I DON TIRE O!
      side topic OGA BEEGEAGLE did we get any confirmation on the ivorian story involving 400 commandos? was this ever confirmed?
      Confirmed was GBAGBO refusing to take a phone call from GEJ AND OBAMA, BOY that was one hell of two phone calls to decline

  18. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, I see a 20mm cannon fore, a .50 cal aft and we have previously seen two GPMGs near the mast where those seamen are clustered.

    I think we are beginning to have a clear idea of the panoply of armaments.

    @Oga Anas. I really do not know if this ship was constructed with an organic missile-carrying capacity. Again, it was cloned from the 31m Abeking and Rasmussen class of CPCs to which NNS Argungu and NNS Yola belong. Those are not missile carrying vessels.

    However, they are large enough to carry missiles. Egypt own some smaller 27 m missile craft while Taiwan operated 20 m missile craft cloned from the Israeli Dabur class.

    It can be done..if that is what you are thinking. Ditto the 24m Shaldag and OCEA FPB 72 patrol craft.

    However, I would like to see a dedicated flotilla of missile craft based on the 32 metre OCEA patrol craft. The Navy are getting one unit through the Nigerian Ports Authority’s magnanimity.

    Concerning CPCs, in 2012, the NN acquired three 24m Shaldag FPCs and three 24m OCEA FPB 72s and one 32 m OCEA FPB add to this 31m craft, NNS Andoni.

    They are expecting six other CPCs this year which nobody knows how or when they were acquired but are being refurbished by TP Marine of Holland.

    NIMASA are bringing three Offshore Support Vessels to the fleet, intended for monitoring offshore loading of crude oil and twenty units of armoured patrol boats.

    Add to that two Chinese-built 1800 ton ships and four naval helicopters. It has been the best year for the Navy since the glorious 1980-82 epoch.

    The FG can still do more. We thank them…’at all, at all na im bad pass’
    We shall be watching out for brighter days ahead – putting pen to paper for the FOUR Pipavav light frigates. Watch and pray, gentlemen. “Siddon look na dog name” 🙂

  19. beegeagle says:

    @Jimmy. We never got confirmation from our own people.

    At first, I wondered if it boiled down to paranoia on account of Nigeria’s past military expeditions in LBR and SLR or the political somersaults exacted from those who grabbed power in Togo, Guinea Bissau and Sao Tome.

    But you must bear in mind that the NAF once stationed Alpha Jets in Cote d’Ivoire in support of Gbagbo and against the New Forces rebels in the north. That was nearly a decade earlier.

    But the 400 commandos story has stuck and curiously, the countries which were supposedly on the same side as we were during the CIV crisis, namely Burkina Faso and Senegal are right now our partners in the ECOMIB peacekeeping effort in Guinea Bissau. Curious but true.

    By the same token, a country like Ghana which opposed military action against the Gbagbo regime and were on the ‘other side’, have not sent troops or cops for the ECOMIB.

    Hopefully and in the months to come, this grey area of Nigerian military history shall be cleared up. We have our eyes on that ball.

  20. anas says:

    March on oga beeg don’t mind these our so called african brothers they are nt worth the stress they simply hate anything that is nigerian bt God pass them hopefully our SU 30 fighters wil soon arrive let us see wat they will do about it useless bad belle pple and for that kenyan guy let me inform him that their so calld KDF is no way near d class of nig armed forces the. Kenyan airforce flies second hand[tokunbo] F5 jets whic the jordanian airforce dashed them don’t mind them oga beeg nigerians r proud of u MARCH ON!

  21. Deway says:

    The conversations above remind me of a comment I saw in an online West African newspaper sometime ago (I don’t read French). The topic was on Africa’s space program and those making what we can call significant strides within the African context. The writer gave kudos to Nigeria and other African countries that were involved (South Africa, Algeria etc…). He tried comparing to his country’s nascent program and concluded that they still had a long way to go if they were to come near any of the above mentioned countries.
    So I proceeded as usual to read comments and one of them wrote (if I remember correctly), we will catch up with Nigeria and overtake them soon. I thought to myself, what was the reason for this line of thought??? Was it the usual anti-nigerianism? Why didn’t he/she compare their own program with those of other countries? Why Nigeria? Well he/she was entitled to his/her opinion, abi, no be so?! Our space program was based on a need and not borne out of competition with any other country whether from the West, East, North or Southern part of Africa. It’s too significant a cost to be for trivial matters.
    Nigeria/Nigerians may be many things but one thing we certainly don’t engage in with our fellow African “brethren” is the pull down syndrome. When Peccavi posted a link to a Kenyan military video, we applauded the operation wholeheartedly and looked to our military to have the same kind of media coverage for their operations or training exercises. We applaud Kenyan military exploits in Somalia, that said, we also applaud many times over the giant strides (one step at a time) Nigeria has made/is making in space technology, design and production of its own military hardware: an APC, more coming in 2013; Seaward Defence Boat, another coming in 2013; UAVs; bulletproof vests; night vision goggles, working on rocket launch capability; local refit of naval platforms; etc…. You can choose the one you want and say: good job Nigeria!
    Na wen I enter yankee I see say Africa no be one at all at all. As per naija levels dem go beef u die especially those 2 black countries wey dey follow us yan english. I sabi dem well well.
    Oga Beeg carry on, nothing do you.

  22. Wocon45 says:

    That awkward moment when you are reminded again that your country must be special……he..he..he..he.. Considering all the bitching going around ….I no say we no get light, no good road, plus every Naija guy na 419′, plus dem dey always try humiliate you at every immigration post …..brethren if u leave out side the home land ehhhh u go no say list de list no be small one . But …..monkey no fine sha , em mama like am. Proudly Nigerian any day any time……if any body no like am, make dem go hug step down transformer.

  23. Wocon45 says:

    @ oga beeg for lack of words, I remove/ commot my cap for you . Ekujo meta sir! Nothing do u. Hope our footsteps cross one of these days. You blog has made a countless number of us proud Nigerians/Africans. Don’t know how u feel about this, I think there should once in a while “beegeagle’s exclusive’s” where all the back end trash those guys are posting are brought to light like that OBAMA (Fred Awot) guy so that……..emmm we can give them appropriate responses.

  24. Spirit says:

    Fellow Nigerians’

    “The elephant is wondering why all the animals in the forest hate him, didnt he look at the mirror?
    Even if the King na hunchback, everybody must still prostrate for am”.
    Naija for life,Nigeria we hail thee.

    I am not suprised one bit about all these BAD-BELLEING of Naija. I don sabi am tete say them no like us. From Cairo to Cape Town, from Dakar to Addis Ababa.

    Girl wey fine, na im fault?

    Na our fault say God bless us with abundant human and natural resources? if na some countries wey get 1/4 of wetin we get, them for don annex Benin, Togo, Sao tome etc. Instead Naija will rather give her land to another country instead of fighting, we would rather give food to our neighbours and go to bed hungry, we would rather give our water, clothe to the needy and go naked. Inspite of all these magnanimity, na arrows our african brothers dey shoot to us.

    Will it make sense for Honduras to try to pull Brazil down? or Afganistan to slander Russia (untapped resources in Siberia alone is enough)? Laos to compare itself with China?. Califonia, a state in the USA is the world 8th largest economy while Nigeria is 38th. So what sense will there be in Nigeria trying to run the USA down?

    The economy of Lagos state alone is more than those of some African countries.

    Nigeria has always been overly carefull, protective etc towards her african brothers. We are not a belligerent nation. So, I advise our brothers all over Africa to take it easy with us.


    God bless Nigeria, God bless Africa.

  25. Henry says:

    I have said this so many times, I even called into NTA tuesday live, when they had the minister of foreign affairs as a guest on the programme sometime back. My message to him was short, simple and clear “nigeria has to stop her freebies to other african nations”. We cannot continue to assist these nations while they remain ungrateful with our assistance. After all, we got our own problems to solve.

    Like a fellow blogger has said, OGA beeg, should release some of these posts, so that we can give the F******, an adequate response in like kind. We cannot continue to play the civility role, or let us be civil about it, while other africans take an un informed swipe at us. We have sat, watched and done nothing for far too long. I just like the the way nigeria replied south africa over yellow fever card, when they deported 195 nigerians, nigeria replied by deporting 245 south african. Let everybody know we are not anymore going to take any nonsense from them. That is why I have always kicked against/ said that pan africanism or ecowas integration is a farce.

  26. gbash10 says:

    @Henry i still de laugh o! U know sei Oga Beeg no go release those posts wei some yeye persons write,that Ghanain girl know wetin we tell her here.
    God bless Nigeria!

  27. johnbest1 says:

    America was a peace loving country during the beginning of the world war 2 and its people didnt wanna incolve themselves in a world war like world war 1,but with the bombing and destruction of pearl harbour and its pacific fleet,the american’s came back with a vengance,building and modernising warships,in a matter of months they had rebuilt their pacific fleet and became a world power,and this my friends is wat i believe would knock some sence into the heads of the people of nigeria.only when we see something harsh and disasterous would we finally rise to the occasion and take our role as an african superpower(world power).i just pray we rise soon or what the americans experiences would soon be our cup of tea without planning for the future.

  28. johnbest1 says:

    Anyway am glad nigeria is finally stepping up 2 the plate,if its funds that they are lacking then might i make a suggestion,they should open an account where nigerians can make ananimous donations to help in procurement and refurbishing/R and D.and i am sure millions of nigerians would help,if 1/3 of nigerians donate 1 naira each,that would be over 50million naira which would go a long sure every blogger on beegeagle’s blog would donate,abi i dey lie??

  29. johnbest1 says:

    Anyway am glad nigeria is finally stepping up 2 the plate,if its funds that they are lacking then might i make a suggestion,they should open an account where nigerians can make ananimous donations to help in procurement and refurbishing/R and D.and i am sure millions of nigerians would help,if 1/3 of nigerians donate 1 naira each,that would be over 50million naira which would go a long sure every blogger on beegeagle’s blog would donate,abi i dey lie??i know i would.

  30. Deway says:

    Can’t stop looking at this boat. Yes, I know it’s nothing like a frigate or a battleship but there’s something about it I love, guess the feeling stems from the fact that its proudly made in Nigeria!

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