Nigerian ECOMOG troop reinforcements disembark from a NAF C130 at Lungi, Sierra Leone, 28 May 1997

Nigerian ECOMOG troop reinforcements disembark from a NAF C130 at Lungi, Sierra Leone, 28 May 1997

November 30, 2012

The Air Force has ordered for nine helicopters from Russia to strengthen air surveillance, Air Marshal Alexander Badeh has said.

Badeh, who spoke at the NAF Public Relations and Information Workshop in Abuja yesterday, said the Air Force is fixing three C-130 aircraft in its fleet. According to him, the three aircraft would be ready by February and added to the ones on the ground for enhanced

The Air Chief said the NAF is training over 130 personnel in counter terrorism. Badeh, who emphasised the advantage of air surveillance in the fight against terrorism,added that there are plans by
the Air Force to assume total control of the nation’s borders.

He pleaded with the public to alert security agencies to information that could lead to the arrest of terrorists. Badeh said without information from the citizenry, it would be difficult for security agencies to win the fight.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    More like it. Kudos, sir. This is the kind of news which we love to hear ALL THE TIME.

    So what we know already is that bids were received on account of the supply of six Mi-171Sh Terminator assault helicopters – which has the curbed heat signature which we see on the Mi-28 and Mi-35M(Brazil own some of those), features the carrying capacity of the enlarged Mi-17(Mi-171) and carries the firepower of a Hind attack helicopter ALL at once.

    As for the rest 3 units of helicopters, depending on whether the emphasis is on combat assets or airlift, those could either be Mi-35s or Mi-17-V5s.

    Well done FG. This is the most significant haul of combat helicopters which we have seen since the 2000-2003 epoch when the NAF received six Mi-35P, twelve Mi-34 Hermit and four Mi-171Sh Terminator helicopters.

    Given the plan for a MiL helicopter maintenance facility in Nigeria, in conjunction with BVST of Belarus who already undertake maintenance in conjunction with NAF technicians at the facilities of 97 Special Operations Group in PHC, these should serve us well.

    The NAF took delivery of four Super Puma helicopters from France last year and in March this year, two of her crated and sparingly used units of Super Puma which had been in storage since 1997, were upgraded by Eurocopter Romania and returned to service. Two other units from that stock are also undergoing upgrades in Romania.

    Most gratifying also is the fact that a third of the C130/C130-H30 Hercules planes, most of which are said not to have clocked more than 5,000 flight hours and as such are next to new, shall be airborne again in three months.

    All of these point to stern preparations for the Air Mobility Command which was revived in a new incarnation in 2011. Way back in 1988, the NAF created a Military Airlift Command with HQ at Ibadan and with a large fleet of assets including 9 C130s, five G222s, fifteen Dornier 228s, some Dornier Do 128-6s and about twelve Puma/Super helicopters.

    In the wake of the toll exacted on these assets by Western sanctions, the Military Airlift Command had most of her assets grounded and it was redesignated the 88 Military Airlift Group.

    Then in 2011, the Military Airlift Command reincarnated as the new Air Mobility Command but this time with HQ at Yenagoa in the Niger Delta.

    At this rate and within the next twelve months, we should see an AMC with six C130/C130-H30, six G222, ten Mi-171Sh, eight Super Puma, twelve Dornier Do 228, among others.

    Enough of token gestures. Now we have taken a bold and meaningful step forward. Well done, FG.

    Remember to add, as you reach for JF-17 Thunder jets, eight factory-upgraded Su-27s for strategic defence. Two Su-27s backed up by pairs of JF17 Thunder and F7 AirGuard(six in all) need to be stationed at MDGR, CAL, LAGOS and SOK. Then, we would be ready to attack and defend in-depth.

    Certainly, the 4,000km radius of the Su-27 is too compelling for that jet to be ignored. We can pick up eight surplus units for US$120m.

    Mek una tink am o.

  2. Henry says:

    Nice one by the airforce, we can only go up & continue to grow our fleet.

  3. Spirit says:

    This is one great news from the authority of NAF. More power to their elbows. At last the Hercules will do what they were made to do, ‘bear burdens’.

    I would have preffered a situation in which these very expensive beasts (Hercules and G222s) are based in two different locations (kind of not putting our very expensive eggs in one basket); one in the North and another in the South so as to increase survivability against cruise missiles (AGMs, LAMs or SLAMs) like Tomahawks,Delilah etc.

    Those birds are very expensive.

    Also, its a wellcoming news that our Rapid deployment capability is getting a boost. Its always better to bring the force to bear faster. A situation where BH will be attacking a prison for up to 2 hours while JSTF is still meandering its way through traffic logjams will no longer arise.

    BH, repent for thy judgement cometh.

    The Beeg One, this is off-topic sir, I learnt the Commandant of Jaji has been redeployed. Is it true?

  4. gbash10 says:

    This is good news from the NAF,VICTORY FROM THE WINGS!

  5. peccavi says:

    Interesting. Good one, specifics when they are through will be nice

  6. Nice one. I think the acquisition of the jets should be done like yesterday. No time for time wasting. These acquisitions should be coming in quarterly…we have a lot to protect in this country so military might is a neccesity not a want. FG kindly source other means of fjnancing these as budgets alone wouldnt be enough..kudos sha..una try small

  7. gbash10 says:

    The new model of the C-130(C-130J-30) is very expensive i.e usd $175 million per unit compare to the An-124-100M-150 Condor heavy-lift transport plane with a price tag of usd$150-160 million each.
    This big bird set a world record on May 1987,by covering the distance of 20,151km(10,881nMi) without refuelling,the flight took 25 hours and 30minutes,while the take-off weight was 455,000kg.
    Again in July 1985, an An-124 carried 171,219kg(377,473lb) of cargo to an altitude of 2000m and 17,000kg to an altitude of 10,750m(35,270ft).
    Before the 2003 general election,it was an An-120 that flew the electoral materials from England to Abuja,similarly,the NTA OB mobile stations where air-lifted to for maintenance in the UK and back to Nigeria by an An-124 plane.This big bird is manufactured in Ukraine.
    Alternatively,the FG could acquire more C-27J Spartan medium-lift planes or An-7O transport plane with a price tag of usd $67 million per plane.
    The Mi-171 Terminator is a very good chopper,because of its multirole-can be used in the transport as well as the attacking role.
    Well done to the NAF and the FG,we are far from reaching our combat and operation readiness,more need to be done!

  8. tim says:

    of cargo to an altitude of 2000m. Or did you mean 20,000m. 2000m is 2km , and 20,000m is 20km…… Even choppers do 2000m easy…… Maybe a reference to where you got this info will do we readers some good, oga gbash

  9. Max Montero says:

    nice news for Nigeria, keep it up!


  10. doziex says:

    We need more units though. I hope these 9 choppers are the 1st batch of more to come. But with our secretive country, we will never know the plan.

    Having several of the special ops battalions, or commando battalions, be paratroop capable and heliborne units ala the US 101 air assault division.( The screaming eagles) would be very desirable.

    We saw heliborne nigerian commandos in action, in liberia in 2003. Albeit with UN mi-17s and mi-26 transport choppers, flying in from sierra leone into liberia, to save the day.

    Nigeria would have gotten much more respect if the choppers were NAF flown.

    We can easily afford 120 MI-17v5s, MI-171SHs and more MI-24v/35Ms.

  11. beegeagle says:

    Elsewhere, we mentioned the fact of the Nigerian Air Force Regiment having so companies of special operations forces. The 130-man contingent undergoing CT training could be an attempt at creating another company-sized special warfare unit within the NAF Regiment.


    “Where are the NAF Regiment, guys? They are the NAF’s own infantrymen who also have special ops companies. Why are they so invisible now?”

    end of quote

    • eyimola says:

      I am a bit confused regarding the description of helicopters to strengthen air surveillance. We all know most Helicopters are terrible surveillance platforms, which begs the question;
      are they about to buy a dedicated stealthy (relatively) helicopter, or ar they buying a gunship or troop carying helicopter in which case the remit would be patrol as against surveillance. The Kamov Ka-226 is the most likely candidate imho because it fits the patrol/surveillance profile.

  12. beegeagle says:

    🙂 Is that a headsup or are you really wondering, Eyi?

    Anyway, since 2009 only 3 helicopters have been specifically mentioned for NAF use

    – in April 2009 when the NAF had an event at Osogbo, the late President Yar’Adua announced a US$150 million grant for the acquisition of a squadron of Agusta A109 LUH helicopters and the resuscitation of a pair of C130 Hercules planes.

    – in 2010, the FG announced a revised order for four units of Eurocopter AS 332 Super Puma helicopters

    – in 2011, the outgone CAS MD Umar while commissioning a Transit Camp at the 207 SMG Calabar, announced the imminent placement of orders for Mi-171Sh Terminator helicopters. Bids for those have since been received at MoD.

    This is the FIRST TIME that I am hearing about a KA226 Hoodlum angle from anyone.

    Even with the NN, we heard about a French Presidential approval in 2010 for the delivery of four patrol ships, thirty river gunboats and a squadron of Eurocopter AS 550 Fennec helicopters.

    So are you asking or telling, my Commander?

    • eyimola says:

      I was making a serious point regarding the utilisation of non specialised platforms for surveillance.

      Russian Helicopter that is not a troop carrier or gunship = KA26 (Hoodlum) or KA 226 (Sergei) . I can see any of the MI prefixed helos being purchased for surveillance.

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