SBS commandos emerge from the water in a RHIB

SBS commandos emerge from the water in a RHIB


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  1. Henry says:

    Nice photo.

  2. doziex says:

    Hey beeg, here is one more photo you can use to show that obviously crazy kenyan blogger that claimed they are the only operators of rigid haul inflatable boats in africa.

    Why would somebody make such a claim by the way ? The damn things are cheap enough for any african nation to own.

    I guess when one is used to bragging based on outlandish, delusional, untrue tales, they can’t help it.

  3. beegeagle says:

    For the troll at the window scribbling on our wall, if you want to know, the JMSTC is a DHQ-level training facility which is housed within the same complex as the Navy SBS. SBS do the simulation to boot, so what is strange about SBS commandos being seen in RHIBs marked JMSTC? Perhaps they are moving too fast and it is all going too well, so you are very desperate to discredit in your anguish..true African bottom feeder trying to halt an unstoppable march. The gap has become a chasm. You aint gonna catch up with us..your overriding passion which has you trying to run down or slow us down, so y’all might as well die trying.

    They work hand-in-hand, side-by-side. Even if you lack the gift of discernment, is it hard to see that these are SBS commandos? Or you know any JMSTC commandos?

    JMSTC stands for “Joint Maritime Security Training Centre”. They provide training for military services charged with maritime security – including Army Amphibious Forces. For the avoidance of doubt, the Commandant of the JMSTC is a senior officer of the Navy SBS. He was before then Training Coordinator of the SBS commandos.

    I took the photos below..right at the SBS Camp, so we do not play in that low credibility league where you are consigned to rumour mongering and fiction writing because you cannot get close enough to the subject matter in that police state of yours.

    The JMSTC and SBS also use the same jetty. The boats which you saw at the top of the page are owned by the JMSTC, most of whose instructors are SBS chaps and as such, assets are commonly fielded. So if they had emerged from a boat marked “JTF” in the Niger Delta, that would mean that they are not SBS commandos? If your country’s soldiers travel in a helicopter owned by the Airforce, would that make them airmen instead? You are quite slow on the uptake. The desperate ends which you would go to, just to drag us into your stagnant gutter. It is not like the SBS do not have their own RHIBs, NC27 Night Cat interceptors and RBS Defender boats.

    As for being a disgruntled, bellyaching foreigner masquerading as a Nigerian, I am not fooled. You came in with so much antagonism and quickly gave away your plan and identity. It is not in doubt that we have friends in the SBS but if you think I would name my sources(ref new training vistas with the UK), serving personnel to boot…just to excite you, a foreigner with no stake in this, even after I have shown you training photos with British forces, believe what you will.

    We do not do rumours here. If training with British forces is such a big deal in your hapless neck-of-the-woods, it commenced an eon ago in Nigeria and is on the cusp of going a notch higher

    2011 already – British commandos training in Nigeria with Nigerians

    So much for trolls from uneventful corners. Big deal – would it be anything more fantastic than training with US Navy Seals? Kai, some of these our African people live in the 1960s still..wowed by every little thing!

    Show me more pies in the sky. I shall clear your doubts. Meanwhile, stay right there and be clutching at straws.

  4. beegeagle says:


    Big deal. You chaps can’t be this far behind? Anyway, look out for more SBS RHIBs tomorrow or next..

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