Admiral Ola Sa'ad Ibrahim, Nigeria's Chief of Defence Staff

Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim, Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff

5 December, 2012
BY Luka Binniyat

Jama’atu Nasril Islam, JNI, Tuesday, condemned the removal of the Commandant of the Armed Forces
Command and Staff College, Jaji, near
Kaduna, Air Vice Marshal Abdullahi
Kure and the Corps Commander, Infantry Major Gen. Muhammad Isa, following the bombing of the institution last month.

A statement by JNI Secretary-General,
Dr. Khalid Aliyu in Kaduna condemning
their removal, read: “While reiterating
our condemnation of the blasts and
emphasising the need for the immediate and thorough investigations into the matter, we want to state that the immediate removal of the two officers does not speak well of the military, which was hitherto known to be careful and objective in dealing with sensitive issues of national interest.

“We cannot comprehend the use of two different approaches to addressing the same issue. Nigerians may not understand why the two Jaji officers would be removed in connection to the blasts even before any proper investigation, while no immediate posting-out followed the bombings at the First Mechanised Division (of the Nigerian Army) and the Police Headquarters, which preceded it.

“The fact that the two officers,who were swiftly removed, were Muslims, and were replaced by two officers who are non-Muslims makes any discerning
observer to be suspicious of the motives behind the whole exercise. “It is our sincere concern to which we make bold to state that any attempt at politicising the issue of security in Nigeria will not only worsen our security situation, but will also continue to polarise the military family and the entire security system along religious and ethnic divides;something that would not augur well for the future of our dear nation.

“Rash decision on serious issues of this magnitude, even before the Committee charged with the investigation of the incidents did not submit it’s report, leaves much to be desired.”


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Some of us Nigerians are quite pathetic. Why did JNI not similarly raise objections when they realised that both of these senior officers were muslims?

    Anyway, this is a tissue of lies. JNI would serve the national interest better by organising a march for peace in the North rather than heating up the polity. After all, civil society groups in the Niger Delta used to lead marches for peace at the height of the insurgency in that region.

    In any case, these redeployments were decreed by Admiral Ibrahim, Chief of Defence Staff, a muslim who also happens to come from Kwara State in northern Nigeria. That needs to be stated since JNI typically xray all promotions, appointments and redployments with an ethnoregionally and religiously tainted crystal ball.

    Again, the Secretary General lied. The botched attack on 1 Mechanised Div HQ which terminated at the gate area, happened on February 6th, 2012

    In a matter of days, the GOC was redeployed. The Christian Association of Nigeria did not protest Shoboiki’s removal.

    A similar thing has played out here with the redeployment of these Jaji brasshats, days after the suicide attacks. JNI should set aside these divisive and opportunistic proclivities and allow military discipline to run its course. JNI are the ones who are always dividing Nigerians along religious lines with the endless use of polemics. They need to quit this odious style. Like I said earlier on, did CAN issue a divisive statement such as this when Shoboiki was removed?

    • eyimola says:

      Clearly they dont understand the implications of a muslim suicide bomber targeting christian military officers. This attack is different from all the previous ones, because its major aim was to polarise the military. JNI is a terrorist organisation anyway.

    • Originalpato says:

      You forgot to add that the NSA is a prince from the Hard Core North too.

  2. triqqah says:

    It baffles me to think that somebody somewhere still assume that favouritism, nepotism and religious standing are the deciding factors in removing and placing a government official. Please this is not 1980s. This shows lack of faith in Government decisions with an underlying tone of attempting to cause division and civil unrest by provocation. This is Nigeria and a Nigerian was selected SIMPLE.

  3. peccavi says:

    Please can you post their response to the bombing itself.
    Or does it not exist?
    Unpatriotic, worthless goats

    • beegeagle says:

      Response dey? These guys are only interested in polarising the country along North-South, Christian-Muslim lines and then, they would seek to make political capital therefrom.

      Church groups and civil society groups used to demonstrate and light candles for peace to return to the Niger Delta. Have JNI ever thought about doing that in a comparatively safe Abuja, never mind in more volatile cities such as Jos, Kano and Maiduguri.

      @Eyimola. Oga, ask me if that is not the real risk which ought to have stirred JNI into action, instead of them spending so much time on talking hogwash? The attack on christian MILITARY officers by muslim terrorists could have easily triggered off reprisals against muslim civilians at Jaji! Do JNI not realise that it represented the clear and present danger in the event?

  4. jimmy says:

    It is amazing in every civilized nation when A BOMBING OCCURS IN SUCH a sensitive area. regardless of whether a pagan ,christian ,or Muslim is in charge. In order to avoid any doubt of conflict of interest the senior MUST BE REMOVED because ultimate responsibility rests with the most senior officer.
    JNI SHOULD BE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT HOW MANY MUSLIMS/CHRISTAINS / Nigerians BOKO HARAM murders every sunday / everyday of the week . than to worry about senior military officers who were redeployed. THIS TO QUOTE a fellow blogger is not 1960/70/80/90 it is 2012.
    .And since this crisis has begun boko haram has succeeded in killing more Muslims than anyone else.

    • beegeagle says:

      I won’t be surprised to learn that some of these guys are terrorists.

      During the 1992 Zangon-Kataf crisis between Hausa-Fulani muslim settlers and Kataf christians in the south of Kaduna State, this was how the FMG was goaded by this same divisive JNI and by people such as Datti Ahmed into instituting a slanted judicial process which made a scapegoat of christians such as Zamani Lekwot.

      Even when espirit de corps took hold and the planned judicial murder was aborted, Datti Ahmed, that same well-read clown who is famous for very divisive rhetoric, was all over himself clamouring for the judicial murder of the convenient scapegoats. Same Datti who had temerity to present himself for the presidential primaries of a multireligious Nigeria in 1992. Thank God he failed. He surely would have made a consummately chauvinistic and divisive leader who would have plunged this country into a religious war.

      In effect, the Kataf who defended themselves very stoutly in that conflict, had to pay for having exacted such a heavy toll on their ‘overlords’

      Today, that same Datti Ahmed is said to be the person most respected by Boko Haram. “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

  5. beegeagle says:

    By the way, you might want to create the wrong impression created by the report because Jamaatu Nasril Islam is actually the insular umbrella body of NORTHERN MUSLIMS whereas the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs is the umbrella body for all NIGERIAN MUSLIMS

    In effect, JNI are no different from any other ethnoregional conclave, albeit one with a religious slant to its famously divisive efforts at lobbying. To my mind, JNI are the ‘all muslim’ equivalent of the pan-northern Arewa Consultative Forum. That explains why JNI are up in arms on account of two senior officers who are muslim northerners.

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