Length: 134m

Beam: 16m.

Draft: 6m

Displacement (Full): 4,000 ton

Propulsion: – MAN Diesel SA 16 PA6V-280 STC diesel engines, 2 shafts – 4,720kW (6,330hp) each.

– 18,880kW (25,320hp) total

Speed: 30+ knots

Range:6,500 nautical miles(18 knots)est.

Crew: 250 est.

Helicopter(s): 1 KA-27 or Harbin Z-9EC

ASW Sensors:

– Fregat-MAE-5 (Top Plate) 3D radar,
120km aircraft, 50km sea-skimming

– MR90 (Front Dome) F-band radars for air defence missiles

– Mineral-ME (Band Stand) radar, ASM
missile control & OTH targeting

– Type 347G I-band radars, two for Type
730 CIWS & 1 or 76mm gun

– TR47C fire-control radar integrated in
Type 730 CIWS

– MR36 (Type 346) surface search radar

– Type MGK-335 fixed sonar, Bull Horn active & Whale Tongue passive


– 1 x 32 VLS 9M38/HQ-16 MR AAM

– 8 x YJ-83 (C803) SSM

– 1 x 76mm DP Gun

– 2 x Type 730 30mm CIWS, 5800 rpm,
3000 m

– 6 x 533mm torpedoes

– 2 x Type 87 240mm, 6 tube anti-sub
rocket launchers. 36 rockets 1,200m

The Type 054A is equipped with 32 vertically launched HHQ-16 surface to air missiles for local area defense and 8 C-803 anti-ship cruise missiles.

The Type 054A was designed primarily for air defence role, featuring a medium-range air defence missile system with a
32-cell vertical launch system (VLS) on the bow deck. The frigate is also capable of anti-surface strike with its YJ-83 anti- ship missiles.

The sensors of the Type 054A Jiangkai-II
class are mainly Russian designs,
produced either by licensed co-production or reverse-engineering of the systems obtained along with the Project 956 Sovremenny class missile destroyers.

The air search radar is a Fregat-MAE-5
(NATO reporting name: Top Plate) 3D air
search radar mounted at the top of the
front mast, offering two channels in E-
band. The radar can track up to 40 targets simultaneously, and has a maximum range of 120km to aircraft and 50km to sea-skimming missile. Four MR90 (NATO reporting name: Front
Dome) F-band radars (two on top of the
bridge, two on the roof of the helicopter
hanger) provide guidance for the air
defence missiles.

Originally designed to provide fire-control for the 9M317/SA-N-7 Shtil SAM, each radar can provide two channels to guide two missiles simultaneously. A large round radome installed on top of
the bridge houses the Mineral-ME (NATO
reporting name: Band Stand) radar that
provides anti-ship missile control and
over-the-horizon radar acquisition and
target designation of surface ships.

The ship has three indigenous Type 347G
I-band radars, two of which are integrated with the Type 730 CIWS to
provide fire-control and a standalone
radar is installed on top of the bridge
behind the large round radome provides fire-control for the 76mm main gun. There is also a large round radome
mounted at the top of the rear mast,
possibly housing a MR36 (Type 346?)
surface search radar.


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  1. wocon45 says:

    She’s massive, imagine one of her kind bearing our coat of arm and patrolling our waters….

    • beegeagle says:

      Her area defence capabilities are truly awesome. Hopefully, Marshal Emeritus Gbash comes around to shed more light on this behemoth.

      A ship of comparable power and sophistication from the other side would cost US$700m.

      Our destiny really lies in our hands if only the fellas who take care of these things dare to dream. On a simple US$1 billion government to government transaction, our needs can be met with an initial outlay of $400m and completely written off through annual servicing costs not exceeding $120m by 2018.

      – one Type 054 $230m

      – one Absalon $270m

      – three Knud Rasmussen OPVs $150m

      – two Makassar LPDs $100m

      – three upgunned Damen 8313 ORPVs $75m

      – twelve 24m Shaldag Mk.II $80m

      – six Harbin Z-9EC ASW helicopters $66m

      – nine Bell Jet Ranger $9m

      Will our leaders dare to dream instead of endlessly bemoaning maritime insecurity?

      • russellinfinity says:

        Beeg, to cut the story short our leaders are afraid of success. Just the other day our CAS was talking crap on Thisday news paper blabbing about how having 3 flying Charlie 130s is just ok for our needs.

        I wouldn’t blame him. Blame those short sighted, greed riddled money bags in Abuja who provide our armed forces with crumbs from the national cake and expect them to perform 100%.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Our people need to dig deeper. In 2013, the FG shall spend about US$30bn, the states about US$35bn and the LGAs about US$10bn. That is US$75bn.

    They had US$46.5bn in forex reserves a month ago and US$8.5bn in the Excess Crude Account. That is US$55 billion.

    So from US$130 bn, Nigeria cannot find US$400m with which to make a down payment so as to kickstart her fleet resuscitation drive THIRTY YEARS after Shagari’s adminsitration left office?

    Do we know that in 1980 our Forex Reserves were a mere US$5 bn which even today would not amount to US$12.5bn? How did Shagari pull off all of that for the Navy PLUS more units of C130s(stretch variant), G222 planes, Jaguar jets, Aermacchi MB 339 jets, Alpha Jets, Super Puma helicopters, Fox scout cars, Scorpion light tanks, Vickers Eagle tanks, 122mm arty, Bofors FH77A 155mm field arty, Palmaria 155mm SP arty, Roland Air Defence missiles, Panhard AML 90s, Steyr 4K-7FA APCs etc? HOW DID HE MANAGE TO RAKE IN SO MUCH IN 4 shorts YEARS?

    When are our people going to stop hiding behind ‘competing demands’ and bring us in step with the here and now?

    Burma has about 70 million citizens but with a GDP equal to that of Lagos State. They took delivery of two refurbished Jianghu II frigates this year and they fly MiG 29s. How did they manage that?

    Truth be told, we appear to be grossly under-served by a self-serving elite. They tell you to tighten your belts while they slacken theirs. They leave schools and hospitals to degenerate while sending their kids to school abroad and seek medical attention overseas themselves?

    Abeg mek una tok anoda tin 😉

  3. beegeagle says:

    What is so hard to accomplish – through cash payments, barter trade and staggered payments – about a US$1 billion naval rearmament which is 20 years overdue? Yet we never cease to hear about pirate attacks at the same time as illegal bunkerers are haemorrhaging US$7 bn from the nation’s coffers?

    Assuming that we did not have the leverage with which to maneouvre, would it be unheard of that a nation took credit lines worth US$1bn to acquire assets with which to shore up its maritime security over the course of the next decade and in so doing stymie the loss of US$ 7 billion annually? Spending US$1 bn to stave off the potential loss of US$70bn over the next decade?

    Come on, somebody say something new

  4. beegeagle says:

    Since 2010, a West African republic not too far away have used LOANS to place orders for or take delivery of

    – two C295 transport planes
    – an Embraer E190 troop transport plane
    – three DA 42MPP surveillance aircraft
    – four Mi-171Sh Terminator helicopters
    – four Harbin Z-9 utility helicopters
    – two ex-German 58m patrol ships

    The foregoing cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Regardless, they took LOANS to get them.

    Then in Nigeria where we have the cash stashed away in the tens of billions of dollars, we cannot be persuaded to dip our hands in the till and do the needful, preferring to regale ourselves with tales of competing demands like we are supposed to come out and weep on the streets?

    How would there be money when the place is “over governed?” – thousands of political office holders drawing fat salaries, flyung first class and driving around in large convoys? Why do we need 36 states in Nigeria when a massive India have 26 and similar-sized Pakistan have 4? Self-aggrandisement and egotism? Perhaps you now know why we are not into that pity party!

    Sometimes, the matter really is that the leaders are disconnected from the people and have lost touch with reality. Remove the MOPOL guards attached to all the federal legislators today and I assure you that by the time that five of them encounter kidnappers first-hand, SECURITY shall OVERNIGHT become the foremost concern of the ruling class. That is how selfish the average African politician is, so forget hollow talk about competing demands which would peter out as soon as their own interests come under threat.

    Competing demands indeed…na today wey yansh dey for back?

  5. gbash10 says:

    From my observation, the Type 054 Jiangkai II Air Defence Frigate is a scale-down of the Type 052C Luyang II Class or Lanzhou Class Destroyer,which is similar to the Aegis Class Air Warfare Destroyer.
    Hehe!guys you would be surprise to read this,the US Navy Aegis AN/SPY-1D 3D(3-Dimension) radar is an S-band passive phase array radar while the PLA Navy Type 348 3D S-band Air Search radar,which is claim by the Chinese to be Anti-stealth radar with four Yagi antennas is said to be the first Chinese-built multifunction AESA(Active Electronically Steered Array) radar,however no info is given on the AESA T/R modules,basically that is suppose to be classified.
    This is state-of-the-art technology that the Chinese have incorporated into the Type 052C Destroyer with the assistance of the Ukrainians and Russians couple with Mr Lee ingenuity- and then onto the Type 054A Frigate,both are air warfare ships.
    South Korea are to or are already license-building Aegis Class Frigates,which seems to be the driving force to design the Type 054A Jiangkai II Air Warfare Frigate.
    Something new, the 9M38/HQ-16 medium-range AAM seems to be different from the HHQ-9 medium-to long-range active radar homing AAM with a maximum range of 200km,have to check it out.

  6. jimmy says:

    Mr President my sincere heart felt sympathy on your dearly beloved brother passing may his soul rest in peace amen. I have refrained from uttering anything out of respect till He was buried.
    I know deep down in your heart you are a decent person and you care intensely about Nigeria, please we are pleading with you to do something about the Armed forces .
    I am not asking for procurement stuff LIKE A KID IN A CANDY store i have said before I do not seek political office or appointment so i have no ulterior motive the motive I have is the well being for the security of our BLESSED nation
    These are the immediate needs of your armed forces which when the money is spent will ensure your place and legacy in the history of Nigeria.
    The ARMY:
    They need as a matter of urgency now is MRAPS, to protect them from what is going on in BORNO, they also need main battle tanks(M.B.T.) the tanks that were brought last some of which are over twenty years ago need to be urgently replaced a tank is not an apc we need this if we are going to be threatened by hardline Islamic extremists in Mali. i would like to commend the administration on the ramped of TRAINING FOR THE COIN DIVISION. please promote the COAS to a full General he deserves it and remove the ceiling for promotion for the other M.G. s to be promoted to LT.G.s
    The Air force
    Their most pressing issue right now is a dual FIGHTER aircraft despite what some of the officers are saying the FN-7 that OBJ brought it is not up to the job we have had three air crashes, moreover this aircraft can not cover the length of Nigeria in terms of air protection a suitable alternative would be the SU27/ since you are also talking to the AMERICANS who are asking what your needs are ask them about their aging F-18S which they are in the process of phasing out.
    The Navy
    This has been the one arm that something has been done and I want to commend the administration on this especially the creation of the CENTRAL COMMAND however just like you I was raised in the coastal region of Nigeria marine security can only be improved by more ships that are out to sea this means the naval budget needs to be improved ( this is the navy’s number one priority) you directed them to secure Nigeria’s coastal borders they need more ships to do so , ONE OF THEIR BIGGEST SHIPS the NN ARADU IS SITTING MOORED DOING NOTHING IT CAN BE REPAIRED AND PUT TO GOOD USE BY PROTECTING OUR COASTS AGAINST PIRACY AND BUNKERING and an issue dear to your heart illegal fishing by foreign nationals who come here to plunder our fish. I would personally be very grateful if priority is placed on these issues
    Thank you Mr President for your time.
    May God bless you, AMEN
    May God bless Nigeria AMEN

  7. Spirit says:

    Jiangkai ko, Jiangkai ni.

    I advise my fellow bloggers to pray for more Andonis and Ijirigis instead of wasting their breath ‘salivating’ over the likes of Absalon, Jiangkai etc.

    If you saturate our EEZ with the likes of Jiangkai, dont you know it will become more difficult to steal oil which is the main cashcow of the ‘CABAL’?

    If you have just 3 Absalons, how will their foreign patners’ fisingh trawlers enter our EEZ and indiscriminately catch both juvenile and mature fish?

    If we commit such “huge sums” of money ($250MM) towards acquiring just one ship, where will we get the remaining N9 Billion to complete our VPON’s lodge (we have spent N7 Billion so far) or the N2.2 Billion that is required to construct a “beffiting banquet hall’?

    Beeg, you keep asking for $1Billion to safegaurd our EEZ against oil theft worth $7 Billion/annum, dont you think that is too much to deduct from $55 Billion we have abroad? We will be left with a paltry $54 Billion men!

    Oga Jimmy, una dey ask for Sukhoi 27? Keep asking o. A sitting senator is asking what we need them for when there are Mig-21 in Markurdi!

    The CNS said N120 Million is insufficient to buy spare part for a ship in 2013. Is he not aware that the entire country is still looking for how to increase the ‘grossly insufficient’ N1.3Billion allocated for the feeding of PON and VPON in 2013?

    Why are you even asking us to acquire all this stuffs when our elder brother (USA) has a lot of 40 to 60 yr old pass-me-down (Excess Defence Articles) ships littering its bases?

    Please always think of our ‘competing demands’ before making suggestion o.

    May God continue to bless Nigeria.

  8. gbash10 says:

    The 9M38/HHQ-16 SAM is a license-built Cold War SA-11 Gadfly SAM system built by the PLA,with its naval variant designated HHQ-16 while the land-based variant is the HQ-16 SAM system carried by a 6×6 truck with six rounds.
    The 9M38/SA-11 Gadfly/HHQ-16 SAM system is believed to be equivalent to the US Ratheon RIM-66 Standard family of naval missiles.Its range is equivalent to the US Navy RIM-66B surface-to-air missile.Though the Chinese have modified its HQ-16 SAM system extensively using digital technolog to improve its missile accuracy and flight performance as range.
    The SAM system is less capable and lethal as the dreadful FD-2000/HHQ-9 SAM system onboard the Type 052C Luyang II Class Air Warfare Destroyer,which is a derivative of the Russian S-300PMU Favorit/SA-20 Gargoyle,the HQ-9 missiles are said to be fast,high flying and deadly,with advanced guidance systems and high resistance to electronic jamming.
    If ever the FG would have the thought of acquiring the Type 054A II Air Warfare Frigate for the NN,its SAM system should be the HHQ-9/FD-2000.

  9. tim says:

    You crack me up… He he, you are also been realistic

  10. beegeagle says:

    @Spirit. No siddon look we dey 🙂

  11. beegeagle says:

    Talk to the Chinese, NN. They have expressed a willingness to help with the modernisation of our fleet.

    Ultramodern, stealth Type 054 frigates and Type 056 corvettes, already serving with the PLA Navy, were seen on patrol last March around the James Shoal in the South China Sea.

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