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  1. russellinfinity says:

    My oh my…just look at these babies. Comrades it beggars belief that our FG has deliberately refused to adequately fund the Navy in view of the constitutional role bestowed on her. Half of the salaries of the entire legislature for 6 months will get us 3 of these ladies in brand spanking new configuration…smh.

  2. wocon45 says:

    @ russellinfinity, na true u talk. The more i see these images the more i think we have a long way to go, especially if our some leaders continue at their current pace.

  3. gbash10 says:

    Mr President was yesterday wasting his precious time and energy to table our security challenges to the US AFRICOM Commander,Mr President Sir,they already know our problems,it is only you and your administration that will solve our problems,how so,if the FG will withdraw money from the excess crude account to acquire warships and submarines,naval attack helicopters and their auxillary equipments for the NN,high-performance long-range heavy class multirole fighter jets,attack helicopters,long-range C3ISR(Command,Control and Communication,Intelligence,Surveillance and Reconnaissance) system aircrafts,heavy- and medium-lift transport planes,heavy- and medium-lift helicopters,UCAV and UAVs,either or both S-400 Triumf or FD-2000/HQ-9 SAM systems and their auxillary equipments for the NAF,Chinese-design main battle tanks to be license-built in Nigeria,acquire the Pantsir SPAAGMs,Igirigi APCs,advanced Chinese-built MRL,and long-range 155mm SP Howitzers and light attack helicopters for the NA,build at least 6 spy satellites for the intelligence community.
    The Absalon is a nice warship,Nigeria can afford six of this ships!
    We are not suppose to be begging,crying and wailling for help,God bless Nigeria.

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