Incorporating a Chinese AESA radar mounted on the Y-8F600 platform, the radar is reported to have a greater range than that of the PAF’s Saab 2000 Erieye AEW+C radar

The ZDK-03 ‘Karakoram Eagle’ AWACS is equipped with a sophisticated ESM system that can intercept and analyze signals from airborne and surface
radiators. It is an all weather, multi-sensor early warning command
& control system that houses a 3D rotodome airborne radar.

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  1. Henry says:

    The pakistanis with all their gear still allowed the US to slip through them. Just take a look at this beautiful bird.

    Would our short sighted leaders get any of these wonderful birds????? I won’t advise anyone to hold his breath. Nice one.

    • peccavi says:

      Have you not just answered your own question?
      The Pakistanis despite having a competent and capable, combat expereinced airforce, ground and airborne radars couldn’t stop the Indians in the Kargil War or detect the US in the Abbotabad raid. So why is Nigeria with no current air threats wasting money on a piece of kit like this?

  2. gbash10 says:

    This AEW&C system is said to be in the class of the C-130H and P-3B AEW&C system built by Lockheed-Martin using the AN/APS-145 UHF radar from E-2C Hawkeye operated by the Egyptian Air Force.
    Hmmm…I strongly believe the Chinese AESA is actually an L-band radar,which according to Carlo Kopp of Airpower Australia,is a generation ahead of Taiwan’s E-2T Hawkeye and Japan’s E-767 AEW&C.This technology is said to make the radar equivalent in antenna technology to the Thales-Ratheon Ground Master 400 series,which is reliable,difficult to jam,and difficult to locate,with agile beam-steering of the kind in US systems like the Aegis SPY-1 radar.
    Gentlemen, the Chinese have arrive! For the size of our country and our EEZ,8 units of this AEW&C should be acquired for the NAF.

  3. triqqah says:

    Gbash10 yes I think the FG needs to acquire this aircraft, it will give the NAF and the Navy a real cutting edge technology and a slice of the modern military pie but unfortunatelt our government doesn’t think as we do… Two unit of this should be enough since we dnt have that much fighter/attack aircraft to vector onto a target anyway (in a wartime situation). Something I realise about our government is that they assume that since our immediate neighbours ( Niger, Benin, Cameroon and chad) are militarily weaker than us then their is no point acquiring modern hardware. they prefer being in par with them or slightly stronger. For instance assuming France gives Cameroon 24 unit of used Dassault f1s or Mirage 2000 or mirage IV you see them running helter skelter for some new fighter to counter them and when they do that they relax until another country makes a move to upgrade its military. Sometimes I really wish our neighbour countries are wealthy and aggressively purchasing latest gadgets dat will kip our FG on its toe. I sincerely believe dat in case of an armed conflict with any of our neighbour france will be on their side since they are all francophones countries.

  4. beegeagle says:

    The Pakistanis have this arrayed with the JF17 Thunder. If reports posted everywhere online since 2010 associating the NAF with a swoop on JF17s come through, we might as well key into that.

    We already have a pair of Alenia ATR 42-500MPA Surveyor aloft and they are configured for the launch of drones and the airdrop of airborne forces/supplies as well.

    The Shaanxi ZDK-03 and Alenia Surveyor in a 2:4 ratio would be ideal. Situational awareness is key these days – the satellites, this Shaanxi, the Surveyor planes would complement the RMACC coastal radar stations for total air and maritime domain awareness. We just need to plan ahead. Imagine if we did not have the Surveyor planes, what to do about our own independent recce going into Mali? So you never know. Be prepared..tis the Boy Scouts marching song.

    That said, I do not give a hoot about what the neighbours are doing though..whatever.

  5. beegeagle says:

    D-E-S In reply to Triqqah.

    At times we stumble upon ingenious
    relevance’s…but bear witness above, an
    assumption of a Nigerian geopolitical
    bilateral policy. This kind of understanding is indicative of political
    and diplomatic maturity…everything else in between including military
    action and derived capabilities of it are
    a matter of mitigation.

    Think about it,even if you manufacture your own arms, without politics and diplomacy or contingencies to it you have no sustainable production lines, based on numerous analytical factors. It’s not enough to run to the east either
    without formulating solid understanding, least you find yourself
    in a ‘Syrian gambit’

  6. gbash10 says:

    Gentlemen,the price tag for a unit of the US E-2D Advanced Hawkeye AEW&C is usd$232 million compare to the usd$70 million Chinese-built ZDK-03 AEW&C aircraft.

    • Henry says:

      Wow!!!! The price disparity is huge. Two identical birds with a price difference of over 160 million dollars.This is just crazy.

      Sometimes I just laugh at the West as they continue to undermine Chinese technology. They want to keep selling a lie until it becomes the truth. However in this Chinese case it seems it is backfiring. The Chinese are just moving ahead.

      How I wish President Obasanjo had gone for the j-10 jets instead of the F-7. This truly is an impressive surveillance plane.

  7. Distant Friend says:

    AEW is also good for maritime surveillance, and if the radar is good enough at rejecting ground clutter, terrestrial as well. You don’t need a squadron of 4th generation fighters waiting to be vectored to make this a useful asset.

  8. beegeagle says:

    Haba Peccavi! Na offside you play so o.

    The Kargil War was 1999. Pakistan only took delivery of her first JF17s these past five or so year while these AEW+C planes were delivered after 2010.

    Which wan you dey 🙂

    • peccavi says:

      But they still had a comprehensive Air defence system.

      Make we get fighters first, and ground control and worry about AEW later

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