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  1. Originalpato says:

    Now where is Sahara Reporters? I hope they are reading this blog?

  2. eyimola says:

    Sigh……….very inoffensive looking

    • tim says:

      This just like our basic hummvv for movement, not a main combat vehicle

      • eyimola says:

        Hi Tim, Yeah I know its not a main fighting vehicle. Thats what annoys me. The Cobra has many variants, but what is clear about all of them is the fact they can only take 8 personel (apart from the ambulance version which takes 6 + 2 stretchers).

        So far I have only seen the machine gunned armed apc version of this vehicle with the guys at dafur. So that picture really means:
        “6 Nigeria army troops (max) and a machine gunner patroling Dafur in a vehicle that is garanteed to protect against small arms fire but not much else)”

        They can probably give as good as they get, but hardly likely to go on the offensive with that. I really hope they do not use this vehicle in Mali.

        If I recall, the first Cobras only showed up in Liberia after the conflict was in effect over. Patroling the streets of towns and Cities is one thing this vehicle does well, desert warfare, probably not.

  3. Originalpato says:

    @eyimola it was because of desert warfare that the Nigeria Army procured since the MOWAG APC was useless in desert conditions.

    • tim says:

      This vehicle is made in turkey right, and they have problems with the kurds,right….and that is desert region, right?

      • Acting Major Benbella says:

        The cobra APC at $300,000 each is not really suitable for intense combat operations. But then you get what you paid for. The obvious and most pertinent question is, would any of you support a loved one going to war in this vehicle? I know that I won’t. Turkey produces more up armored APCs that is suitable for moving troops and protecting them from small arms fire to rocket attacks, assuming that we are obligated to source APCs from them. The cobra, in my opinion, is suitable for internal control and security duties in a not too threatening environment-more like police duty. And definitely not in a war environment like in northern Mali, where the putative enemy has access to some of the most deadly arms like heavier RPGs, anti tank/armor rockets and missiles.

  4. In my opinion nigeria shouldn’t be importing this kind of vehicles, it is easy to produce, the otokar cobra is just the chassis of a landrover defender that was given an armored body different from it’s original looks! Why can’t we buy the chassis of the defender which is cheaper than buying the full vehicle and then do the armored body works ourselves!

  5. Acting Major Benbella says:

    Looks like someone higher up noticed that our armed forces are not well equipped.

    And in New York, a gathering of the Nigerian diplomatic and military intelligence machinery in the United States, for the decoration-of-rank ceremony of Commander Saburi Abayomi Lawal promoted Navy Captain was occasion for sober reflection on the state of the nation’s defense personnel.

    Nigeria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), Professor Joy Ogwu said the Nigerian military needs reinvention as well as a sustenance of its ideology and doctrine which enabled the nation to pursue it’s decolonization and Afro-centric diplomacy successfully in the years gone by.

    Ogwu, herself a soldier’s daughter and former teacher at Nigeria’s military institutions maintained that Nigerian younger officers must navigate through the waters of order and rank to speak truth to power in determining the direction of the country’s military and it’s ability to protect the nation’s territorial integrity including other more specific operations for which it was set up.

    She said: “NNS Aradu was launched in 1982. It was a geo- territorial flagship of our navy. What is the state of our capability today? Many have spoken of deterioration of facilities. How did it happen that South Africa could put a military boat near our shores over Cote d’Ivoire and we had no response. The concept of order should not deter you from speaking truth to power. What are you going to hand over to the younger generation? Dead operational vessels? The navy is the guardian of our domestic economy. What happened to the concept of the coastal guard? You cannot build on a vacuum.

    “Our naval motto: ‘Onward Together’, epitomizes today’s ceremony.

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