Agusta A109 E Power of the Nigerian Navy Air Arm(part of 2009 delivery):dedicated maritime variant

Agusta A109 E Power of the Nigerian Navy Air Arm(part of 2009 delivery):dedicated maritime variant

ABUJA, Dec. 17 (Xinhua)

Nigeria on Monday constituted a board to unravel the cause of a helicopter which crashed in oil-rich Bayelsa State in the southeast of the West African country at the weekend.

Nigerian Navy Chief of Training and
Operations, Rear Adm Emmanuel Ogbor
announced the constitution of the board
at a news conference in the capital Abuja. He told reporters that the members, who are aircraft investigation specialists, are drawn from Agusta Westland, the manufacturer of the ill-fated aircraft and other aviation regulatory agencies as provided by extant regulations.

Ogbor said some components of the helicopter that could assist the board to carry out its investigation had been recovered. “It is expected that the board will come out with the remote and immediate causes of the accident with far reaching recommendations that will forestall future occurrence,” he added.

According to Ogbor, the Navy’s helicopters, including the NN07, which
crashed on Saturday, were properly
maintained and serviced regularly, in
accordance with the manufacturer’s
specification. He said the ill-fated helicopter’s routine maintenance was concluded on Nov. 10 and was cleared for operations on Nov. 20 by certified technical support engineers.

“At the time of the incident, the helicopter had flown 1,704 flight hours
and had more than 80 flight hours before the next scheduled routine maintenance,” he said. The Nigerian Navy pilots are very experienced, he told reporters, noting that the captain in command has flown over 800 hours while the co-pilot had flown over 300 hours. “All our pilots are trained in the best aviation institutions all over the world,” he added.

“Additionally, spare parts for the helicopters are obtained directly from the manufacturers (Agusta Westland) and or its approved maintenance center worldwide,” he said.

All six people on board the helicopter,
including Governor Patrick Yakowa of
Kaduna State, and ex-national security
adviser, Gen. Andrew Azazi, died in the

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  1. tim says:

    Oga beeg, I sent you an email.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Okay, man. I did not realise that since it did not beep here. Noted.

  3. Kanayo says:

    Strict investigation should be carried out into this plane crash.

  4. gbash10 says:

    The investigating board constituted by the NN should take their time to do a good job.
    May the souls of the departed rest in peace!

  5. gbash10 says:

    If I may ask,what was the rationale behind the acquisition of the AgustaWest A109e Power helicopter for the NN?I asked this question now because the helicopter has no anti-surface unit warfare nor anti-submarine warfare capabilities.
    From the contemporary naval perspective,such naval helicopters are suppose to be an effective extension of a warship’s capabilities in the ASW/ASUW(anti-submarine warfare/anti-surface unit warfare) helicopters.
    The NN flag-ship,NN Aradu was acquired with a naval Lxyn helicopter,from my research,a navy Lxyn is equipped with the ASW/ASUW as well as for search and rescue operations.
    So if the NN had the intent to acquire a naval helicopter that would be part of our warship’s capabilities as the Aradu’s Lxyn,then they could have gone for more naval Lxyns or other naval choppers with similar capabilities or more,by using the mothball Aradu’s Lxyn as a bench-mark for all NN attack helicopters,instead of buying ordinary utility helicopters that our politicians will turn to their VIP transporter.
    Before the arrival of the Chinese-built stealth warships and the Indian -built warships,the FG should acquire helicopters with the afforemention capabilies for the NN warships.
    By the time each naval attack helicopter is tied to her warship,none should be allow by the naval high command to convey politicians to-and-fro any where in the country.
    The Presidential Fleet of the NAF is solely responsible for transporting Mr President and his family by air,Mr Vice- President and his family,and other FG VIPs.
    This unit has up to 4 if not 6 brand-new AgustaWestland AW135 LUH(light utility helicopter) for VIP transport,why was one not use?We have a very serious in Nigeria.

    • tim says:

      I remember talking about the helicopter and its almost nil warfare capabilities…… And I remember my friend saying, it is the staff car to fly principal officers about(he was just kidding),as he was trying to make a point.

    • Deway says:

      I wonder Gbash 10, do you know if the NAF Agusta LUHs carry any kind of armament? I know the A109 LUH is the only variant that carries any armament, but if the MOD could purchase a basic A109 Power with ordinary floaters for the navy (may be the navy requested this), I wonder what the NAF has? have you got any info?

  6. gbash10 says:

    We have a very serious problem in Nigeria.

  7. Spirit says:

    Now, you are getting me.

    • Acting Major Benbella says:

      It has been reported that the crashed Augusta helicopter was on its 15th trip of the day. That is revealing. These leaders hold on too tight to our treasury to consider buying sufficient platforms for our armed forces, and the small number they buy they divert it to ferrying themselves around the country. This country has serious issues to resolve, the first being to stop equipping our military and police with cheap and inferior products. We also must get away from buying critical items we need for our defense in twos and two and half when we certainly need them in their dozens.

  8. seun says:

    @ Oga Gbash10,… I tripple second that motion, we have a very big problem in this country.. gaskiya!.. Ever since this incident came up, it has been more in favour of the important individuals who lost their lives on the ill fated chopper.. ( Gen Owoye Andre Azazi and Yakowa).. But wait a min, what about the two gallant officers that flew the ill fated choppers?.. Are they not human beings too or don’t they share the same live and breath the same air with Azazi and Yakowa.,or don’t they have families who are mourning them this very moment.. Yet little or nothing is said abt this fine officers..( A greater loss suffered).. ALL LIVES ARE EQUAL and their deaths should be accorded the same respect and publicity given to Azazi and Yakowa!..(Seriously bomb dey our politicians head, na to blow remain!) For God’s sake this men too have families and people will sure miss them!.. The painful thing is they lost their beautiful lives in the course of owambe duties…, not in service to motherland. All said.. Allah in his utmost merceis forgive all their knowns and unknowns and make Al janah fidaus their final destination.
    Adieu Gallant Warriors.

  9. Yagazie says:

    Seun, GOD Bless you- you’ve hit the nail on the head. We have lost two highly trained millitary pilots in this unfortunate air -mishap as well as two other individuals, and all the press can comment on is the death of a Governor and former National Security Adviser. It’s as if the other persons who lost their lives are not important or don’t have loved ones/families who mourn their loss. What is most painful is that we can’t even draw comfort from the fact that the deceased pilots died or the helicopter was lost in the course of a millitary exercise/assignment.

    Why could’nt the presidential aid use a chopper from the Presidential fleet (like the AW139) for his father’s burial? Why was a purely millitary asset used as a taxi for this social function? Did the Chief of Naval Staff give permission for this helicopter to be released and used for this non-millitary function? We are crying about illegal oil bunkering in the Niger Delta and someone deems it fit to divert a millitary helicopter which should be used for surveillance duties for a purely social juncket that if of ABSOLUTELY NO BENEFIT TO NIGERIANS.

    We recently had severe flooding in various parts of the country- I don’t recall (and please I stand to be corrected) – seeing the naval helicopters being used in support of the civillian authorities to rescue people/transport relief materials etc- but they are used to transport politicians for social functions- the same politicians who refuse to fund the millitary properly!!

    The more you analyse this tragedy, the more dispondent you become with our politicians/leadership.

  10. Acting Major Benbella says:

    In the mean time, an Indian tanker was attacked on Nigerian waters today and five Indians taken hostage. At this rate, shipping companies will not want to come to Nigerian ports or more likely, increase the shipping and insurance costs of dropping and picking up goods from our port.

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