Colonel(rtd)Sambo Dasuki, National Security Adviser

Colonel(rtd)Sambo Dasuki, National Security Adviser

By Sudarsan Raghavan
Published: DECEMBER 30, 5:26 PM ET

The armed men dragged Musa
Muhammad out of his house and
ordered him to lie face down on the
ground. Then they grabbed his son.
After asking his name, the men issued their judgment. “I heard three gunshots — pop, pop, pop,” Muhammad recalled, his voice trembling, his fingers in the shape of a pistol. “My son was dead,killed in front of me.” His assailants were not the radical Islamists who have brutalized this town. They were government security forces sent to protect the residents.

In the epicenter of one of Africa’s most violent religious extremist movements,civilians are caught in a guerrilla conflict that has shattered families and communal relationships. The Boko Haram, a homegrown group with suspected ties to al-Qaeda, is assassinating people nearly every day,targeting Christians, soldiers, police,even astrologers as it seeks to weaken
the Western-allied government and
install Islamic sharia law in this nation.

But the security forces have also carried out extrajudicial killings, imprisoned hundreds on flimsy grounds, looted and burned shops and houses, according to victims, local officials and human rights

“We are trapped in between the Boko Haram and the security forces,” said Hauwa Yerima, a human rights activist. “Life has become so difficult for us in
Maiduguri.” She and Muhammad asked that their grandfathers’ last names be used instead of their surnames because they feared reprisals by the military or police. People here often have multiple

Lt. Col. Sagir Musa, a spokesman for the security units, which are known as the Joint Military Task Force or JTF, denied the allegations. He said that soldiers follow appropriate rules of engagement
and that there “has not been any established case of extrajudicial
killings, illegal detentions or
harassment by the JTF forces.”

This sprawling northeastern town is the birthplace and stronghold of the Boko Haram. From here, what began as a nonviolent Islamist uprising fueled by poverty,inequality and government
corruption in 2002 has grown into a shadowy insurgency that U.S. and
Western officials say has increasing
connections to al-Qaeda affiliates. The militia has also sought to exploit long-standing tensions between Muslims and Christians in the northern part of this oil-rich nation of 160 million.

But as Boko Haram becomes more
lethal, the actions by the security forces could harm their efforts to gather vital intelligence to thwart the extremists,local officials said. The group has no shortage of supporters here, even as their attacks have intensified in recent

“In a guerrilla war, you need the help of the local population. But the security forces are alienating the people,” said Muhammad Abdullahi, the provincial director of religious affairs. “They are making their jobs more difficult for themselves.”

Two days earlier, a soldier shot and
injured one of Abdullahi’s co-workers in the abdomen as he approached a checkpoint. On that fall afternoon in Musa Muhammad’s neighborhood, Boko Haram militants ambushed and killed
two soldiers on a nearby street. The
security forces flooded in, rounding up youths, searching houses and firing guns in the air. They accused residents of being Boko Haram loyalists and harboring members. After the soldiers allowed Muhammad to stand up, he saw
several bodies lying near a wall, he
recalled. The corpse of his 29-year-old son, who owned a small store, had been thrown on top.

Following a government crackdown in 2009, Boko Haram clashed with security forces in Maiduguri, attacking police stations. That same year, its leader,
Mohammed Yusuf, was killed while in police custody, cementing the metamorphosis into a violent
movement. Since 2010, the extremists have bombed churches, mosques, banks, government and U.N. buildings, and even schools, killing more than 1,500 people.

The nature of violence

The militia’s ambitions and brutality appear to be growing. Boko Haram,whose name roughly means “Western education is a sin,” killed more than 815 people in the first nine months of 2012, more than 2010 and 2011 combined, according to Human Rights Watch. The latest victims died Friday,when suspected militants attacked a
village near here, killing at least 15
people, including women and children,slitting many of their throats.

Once focused on northeastern Nigeria,the group has widened its attacks across the north. Suicide bombings, a rarity in West Africa, have become more common. Among its new targets are cellphone towers and mobile phone company offices, which the militia accuses of aiding government security agencies monitoring its members. The group also appears to be seeking a bigger role in global jihad.

Last month, its leader, Abubakar Shekau, in a propaganda video shown on extremist websites, expressed solidarity with al-Qaeda and its affiliates and threatened
the United States, which in June placed him on its list of global terrorists.

In a telephone interview, a senior Boko Haram commander said some fighters have traveled to northern Mali, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia to train in jihadist camps and then returned to Nigeria. Others have remained in those countries to fight alongside militant groups such as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, the network’s West and North Africa affiliate and one of three groups controlling northern Mali, said the commander, who used his nom de
guerre, Abu Mariam.

A more violent splinter faction has also emerged within Boko Haram this year. Known as Ansaru, its fighters recently took responsibility for the kidnapping
of a French engineer this month near Nigeria’s border with Niger, where the militia has also infiltrated.

“The Muslim Ummah are unified against fighting the forces of the nonbelievers,” said Abu Mariam, using the Arabic word for “nation.” “Anytime, anywhere, if we have the opportunity to target our enemies, we will attack.”

In some villages around Maiduguri, the militants have imposed strict Islamic sharia law, residents said. They have banned smoking and alcohol, as well as playing soccer and dara, a local version of chess, deeming them un-Islamic. Women have been ordered to wear veils. In Maiduguri, assassins on bikes and
motorcycles move openly, targeting
people in daylight. By 7 p.m., most streets are deserted. Residents lock themselves in, praying that neither the militants nor the security forces will turn up at their door.

Eight months ago, Boko Haram
militants killed a close friend and
neighbor of Babakyari Adam. They were both astrologers. “They say what we are doing is against Islam,” said Adam, 48. “They say we are sorcerers.” He fled Maiduguri but six weeks ago
returned to be with his family. Today, he rarely steps outside his house. “I am afraid the Boko Haram will come back and kill me if they know I am in town,” Adam said.

Widening divisions

In 2011, most attacks targeted Muslims aligned with the government. But attacks against Christians have risen since January. This year, there have been at least 37 attacks against churches and 21 targeting mosques, according to a project by the think tank Council on Foreign Relations that tracks political violence in Nigeria. Inside a desolate church, only 45 worshipers attended Christmas service.

Last year, radical Islamists hurled
grenades into the compound, killing a guard. In April, they murdered the reverend. Once numbering in the thousands, much of the congregation has fled Maiduguri. The church is in a neighborhood dubbed “Tora Bora,” after Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Afghanistan, because it is a Boko Haram stronghold.

On this holy day, heavily armed soldiers peered from behind sandbags, searching everyone who entered for bombs and weapons. The Islamists have killed many of the congregants’ relatives, including the husband of Pipi Alfas’s niece. She was expecting a baby in December. “What will a child without a father do?” Alfas asked. “We are living in fear.”

Maiduguri, like other northern areas,has experienced spasms of religious and ethnic violence over the years. But Christians and Muslims have, for the most part, coexisted peacefully here for decades. They attended the same schools. Muslims married Christians; to this day, many families are composed of followers of both religions. Today, Christians and Muslims are becoming more divided, leaders of both communities said this week.

“Nowadays, you don’t know who Boko Haram is among the people,” said Ishrah Garba, the pastor of Alfas’s church, the Church of Christ in Nigeria.“We have to be careful.” He no longer wears his clerical collar in town, hiding his religion from assassins. “At times, we hear them say, ‘We will kill every Christian in the area, so that the neighborhood will be ours,’ ” said
Alfas, referring to her Muslim
neighbors, whom she rarely speaks to anymore.

Yerima, the human rights activist,
recalled how she sent food during Eid al-Adha, the Muslim religious festival, to a Christian neighbor, a ritual she has done for the past two decades. This year, the neighbor refused to accept the food. When asked why the militia is killing Christians, Abu Mariam dismissed the question with his own. “Why is the West killing Muslims? They have attacked Muslims in Afghanistan,in Yemen, in Pakistan with drones. They are killing Muslims everywhere with
drones,” he said. “Why ask about the Christians? Are they the only human beings?”

‘Who can I complain to?’

The security forces have killed almost as many people as Boko Haram has, according to Human Rights Watch. They also have detained numerous victims
without charges or trials, human rights activists say.

“They are worse than the enemy,” said Murtalla Muhammed, a lecturer at the University of Maiduguri. “The whole image of the military has gone down here. They are seen as brutal.” The victims included the brother of
Umar Muhammad, a 33-year-old
technician who is not related to Musa. Soldiers accused him of being part of Boko Haram and interrogated him. He had no access to a lawyer. Then, his brother said, he was beaten to death in custody.

The day after his son was killed, Musa Muhammad went to the morgue to pick up the body. One of the bullets has been shot point blank into his neck, he said. “Who can I complain to?” Muhammad
asked. “Now, we fear both Boko Haram and the security forces.” He was too traumatized, he said, to wash his son’s body before burial as Muslim customs dictate.


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  1. anas says:

    This article is typical of the evil western media organisations, the article kips emphasasin on d negatives rather than highlightin the succeses being achieved by our security forces against BH. I hope the nigeria army is takin note of this article

  2. originalpato says:

    Another western media hogwash. Concrete evidence please not here say from JNI and Northern Oligarchy groups.

  3. anas says:

    To cut the long story short this article is outright nonsense and seriously the JtF shuld engage in coevert missions against this terrorists masqueradin as journalist enough of this nonsense from this western countries no matter their plans nigeria will neva end up lik yugoslavia God willin . The army must begin to flex its muscle against these evil minded journalists

  4. beegeagle says:

    Elsewhere, Beegeagle wrote:


    “Even if BBC Hausa were as well
    acquainted with these facts and realities, against the backdrop of the poorly disguised gameplan by the upcountry media to thoroughly discredit the FG for no reason other than the fact that President Jonathan is to them “an outsider”, BBC Hausa would pretend not to know better. These are the realities of the times which I was explaining to JHAMILT yesterday.

    * The archconservative power elite and the intelligentsia champion the creation of security threats ala Boko Haram

    * The media contribute vitriolic

    * The people throw up contrived alarmist tales of abuses supposedly committed by security forces. The gameplan is to make the country ungovernable, distract the security forces from pursuing terrorists and to discredit the government. For fear of being exposed by apprehended terrorists, those who are the masterminds of the mayhem are pushing for dialogue.

    Because the Hausa Service are giving tainted feedback to London in the name of homers’ perspectives, BBC Africa appear convinced that dialogue is the only way to transact with terrorists, even as British forces are deployed against terrorists in Afghanistan and Somalia!”


    • Saints says:

      Sir beeg…its enough that we have so many reasons to disbelieve this western backed media campaign against our national security efforts..but i do not want us to isolate press freedom on the ground that if the western media report anything negative on our effort against Bh.its always a smear even when they are reporting about some major flaws in our fight against this insurgent groups we would turn a deaf ear .having the notion that they are all on a smear campaign

  5. giles says:

    who evr wrote dis is an evil minded person

  6. beegeagle says:

    Yeah Saints, there is a Judas in every crowd of twelve. You only need to reas about CTCOIN operations in the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Turkey and elsewhere to see that(details later)

    What we are saying is that there is a flip side to the JSTF presence in Borno which is not being reported. Without their presence there, would the Northeast be better or worse off?

    They really need to balance these reports. Between this report and that written by STRATFOR, I doubt that Washington Post can be a more reliable assessor of a conflict.

    Western journalists have their biases and are too keen on alternative views as advanced by activists to ever be balanced. This was the focus of the “Listening Post”, an Al Jazeera documentary two nights ago. Syrian activists now stay in their courtyards and light up truck tyres which they pass off for smoke from bombed out rubble and sell this dud to Western media operators who are all too eager to hear activists and to dig up dirt. That is why they usually fall victim to their own known predispositions.

    In one vein, this article alleges huge support for BH terrorists and at the same time, they are getting feedback from the same supporters? Did he expect to hear anything else? More like looking for a virgin in a maternity ward

  7. peccavi says:

    I really don’t understand why people find stories of soldiers committing excesses much less Nigerian soldiers hard to understand?
    COIN is one of the worst environments for a soldier as he is trained to fight uniformed people in easily recognisable situations as opposed to civilians in sneak attacks.
    Even the most disciplined soldiers will over react or take harsh measures.
    Simply denying, denying, denying and accusing everyone of bias and hidden agendas is frankly childish. Outrages happen. If you think the Nigerian security services are incapable of this then either Nigeria has radically changed in my absence or you are living on another planet.
    Any allegation no matter how frivolous must be investigated. COIN is a war for the people amongst the people not a war against the people, thus for victory to be attained people must have faith in the government and have a personal investment in its success, so justice must be done, be seen to be done and people must have an avenue by which to seek it which is fair and accessible if not what are the alternatives?

    Because it is Northerners we should not care?

    • jimmy says:

      Nobody is denying what is being said what should be baffling to some of these western journalists is why there is absolutely no hard critical analysis ? why the soft question why don’t they ask the so called bh interlopers what is the purpose of slitting a fellow muslim’s throat? why can’t people go to school? why are you kidnapping people ? i do not see any of these questions asked again it is always a familiar thread oga peccavi ABOUT WHAT THE F.G/ ARMY is committing
      it begins to strain the intelligence of any credible person when a house is searched and thirteen laptops , gas cylinders, fertilizers, detonators, timing caps multiple phones are found and no one in the neighborhood knew about it.
      This is by definition a constant on going coin operation it is by its very nature man power intensive this idea that the routine of the army is to go shoot them up is arrant nonsense.
      The dog called shekau admitted it himself that the coin intelligence has crippled him by eliminating abu quaqa (whatever) this is intelligence gleaned from real people in real time
      so despite what the article is saying is patently false , have we had one or two bad instances of soldiers misbehaving that happens in the best trained armies. because real people are giving information to the military intelligence. The intelligence on many instances has been more than credible because on some occasions it has even been more dangerous for the military personnel to disclose that certain individuals have been arrested to the public because of the aftermath / ramifications.
      We have also witnessed a lull in activity in many states after painstaking intelligence has been gathered and an operation undertaken to arrests / eliminate bh commanders( kano, niger, adamawa) come to mind.
      Every article should strive to be objective that is the journalists creed unfortunately. that was abandoned at the very beginning.Maiduguri remains the hot bed of such the bear will go where the honey occasionally it will stung most times it is going to eat.

  8. beegeagle says:

    The allusion to Turkey, Pakistan, India and Philippines signposts the fact that there is nothing outlandish about this Nigeria scenario. Saying that there is a Judas out of every twelve indicates that there have to be bad eggs in the theatre. So that cannot amount to outrightly denying the possibility.

    But the mainstay activity in the theatre, as seen from the STRATFOR report, cannot be outrages. It is fundamentally incongruent for the same writer to report a huge groundswell of support for BH and at the same time swallow everything they get told – hook, line and sinker.

    There are other sides to the story as the STRATFOR report showed

    – what gains have been made?

    – if the people in Borno universally see the JSTF as part of the problem, Nigerians of southern and Middle Belt extraction, particularly Christians, see the people in the conflict zone as a bunch of two-faced interlopers. How about someone also took up that side of the story – namely, shed light on BH collaborators. That would interest many more Nigerians.

    – Against the backdrop of pro-terrorist propaganda, we cannot all swallow everything we hear even if it is cool for one to puke on themselves these days

    NOBODY has given anyone a moral carte blance in Borno. We have called for cases of alleged outrages to be investigated before now. Some of those even turned out to have been hoaxes. So why should we lap up everything that we read – are Washington Post more credible or objective than REUTERS News Agency? Not a chance.



    For those who are willing to open up to the idea of a widely suspected gang-up, they also have corroboration from the North.

    It is a known fact that the journalists who get alerted to gather round a speaker phone when BH want to issue a communique, Abu Qaqa-style, are closely watched by terrorists who know their houses. These are the people who are most well acquainted to the terrorists and that is why they invariably end up as fixers for foreign journalists who come into the conflict zone. These fixers arrange interviews with human rights activists and terrorists alike. It is anyone’s guess, against the backdrop of the Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads, IF the final report can fathomably be impartial.

    Again, that is why no fixer has found it fit – even if for a fully 360-degree perspective, to take foreign journalists into the world of the collaborators who support the operations of BH in the communities OR does anyone believe that they are unknown?

    Truth is, the fixers would end up in the tiger’s belly and be killed by BH ala the fate of collaborators in Gaza. These fixers are controlled using fear as weapon. That is why during those tele-conferences, BH spokesmen often named media houses and staff of stables such as Vanguard, Punch, VOA Hausa and RFI Hausa as being earmarked for attack.

    To be a fixer, you cannot fall foul of many rules and live to tell the tale. That, ab initio, makes these fixers amenable to the whims of insurgents. The end product can therefore NEVER be taken by ME as the gospel truth. It played out previously during the Niger Delta Insurgency.

    Everyone is free to express their opinions but I am justifiably wary about the writer who has already alluded to support for BH at the grassroots, who almost certainly (like they all do) worked through FIXERS in that same community teeming with sympathisers. Perhaps that is a reason why the fixers have never taken these foreign journalists into the world of the collaborators.

    We know that some upcountry journalists and human rights activists are in contact with terrorists. To nurture those ties, they are constrained to be pro-BH. Someone linked him up to the leading terrorist of Ansaru – a fixer who probably did so for a fee or was he doing charitable work for BH?

    It is a web of disparate and mostly not-so-impartial interests at play. That much I know. Has nothing to do with being North. We came down harder on MEND. Ask CEs.

  9. Fuck the US! Let them solve their fisical cliff! A nation that has just enough cash reserves for 2 months! America is a nation in decline! Obama would be the US last super president! Did they also not kill native americans! The US should please such my dick!

  10. For there to be peace even if we have to wipeout the whole yobe and borno just like george washington did to the native americans we would do so without blinking an eyelid 2 states out of 36 states should not hold our nation to ransom if a finger is causing so much pain to the body you cut it off! Is that not what we did in ogoni wher was the US then ! Cilnton was busy collecting oil deals in nigeria! It was the head of my late dad mko abiola that insured that that CIA spy susan rice who were part of the assasination team that killed my dad in abuja , ensured she wasn’t confrimed as secetary of state! U fucks

  11. peccavi says:

    What exactly do you define as objectivity? That if they are writing about security force excesses they must write 1 or 2 BH ones as well? I did not read that article as either slated or hysterical. It is identifying one of the clearest dilemmas people in the middle of an insurgency and by default a counter insurgent has as to which side is the least worst option.
    I don’t see any part of the article that hints at BH as a popular movement.
    I do not see anywhere that people try to make excuses for insurgent behaviour
    The journalists attempted to get local reaction to the issue and probed about the killing of Christians and published the ridiculously stupid answer in full.
    If an article highlights allegations of excesses then it is not automatically propaganda. It is silly of anyone to expect laudatory press 24/7.
    Excesses by the Nigerian Army have been alleged and documented from the Tiv Rebellion, Western crisis, Counter coup, civil war, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ogoni crisis, Niger Delta insurgency, Zagon Kataf etc to date.
    No Army is perfect, however what you do to mitigate fears is set up a system by which allegations are investigated and any abuses dealt with internally at first go and then externally.
    The current BH crisis stems in part from the extra judicial killings in 2009. No one has been punished for this.
    I am not a dog. Therefore I tend to stop myself from licking my balls and shitting in my garden.
    By the same token I am not a terrorist thus I will stop myself from acting like a terrorist and will make sure if anyone accuses me of doing so I have an extremely robust system to prove my innocence.
    When the Reuters story broke everyone was crying out about the Armys poor messaging. I pointed out that the clip was an old one and predated BH. Everyone is now pointing out this case as evidence that stories of excesses are made up. No one has bothered to ask why soldiers were shooting bound men like dogs in the first place irrespective of the time frame. The ability to inspire terror does not make you a good soldier or counter insurgent, it just makes you a bully.

    When it was the Easterners everybody else kept quiet, then it was the Niger Delta, no one send, now its Northerners we don’t care. If anything it shows no one is immune and one day it will be your village or relatives subject to this brutality.
    This is not just basic humanity but simple good military discipline and common sense.

  12. beegeagle says:

    The following refers


    “The group has no shortage of supporters here, even as their attacks have intensified in recent months.”


    Boko Haram are popular. That is what I see and that is what the article says. Nobody is suggesting that anyone helps us do a body count. The killings by terrorists are well-chronicled here. Just hit the back button.

    NOBODY has ever suggested that there is no possibility that these things have happened and it is not in doubt that following the abduction and killing of MOPOL cops at Odi by the late Niweigha’s group, the security forces came down hard on the community in a punitive expedition. Ditto at Zaki Biam where some soldiers were killed in cold blood.

    Yes, it goes round and comes round. Gen Malu was COAS when Odi paid the price. By the time he left office, the people of his own Zaki Biam faltered and paid a price. C’est la vie.

    I come from Delta North where General Murtala Muhammed’s 2 Infantry Division troops were stationed. My father was interrogated by the GOC, Murtala Muhammed who could not fathom why the man chose to be around my native district. It did not matter that he was working for his mentor whose church mission sent the man to the USA on scholarship in the first instance and had to be around during the War for obvious reasons.

    What we are saying, and I am sure you have read this morning’s outburst by Mr Dyer (so if Oyibo is always right the collusion between the people and the terrorists is also a known reality), is that we also want these chaps to shed light on the people who are surreptitiously abetting the even more dastardly exertions of the BH sect – mass murder and genocide. After all, these writeups are about accountability, justice and exposing wrongdoing. Why not go all out in the expose?

    I do not know about you but given the fact of working through compromised fixers, I would be thrilled to read about the insidious underpinnings on the other side. That way, I can be sure that there is a semblance of objectivity in all of this. For now there are too many anecdotes entailed.

    The video which you are referring to have the troops dressed in the manner of Guards Brigade personnel. Even that amounted to a gaffe. For whether it was the Jos Plateau or Borno, Guards Brigade troops were neither deployed for STF or JSTF operations. They have no business there. Their core brief is presidential security and that happens at Abuja – with 4 Guards Bn and Guards Brigade Garrison inside Abuja and with the 177 Guards Bn garrisoned at Keffi (65 kms away inside nextdoor Nasarawa State). Nobody has suggested that this practice would change even with the addition to the Guards Brigade of the new 176 Special Forces Bn.

    So I WANT to hear about the ‘heroic’ people, ala the citizens who supported the FFF during the Nazi occupation, that are aiding the insurgents. If the fixers are not willing to arrange that, it holds up my PERSONAL conviction that there is some ‘teleguidance’ in all of this which cannot be discountenanced.

    I also want to see more citizen-led reportage about that sect. Let them take photos and shoot videos for us to see using their phones. Someone shot the video of the cop who got blown up in Kaduna while handling an IED. Someone shot the video of the Okere girl who was beaten up by the naval guards of a FOC the movement of whose convoy she obstructed.

    That would greatly help. They do it in Syria, in Libya and in Egypt. Why not in Borno from where someone uploaded an amateur video of a cop executing civilians during the 2009 uprising?Mobile phones are not all about watching videos of local musicians whose mimickry produces an Indian or Arabian-style falsetto.

    That is all what I am saying. Or you also want to help me choose my preferences??

    • peccavi says:

      Your preferences are very much your own just as a journalist is entitled to an opinion, story choice or perspective.
      We have newspapers, TV stations, radio stations and blogs. We can provide our own content.
      If that content is not getting out then the questions start with us first. That we are not seeing videos for our gratification or edification is not the same as saying that it either dosen’t exist or that the allegations are false.
      However the conjecture that a ‘fixer’ who can connect you with BH is therefore sympathetic to BH is as silly as saying that a fixer who can get you access to an Army officer or government official is a government agent. Fixers exist to facilitate contact, mostly for profit sometimes for ideology. It can be as innocuous as being school friends with a guy who ends up as IGP or a BH commander. Does it automatically mean you are a police spy or BH sympathiser?
      At the same time it is silly to automatically deride any article that is critical of Nigeria or its security forces.
      If there are blatant falsehoods or misrepresentations then lets challenge them constructively. If they are biased or pro X or Y then lets put the counter vailing point.
      But this constant talk of Ghanaian/ Western/ Martian anti Nigeria conspiracy doesn’t make sense.
      There is a lot of lazy and frankly stupid reporting about Nigeria but the way to couter it is no to dismiss it and accuse people of bias, hatred or racism but to take their points apart one by one and show them the stupidity of their actions.
      After the Afua Hirsch stupidity, I personally wrote to the Editors of the Guardian to explain to them line by line the absolute errant nonsense of her article.
      The same day a French official said something along the lines of Nigeria’s unpreparedness using that article as a basis, again I line by line explained the stupidity if it and she apologised and took it back.
      Sometimes there is an agenda but 89% of the time it is laziness and stupidity.

      On the Jos video, the key point is being overlooked. There is a video of men in Nigerian Army uniform executing bound men. That is at least 3 crimes in one sentence. I’m sure there are more. Crimes should be investigated. Perpetrators tried. The guilty punished.

      Rule of Law is COIN 101

  13. gbash10 says:

    It is my belief and conviction that nobody outside Nigeria can actually tell what we as a nation have passed through since 2009 till date,we know our security forces and their shotcomings,so we should not mind the rubbish that is written about our security forces,especially when it is from an American,because they do not have the moral right to judge them.
    Congratulation to our gallant men and women working by day and night,putting their precious life at harms way just for us to work freely and sleep with our two eyes close.Thank you all.
    Our elders say ‘if dem de sale u,make u de bid d price downward”.

  14. beegeagle says:

    In that case, allow us to also tell our own story. Has the journalist not already published his report? Blogs by nature should be opinionated. That is why it is not a forum.

    Personally, I refuse to take anything lying down. As you can see, most people on the thread appear not inclined to gobbling that up as well. You are free to believe it.

    You are still on about that fake video? I said it was ab initio FAKE because Guards Brigade troops have no business with STF/JSTF. If you see six questions in it, fine.

    Yes, a BH who cannot even present themselves for the much-trumpeted dialogue do not open up to just anybody. You can take this or leave it – ANYBODY, human rights activist or journalist, who can link you to Boko Haram is decidedly compromised, whther or not he is a member. BH brook no opposition and have all the journalists who they speak through on a leash. You step out of line in one report and the next one would probably never materialise. Did they not attack ThisDay and other newpaper offices in Abuja and Kaduna with suicide bombers for merely reporting as they see fit? How free can the fixers who link them up to foreign journalists really be?

    I do not know about anywhere else but I am sure that there are no innocents transacting with BH. I also restate as follows – if the writer sees a groundswell of support for BH, he should not expect edifying content from the same people who are opposed to the JSTF.

    The opposite of ‘SUPPORT’ is ‘OPPOSITION’. If the city is creeping with BH supporters, it follows that it is brimming with JSTF opponents. Those are scarcely people who I would take their word as gospel truth. The JSTF restated the connivance bit again today. I take everything I hear out of Borno with a pinch of salt.

    Nobody has said that outrages have never happened in Borno. But any attempt to make outrages appear to be the core theme of the operations in Borno would be resisted from here. I am not in the business of letting terrorists get off lightly and this blog was always about telling the other side of the story. There are people who support BH and they bear the heaviest moral burden for the carnage. They are no different from the perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide. Sadly, the only reason why none of these ‘inspirational’ reports ever look into the genocidal antics of collaborators is that the fixers had them wrongfooted ab initio.

    Nobody is pro-outrages but we are not ready to take everything thrown our way by any foreign passerby as gospel truth.

    If the people in Borno see the JSTF as their problem, people down south are decidely sold on the idea that they are collaborators. So say the JSTF. These foreign reports have dwelt on JSTF outrages for long enough. For the sake of balanced reportage, I now also want to read something about the conniving knuckleheads who aid their cause. If they somehow cannot provide that angle to the story, we shall put forward our own narrative of what we see happening.

    I cannot take these “e say-u say-dem say’ articles as gospel truth. You are free to believe whatever you will though.

    I am not sure that you are the only one who has ever expressed indignation at outrages. So mek you relax yasef dia bifor you begin do like ‘sabo’


    ” Why are our police so damn unruly? The Army captured and handed over
    Mohammed Yusuf to them and he was
    extrajudicially executed at pointblank
    range – riddled with bullets. There is a
    very disturbing video on the internet showing a cop, baseball cap turned to the back like a true deviant, shooting at
    unarmed civilians who had been made to lie with their faces to the ground in the manner of a hunter shooting at guinea fowls in the savanna. That was 2009. Years later, they sent them to Potiskum, some got killed inside a beer parlour. Now they have a prime target and they just let him out of their grasp – just like that?

    Please..PLEASE is this not why Nigerians
    have overwhelmingly refused to believe
    that the police is your friend –accidental discharge on account of twenty naira,bribery, corruption, complicity in crimes and extrajudicial killings with impunity by trigger-happy cops everywhere?

    All of that is proving to be an obstacle to intelligence gathering as the people are seemingly estranged from the police and are wary of the informant suddenly becoming the suspect or getting sold out to the adversary. ”

    • peccavi says:

      Exactly. Opinion is opinion. Fact is fact.
      If it is your opinion that anyone with links to BH is sympathiser then its an opinion you are entitled to however it is not a fact. I have never spoken to BH so I cannot allude to their methods of behaviour assuming you have not either (as that would make you a BH sympathiser anyway) you are not stating a fact but an opinion. Cool
      Until we see polling from the affected areas we cannot state which side the locals swing to and to be honest our interest should be that they support the government out of choice and not coercion.
      As per the video, if its fake who faked it? Were the men just pretending to be shot.
      You are still not getting the point. If it is fake then it needs to be proven to be fake.
      If it is real then we need to know who are the victims and who are the perpetrators be they soldiers, civilians or militants. That is the essence of the law

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