– Impregnable and Invisible

– Fast and Operative

– Littoral Missions

– Weapon employment in Sea States up to 7

– the most economical Bottom Hull Innovative design

This is a new generation of Fast Patrol
Craft based on hydrodynamics innovations,advanced naval architecture
for littoral, brown-water missions where
efficiency, low cost, shallow draft are the
new priorities for the next-generation craft.

Boat employment in Sea States up to 5
without course/speed limitations at max allowed propulsion power, and in Sea State up to 9 at a speed of up to 30 knots inclusive.A fast, highly-maneuverable boat that features a shallow draft for interdiction operations in littoral areas. The boat uses the patented planing stepped tri-hull, originally developed as a low-wake design for service, to achieve unprecedented speed and ride quality while preserving stability and large load

High seaworthiness for use of weapons,
stability – tri-hull bottom and low center
of mass



Navigation distance 1500 nm
Autonomy navigation …5 days
Maximum speed………… 65 kn
Cruise speed……………… 35 kn

Cruise speed operation draft 0.8 m


Length overall: 32.5 m / 108ft
Beam: 7.40 m / 25 ft
Air draught (at DWL): 5.2 m / 17ft
Operation Depth min: 1.6 m
Draft:.1.1 m / 3 ft
Displacement: 75 tons
Deadweight: 25 tons


Crew 12
Commandos .. 20


Automatic cannon 30mm DS30M Mk2 – 1

HMG 12.7mm Gatling gun – 2

Naval Special boats: Landing /Inspection
RIB Zodiac ZH 520 … 1

Technology STEALTH: • RAM- paint, “Silver SM”

• System of dispersed water curtain
“Rainbow” – 1

• System of acoustic squelch – 1


Mangmnt post – 6th class of protection

Crew cabins – 4th class of protection

Engine room, power and fuel system
…..6th class of protection

Electric cables, hydraulic hoses …….. in the protective cover of 4th class of protection,duplicated


Main engines:
MTU 16V 2000 M93..2 x 2400 kW

Propulsion…2 x ZF 3500 Trimax Surface Drive

Auxiliary generators: 60KW


• RLS Pal-N
• Gyrocompass
• Magnetic compass
• Digital echo-sounder
• Autopilot GPS system


• radio system

• Relay and visual observation equipment

• VHF radiotelephone station

• System intership voice transmission and communications system

• optical devices,searchlights,pyrotechnic means, code flags and figures

• binoculars and other equipment

Year: 2013
Length: 108′
Status: Available
Price: USD $3,600,000[EUR €2,830,680.00
Location: Ukraine


About beegeagle

BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies


  1. Spirit says:

    With this kind of redundancy (duplicated cabling), protection (minimum of 4th class), weapons and stealth, its obvious this ship is designed to take serious bashing and still survive. Its like a ‘one-man army’. It wouldnt hurt having one AGL though.

    The Ukranians have gone ‘nuclear’ in ship design/building.

    This is one good platform I believe NN should acquire fast.

  2. beegeagle says:

    My brother, it is larger(33m) than a Shaldag FPC(24m) and much faster. That is a function of both demand and of lower production costs in Ukraine.

    At this rate, I really do not see why we cannot grab a pair of helicopter-carrying 45 metre Sea Magic Littoral Patrol Vessel which is UNLIKELY to cost more than US$10 million and a 33 metre Fast Patrol Craft for each of the six coastal FOBs and the new NNS Jubilee at Ibaka.

    That ultrafast pairing of a 45 metre helicopter-carrying vessel and a 33 metre FPC, for a total of 14 small ships, would then become the mainstay of coastal (0-30 nautical miles) anti-piracy patrols and anti-bunkering interdiction. The price tag necessary to have all seven bases(Ibaka+six FOBs) equipped is US$100 million.

    Then, they can back up that array with a K38 Combat Catamaran for riverine special operations, two 13m Aryan-1300 series patrol boats and two RBS Defender response boats for each FOB.

    The incoming OPVs/light frigates can then be stationed at the major bases at Lagos, PHC, Warri and Calabar.

  3. Obix says:

    Awesome! But the truth is that this craft and her sister crafts are mere designs by the Ukranian builders with help from the MARITIME AND VEHICLE SECURITY ASSETS of the UK!!! No prototype has been built yet.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Wrong, Obix. Some of the series, including this 33 metre speed demon, are ready to roll as we speak

    I suggest we begin to position ourselves for a strategic partnership with these guys ala Suncraft of Singapore. These Ukrainian-built vessels are destined to have an ‘explosive’ on the market in Asia and Africa in no time at all. It would not be bad at all to be first takers on this since their products are even cheaper than Suncraft items.

    Get NNPC to pay for seven 45m helicopter-carrying LPVs which would go to Ibaka and six other FOBs (NNPC probably spent five times as much on Suncraft vessels in 2008-9) while the FG and littoral states such as Delta, Rivers, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Lagos and Cross River can come to agreement on the acquisition of 33m FACs – with each of the states paying for one while the FG pay for another one to be deployed each of the states. That would yield twelve units of 33m FACs and seven units of 45m heli-carrying FPCs.

    We can then decide on the technology transfer details. For instance, they could build six of the 33m FACs and three 45m FPCs here in Nigeria at Nigerdock and the Naval Dockyard.

    Roadmaps and routes to the attainment of objectives. There has to be a first taker. Someone outside Russia first bought the Su-27 as a leap of faith. Ethiopian Su-27s later downed five Eritrean MiG 29s in combat. No cross, no crown.

  5. beegeagle says:

    The NA and NN previously took delivery of over 205 river patrol boats and landing craft through the Suncraft-Strategic Marine partnership in one great hop in 2008-9 and they have also taken delivery of twenty one units of 17m Manta ASD Littoral Interceptors. Without precedents, we deployed them FIRST for combat operations and have had everything to be thankful for

    There are a few hundreds more of K38 Combat Catamarans, Passport 19, NC27 Night Cat Interceptors, RBS Defender, Modant Marine and other types. The NIMASA-NN joint project, Maritime Guard Command grabbed twenty units of a Spanish-built armoured patrol boat in 2012. Apart from the RBS Defender, I doubt that any of the others had been deployed in combat before then. We did and they have served us well.

    So those piecemeal approaches should not suffice here. Algeria are not exactly a piracy hotspot yet they took on twenty one units of 32 metre OCEA FPB 98 Mk.II to patrol their 998km coastline and are not exactly weeping today.

    Did we have to go piecemeal on the Shaldag FPCs (how many of them do we have now – five or nine?) even after the superlative performance which they put in alongside Super Dvora FPCs in Sri much so that Sri Lanka have a license-built variant of the Shaldag, the Colombo class?

  6. Solorex says:

    I do not think NN is ready for;or have any particular need for this sort of platform now; here are my reasons for your scrutiny

    (1) Its very high tech and the signature levels stated suggest you most have lot of dampers and some form of electronic signature suppression to have this kind of cold signature, NN will require costly training to maintain this babies and even higher cost to keep them afloat the way they will give good value. You will have to even maintain the stealth coatings specially.

    (2)The Cost of this babies is probably due to the stealth shape, good sea keeping(construction alloy) and noise/signature suppression system. My point is that the various challenges facing NN now (basically Piracy and oil bunkering) does not really require any one of these advantages. Pirates and oil bunkers( at least for now) don’t have any form of radars or missiles that requires this type of platforms to deal with,they don’t even really have ships that can out-sail a regular IPV speed wise. We could buy a few for special ops insertion purpose in hostile territory/or technology studies-I also have doubts about the necessity of this

    (3) Lets face it, there is no advantage that the NN will derive from this particular platform type as per the present challenges its facing that it cannot derive from regular,known,easier to maintain,cheaper to procure,cheaper to upgrade regulars

    I think the way to go will be to partner with these guys to get a design that will work for our present challenges at similar cost and work out partnership with our dear dockyard(not as ship builders but designer/supervisors/quality controller) and Nigerdock to build these babies locally without all the not needed additions. I think Andoni should be our start point, lets have serious partnership(with naval architecture company) and modifications to the basic design and let FG encourage Nigerdock and co to invest in needed infrastructures by committing to a number of orders from local manufactures over a number of years(like its done in the west and now in Russia)

    We also need a Maritime Security Fund to take care of this sort of partnership and requirement in this country more than anything else!

  7. beegeagle says:

    Yeah Solorex, I have been harping on the need for Maritime Security Infrastructure Fund where maritime sector players/operators would chip in their bit in lieu of regular taxes ala the Education Tax Fund.

    Well, they may or may not need these platforms but they cannot feign ignorance of the existence of Sea Magic(Ukraine) who surely have a lot to offer.It is however clear that situational awareness afforded by aerial surveillance is of the essence and we cannot deploy Alenia ATR 42-500MP Surveyor for each and every chase. In each of the exercises/operations which took place in the Niger Delta in Nov/Dec 2012, the deployment of air assets to afford situational awareness was harped on.

    Without recourse to Fleet Command/NN Headquarters, I think it is tandem with the emplacement of coastal radar stations at some of these FOBs, that they have a helicopter-carrying platform (this 45m vessel or the Cotecmar 40m platform) and a 24-32m Fast Patrol Craft organic to each of those FOBs and NNS Jubilee. That should increase the capacity to act independently within the AOR and reduce reaction time. In cases where the hunt overlaps into the next AOR, the FOB nextdoor would similarly be adequately resourced to join the chase independently. That is the effect which multiple coastal radar stations currently have•-spotted-by-regional-maritime-awareness-coastal-radar-stations-•-seized-after-hours-long/

    We need to move away from piecemeal acquisitions as well. Pirate attacks are proliferating much faster and we lately recorded two attacks in one week. In one episode, we had five vessels deployed in pursuit.

    For a platform such as the Shaldag, I do not really see why the NN had to reach for two units when the late President UMY visited Israel in 2009. Then, they waited another three years until 2012 before splashing out on three more units. Yet the FG never stop talking about maritime security and the NN ALWAYS lament the paucity of platforms relative to the tasks at hand.

    That piecemeal approach only affords the adversary an opportunity to readjust to new realities. In contrast, when they quit hedging and splashed out majorly on riverline warfare platforms, Ateke Tom, in acceding to the dictates of the Amnesty Process, acknowledged his exasperation at the sudden omnipresence of JTF troops everywhere. He said “JTF don blok efrywia insai creek – no way in, no way out”, suggesting that this had greatly stifled the free rein which they hitherto enjoyed.

  8. Obix says:

    Sir Beag, i’m not trying to burst bubbles, but for some reasons millitary blogs in Ukraine and Russia doubt the existence of these crafts. They believe that these biats can be built only by order. The Ukrainian navy doesn’t even have such crafts. They are asking how come there are no real pictures. Secondly, Ukraine just launched what they call ‘the littoral patrol and special warfare division’ with boats in the same cateegory with one of the the SEA MAGIC series.The division will have the GRIUZA-M amoured artillery boats, the construction of the first batch of 2 crafts are ongoing as we speak. They will be inducted this year with 7 more by 2017. Though 2 earlier versions -the GRIUZA were built in 2004-2005 for the Uzbekistan navy, payed for by the US government($5,6m) for patroling their maritime borders with Afghanistan, they were never built for the Ukrainian navy. The bottom line is that our millitary brass should move into partnership with the Suncraft or similar players in the industry like you mentioned!!! sorry the page is in russian.

  9. beegeagle says:

    Yeah Obix, but you can see that they all say “2013” which is only six days old as we speak. So why does it surprise you that your Russo-Ukrainian friends do not know about the craft? I mentioned “FIRST TAKERS” because any buyers would be pioneers of sorts.

    That start date..2013 is the reason why you need not bother about whether the Ukrainians have inducted same. The Chinese do not use the JF-17 which they co-produce with Pakistan either yet Egypt, Algeria, Turkey, Nigeria and Bangladesh have all been mentioned in connection with planned acquisitions of same. Pakistan have already inducted a few squadrons.

    Yes, the Suncraft Group/Singapore Technologies Kinetics have a strategic partnership with the Nigerian military. They have set up their Africa Regional Office at Abuja and coordinate sales and spares for Suncraft patrol boats and craft, in addition to heavy machine guns and automatic grenade launchers installed on gunboats, landing craft and ships.

    On those hundreds of boats – including RBS Defender boats and K38 Combat Catamarans manufactured elsewhere, the allied Singapore Technologies Kinetics have their 12.7mm HMGs and 40mm AGLs mounted on them(see archives for photos).

    Some Stingray gunboats carry three 12.7mm HMGs(see last week’s posts), some carry two HMGs while others carry a mix of HMG and AGL. Other ships such as the Cat-class, Makurdi-class, Argungu-class, Sea Eagle Mk.II, Shaldag FPCs and even the NNS Andoni carry STK 12.7mm HMGs and/or 40mm AGLs as secondary armament .

    That means the Suncraft-STK combo have supplied those weapons by the high hundreds. They are even mounted on Marine Police boats(search blog archives)

    For maintenance support and replenishment stock alone, they are guaranteed to be in business in Nigeria for many years to come – alongside fresh supplies. For instance, they supplied six more 17 metre Manta ASD Littoral Interceptors in 2012.

    The NN have also entered into a strategic partnership with TP Marine of Holland for the maintenance and eventually, the construction of boats at NAVDOCK. They supplied twenty 12 metre K38 Catamarans around 2008-9 and in 2012, supplied another eight K38 catamarans(see archives). They also have a contract for the refurbishment of six patrol boats for the NN, on account of which they moved to a larger yard in Holland.

  10. Obix says:

    Thanks Beags! you are %100 correct. I’ve checked one of the partners of this programme (The Fedosia shipbuilding company), they really have the know how to roll-out these babies easily and for a relatively cheap price. Kudos to the NN. I hope our legislators will not short-change the navy again.

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