COAS Lt Gen Ihejirika(l),Gov Yakowa of Kaduna State and Maj Gen Akinyemi, outgoing Chief of Policy and Plans

COAS Lt Gen Ihejirika(l) and Maj Gen Akinyemi, Chief of Policy and Plans

7 January, 2013

Nigeria’s chief of army staff, Lt.-Gen.
Azubuike Ihejirika announced in Abuja
Monday the promotion of 2,900 soldiers. Ihejirika said at the decoration of 14
Colonels with their new ranks of
Brigadier-Generals, that no fewer than
10,000 soldiers were recommended for
promotion. He assured that the army would promote more soldiers before the end of February.

The COAS said that as soon as their
documents were verified and the
processes for promotion completed, they
would be promoted. According to him,
promotion in the military does not come
as a reward but a demonstration of confidence on the part of the leadership
that those officers promoted still have
much more to offer. “You have done well but you are being promoted because they think you have much more to offer the system and I believe you are going to put in your best and we are looking forward to seeing your best.

“Putting in your best is the only thing
required to overcome the challenges
confronting the nation and the army in
particular. “Let me once again congratulate those just promoted and to tell those who did not make it now that it is not the end of the road as they continue to work hard, promotion will come sooner or later,” he said.

The Minister of Information, Mr Labaran
Maku, who spoke at the occasion said he
was impressed with the performance of
those promoted. He said the officers were not only well read, properly trained but were also the pride of Africa. Maku urged the officers to bear in mind that every promotion was a call to higher
service and a call to higher sacrifices for
the country.

“I believe that this promotion is coming at a point where it is needed in the years ahead to stablise the internal security and defend the territorial
integrity,” Maku said.

Brig.-Gen. Nuhu Angbazo, who was among those decorated, told NAN that
the promotion required the officers to
work hard, to ensure that the vision of
the Chief of Army Staff was realised
within the President’s Transformation Agenda.

In another development, Sen. George
Sekibo, the Chairman,Senate Committee
on Defence and Army, inaugurated the
newly built Army Headquarters Officers’
Transit Camp at the Mogadishu Cantonment. The Camp contains 22 flats of two-bedrooms each. Sekibo commended the army’s efforts at
providing the requisite infrastructure and accommodation facilities for troops. He said that the provision of these
facilities had brought about a remarkable performance of the troops.

“At this time when security challenges are high in the country, provision of accommodation will enable troops settle down and perform their duties. “We at the National Assembly will continue to support you to be a reputable army in West African sub-
region,” Sekibo said.


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  1. jimmy says:

    This is very good, this shows there is transition and movement . A question that has piqued my brain is that the list of Major Generals that has been retired has not been released to the public. We know that Maj Gen ISA was on the list and at least eleven others.
    Second We also want to implore the F.G. to do the right thing and promote LT GENERAL IHEJIRIKA to a full General because ultimately he is the face of the Nigerian Army and very importantly he has done a very good job in transforming/ retraining the army to meet the current challenges facing Nigeria. The NIGERIAN ARMY we have today in a span of three years is completely different from what we had in 2009.
    Please G.E.J. promote him because this will send a great morale boost to all the soldiers,on the issue of hard work and professionalism means the reward of promotion, and also it will open up the gates to promote at least 6 well deserving Major Generals to the post of LT .General.

  2. Victor says:

    Maj Gens: Akinyemi, Isa, Idoko, Oshinowo, Shoboiki

  3. beegeagle says:

    The second paragraph essentially encapsulates the essence of what has been a shambolic showing by you on this blog.

    As moderator of this blog, I have watched since you made your first post on this blog (on a Mali-related thread where you attacked Nigeria) and the second one(where you were upset about stated plans by the NN to acquire submarines), back in August 2012.

    You came in full of “isms” and “schisms” and compound words. I thought you were probably a high-minded fella who needed to sound that way, even as Doziex, Jimmy and Peccavi chided you for your reckless use of language in a manner which blurred the meanings of your messages.

    During the time that we have endured your presence here, only three people other than myself – Jimmy, Doziex and Peccavi have ever responded to you..mostly to say “mind your language”. At another time, you were suggesting that her Somalia experience had forced the USA to rejig its COIN rulebook, to which Peccavi said, “false claim”.

    Now, I do not know how that suggests that you have been either a blog hit or that you have an audience here.

    In the beginning, Spirit, Jimmy, Solorex, XNur44 and yours truly used to chat to ourselves. Doziex, Peccavi, Henry, Ken, SBM, BeasF147, Rufus Rastus and Eyimola soon joined us a bit later on. We have never stopped growing.

    When we clocked 200,000 hits a year ago and half-a-million hits months later, it was already clear that we had a GLOBAL audience. Before you came along, global operators who write for the most referenced journals were already here and we have never stopped talking. When “Before Its News”, a 2.5 million hits per month platform on ITunes came to ask to carry our content, you were not one of the reasons why. You were not posting here.

    You know quite a lot about how to make a blog thrive. Why not open one and see how it bears up against your knowhow? Remember to make it a free-for-all as you do. Walk the talk and let us Nigerians who have built this corner come and see who has taken notice of what you do.

    Start to finish, you come across as a destroyer. See how haughty your comments about my esteemed bloggers show you to be? You do not even realise that you did not register in the minds of people here because of your odious style that is steeped in negativity? If you want to be heard, go to the Userboard where you got squeezed out from on account of your skunk attitude or go to Pambazuka, Jamil Forums, Mashada or wherever…only GO. Nobody here is interested in hearing your jaundiced views.

    The pan-Africanist hoopla is played out because you are on every thread to shoot down any mention of what to buy for Nigeria..being so anti-growth but for a pan-Africanist, you are always absent whenever anything salutory happens in Nigeria. You got found out. SBM and Max Montero are from the Caribbeans and Philippines. They celebrate special moments with Nigeria..same way I did Ghana Air Force and Navy acquisitions TWO YEARS AGO, never mind now. Not so for you, the supposed pan-Africanist. Only Kenya need be celebrated as far as you are concerned.

    Even web forums expel members, never mind a blog. Like I said, it is easy to tell us how to run a blog until you get to the details of it. Ask Mwaura.

    The likes of you are so predictable. You seek a platform but won’t create one. Others create one and you come strutting in with foul and haughty airs which project an attitude of “I am better at doing this than all of you are”. Next, you begin to look for allies whose perspectives most closely align with your narrow agenda. You cut no ice and begin to attack the blog. You have accused us of writing fiction, you have called my fellow bloggers ill-informed, you think the quality of comments are plummeting simply because you have been squeezed out to the margins. Yet you won’t go away.

    If your arrogance is steeped in your KDF antecedents, take it to Mashada or Jamil forums. There are lots of Nigerian, US, British and Filipino military personnel here and they are not rubbing it in.

    Well, we have seen ALL of you and no part of this blog grew on account of your presence. It would grow bigger after your expulsion from here. You can take your knowhow elsewhere or better still, start a blog. Let us see how many people become enamoured of your sparkling ideas.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Colonel “Eeisshh” aka D-E-S.

    I was never fooled by your loud protestations about being a civvy. You are the only one who can write twenty pages of epistles on twelve different blogs and fora in one day pursuant to KDF image projection.

    The fervour nay desperation with which you have tried to push your agenda which I termed “KDF psyops”, your perspectives steeped in the excessive assurance that this being a defence and security blog and you being a uniformed person, you have to drown out every voice (sorry, we are not discussing tactics or battle plans, so keep your knowhow to yourself).Where it matters, your scant regard for people and openly hostile agenda here – evinced in your last post have been your major undoing. You have been the consummate standard bearer of what it means to be a hater.

    Here is what people had to say for your antics – so much for people not buying into my supposed attempt at blackspotting you. I have almost wound down the KDF-related threads as well, so that you find less reason to hang around here in your compulsive need to be heard.

    Do create a blog and make a megaphone of it. Make sure it comes down hard on Nigeria. Indulge your phobia to your heart’s content. Make it a free-for-all, allow people to make snide comments about you – same way you have been carried on with me backstage.

    But Nigerians here have noted your antics and you slaughtered yourself with your last broadside aimed at the whole gamut of commenters here who, regardless of what you think of them, play in a pond which is much more reckoned with than where you crept up from. Regardless, I VALUE everyone of them more than I do your forward and unruly antics.

    Way back in August over submarines, I already told you that your views were unsolicited given your traditionally jaundiced takes which are are only aimed at limiting the growth prospects of the Nigerian military.

    You conclusively gave away your mean inclinations by absenting yourself from every thread where anything that is a positive development in Nigeria was being discussed. I wrote you off at that point.You would gloss over everything good but hyperventilate about abuses, bunkering and everything which you know scant little about…an expert at consuming Panadol over another man’s headache.

    Between September 2012 and the grenade attacks at Dadaab and
    Garissa which have happened during the course of these past ten days, your country has endured more terror attacks than sufficed between 2000 and 2011. Yet you would rather dwell on Nigeria’s own problems. Physician heal thyself.

    Prove what – that people do not know you to pursue a sinister agenda here? When you are not hating, you are knocking heads together. Prove what – that Jimmy, Peccavi and Doziex have not at various times taken you up on your queer writing style? Ask them!

    As you can see, nobody has spoken in favour of your style. Do you need ANY evidence of people speaking against your style?

    Go back to your make-believe world where Rangers, Deltas, Paras and all have it covered while grenades go off with an unusual degree of consistency all around you. Go back to window dressing.

    I have said – MOVE ON. The core focus of this blog is not the KDF and you only have negative vibes on offer, so you cannot be a Nigeria discussant. Why accuse me of trying to rally bloggers here against you?

    Did you or did you not write the last diatribe above where you called them ill-informed and claimed, in your typically haughty style, that the quality of comments have dropped simply because you have not been allowed to post jaundiced comments?

    You can antagonise me all you want, man but you cannot continue to pursue your agenda here. Try nextdoor. There are dozens of Nigerian fora and blogs where you can go to indulge your anti-Nigerianism. You would get so inundated with what you crave that you won’t need to come over here where things are supposedly so bad yet you have bluntly refused to vote with your feet. How long does it take one to move away from what they do not like?

    You, who on account of your tendentious ways, were posting through filters somehow expect me to continue to labour with filtration ala “D-E-S says” ?? The ONLY reason why I ever posted your comments was to allow K’yall have someone to refer to for validation or repudiation.

    As you can see, your tenuous stay here was sealed when it became clear that every good thing that happens to Nigeria on the military front UPSETS you whereas you revel in her misfortune. See the weblink above. That was the day that your time here ran out.

    No difference between denouncing Afua Hirsch on the outside and YOU on the inside. Resisting your false-heartedness and pseudo-panAfricanism is what is happening. You are both fingers of the same leprous hand. FAREWELL.

  5. beegeagle says:


    “Do you think I should allow you some
    time to wallow in your mentally illogical literal festerings?”

    End of Quote

    Looks like you are some borderline retard. How does the foregoing get you closer to your unattainable ambition – posting here?


    ” Earnestly I don’t mind you assuming, asserting or inferring whatever perturbs you, in whatever fashion that suits a village bully. But I will not heed any of your suggestions as pertains to public domain….I will scribe, you do not have to post, that is your prerogative!!! ”

    end of quote

    Pathetic – a blog becomes public domain. Do you know of any blogs which were published and the web address firewalled so that it becomes private domain? All that justification of nada just to keep trolling around? You can’t be this desperate to post here, buddy. Archetypal aspirational African undone by his crabs-in-a-barrel, pull-him-down antics 🙂

    Dude, we look to interface with internationals who have serious questions to ask. Not particularly keen on what any African has to say – they all come pretending to be friends ala the caterpillar inside the pumpkin pretending to be its friend while destroying it.

    Your time ran out, man. You have been closed out, same way you have probably been expelled from a forum or two on account of your indiscretion and ruinous ego steeped in mere ASPIRATIONS. Napoleonic complex is the core African problem.

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