Colonel(rtd)Sambo Dasuki, National Security Adviser

Colonel(rtd)Sambo Dasuki, National Security Adviser

ABUJA, Jan. 9 (Xinhua)

A Nigerian security consultant, Max Gbanite on Wednesday joined the clamor for amnesty to members of the Boko Haram sect to end the spate of bombings in the West African country. Gbanite told reporters during the two-day National Summit on Security Challenges in Nigeria held in the capital Abuja that the insurgency by the sect could only be addressed through amnesty. This is the only way because you cannot fight a man who agrees that death is a better alternative, he added.

“It doesn’t hurt to give a window of
opportunity. We must give fellow
Nigerians hope,” he said. “What will the president lose if he says from Feb. 1 to Feb. 29, I am giving amnesty to anybody who claims to be a member of Boko Haram,” the expert told reporters.

Gbanite, who also suggested that the
amnesty should be extended to those who possessed light arms, said the
government should encourage them to
surrender the arms by buying them back. He said there was no terrorist group in
the country as none had been certified as such. “For any group to be called a terrorist group, the Attorney General of the Federation and National Security Adviser must apply for that group to be certified,” he added. He said because no group had been branded as such, it was difficult to try anybody as a terror suspect. The consultant called on President Goodluck Jonathan to visit Yobe, Borno and Gombe states and other areas to sympathize with the victims of the attacks.

Earlier, in a presentation at the summit,
Charles Omoregie, a retired army general said although Nigeria was not in a state of war, its security was threatened by terrorism. He attributed the cause of the threat to poverty, unemployment, injustice and bad governance.


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  1. to4shizzle says:

    I guess this idiots don’t get it right? So what’s next any person dat has a bone to chew with the Government and has powerful backing will kill innocent people and use guerilla tactics and stay hidden and then people scream for Amnesty?

    Amnesty for what? For killing innocent Nigerians? People who have sworn heaven and earth to destroy our Nation in the Name of Terrorism and very backward idealogies? Hiding behind religion to propagate terrorism? That guy calls himself a Nigerian Security Expert? Shame on some of these people let them go house to house door to door and hear from the people. Can they appease the over 1000 families displaced or grieving their loved ones?

    This is a fight for our country this is war I pray they pick sides I’m siding with Nigeria I say to hell with any Amnesty let the Federal Government not bow to any pressure if there is anywhere they should be stubborn about its Security! We have to fight this menace and send a message to those who are beneffiting that their time has come.

    If Boko Haram is granted Amnesty what next? OPC or Biafran Boys decide to become a thorn in our flesh we will now be wasting money for development over some few heavily misguided souls? To each man his dues he must pay, if you want to kill yourself all in the name of an idealogy feel free to do so…..but never threaten lives of innocent humans to achieve such…..I’m so angry hearing this you have to forgive me Mr Beeg. But this men are useless and I’m ashamed that they think of such nonesense.

    We as BeegEagle members may have to start re-educating Nigeria one way or the other I think you should take a stand I understand your situation quite clearly..especially the need to remain anonymous due to security issues and safety but this monsters live with us and spew utter rubbish all in the name of dropping opinions and analysis how stupid and backward can they be.

    How can you compare Niger Delta insurgency to this Murderous Spree in the North, so does it mean if I pardon a few people we should pardon this ones now? Mind them the Amnesty at that time covered all those who wanted Peace if Boko Haram Existed then, they should have come forward but No they didn’t so without further bickering they are Terrorists and must be wiped out.

    • No to dialogue with extremists, it is unfortunate that with all our enormous resources we can’t nip these terrorist in the mud! If GEJ should negotiate with these terrorist we in the southwest would boot him out! Let me tell you something elections can’t be rigged in my part of the country(yorubaland) we already perceive him as being weak and cowardly! Coupled with the fact that he is marginalising the yorubas! If the yorubas had not voted for him that election would have gone to the second round we just did him a favor! A lot of us yorubas now want the breakup of this country! We want oduduwa republic most yorubas may vote in the gubernatorial and state houses of assembly elections but leave the presidential ballot blank as we do not trust Jonathan or Buhari!

  2. EastMan says:

    Was it only the yorubas that voted him in or are they the only electorate Nigeria has? What do you know about marginalisation? As for your Oduduwa Republic, just forget it. As you guys didn’t let Biafra out, nobody goes anywhere.

    As for the security analyst or whatever his name is, he should endeavour to take his drugs.

    • Ouch just hit on a nerve there eh! Please as you love this country why are you sueing the FG? The same way you are currently championing your sectional agenda is the same way others are! When you have a FG that is week this what happens! You guys always talking the past let us face the future I remain a committed patriot but patriotism can not be possible with an army that can’t guaranty national unity! They way GEJ is going by under funding the navy and replacing them with militants and the hilux culture it is clear who is the patriot and who isn’t! All I am saying is that we like all nigerians are saddened by the apparent deliberate attempt to weaken our armed forces all making the disintegration of our dear country all the more apparent! I say no more time would tell!

      • giles says:

        kassim as fr as nigeria is consine,disintegration no dey forget oduduwa republic,a sayin goes:-wot goes around come’s around

      • EastMan says:

        Kassim, if some people are sueing the FG doesn’t mean I EastMan is sueing them. Once again, forget your Oduduwa Republic. E no go work.

  3. beegeagle says:

    🙂 Gbanite yab. I am not out for that.
    Two big STICKS and then one limp CARROT preferably.

    Una dey see Gbanite? Same guy who we see on ChannelsTV and AIT squeezing his knuckles and urging the FG to “crush them” ??

    Na wa o..has he become an activist or na jus hustler wey e be from time? Abi e wan join politics? This sounds rather politically correct – coming from Gbanite?

    Wo, na siddon look we still dey joo. Come 2015

  4. I say again Mr president should stop this deliberate policy of under-funding of our armed forces we have the ressources ! This policy may lead to the disintergration of this great and beautiful country. Why don’t we have fighter jets? Why don’t we have frigates the actions of our present leaders is tantamount to treason! We are arguing for a permenant seat in the un! To me we are joking! If we do not ave an armed forces that can secure this nation it would collapse! Can you compare our military might of the late 60’s-70’s to the early and mid 80’s to today? We are even shying way from our regional responsibilities in mali due to the state of our armed forces! All points down to the eventual disintegration of this nation !the ball is in the court of our present rulers

  5. Drhobert says:

    E no go beta for dat contradictionist. Our so called intelligestia is actually going gaga. Hear the nonsenese that a so called expert is spilling. Trash!!!. Shehu Sani and now this fake expert.

    To Mr President, crush the baggers. We will only forgive dem when Shekau is dead and the group is as weak as felele ball. That is the Algerian style.

    • Well said brother! The US only started the dialogue process only after they took out bin laden! After we kill shekau then and only then should we begin dialogue! The death of that moron would severely weaken those bastards! I saw his latest video he posted last october and with all due respect a lot of southern militant groups can do better in terms of gear! The barga was even wearing a jean with his hausa hat those people are jokers! I repeat no to dialogue until shekau is dead!

  6. Henry says:

    These people are funny, and they call this gbanite guy a security expert……lol. See how he is spewing gibberish like a child.

    • Acting Major Benbella says:

      Max Gbanite is another Nigerian with interest in security matters. His opinion is just that, his opinion. Government approach toward BH must remain one of no compromise, no concession and really no negotiation. BH opened an account against Nigeria by declaring a war of terror against the fatherland. The proper and only thing to be done is for Nigeria to close that account. GEJ and Nigeria must show seriousness by massively equipping and increasing the size of the armed forces. It is good that the armed forces are training and re-training but we need to marry these training to effective weapon delivery platforms, tighten our operational plans by narrowing and eliminating points of failure and vulnerability.

      I heard OBJ on BBC making the same tedious error as Max Gbanite by calling for a two track approach to BH. I thought such a view a reflection of the lack of seriousness.

      • Henry says:

        I do agree with your well thought out view. Like you said and we have seen on this blog numerous times, the military has been under going training and re-training. Tons of photos and a couple of videos have been provided by honourable Beegeagle, to buttress this point. However, like you, There should be no compromise in dealing with boko-haram. I do not see the sense in negotiating with a group that is responsible for the murder of over 3000 nigerians.

        In terms of equipment, The areas I believe the government is still lagging behind is in the procurement of MRAPs, surveillance and light attack helicopters, and kitting for security personnel( we’ve great improvements in kitting for soldiers where 9/10 have bulletproof vests on, but only 1 in 4 soldiers has a radio on him). As for bomb equipment, they were all captured in last years 6billion dollars security budget. Procurement of additional bomb equipment is also captured in this years budget.

        If the government can continue to kit fully all her personnel and the police( especially the police), with all their pay, duly registered to them on time, the motivation that comes with it would further see the inability for the already weakened group to launch medium scale attacks. They are incapable of launching any large scale attacks, besides over the past week, we’ve seen a lull in boko haram attacks, this same period last year bears testament to this fact.

  7. My take is A B C D…no to dialoge

  8. Listen my fellow bloggers. My family has sacrificed for this country so to say I am not patriotic is nonsense ! What I want you to know is that our military is under-funded and overstreched! Imagining the nigerian armed forces not only having to cope with BH but OPC, MASSOB due to their perceived marginalization and MEND if GEJ is not re-elected do you think the Military would be able to cope? That is a scary scenario which the military isn’t prepared for! What guarantees the unity of a nation is it’s military but unfortunately GEJ prefers to allow militants do the duties of our Navy ! Why do we need militants when we have the SBS! Are we preparing for 2015? I rest my case! The deaths of my dad and step mom kudirat should be enough answers to those of you who doubt our patriotism! With the talk of an ibo president, the hausas wanting power ! I see a nigeria that would be engulfed with having not only to tame BH but having to deal with more than 1 militant organizatiosn all at once! Are we prepared! India is dealing with the kashmiri and maoist militants with little problems can we say the same if such a scenario were to occur?

  9. The town of Kona has just being taken by northern mali terrorists yet some of you are saying nigeria should scale down it’s participation! Look I do not think militarily nigeria is prepared for a UN permanent seat let’s face it! Talk is cheap! Until I see a candidate that is ready to put the re-equiping of our military as top priority I would withhold my vote GEJ. Believes in militants and Buhari believes in the Boko boys who do I then vote for? Please one of you should please tell me!

  10. blissful says:

    Aaaahahahh! K.Abiola u make me laugh; abeg una beter past dat so called security expert. Yes, GEJ is somehow weak but the main problem are those government men backing them in all ractification including National Assembly members (pressurising GEJ for dialogue. If you have been following our arm forces trend, you will see that GEJ is puting-up the best for them but the militant security propaganda, I don’t buy. For our Police, they need all the necessary good & standard equipments, facilities & deliverance.

  11. Happy new year General Beegeagle and all the General Bloging Staff! Hope y’all have all your dreams and aspirations come true and peace and security returns to our nation. Peace!

  12. beegeagle says:

    Happy New Year, MKO Jr. It is well with us all and with motherland, NIGERIA.

  13. jimmy says:

    You are on one today. Happy new year to you and your family. We on this blog have a fairly good idea of what is going on especially when it comes to Nigeria , Unfortunately some people in order to make headlines will say all sorts of controversial things. You cannot negotiate with people who do not want to negotiate . this is fact about Boko Haram.
    I have just finished watching Lord of War that OGA DOZIEX recommended. “Evil tends to prevail when good men do nothing” is a true statement.
    OGA KASSIM my mother grew up with your late dad about the same age born in the same town so much sympathy much understanding also she knows your family from a distance so i understand your frustration.
    The fact is despite how much I CRITICIZE G.E.J. and i will put my credibility on the line BH was started before GEJ (2008- 2009) This we now know based on yusuf’s teachings and activities.
    Yaradua ( may his soul rest in peace) and G.E.J. have done based on actual military procurement
    and actual hardware sales and training( forget boko haram and mend or fill in the blank) more in the the last five years before that you would have to go back to SHAGARI.
    OBJ’S record when it comes to actual facts was abysmal ( i saying this not as a Nigerian) for him to now cry about making peace is pure crocodile tears, They say military leaders make the worst leaders he is prime example, on his sheet is the dismal planes he bought. H e did not buy a single warship of note. GEJ record is going to be close to a 100 by the time he is done two of which were built in Nigeria.
    Nigeria not going to fall apart/ disintegrate so take your finger of the panic button, Every nation be it in Nigeria ,U.K.,US have people who will always agitate for one thing or another it is the way the leadership of that country deals with that defines that country..
    GEJ can do better lord knows we shout ourselves hoarse , but compared his predecessors he is a lot much better, the facts bear him out, take it easy , I know i can see it in your writing your frustrations sometimes mirror mine, i know you love Nigeria a lot , as for 2015 let us wait and see..
    Nigeria will have a president and we will talk about him or HER? ON THIS BLOG.

  14. jimmy says:

    I meant saying this as a Nigerian, I am Nigerian both my parent were born in NIGERIA, , SORRY ABOUT THE TYPO

  15. beegeagle says:


    10 JABUARY, 2013

    Condemning the recent comment made by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, criticizing President Goodluck Jonathan’s approach on Boko Haram, a security consultant has blamed the former president for the development of the fundamentalist group. Max Gbanite, a strategic security consultant, claimed that allowing the implementation of Sharia Law in some parts of the north during the Mr Obasanjo regime, led to the development of Islamic sect that are now staging insurgency against the
    Nigerian government.

    The security expert made the allegation on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, where he alleged that “he (Obasanjo) allowed Sharia to take effect because of an alleged unholy alliance between the then Governor of Zamfara state,because they did not want the then National Security Adviser (NSA) to have a role in government, therefore he called a political Sharia.”

    The political Sharia, he claimed moved
    to Borno state, which is now the home
    ground of the Islamic sect. He blamed the emergence of Boko Haram on what the administration of Mr Obasanjo failed to do, saying that “Boko Haram is a new phenomenon that wouldn’t have degenerated to the level we have it, if Obasanjo in his eight years in power, did what was fundamentally right in promotion of democracy.”

    Insisting that he is not President Jonathan’s ‘fighting dog or attack
    crocodile’, Mr Gbanite decried the former President’s mannerism of going on an international media to lampoon the current Head of State.

    According to him, Mr Obasanjo’s statement of stick and carrot approach on Boko Haram indicates that President Jonathan is failing in addressing the nation’s security challenges and this is not right for a former president. He likened the former president’s attitude to former military head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, saying that “the simplicity of the elder statesmen is rascality.”

    He enjoined them to take a cue from
    other elder statesmen, who are as well
    bothered about the challenges bedeviling the nation but will resort to
    talking to the President in person. Mr Gbanite, however called on President Jonathan to invoke the amnesty deal for the Boko Haram insurgents, as a way to quickly and peacefully quell the unrelenting insurgency.

  16. Yagazie says:

    YOU DO NOT NEGOTIATE/DIALOGUE with terrorists! Niger Delta Millitants were not terrorists. They had a genuine greivance- namely the degradation/abject poverty in a region that produces most of Nigeria’ s wealth, which is then squandered/used to develop every other part of the country save the area that produced the wealth. And Oh! – correct me if I am wrong but the millitants did not go about killing innocent people and bombing places of worship. They simply targetted oil infrastructure in the Niger Delta.

    BH is a totally different kettle of fish. They are not really intrested in dialogue and simply wish to kill and maim as many innocent people as possible in pusuit of their dastardly aims. Max Gbanite with all due respect is wrong to advocate dialogue with these terrorists. The millitary/security services should be given the tools/free reign to crush these terrorists. Dr. GEJ should have the balls to go after any politician no matter how highly placed who is implicated/shown to be a BH sympathiser. The heavens will not fall and the spilt blood of innocent nigerians calls out for justice/vengeance- enough of this silly amnesty talk!

  17. jimmy says:

    1) They are only interested in the implementation of their agenda.
    2) SHARIA law must rule first over Northern NIGERIA then second over all of Nigeria.

  18. Drhobert says:

    As nigerians,we must quit this habit of wanting quick fixes to every problem.force is the most potent option here if nigeria must come out with her sovereignity untouched.

  19. peccavi says:

    Una even get mouth for all this big grammer?
    People are seeing the ND militants awoof and claiming their own,
    You think people who blow up churches are going to settle for contract and private jets?
    Abeg First thing first, deal with BH, prosecute and punish the sponsors, end the amnesty money chopping programme

  20. beegeagle says:

    @Eastman, Giles and MKO Jr.

    Gentlemen, we have our challenges but Nigeria is a more united place today than it was in 1966 when the dark clouds which led to the Civil War began to gather.

    The world is coming together in macronational entities, not balkanising. The world is democratising and not lapsing into despotic political orders.

    I am a firm believer in and am irrevocably committed to a united,federalist, democratic and clutter-free+non-encumbered eight-regional structure for Nigeria.

    Nigeria is not going to break up. Since I have hardly ever misled you, whether by intuitive deduction or measured observation, you can take that to the bank as well.

    Boko Haram are just a posse of misguided buffoons and mild irritants. That is all. It is unfortunate that the spirit of give-and-take which should underpin diversity management is Africa’s most diverse country, does not exist in BH members. Otherwise, they ought to remember that in this same Nigeria, muslim Northerners held power from 1979-1999 and nobody levied war against the State. If BH are nostalgic, it shall remain just that – nostalgia..because that pattern of holding on to power as a matter of divine rights shall never happen again in Nigeria. We shall resist it with heart and might. The South shall lead Nigeria and the North shall lead Nigeria, each in its due season. Anyone who cannot deal with that reality can go hug a NEPA transformer or slash some more throats if they can. Nobody escorted the other to the Nigeria Project. Neither did GEJ kill the decent and self-effacing UMY. If anything, he remained loyal to his boss until the last day.

    Last month, the ‘unlikely’ Christian governor of Kaduna State(a state which perfectly mirrors Nigerian diversity and marginalisation) died in office. Like GEJ, a Christian Southerner succeeded President UMY, a Muslim Northerner in 2010 and finished his boss’s uncompleted term, Ramalan who is a muslim from Kaduna North senatorial zone has succeeded Yakowa, a christian from Kaduna South senatorial zone at the Governor’s Lodge in Kaduna State.

    Are the Arewa Consultative Forum or Boko Haram going to come up with the quirky logic in 2015, that since Yakowa died without completing his term in office, another Christian from the southern part of Kaduna State should be allowed to emerge as Governor in Kaduna State while Ramalan goes into early retirement? Most unlikely.

    Governor Ramalan can be counted on run for office in 2015 and neither the ACF nor BH shall see anything wrong in that. Curiously, it was against a 100% similar backdrop that President Jonathan emerged as President in 2010 and proceeded to run for office in 2011, on account of which he fell foul of the ACF and BH.

    That is what those external commentators who eat out of Shehu Sani’s palms, such as Mr Campbell, and like to say that “Jonathan broke an unwritten rule pertaining to the rotation of power between North and South”, should watch closely. Come 2015, with the same Sani and the ACF watching and cheering on and regardless of the “unwritten rule” which also suffices between muslim-dominated northern Kaduna and christian-dominated southern Kaduna, Governor Ramalan shall run for election for a first full term come 2015. That is no different from what GEJ did in 2011

    “BH time go pass – Naija na turn by turn. Now na d turn of those mugus”

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