Nigerian Air Force Alpha Jet at Lungi Airport, Sierra Leone. 1999

Nigerian Air Force Alpha Jet at Lungi Airport, Sierra Leone. 1999

January 16, 2013
By Tony Edike

Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Alex Bade, said the Nigerian Airforce will commence deployment of Nigerian
war planes to check the activities of
jihad fighters in Mali on Thursday morning.

Bade who paid his maiden visit to Enugu Airforce Unit, Wednesday, said the action was in compliance to President Jonathan’s directive that a military contingent be sent to assist the country to contain the jihad fighters in Mali.

Said he; “As I speak to you now our air
planes have arrived in Port-Harcourt;infact I’m on my way to Rivers State now and tomorrow morning we are beginning our deployment to Mali and
that’s what I am going to witness.

“I am going there to bid them a sort of
farewell and go-and-fight-well greetings as they depart. “We expect them to do what Mr. President directed that we do; he has directed that we should go and assist Mali in repelling the jihad fighters there because you know that if they finish with Mali the next thing will be to come to Nigeria.

“So we are going there to fight them and also protect our borders. “You don’t say how many families you are sending to war; but the president has directed that we send a total of 1,200 in all; but you know it is our planes that fight and we are beginning deployment this morning.

The Chief of the Airforce said his maiden visit to Enugu unit is to talk to the personnel on his vision for the Nigerian Airforce; “that we must use innovative technology because we have spent so much money buying equipment and each time they are bad we say we have to send them to the manufacturers for repairs. “We have the knowhow, we have the personnel, we have so many PHD holders, we have professionals in the Airforce and we cannot to continue
buying and not repairing.

“So I came to sensitize them about my vision and what we need to do in order to save the scarce resources that we have.”


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  1. to4shizzle says:

    Nice one by the Air Chief i just want to clarify something though…..1200 families there has been conflicting reports on the actual troop numbers and now this.

    How many Jets will they be sending their capacity range and tenancity to operate in Malian Desert conditions and to work under 24 hours i pray its nt dose slightly backwater F7Ni Air Guards. And i want to commend his visit to AFIT in Enugu we need to learn how to repair,reverse engineer most of these outfits so we dont go crying to some people and dem no go make shakara for us.

    Also we need to prepare for SAMs ASMs stolen from Libya it will prove problematic for us.

    Long live Nigeria lets go get em
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  2. kyallkelvins says:

    Nice move by the NAF. Waiting eagerly for the sorties to commence.

  3. beegeagle says:

    Here are my thoughts on this one.

    The choice of Port Harcourt for takeoff point is predicated on two things

    – it is within proximity of the Yenagoa HQ of the NAF Air Mobility Command

    – PHC is the base of the 97 Special Operations Group which is homeport for Mi-24V/Mi-35P attack helicopters

    It suggests the following

    – crated Alpha Jet shall be airlifted from Port Harcourt

    – Mil attack helicopters shall be moved to Mali using C130 Hercules planes

    So the NAF presence which already took off on a bilateral basis a week ago with technical assistance to the Malian Air Force and recce flights by radar planes shall now be expanded to encompass full spectrum air combat activities – by Alpha Jet and Mi-24V/Mi-35P attack helicopters.

    Watch this space.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Well, Bamako or Niamey(which I hear would be the hub of air operations) are actually within ferry range of an Alpha Jet.

    As for Mil attack helicopters, sans the blade, they could be pushed into a large military cargo aircraft. That was precisely how NAF 530 was returned to Makurdi from the Czech Republic.

    NAF 530 is the only Mil attack helicopter, since our first haul of six Mi-35P in 2000, which has ever been involved in a crash. That was during the April 2007 polls whilst helping with logistics. She was flown out to the reputable LOM PRAHA in the Czech Republic, restored and returned to service in October 2008.

    The Mil attack helos saw heavy activity during the Gunboat War during some really big battles – Okrika, Elem Tombia and to the best effect, at Camp 5.

    • Somoric says:

      Oga Beegeagle, this war is going to be very fluid, mobility and firepower would be critical. Where are the Mil-8/Mil-17 helos? They would need some serious .50 Caliber HMGs for self protection. The jihadists have been training and preparing for many fire and move battles with our forces- this no be fight and stand business!. Six-man teams with effective tactics and firepower can do great damage to an unassuming force. I hope we are going with MRAP and ASV with some serious sand protection. Lessons from Darfur would come in handy for our boys. Dis no be holiday camp, na big boys fight be dis. Godspeed NA, Godspeed NAF, we believe in you!

  5. xnur44 says:

    We are taking along the CBMs, CEMs, if Intel is correct and the bad guys dig and bury themselves in foxholes then we may have to clear our pilots for Napalm/incendiary type munitions delivery too.

  6. Hmmm,…Interesting….Things are hotting up….Now is the time for the FG to see reason why we need a long range Fighter Jet…

  7. kyallkelvins says:

    Is it a must Nigeria and other like-minded players in theater to use Bamako as their rear bases? A point to ponder, perharps. All the way from PHC past Benin, Togo, Burkina faso…and then to Bamako? An ernomous lot of Strategic evaluation must be put into consideration.

    Lets talk about the alternative, short and cheap-looking Niger route. What if the FG government strikes an agreement with the Niger gov’t to use, lets say, Tera area (where i strongly believe that there is an airstrip), as a forward base to strike targets deep inside N.Mali with ease? …With Sokoto being the main rear base and Tera being the stopover-secondary-forward base. Share your views gentlemen.

    On a different note; Need-to-know whether Nigeria has an FOB in the Shagari/ Sokoto/ Yabo border corridor with Niger.

    • Somoric says:

      @ Kyall, NAF has a base in Sokoto, though I do think the Force Commander would want his air assets and its command located at his HQ and ensure liasion with opposite number with the French Armee! The challenge is securing those assets in Niger would be another headache, he doesn’t need presently in my own opinion. Key objective, the Government of Mali must not fall and all necessary force must be deployed to ensure that its existence is not threatened. The French would be deployed in a strategic strike role in the nearest future. My 2 kobos!

  8. beegeagle says:

    @Somoric+Xnur, the Ogas from whom my orders proceed! I salute you.

    You might recall that one day last year I was yelling about the fact that we have yet to see a fully combat-kitted Agusta A109LUH even as that variant is the DEDICATED military variant of the airframe. I am still waiting to see one.

    Even when the NAF reintroduced two upgraded Super Puma helics last March, I restated the need to ensure that the pair in Romania for upgrades are militarised to the SOCAT variant and mentioned the need to have, if necessary, a self-defence mechanism on every airframe. Even the French, lavishly supplied as they are, have apparently militarised all their Gazelles and not a few Puma helics to an extent which I never realised until footage from Mali began to filter through!

    Sirs, our local and regional commitments are such that two-thirds of all our non-training assets need to be configured for combat. War is upon us and even if we pull through first, the region between southern Algeria, southern Libya, the Far North of Nigeria, Mali and Niger are guaranteed to be one cauldron for many years to come.

    We have entered the orbit of global jihadism and even if BH get closed down in Nigeria today, BH insurgents are likely to flee into Niger and Mali to serve as mercenaries and from there plot a re-entry into Nigeria. I have said before now that the aftershocks of insurgency in the Niger Delta and the Northeast shall abide with Nigeria for another decade. During this period, the stray warlord and the odd suicide blast can be expected.

    The panacea – BE PREPARED..tis the Boy Scouts marching song. Always..BE PREPARED

    Permission to carry on, sirs..

  9. beegeagle says:

    View the PUMA SOCAT here

    The French appear to have prepared every helicopter in Mali to be able to travel unaccompanied and to DEFEND itself.

    These madhatters in Mali are going to shoot at anything that moves in front of them and with an even greater feeling of paranoia, at anything flying over their heads.

  10. beegeagle says:
    IAR-330 Puma SOCAT antitank gunship

    IAR-330 Puma SOCAT antitank gunship

    Puma SOCAT

    At the very least, let us have a 20mm cannon on the Puma AND/OR the rocket pod. In Mali, anything else would seem like folly with 12.7mm and 14.5mm HMG-armed gun-trucks crisscrossing the turf everywhere. Any soft-skinned helo within firing range goes me, gentlemen.

    If you need any proof, they downed a Gazelle on DAY ONE.

    • Nexter THL-20 20mm chain gun (chin mounted) with 750 rounds

    • LPR 57 unguided rocket launcher (inner 2 hardpoints)

  11. beegeagle says:

    Nigeria have a FOB in Sokoto..for real. It was shut down after most airframes were grounded by sanctions around 1992 and it was reopened in 2011 for PRECISELY these CTCOIN-related threats.
    In 2011 and 2012, appropriation was made for the emplacement of ground equipment and hangars in Sokoto – and in 3 other cities.

    I have always harped on the need for Nigeria and Niger to work together and for air operations to be based around airstrips at Tillabery and Arlit, facing away from Gao and Kidal in Mali. The NAF are almost certainly going to do that and indeed, the FG are able to get almost any concession from Niger in any matter. Not surprisingly, 90% of the people in Niger share an ethnic and religious affinity with the peoples of Nigeria’s Far North – Hausa, Fulani, Zabarmawa(Dzerma-Songhai), Kanuri and Shuwa Arabs.

    The AFISMA Commander made a flag stop in Niger before getting into Mali – for ‘talks’. The word is that the air operations shall be anchored in Niger.

    One has always made that air operations connection between Sokoto and Mali when advocating the acquisition of Su-27s or Yak 130s and when discussing military airlift to Mali. That is the natural takeoff point and Niger are always highly amenable. So I expected no less. Thank God for them.

    That said, FOB Sokoto is separated from Mali only by a 250-mile strip of Niger’s territory.

    Nigeria have had airbases in all her peripheral limits of her territory since the 1970s at the latest – Sokoto, Kano, MDGR, YOL, CAL, Lagos, Kainji and in many places inland. This is why, whenever I discuss power projection – recce, airlift or attack, I always talk about Sokoto, Maiduguri, Calabar and Lagos. That way and depending on the intended destination, we can take off from whichever airbase that is closest,

    For Mali ops, Sokoto is it.

    SOKOTO FOB and its raison d’etre

  12. beegeagle says:

    An archived or now-inaccessible PANA report published on 13 January had this to say of the NAF team which went to Mali

    ” The sources said the team also visited Niger, where it will operate from.”

  13. xnur44 says:

    Beeg, your good points taken, a Niger Republic base location will be a major logistic and tactical asset towards the war effort because this campaign is what it is.

    Intel shows that triple-A threat exist in-theater, any commander will think hard and fast to risk soft aerial targets (e.g. converted helos originally designed for liaison roles) in engagement zones unless area denial/suppression tactics prevails. Helicopter gunships are designed to deliberately seek combat (below 5000ft) and are festooned with armour plating in critical areas with defensive systems like chaffs and flares, so the candidate platform is the Mi-24/35s for this type of scenario. Also remember that they can be used for battlefield air transportation of supplies and MEDEVAC purposes. While other helos type usage when fitted with rockets/ ATGWs will depend on the dexterousness of field commanders.

    Although four (4) Mi-35s (NAF 530, 536-538) are due for periodic maintenance (PDM), there is 10% operational window due to operational exigencies and in compliance with the requirement of Air force manual (233) which allows for extended airframe operations before undergoing PDMs. We need to deploy the Mi-24/35s for on-call fire suppression and battlefield roles (overcoming stubborn enemy barricades, mobile technicals and tripple-As) and free the A-jets to do their thing.

  14. My fellow officers from my little experience, nigeria is a very secretive nation are you sure we are not sending our jaguars! With the help of the israelis or I am aware thaty the indian airforce promised to assist us to revamp some of our fighter jets we even signed agreements with them! With are engineers and spares from france those fighters would be as good as new! Military hardware purchases and refurbishment can be done in a forth night! France as I know has always being much more reliable when it comes to purchasing hardware than the UK from the time of muritala-OBJ to shagari and the IBB era a lot of our hardware were french! What I definitely know is that Nigeria military won’t let Africa down!

  15. I have seen pictures of our Jaguars! Their hangars is in good condition and the planes contrary to some myths are well stored

  16. kyallkelvins says:

    Save me some slack Oga Somoric! The force commander wants the birds to operate from his base HQ! to get some fresh air from the Alpha exhaust-afterbunners or to enjoy a Pandora sort of a zoo circus with supersonic noisy birds!?

    Yeah, my doubty soul kept convincing me that there’s a FOB at Sokoto fortunately. IMO, such a facility solves 70% of this puzzle. I don’t think securing those airstrips in Niger is such an uphill task considering the fat assumption of low levels of militancy in the areas in question.

    Just as beegeagle had asserted below, its of strategic value for the NAF to carry out its sorties from Niger.

    On a separate note, @beegeagle, I have on many indefinite occasions doubted the levels of survivability of Hollandès’ rotors in heavy combat. The Mil 7/8/17/24/35 appear to be better suited for “extra-hostile” theaters. This might even explain why there was little activity from Pumas, though plenty in KDF hangars, during the Linda Nchi campaign. Spot on.

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      I hope we remember that the combat radius of an alfa is less than 1000km! If fitted with drop tanks, they gain a little leg but loose their teeth!
      On the jags, I hate to admit this but we need new assets(I love the jags though). One, though France is more dependable than the UK but France is our strategic rival in Africa and we can’t depend on them. Flankers are good but a new on is $80mn a piece(uganda bought 6 for $700plus,including spares,training and stores) while old ones will require upgrades and has a high MTBM. If we want Chinese, why not j17 like pakistan? But, I’m rooting for gripens (but the swedes are worse than the Brits).
      How about we get strike and recon UAVs from Israel?

    • ifiok umoeka says:

      Those Brazilian and argentine birds are great for low intensity insurgency. Need I remind you that Malian rebels may have sa 24s and a slow moving turboprop just don’t stand a chance. France is using supersonic mirage 2000s and rafaels with precision gps ordinances.
      To hind attack choppers, can they be fitted with laser guide multiple rockets? Canada, Turkey and France do have operational systems and they are cheap. Could be mounted on alfas too

  17. Donspony says:

    Video of Nigerian soldiers going to Mali.

    • kyallkelvins says:

      Nice clip. Did i hear some Lingala music playing in the background!? Or is it Psquare? lol

      • Henry says:

        Nice clip. Naija boys well kitted out and ready for battle. Godspeed to all nigerians fighting in mali. Really really nice video.
        However what the last guy was doing at the end of the video, was pure absolute comical.

        Nigerians in high spirit, GOODLUCK to them.

    • peccavi says:

      Naija boys! well kitted out and in high spirits this is a good move, showing African troops rearing for the fight rather than just French soldiers or confused looking Malians is good messaging. Although what the last guy was crawling for is beyond me!

  18. kulture1 says:;_….
    Beegeagle, the western media has never mentioned that Nigeria has been participating in this offensive alongside the French and the Senegalese, as reported on this blog. All emphasis have been on France. I´m sure bloggers here must have noticed this too. What is your opinion? Is this due to some political moves on our part, the western traditon of keeping all the kudos for themselves, or maybe bloggers here didn´t get the right information from the beginning?

    • peccavi says:

      Thats because Naija is not in combat, best I can gather is they are doing staff work with the Malians. My guess would be that the NAF technical teams were working with the Malian Air Force and HQ staff were setting up the HQ element of the AFISMA with the Senegalese. They most likely helped with command and control, but there are no combat units. All information is open source

  19. kulture1 says:

    @ Donspony…Thanks 4 posting. Wow! They´re all wearing BP vests and nicely kitted. Also high morale being displayed.Impressive. God bless Nigeria.

  20. bigbrovar says:

    Ok The BBC is now starting to scare me. This is so usual from them.. Anyway nice desert fatigue. Overall the troops seems well kitted with BP vest kneel guards and most of all in high spirit. Hopefully our troops would go a long way in lifting the spirit of those gloomy looking french soilders I have been seeing on TV.

  21. beegeagle says:

    Oga XNur, nice shot.

    You might also recall that the Houphouet-Boigny regime in Cote d’Ivoire was a direct sponsor of the NPFL in Liberia. In the beginning and perhaps believing that Charles Taylor could not be stopped from taking power by force in Liberia, they had pretended to be okay with the ECOMOG idea.

    Having denied Charles Taylor the chance at seizing power, CIV became hostile to Nigeria and ECOMOG. Shortly after that, a C130 with troops on board and headed for Liberia was asked to turn back while it was overflying Ivorian airspace.

    In the end, the NAF had to scramble A-Jets from inside Liberia to come and forcibly escort the Nigerian C130 through Ivorian airspace.

    So a STABLE and DEPENDABLE Niger, based on a continuous record of smooth relations with Nigeria and one who can rightly be described as natural cousins, are our best bets for an external base.

    Their antecedents and our JOINT strategic interests in the Gao-Kidal continuum has always led me to conclude that Niger is it.

  22. From the comments on this blog so far i sense a preference for Alpha jets over chink made jets

    • peccavi says:

      Alphajets are f**king awesome platforms, especially with the recent upgrades.
      A Tucano or Pucara or AT-6 would be much better in my mind though

  23. gbash10 says:

    The NAF will surely put to combat, the F-7NI Airguard fighter jets and our venerable Alpha Jets!
    @Peccavi, I dont believe that the Malian theatre is an enviroment for any turboprop attack aircrafts like Tucano, Pucara and the AT-6,because of the heavy activities of AA artillery and MANPADs.If you doubt this,find out what happen to Libyan and Tamil Tiger’s turboprop attack aircraft pilots during the Libya-Chad conflict and the Sri Lanka’s civil wars respectively.
    Great Patriots,why are we not seeing our Charlies C-130 Hercules transport planes?The G222 is the aircraft that has been doing most of the airlift of our troops to Mali.

  24. peccavi says:

    Op Sevral Sitrep as of 16/01/2013
    Situation Friendly Forces:


    French forces now total 1400 in country. Tiger Attack Helicopters and additional Gazelle AH/ Recce helicopters deployed

    Mechanised column that departed from Bamako consists of ERC Sagaie, VBLs and VABs

    Fr. Forces have allegedly surrounded and cut off Diabal and have attacked the enemy in and around the area using AH and fixed wing aircraft

    France has also deployed an advanced field surgery

    Unconfirmed reports that France will deploy a battery of 155mm self propelled Caesars and a company of VBCI APC’s

    Chad Parliament approves deployment of forces to Mali. 2000 projected force number a convoy of 200 with supplies has been at the border for 3 days. Described as an Infantry Regiment with 2 x Logistics battalions (these are not part of AFISMA)


    Approx. 100 troops have been deployed to Banamba (144km north of Bamako) due to reports of a column of insurgents moving south from Diabaly

    MNA in contact with insurgents 20km north (?) of Konna, Reported 6 x En KIA, 8 x vehicles destroyed


    Nigeria: First troops expected tonight footage of send off parade indicates new personal equipment, role/ type of unit still not specified. The Battalion Commander (and I presume his HQ) arrived today

    NAF deploying air assets to Mali, indications that these will be AH and allegedly aircraft leaving from Port Harcourt, no confirmation of types or numbers

    The Nigerien parliament has approved deployment of 500 troops

    Togo: 40 troops arrive Bamako, type/ role unknown

    Other Forces: the logistics support keeps increasing with Antonovs moving from Russia (commercially)

    Situation Enemy Forces:

    En Reported to be embedded with civilians in Diabal.

    Both Malian central government and Islamists have requested that cell companies shut down their service

    In Algeria 25-30 hostages escaped, Algerian forces attacked using aircraft and ground troops, 34 hostages reported killed 600 survived including 7 foreigners, approx 15 terrorists killed


    The West African forces will still take a few weeks to bed in, acclimatise, familiarise themselves with each other and their kit and then shake out. It remains to be seen how much time they have until they are ready.
    Chadians: the Chadians are not part of AFISMA. They are independent and it appears attached to the French. This opens up many interesting scenarios in which you have a Regiment of Francophone, highly mobile, experienced desert fighters. They could operate on the French flanks move rapidly across the desert to hit the enemy positions from unexpected directions or push into depth and cut off the enemy retreat to the North or east. With their experience, mobility and built in logistics, this battlegroup is a very interesting and valuable asset

    Communications: There is a virtual news blackout above the Mopti-Lere line, the Twitter feeds and calls to journalists from contacts have dried up. The insurgents understandably fear information is being passed and possibly the government fears the same thing. However this tells us something else, the insurgents have an alternative communications system that they are sufficiently confident in considering the huge distances and the known electronic warfare capabilities of the French and even more the US. This will most likely range from hand held radios, Satphones and runners. In such a wide and undeveloped area Satphones and HF radios will be used by aid workers, businesses and government, it remains to be seen how dependant the enemy will be on these means and how they have prepared to counter friendly electronic intelligence.
    There are embedded journalists with the French forces but they are not transmitting and journalists are not allowed to film within Sevare base in Mopti or around it. I believe shaping ops have given way to major ground combat, and the French want to cover as much ground as possible before news leaks out

    Algeria: this event demonstrates what to expect. The attackers might have planned to snatch a few staff and escape but since they allegedly came with suicide vests its unlikely. Unless the suicide vest was a bluff to confuse the Algerians. The attack by Algerian forces began as some militants tried to escape which leads me to believe that the intention was to snatch a few hostages to hold as bargaining chips. The Commander of the unit responsible is known as Mr Marlboro a notorious terrorist and cigarette smuggler with a long story in Algeria/ the Sahel. In terms of expected blowback this is very much par for the course however the fact that the first such incident happened in Algeria, targeting Algeria’s valuable energy sector and with this bloody end embarrassing Algeria it could very much be a serious own goal. As has been seen Algeria has been very lukewarm about intervention only coming onside with some arm twisting (and I believe strategic bribery) however now Algeria has a bone to pick. They will need to restore honour and investor confidence and this will mean robust operations against the Islamists, with their experience and assets it doesn’t help the jihadis in the slightest. Nor will it deter other contributing countries. The leader of this group (although its not clear if he was part of the attackers) is ex GIA, fell out with AQIM and formed his own group, so the question is whether he made peace with AQIM or did this off his own back.

    Questions: will jihadists in Niger/ Chad/ Nigeria/ Mauritania etc start heading to Mali for an opportunity to kill the ‘crusaders’? Or will they stay home and attack local targets? If you are a jihadi do you attack Nigeria with an activated CT capability or Niger or Chad. Or Soft targets with no history of terrorism like Ghana or Togo?

    • jimmy says:

      I am going to title this one :Call home
      OGA PECCAVI i don’t know whether you watched a MOVIE called TROY starring Brad PIT AS ACHILLES.achilles during the course of this fabled WAR against Troy had relapsed from his fabled WARRIOR skills had falled in love with the enemy’s king’s daughter and to the exasperation of his other military until cohorts had talked about going home leaving TROY …… Until his junior Brother during a minor skirmish.His commanders remarked that that was the best death to happen to the army.
      Perversely and very cruelly this was the best thing to happen to the Algerians . They do not like to appear inept no I am not rejoicing or dancing over dead men’s bodies that is ungoldly..Algeria holds the wild card now we know they will close the border, now we know they will be ruthless with anyone trying to sneak in or out there will be no sanctuary they are now going to be a big help because they NOT going to be NEUTRAL. . it bears repeating it is extremely difficult to control terrorists on a hell bent ideology and this is the case of ACHILLES’S (Algeria) brother being killed.
      Call home part 2
      We have reports of BOKO HARAM streaming from Nigeria into GAO DURING THE COWARDLY RETREAT OF THE Malian ARMY . IMHO they will come a calling back to GAO BACK TO KIDAL.
      i do not for see them melting into the streets of Gao or Timbuktu PERMANENTLY i do see a Falloujah style resistance happening in one of these cities so far this has not happened.

      • peccavi says:

        I struggled to read that book!
        I don’t think there will be major resistance in the big cities but in isolated villages.
        It would be a wildcard move to draw the French into urban fighting in order to create Fallujah type imagery and cause casualties but I’m not sure they would try it or even have the strength. There is no indication that they have made those kind of preparations in the major population centres but nothing is impossible

  25. makanaky says:

    What i gathered is that the C-130 H plane will ferry the heavy equipment while the G222 ferry combat troops but i am also eager to see them as well.

  26. General Beeg! Did you watch the NTA 9 o’clock news they showed the deployment of both the Nigerian Army and the Airforce special forces commandos/operators! I didn’t see any so called hilux ! Naija dey try! Up Jonathan! I saw the army soldiers in desert camoflag and desert colored boots,with ballistic helmets and light combat bullet proof vests! I saw our steyr pinguazers and according to the chief of army staff they are all refublished I saw that the 8 tyres 8×8’s have being armored to withstand RPG’s and IED’s and the NTA showed the interior and I saw a computer screen possibly for GPS those type of vehicules being deployed with that company is more than50, I also saw about that same amount if not more of the otokar cobra! As for the deployment of the airforce special forces commandos/operators, they were all equipped with the tavor rifle! If you saw their kit my broda! The army were transported by a nigerian c130 with our roundel and flag while the Airforce special operation commandos were transported by our G222 with our roundel on the aircraft

  27. Please General Beeg! Try and post those pictures to silence our doubters like ms Afua who claim that we do not have equipment and kit!

  28. beegeagle says:

    🙂 It gets better. Another ALL-TIME RECORD for daily site traffic. This thread has been the most heavily scanned since the Xmas Day bombings at Madalla, near Abuja in 2011.

    🙂 Haa Nigerians, you people love warfare..tufiakwa.

    Soooo MKO Jr, my men and I are crossing swords backstage…copyright confirmation. Like you have probably noticed, we like to acknowledge people’s efforts.

    I shall respond to the TV footage in a bit. We have also advocated the militarisation of the excellent Pinzgauer which came into service in 4×4 and 6×6 variants alongside the 300 units of tracked APCs..all being Steyr products. Lemme find the appropriate thread. I think the haul of Pinzgauer utility trucks which saw ECOMOG action was 500 units before the production run was inexplicably halted

    Be right back

  29. beegeagle says:

    Here is the declaration of our preference for the Pinzgauer which had practically fallen out of favour until now

    <img src="http://PINZGAUER ” alt=”” />

    @Kyall. I shall respond to your question soon, mate. Pardon the delay.

    “Server overloaded”

  30. ocelot2006 says:

    Choi!! I don miss oh!! Marshal Beegs, PLEASE pics of our troop deployment will be DEEPLY appreciated.

    Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

    • Henry says:

      Gen beeg, abeg post photos of nigerian troops leaving for mali. I missed 9 o’clock news tonight.

      I’m hoping to catch the 2nd edition of the news around 2 am today. I just hope I don’t sleep off.

  31. beegeagle says:

    OptimusPrime007, appear na! Haba, I don send mail. Appear mek we push photo enta cyberspace. Great shots. Abi u don doze off. Nuh try am o 🙂

    My friend, come to ‘shon! Wake up !!!

    • originalpato says:

      I hope the Army and Airforce will use the opportunity afforded by the Malian Intervention to test the Igirigi APC and Amebo surveillance drone in combat

  32. wocon45 says:

    Nna men wetin dey happen…eehhh? i hia say our boyz don ready to oppress those bastards for Mali. Oyanaa make dem carry go na for beegeagle we go dey hail dem.

  33. anas says:

    General beeg pls can u explain to me what happened to the sepecat jaguar planes that were acquired in the 80’s . Hav they been sold or grounded ? I wuld be glad if u wil educate me

  34. joe says:

    CHeck this video out it shows the troops getting on the c130

    • peccavi says:

      Nice one.
      Will Ross seems to have taken to his role and sounding fairly pro Naija. Maybe one fine girl dey gave am pepper soup

  35. beegeagle says:

    Air France plane indeed. Do I blame Al Jazeera? I can imagine one of our people answering “which Nigerian we have any plane?” to a question “did they fly in a Nigerian-owned plane?”

    Our people really can be monsters at times. So negative in a sickening way.
    The journalists are too desperate!

  36. kenee2k says:

    I have been watching the coverage of the Nigerian troop deployment in Mali in reality there has been very little or no coverage the commentary is in my opinion derogatory. For instance a France 24 reporter purports to say that a Nigerian General complained that we have only one transport plane operational this being the reason for the slow deployment.

    I did say in another comment that we need to use the media to our advantage we need to make our presence more pronounced such that we create apprehension and outright fear about our capability.

    We should have been arriving in Bamako with a an array of serious weaponry to create a storm of anticipation and kill the desire of the enemy to confront our troops. What does it take to get 40 tank transporters and take a number of MBT’s a number of tracked IFV;S and then we should be rolling in with wheeled APC’s such as the BTR and Piranha as well as the lighter more mobile Cobra and VBL Panhards and sign thing off with the very fast and mobile wheeled Rooikat.

    That’s real fire power that will reduce casualties on our side and almost destroy the will of the insurgents to engage with Nigerian forces.

  37. Eeben says:

    Our thoughts are with all Nigerian troops deployed into Mali.

    Ironically, the media seems keen to downplay your deployment to Mali.



  38. beegeagle says:

    I really cannot wait for the completion of upgrades on 3 sparingly used C130 planes slated for February, 2013. That would really boost airlift operations to Mali.

  39. kenee2kk says:

    me too, I’m not sure what it entails but with every government wanting to now jump on the bandwagon of helping in the fight against terrorism. I am almost certain that we could get a team of RAF and civilian contracted engineers to carry flown in to carry out repairs and mtce without any cost to ourselves.

    It shows the lack of invention and use of strategic leverage, we could ask the USA to give us 100 MRAPS, Bradley IFV and Stryker’s for free and they would give it to us gratefully right now the USA has no stomach to deploy their troops in Mali.

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