UNIT PRICE: £35,000

The Saxon is a 4 wheeled Armoured
Personnel Carrier, developed for use as a section vehicle and command post and is of steel armoured monocoque construction with 4 road wheels which can be either 2 rear wheel or 4 wheel drive.

The vehicle is capable of carrying 10
personnel, including a driver and
commander and 8 fully equipped
infantry soldiers and the cupola is
capable of mounting a 7.62mm GPMG for all round defence and low level air defence.

It is designed to give protected mobility for mechanised infantry battalions against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, small arms fire and shell splinters.

This variant which is up for sale is the “Patrol” which was developed with
additional riot control wings and bull
bars fitted.

* Cummins 5.9Lt Turbo Diesel Engine

* Crew – 2 – Driver and commander

* Gearbox – Allison AT545 Fully
automatic Gearbox and torque
converter providing 4 forward and 1
reverse gear.

* Transfer Gearbox – Twin Disc type
D-20-450 2 speed providing drive to
the rear axle in hi ratio or both axles
in Hi or Lo ratios.

* Axles:
Front – Kirkstall type SD65 spiral bevel drive with epicyclic reduction
in the wheel hubs
Rear – Kirkstall type D65 spiral
bevel drive with epicyclic reduction
in the wheel hubs and fitted with an
air operated diff lock.

* Suspension – Multi Leaf semi
elliptical with hydraulic telescopic

* Steering – Burman power assisted
integral unit, recirculating ball and

* Brakes:
Foot – Air/hydraulic dual circuit drum type with twin leading shoes on the front axle and twin trailing on the rear axle.

Hand – Transmission brake, hand operated on Tbox output drive to
rear axle.

* Wheels and tyres:
3 piece 10 stud wheels – 9.5v x 20
Michelin 365/85R20 XZL fitted with
Hutchinson VFI run-flat system.

* Payload capacity – 8 Fully equipped
infantry soldiers

* Operational range – 510 km (320 mi)

* Speed – 96 km/h (60 mph)

* Hull – Welded armour plate with internal composite ‘anti scab’
armour protection

12.2 tonnes fully laden
10.1 tonnes unladen

Length 5.34 m (17 ft 6 in)

Width 2.49 m (8 ft 2 in)

Height (top of cupola)2.63 m (8 ft 8 in)

For further information please

David Gelley in sales,
+44 1476 861361

or email :


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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies


  1. jimmy says:

    OVER TO THE F.G this is what they need and maybe it will help relations between the two goverments.

  2. ocelot2006 says:

    I’m not so sure they’ll be going for those soon cos the NPF has fallen in love with Streit APCs/MRAPs.

  3. beegeagle says:

    These should be a boon to the Police Force’s asset base – coming at this price. The APCs are already in NPF service and they are assets with which the Police are very familiar.

    If they grab these, they would be dedicated exclusively to JSTF/STF operations.

    No brand-new APC would come at this price given what the specs are. This vehicles are built to withstand a 9kg TNT blast.

    If someone were to offer the NAF six excellent but used units of Mi-17s for US$20m today, would we turn them down because we have six brand-new Mi-171Sh Terminator in our sights? No way.

    Force multiplier effect. I would rather go for five Terminator and use the funds for the sixth unit to grab those six surplus units of Mi-17 and come away with a total of eleven helicopters, instead of six. The difference is clear.

    At this bargain price, the NPF only need to scale down two conferences or readjust furniture allowances to come up with the £1.75m with which to get these assets.

  4. BishopOfSapele says:

    “At this bargain price, the NPF only need to scale down two conferences or readjust furniture allowances to come up with the £1.75m with which to get these assets.”

    Hehehe….Love the humor Gen Beeg!

    • beegeagle says:

      Na so, Bishop. “Di fight don reach wia dem hide stick”, so we also need to revise our plans and move with the ebb and flow.

      Saxon APCs in Nigerian service have proven to be very durable. An order for 75 units for the MOPOL was fulfilled in 1984 as the vehicles arrived shortly after the Shagari regime was overthrown.

      Actually, the military at that time(1983-84) had cause to believe that the ousted NPN regime had planned to turn the MOPOL into a praetorian guard for the government of the day.

      So when the Saxon APCs arrived with mounted machine guns, the Buhari-led FMG impounded the APCs and only released them to the MOPOL after the machine guns had been deleted. That was the foundation of the APC fleet for the NPF who today own perhaps 400 units of an assortment of APC types – Springbuck, RG-31 Nyala, Casspir, Saxon, UR 416(the second APC type to have been inducted), Otokar Cobra, Streit Spartan Mk.II, Streit Cougar Mk.II, Pitbull and an assortment of other types imported from a diverse range of sources by state governments and given to various state police commands as tokens of operational support.


  5. peccavi says:

    Op Serval Sitrep as 23/01/2013 D+13

    Fr force numbers are now 2,400 country
    3 x Tiger AH confirmed in theatre
    Fr Forces bomb enemy HQ in ANSONGO, 80km south east of GAO
    Fr Brigade HQ moving to SEVARE. Force commander is Brig Gen Bernard Barrera commander 3rd Mechanized Brigade (3BM),

    MNA closes of SEVARE to journalists
    Islamic High Council gives its approval of the operation

    A company (160 men) of Burkinabe troops have deployed to MARKALA, role/ type unknown

    Burundi offers forces. Number/ type/ role not known, offer not firmed up

    Tuaregs in Anasr El Dine allegedly have split and formed a new group Islamic Movement for Azawad (MIA) led by Algabass Ag Intallah, from KIDAL. Stated they are interested in negotiations and have rejected extremism and terrorism.
    En reported to have left TIMBUKTU, no electricity, mobile phone or water
    En reported to still have stocks of functioning PT 76, BM 21 and BRDM 2

    SEVARE: this town has been shut off to journalists, it is also the site where the MNA has allegedly killed at least 11 civilians and molested women, the Fr HQ has also just moved up there. So is the shut down due to covering up crimes or a field security measure to protect Fr efforts? It is interesting.

    Making shapes: obviously the news of the day is the alleged split in AQIM. If true this of course presents an interesting range of scenarios. The first is that these fellows have seen the way the wind is blowing and have decided to get out while the going is good, this inevitably weakens AQIM as they will lose access to the areas controlled by the MIA and there is the increased risk of fratricidal fighting, it also splits the loyalties of those people in KIDAL who would have sided with AQIM on tribal/ clan grounds. It is not good news. A good strong policy from the Malian government uniting the MNLA and MIA would form a strong local counter force to AQIM that can fight and operate as guerrillas. There is of course another alternative that this is not a true split but a ploy by Ansar el Dine to exploit the problems the Franco/ AFISMA coalition is facing of insufficient troop numbers, shaky logistics, slow build up, weak Malian forces and polity, home nation opposition and casualty aversion. The news of a split in Ansar el Dine is a legitimate reason to call for a halt in hostilities in order to allow negotiations over a peaceful resolution of the conflict. This would give the enemy time to regroup, withdraw, cache their heavy weapons and prepare for the long war.

    Why this is happening is quite straightforward, friendly shaping ops are having an effect. The 14 days of air strikes, Special Forces actions, threat from the east, the south, blocking from the north and the west and the constant barrage of news of troop build ups, the constant news about the use of child soldiers shaming the enemy as cowards who hide behind children. Psyops at its best.

    But the enemy is conducting shaping ops of its own, the attacks in Algeria and Okene are all shaping ops whether they were independently planned and launched they were all linked to the Malian operation thus informing the Algerian and Nigerian governments of the consequences of their actions. Launching counter attacks which are apparently suicidal but in fact slowed the French advance and gave them a taste of enemy skill and tactics which has caused the French to start mobilising not just long range artillery but MBT’s, caused them to have to divert forces to contain the threat, cover their flanks and retake the town. These enemy shaping ops have been just as effective. They have bought time and caused a dispersion of effort.

    The answer to all these scenarios is exactly the same, Push North. Get to KIDAL and take a surrender if that’s what’s needed but negotiations and declarations mean nothing unless you dominate the ground. The road must always be open for negotiations and an equitable political settlement for genuine Taureg grievances but it must be from a position of strength by friendly forces. So thank them for seeing the light, use mobile phones, leaflets, the media to advise them on the surrender procedure, advertise surrender and DDR centres and warn that anyone caught armed out of these centres who doesn’t surrender immediately will be treated as an armed combatant. And push north.
    Even if it is a fake split, it can be exploited. Define a coherent disarmament and reconciliation programme and have heavily publicised reconciliation ceremonies, emphasise the new deal that the government will have once peace is restored, water, agriculture, security etc. Give people an alternative. And push north.
    Negotiate with the AQIM, Ansar el Dine, MUJAO, MIA, MNLA, ABC, 123, or whatever new group pops up tomorrow. But push north.

    • jimmy says:

      once again thank you abc? 123? how did the Jackson song get into this lol. on a more serious note.
      The Islamic group that split has not done enough forswearing that Mali is a secular state , and more importantly they need to hand over any Tuaregs that are not of Malian desert, any Nigerians , Nigerien, Mauritanians need to be handed over , the Nigerians need to bring forward a team of military intelligence , to this parley . Yes you have grievances so do the other nations we are not Niger we want the people who are non Malians in your midst who are receiving religious instruction err ” training” handed over to us till then we shall meet in KIDAL.

    • Akin Oges says:

      By God (!!) you are tactically sound. The ease with which you present difficult details almost brings tears of joy to the eyes. I am off to fast and pray: that the chaps in-charge of our defence and security will be prompted to follow this thread. Almost forgot, are you British Army or NA? Forgive me, curiosity is getting the better of me. Be Blessed Sir.

    • beegeagle says:

      Nice one, Peccavi. Sustain. Well done.

      • peccavi says:

        Thanks Oga Beeg, Akin and Jimmy. Oga Akin I’m British Army although working towards being a free agent. Don’t fast or pray write to your elected representative.
        Oga Jimmy: all this split etc na another story, there is fire on the mountain the only problem is we can’t tell you what type of fire. But the fight must go on until the end

    • Periscope cryptologist says:

      Oga peccavi, incisive as usual. Learnt zuma is contemplating contributing some SANDF to mali, but i think this cant be cos SANDF are deployed in banjul and DRC. Besides, they only got about 16 active batt.

  6. originalpato says:

    I’m of the opinion that the FG should deduct the money from Boko Haram ravaged states’ monthly allocations to pay for these APC.

  7. General sir use your connection to those top military men to lobby for the purchase of those vehicles! We need at least 1,000 of these for the army,SSS,police!

  8. beegeagle says:

    Not a bad idea, OriginalPato.

    Years ago, the Association of Local Govts of Nigeria(ALGON) similarly pooled funds by having deductions made on accruable funds. With that 774 Toyota Prado SUVs were acquired for the Police.

    In Lagos State, the LGs similarly allow deductions which are then paid into a common purse, the Lagos State Security Trust Fund which is aimed at providing materiel to aid the operations of the Police contingent deployed to the state by the FG.

    Through this means and since 2007, the LASG and the local councils have provided over 30 APCs, 400 4WD vans, dozens of power bikes, flak jackets, reflective vests, communication radios, over ten HMG-armed patrol boats and two Bell helicopters for the Lagos State Police Command.

    All of those would have cost them over US$50 million, so £1.75m for conflict-affected states is a mere pittance really.

    Nowadays, practically every state presents 50-120 4WD vans to the police contingents in their states on an annual basis and as tokens of operational support.

    Through such acts of magnanimity (the FG own the Police, so the states are merely helping out with materiel for their people to be better served), the Police have probably gained 5,000 additional 4WD patrol vans and perhaps, 150 APCs since 2007 while the Police Service Commission have actually been buying Streit Spartan Mk.II and Cougar Mk.II APCs for the cops in tandem.

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