12.7mm HMG fore and a mortar aft

14.5mm AAMG mounted aft

UB-32 57mm rocket pod on a 4WD truck

Truck-mounted RCL

Worra..forget it.

Multiple Rocket Launcher


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  1. Saints says:

    I saw some of those multiple rocket launchers being used by the libyan revolutionist during the rescent libyan crisis..and i am very sure some of this motorised weapon system are the main stay of the AQIM in mali.who having no air capability would rely on gun trucks and short ranged rocket launchers mounted on 4wds

  2. beegeagle says:

    The panacea, if you ask me, would be to aim for ONE-SHOT kills and the Panhard AML 90s would be KEY in that regard. Anyone who is shy of using his heavy weapons shall fall victim out there in Mali BECAUSE the terrorists shall do just that without any recourse to complex permutations.

    The French understand that and it is the reason why they are making maximum use of firepower to rip apart the enemy’s combat assets, chiefly motorised weapon systems and ammo dumps.

  3. Donspony says:

    As far as I can see, the French have been very effective in destroying the enemy’s motorised weapons and all. The only problem is in the aftermath where there may be a possibility of terrorists engaging in a long drawn guerrilla, hit and run affair.

  4. originalpato says:

    Are the guys in the first pictures Nigerians?

  5. ozed says:

    A parallel thought maybe something you can do some ground work and probably an article on. It would appear that the Nigerian Army philosophically favors gun artillery over rocket artillery. Do you agree with this? Do you think its a sound philosophy? I would have thought rocket artillery offers some major advantages over gun artillery and would have expected them to merit at least 30-40% in our artillery order of battle. How you see am??

    • peccavi says:

      What advantages does rocket artillery give over gun artillery?

      • ozed says:

        i was thinking ability to rapidly saturate a given target (e.g. using MLRS), easier to shoot and scoot, cheaper platforms (which i would think lend themselves to local manufacture) etc. (am sure there are several others i dont know)……

      • tim says:

        Pecavvi are you asking again?

  6. freeegulf says:

    the nigerian army have historically favoured the more accurate howitzers than rockets. while rockets re less accurate than howitzers, they do offer the advantage of mobility. in counter guerrilla warfare, mobility is extremely important.
    the howitzers can be used for positional warfare; to guard bases and deployed at outposts.
    as for manoeuvre warfare, mobile artillery like rockets and SPH re the way to go!

  7. i hope our boys would be taking along their howitzers and the terminators because when the shit hits the ceiling they would need all the fire power they can muster i believe in a policy of overwhelming firepower

  8. freeegulf says:

    NA can deploy its Brazilian made 70 mm rockets. as a mobile system, they will have inherent advantage for convoy movement and mobile assault

  9. beegeagle says:

    Ozed, rocket artillery account for no more than 5% of our artillery assets. Rocket artillery are actually indirect fire assets which are geared towards battlefield saturation unlike the more precise gun artillery.

    The Type 63 107mm MRL (aka the Poor Man’s Artillery) is highly favoured in Africa with Sudan being the foremost user.

    There was an instance though, during the Battle of Freetown II, when we learnt the value of rocket artillery. For many days, the biggest heavy weapon threat over the city were 76mm artillery and 82mm mortars which the rebels were firing from their vantage positions in the hills above Freetown.

    Nigeria, thanks to our fire brigade approach and ‘mek we manage’ mentality left shiny motorised APR 21 MRLs and older BM 21 MRLs at home in Lagos for no reason. All attempts to flush the rebels out of the highground by counterattacking Nigerian and Guinean troops were thwarted as they laid down heavy fire on ascending ECOMOG troops using machine guns, mortars and artillery. In the end, it took massive barrages from motorised BM 21 122mm MRLs brought in by the Guineans, who had all the while been fighting alongside Nigerians, for the hills to be saturated and for the rebels to decide that the highground had become too perilous to be held onto.

    We must bear in mind, going into Mali, that desert warfare in Africa, perhaps on account of the uninhabited spaces, has been characterised by the WILD usage of rocket artillery to harass and saturate enemy frontlines. Sudan, Libya and Chad readily come to mind.

    That is the big idea HERE

    Multiple Rocket Launcher

  10. Spirit says:

    Artillery shells are faster and more accurate. And unlike rockets/missiles (which may be carrying gyroscopes/computerised guidiance systems) cannot be jammed/destroyed in flight. Also, Artys are more rugged and they dont need special containers/care etc as they dont have all these complicated electronics for guidiance. I think that is why the North Koreans have over 18,000 pieces pointed at the South. One shot each, and the South is gone. Major problem is that Arty shells (for now) can’t be re-targeted when in flight and mobility is small compared to missiles/rocket systems in which a single vehicle can serve as the TEL(Tractor Erector Launcher)

  11. Spirit says:

    The advantages rockets/missiles (rockets are generally not guided) over Arty shells are just that they can be guided, they can travel farther (depending on the tank/engine) and can carry heavier payloads (also dependent on size). Most Artillery are ground/ship based (because of their size, recoil velocity and issues of targeting from a moving target) but the AC-130 carries artillery.

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