28 January, 2013

The dreaded Boko Haram sect has declared ceasefire after allegedly holding talks with “officials of Borno State Government and leaders of thought from the state”.

“I am announcing this ceasefire with
the approval and consent of the leader
Sheikh Abubakar Shekau. We,therefore, call on all our members to stop all acts of violent immediately and await further directives,” said Sheikh Abdul Aziz, who introduced himself as the second in command to Mr. Shekau. Reports say the group declared the ceasefire in Maiduguri at about 3:00 p.m. on Monday.

However,the Special Adviser to the state governor on Media, Isa Gusau, in a telephone interview with Channels
Television, said he could not confirm
the meeting between the Borno State
government and the Boko Haram sect. Mr. Gusau maintained though that the
government has been working on several ways to ensure that the crisis
is resolved

Sect To Surrender Arms

Sheik Abdul Aziz urged the Joint Task
Force and other security agents to
reciprocate the ceasefire announcement as it takes immediate effect. On the mode of the ceasefire, the second in command said talks with government officials on how to surrender the arms are also ongoing and urged members of the sect nationwide to cooperate fully.

The sect had earlier announced ceasefire with much stiff conditions in
the recent past as security and
government officials rejected such

Reasons And Conditions For Ceasefire

He said the adoption of the ceasefire
is because of the hardships women and children are subjected to and urged members to abide by the directive of the ceasefire and to extend same to others yet to be aware of the development. He also demanded that detained members of the sect be released and the destroyed mosque of its late leader, Mohammed Yusuf, rebuilt as a condition for the ceasefire.


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  1. originalpato says:

    Is Shekau still alive? I thought the French blasted him away to meet his virgins.

  2. ocelot2006 says:

    Huh…someone’s scared. Good.

  3. beegeagle says:

    Dem go taya. H-E-A-T !!

    Surrender arms? I thought our detractors said the insurgency is about to escalate? When we told them that military pressure would yield results faster than any fake dialogue of the deaf and that this has nothing to do with poverty, they would not listen.

    Hmn the Beeb, the military operations have had little effect and all that, you guys said. So what do we have here? An angel of God visited and they lost the appetite for a fight? Anyway, the more they look..the less they see. Naija POWER wins through.

    The timing as well ! The Imam really is in Gao then.

  4. BishopOfSapele says:

    It’s worth repeating…. there shall be absolutely no negotiations with terrorists. Period.

  5. Obix says:

    I pray this is for real!!! Long Live, Nigeria!

  6. anas says:

    I smell a trap here, these terrorist might use this ceasefire to re arm and regroup to unleash more havoc on nigeria our govt shuld be weary of this bogus ceasefire

    • jimmy says:

      OGA ANAS
      Much respect foryour comments , there is no trap there are three things happening
      1) Nigerian troops S/F are in GAO THIS IS CONFIRMATION HENCE THE DENIALS
      2) Shekau based on military intelligence reports was in all likely hood wounded seriously enough to be smuggled out to GAO as NIGER would be dangerous as well as Chad and ALGERIA. there is a real sense of fear that SHEKAU COULD BE CAPTURED PRETTY SOON OR is in imminent danger of being captured
      3) This goes back to the last two big wigs who were captured at the very beginning of the yeear and the comments oga peccavvi and I WROTE ABOUT THE LACK OF SOPHISTICATED ATTACKS back to the attacks on soft targets.
      4) OGA HENRY i hear you and respect the comments you said however take it with a grain of salt as far as the AIRFORCE PERSONNEL are concerned that is correct as far as the army PERSONNEL ARE CONCERNED LET US WAIT TO HEAR FROM THE AFISMA commander
      5) PLease to the jtsf/dss/ sss/ mopol you guys are very close to capturing the entire leadership . I believe boko haram realises this do not stop press on ahead let us SEE WHETHER SHEKAU IS ALIVE/ DEAD/ OR ALREADY CAPTURED ONWARD TO GAO.

  7. adickmish says:

    I can only advise FG to be careful of BH. I now know foreign media are wrong concerning JTSF approach. This is a clear confirmation that JSTF/DSS/SSS are doing a good job. Ceasefire or no ceasefire, Shekua must be captured or confirmed killed. No BH member in prison must be released. Un-captured BH member with proof of total surrender and release of all arm at their disposal will not be held liable for any crime.

  8. G8T Nigeria says:

    Pls allow me to dissapoint some of us, terrorist organisations such as boko haram wif extremist idealogy can never surrender. Its a Ploy to discredit d govt in d near future, at a time we re heading to mali to dislodge d breeding ground of these monkeybrains. Out of d skies d grp is asking for peace. My dear, dey need money to buy More Weapons, dey want a game and want to dictate d pace by creating the divide Between north n south sowing d call for amnesty, very soon northern leaders Will support this mad call for truce sighting ND militants as an example. I just hope we don’t fall again and again to these bandits who have rendered many homeless. The rite thing to do is to place the military on alert and organise combing exercise around prime areas. I bliv dey re up to somtin and in d near future, I hope we don’t loose more lives to endorse dier destruction once and for all. I almost forgot, can someone tell me y borno state govt having known dese Monkeys ever since, did not feed such info to the JTF. This is one issue I love the americans for, NEGATIVE NEGOTIATION WITH TERRORIST

  9. Deway says:

    When Shekau is captured, then the cease fire will be accepted. Confirmation that the troops are closeby.

  10. beegeagle says:

    All who have suggested that the JSTF be wary of these chaps are probably correct.

    Last week, we heard that the BH leader was recuperating in Mali. In his very tightly controlled group, it is not unfathomable that the flow of finance, replenishment stock and arms are all controlled by him. So he is unwell and Gao, his safe haven is attacked. Even fleeing northwards to Kidal, life can never be the same again in his Malian abode.

    Being on the run in Mali, he is unable to function optimally. Supplies are running low and cash is tight. At this rate, they need a breather otherwise they would get blown away by the JSTF.

    So an uncharacteristically sober message comes from the top of the terror group’s structure with a sinister view rowards buying time while their cash and logistics issues get sorted out. That has seen them now calling for a ceasefire which would give them time to restock and come back more terrible than ever before

  11. peccavi says:

    As MEND steps up Boko Haram steps down. Fascinating

  12. tim says:

    I want shekau, dead or alive, then we can negotiate, the head of this viper must be cut off first of all, he is in Mali and panicking…….. The decision makers, should get the input of SF guys on this issue, that is where the best advise can come from.

  13. BishopOfSapele says:

    Just think of the innocent women and children randomly machined gunned by these animals for no reason other than they were at church…. If there is any justice in our country shekau and his fellow travelers must be held accountable.

  14. BishopOfSapele says:

    For any may consider negotiating with terrorists I have one question: would the US have negotiated a truce with Osama bn Laden or Anwar Al-awlaki if they had unilaterally declared cease fire?

    • tim says:

      Well this is not the USA though, we can set our standard.

      • BishopOfSapele says:

        My brother the standard we need to be setting is to ensure maximum deterrence for any and all future attempts of terrorism. The consequences of such acts will only carefully considered by perpetrators if just punishment is seen to be duly meted to BH and their ilk.

  15. Spirit says:

    Truce ko, trash ni!
    The combination of the heat at home and the fire in Gao.
    There shall be no peace for the wicked.
    JSTF, carry on.

  16. beegeagle says:


    By Ibrahim Mshelizza
    MAIDUGURI, Nigeria
    Mon Jan 28, 2013 (Reuters)

    A purported commander of Nigerian Islamist sect Boko Haram declared a unilateral ceasefire on Monday,raising fresh questions about possible rifts within the secretive militant movement as
    it was not clear if he was speaking for the group.

    Sheik Abu Mohammed Ibn Abdulazeez, a man local security sources say is a sect member, twice made statements last year saying Boko Haram is ready for peace talks with the government. But the group, whose attacks have left hundreds dead since it launched an uprising to try to carve an Islamic state out of Nigeria in 2009, has continued its insurgency unabated. The latest statement is likely to be greeted with skepticism.

    In the remarks in English sent to
    journalists in the northeastern city of Maiduguri, Boko Haram’s headquarters, Abdulazeez said Boko Haram had declared “a ceasefire throughout the country with immediate effect … following a series of meetings with government officials.” It added that he had “the consent and approval of our leader Abubakar Shekau and I call on all members to stop hostilities.”

    It is unclear if Abdulazeez really is
    speaking on behalf of Shekau – who has not come out to confirm or denounce him – or whether he represents a rival faction of the Islamist movement seen as the
    main security threat to Africa’s top oil exporter.

    The statement came through the usual channels Boko Haram have used to deliver messages; through the Borno state journalists union. It was signed by Abdulazeez who also called to confirm it, union members said. Shekau denied claims by the government that behind-the-scenes peace talks were being held in October last year, but he has
    remained silent since Abdulazeez made contact with press in November.

    The timing of the alleged ceasefire is likely to be seen as odd given Nigeria’s involvement in military efforts to dislodge Islamists in neighboring Mali, with whom
    Boko Haram are known to have links. Nigeria’s participation in Mali was expected to provoke a violent backlash from Boko Haram.

    “We have adopted this measure as a result of the hardship women and
    children are subjected to, and I urge all members to abide by this directive,” Abdulazeez’s statement said. “I urge law enforcement agencies to reciprocate this good gesture,” it added. There was no immediate comment from Nigerian security forces.

    Northern Nigeria’s conflict has killed around 3,000 people since late 2009,according to Human Rights Watch.

    Even if Abdulazeez does not represent Shekau, his statement could add to evidence that military pressure has fragmented Boko Haram, which is now believed to consist of various splinter groups more or less extreme than Shekau’s main faction, including ones who have trained with al Qaeda’s Saharan wing.

    Gunmen killed 23 people in northern Nigeria in attacks that appeared to target gamblers and people selling ‘forbidden’ meat that Islamist militants disapprove
    of. On Sunday, gunmen killed eight in Borno state, an attack that could have been carried out by Islamists or criminal gangs taking advantage of growing lawlessness.

    Abdulazeez’s statement said any attacks from now on would be the work of “armed robbers and other criminals”.

  17. beegeagle says:

    Even when they committed that gaffe by writing a report based on a dubious video, I still stood behind REUTERS because they and XINHUA have by a country mile, provided the most impartial reports on the Nigerian Insurgency. So much so that we recommended the conferment of the national honours of “MFR” on Ibrahim Mshelizza, Tim Cocks and Joe Brock.

    Compare that to the insidious style of a notorious Hausa Service and its cascade of stringers who simultaneously write for a highly divisive micronationalist newspaper upcountry whose Editor-in-Chief used to report from Abuja for a majorly antagonistic global media operator. We pointed out the fact that the Hausa Service had thoroughly perforated and made skewed the content filtering through to the English Service.

    We also say “thank you” to the real friends of Nigeria who have spoken the truth at a time when those who wear ‘impartiality’ like a tag do the exact opposite.




    Against the grain of popular shenanigans, REUTERS were the first media operators to assert, well over ten months ago, that the powerful and combat-proven Nigerian military have weakened BH as a group.

    Class is permanent. How has that cohered with our ‘unrealistic’ perspectives? Who really knows what they talk about?

    Compare that to our major foreign media antagonists and their local hirelings who continued to propound blatant falsehood in the name of reportage, claiming that the CTCOIN operations are ineffectual, even going further in a most uncharitable way to provide a propaganda cushion steeped in real and purported abuses, for the terrorists. History shall judge them harshly. It is one thing to seek regime change but it is not permissible to use every plank as a weapon or to shut out those who really KNOW while propping scatterbrains claiming to be activists.

    Thank you Jake Zenn, thank you Peter Pham, thank you Deirdre LaPin, thank you WestPoint Combating Terrorism Centre, thank you Xinhua and thank you REUTERS for your sense of balance and for telling the truth. God bless you all.

    Humble Pies Galore…HALL OF SHAME??

    Ms. Escalator – note the Editor who she spoke to and find out what the antecedents of his newspaper are.


  18. peccavi says:

    Please take this with a pinch of salt, tomorrow another 30spokesmen all saying contradictory things. Its too early to say what this actually means but its not a ceasefire. What are they ceasing fire for? Release of their members? Under whos authorisation? And then what negotiated peace and amnesty? This story get K leg

  19. beegeagle says:

    🙂 You don’t need to worry about that, Peccavi. Dem fight..dem ceasefaya o, we go fall dem hand. Dem dey maga. Nigeria become a monoreligious, theocratic state? It is not going to happen.

    Whichever way it goes from here, Down’s Syndrome beckons for BH. The JSTF’s gains shall remain their gains and BH’s losses shall be expanded further. The tide of victory favours those who swim in tandem with just causes.

    NOBODY shall release anybody to them and the concessions shall be squeezed by the FG alone. The best that they can hope for is that those who have not been grabbed or killed, get amnestied subject to dropping their weapons and renouncing violence. “The tail does not wag the dog”. Watch this space.

    Comot hia joo..dis wans go ‘peme’ in due course. Abeg, appear on the Hollande thread. How you view dat yarn?

    • Saints says:

      I am thinking they ve broken link with shekau.well i see no reason why we should get our lectures on national security from terrorists

      • peccavi says:

        Guy nothing dey happen, people are just lining up for settlement MEND style. Forget all this story and keep up the pressure, Thank you for the ceasefire, report to the nearest police station for processing or keep fighting. Assholes. Na today they learn the word ceasefire

  20. beegeagle says:

    Factionalism of any sort would ultimately favour the JSTF. A smaller, evil breakaway faction such as ANSARU could be easier to attack..same way that a bigger want-away faction of moderates and repentant terrorists might present a leeway.

  21. Yagazie says:

    Intresting – BH are talking of a ceasefire at the same time that their safe havens in Mali are being overrun/recaptured by French/Malian and African troops. I’d take their offer with a BARREL of salt.

    They are simply seeking for time to re-cuperate and then come back in a deadlier form.

    My view is that you don’t negotiate with terrorists. Note also the ‘impossible conditions’ they have set- release of all suspects being held by the JSTF/Government, compensation and rebuilding of their mosques.

    Let’s watch and see.

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