NAF 917 - a Nigerian Air Force C130 Hercules in Kaduna, Nigeria enroute Bamako, Mali

NAF 917 – a Nigerian Air Force C130-H30 Hercules in Kaduna, Nigeria enroute Bamako, Mali

February 3, 2013

The United Kingdom (UK) said, Sunday,
that following the shift of terrorists
havens from Afghanistan and Iran to
the Maghreb region and now Mali, it
would devote more resources to providing more training opportunities and logistics assistance to the Nigerian armed forces to help contain terrorism in the West African subregion.

Chief of the Defence Staff of the United Kingdom, General David Richards, who made the disclosure when he paid a visit to his Nigerian counterpart, Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim, noted: “In view of the war against terrorism worldwide, Mali was the immediate imperative. It is important we resolve this threat of Mali especially for the sake of the African continent and the well-being of Nigeria . In doing this, I must say transparency should be a key factor”.

Describing the relationship between
Nigeria and Britain as historical and
emotional, Richards said he was in
the country to meet with his counterpart to discuss and identify areas of strength on the part of the Nigerian armed forces and that of Britain so that areas of support particularly regarding the Mali challenge can be agreed on.

In his remarks, Ibrahim commended the CDS of Britain for his interest and
expected support of Britain for Nigeria
over the crucial and expected role it is
to play in tackling the evolving events
in Mali . “Your prompt decision to come and identify with us over the troublesome situation in Mali, which is a cause for concern to nations in the sub-region, is appreciated and, together, the
challenge would be surmounted,” the Nigerian CDS said. “At the local level, we have our challenges but we cannot afford to look the other way when a brother African country is being consumed. So, in spite of our challenges, we have to show our support. Your coming demonstrates your level of
understanding of the challenge our
armed forces will face.


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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies


  1. beegeagle says:

    Okay, what is REALLY going on here..pundit Peccavi and antagonist Doziex :)?

    CONFUSED. Could it be that French diplomatic stocks are burgeoning in West Africa and in Sahelian Africa and they need to be checkmated OR is this a change in approach unfolding before our very eyes? In just one week, the British have moved from hollow sanctimony to offers of training and support for three crazy republics – Libya, Algeria and Nigeria?

    Once upon a time, Boko Haram terrorists were all about POVERTY, CORRUPTION and all that. Meaningful help only came through the USA and Israel as a somewhat image-obsessed UK stood aloof to allow the rotten establishment stew in their own juice.

    Somehow, in northern Mali which is even poorer than northern Nigeria, POVERTY scarcely gets mentioned as a reason why there has been a proliferation of armed groups – supposedly alternative sources of livelihood in impoverished neighbourhoods?

    Abeg people, WHAT IS GOING ON oooo??

    • jimmy says:

      i have always advocated that Nigeria should maintain GOOD RELATIONS with Britain and AMERICA because of our Cultural, Colonial, and LANGUAGE LINKS regardless of the PAST misdeeds on both sides No man or Country stands as an Island by itself provided the relationship is self sustaining and is mutually beneficial to all three sides and not steeped in PATERNALISM AND NEEDLESS , POINTLESS lectures
      Nigeria has training as well basic logistic needs namely 1)TANKS AMOUR ED TANKS not wafer thin APCS, 2)we need A LONG RANGE dual strike AIRPLANE i don’t know the range of the Sepcat jaguar BUT IT WILL GO ALONG WAY TO IMPROVE RELATIONSHIP IF THE BRITS are about to scrap them THEY should AT LEAST MAKE A DECENT OFFER AND IN RETURN THE Nigerians make a decent offer to buy and send PILOTS AND MAINTENANCE CREWS TO BE TRAINED
      30 We need another Frigate NOW CONSIDERING IT TAKES AT LEAST 1/2YEARs for that frigate to get here from eithier China or the U.S. whichever one gets here first will get the good Will I hope it is the ONE FROM THE U.S
      Oga PECCAVI i had to think very hard about this one very carefully Nigeria is not broke based on their own financial disclosures Nigeria has approximately $45 billion in FOREX accounts also last week THE F.G. signed an MOU with the largest POWER HOLDING COMPANY IN THE WORLD ( General Electric)FOR $1 B FOR A 10,000MW power station of which $259million is due this year these are events the u.s govt is watching very closely AND KEENLY TRUST ME when I talk about bringing pressure to bear I mean the U.S.and Britain when they come for those meetings half of which are meaningless they need to make them meaningful and powerful and less sanctimonious with their Nigerian COUNTERPARTS. both sides need to come with hands full not empty
      Our F.G. has the attitude of being TONE DEAF until pressure is brought to bear that is the reality.THIS IS WHAT WORKS JUST CALLING FOR TRANSPARENCY IS RUBBISH or NGOS IS RUBBISH.let them act with both honest intent and purpose.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Anyway, the LOGISTICAL CHALLENGES facing the French Intervention in Mali
    (view the posted hyperlink)

  3. beegeagle says:

    So we take take the INTELLIGENCE. For logistics, we can receive Pinzgauer Vector+Protector upgunned and uparmoured battle vehicles for the multiplier effect. Beyond that point, let us DO our thing.

    Nigeria should fly her own troops+logistics and train with the regular partners – Israel and the USA. It is unfortunate that the British media typically undercut everyone else but themselves. ECOMOG comes to mind.

    Juxtaposed against the French effort in Mali, what the British claim to have done in Sierra Leone where they clustered around the Western Area adjoining Freetown, looks like a picnic. Compare both forays for troop exertion, combat operations, elaborate deployment and resources deployed.

    Stemming from our own foolhardiness, Nigeria which deployed and fought in all three provinces of Sierra Leone became the footnote to the story, just because our military communications and mainstream media were naive to the antics of the ‘helpers’

    If the British fly Nigerian troops to Mali or train them, it shall be a rehash of the ECOMOG story. They shall rewrite the war story yet again. So we must be smart and limit their assistance to low-impact facets of activity.

    The Americans and Israelis have not boasted or claimed the glory for the exertions of gallant Nigerian troops in the battles against terrorists. I doubt that the British would have been so charitable.

    I am sorry but this is the trackrecord of our interface with them in conflict areas and it just has to be said the way it is. They undercut everyone else with a view to taking the credit for the labours of unheralded and less wily Africans.

  4. doziex says:

    Once again, Oga Beeg is right on the money as usual.

    Men ! I just don’t trust the brits, farther than I can throw them. However, they are a world power, and a fairly weathy country.
    So if nigeria continues to spend like paupers vis a vis our security establishment, then beggars we shall be. And the saying goes, ” a beggar has no choice”

    So rather than telling the UK and their shady antics, to take a hike, a pauperized NA has to entertain the brits, to see if they mean it this time around.

    The best way to test the true intentions of the UK, is for us to go for the Jugular. i.e lets ask for big ticket items that they have, and we need.

    (1) A sale of their entire retired jaguar fleet spares and all, for the give away price of one million dollars per Strike jet. The US marine aviators, paid a similar prize for the retired fleet of UK harriers.

    (2) A more fruitful relationship, on par with that with Jordan and India as concerning spares, up grades of our vickers tanks and scorpion IFVs.

    I believe the age of NA’s armoured fleet, and the lack of spares detered NA’s armoured and mechanized columns from rolling across the nigerien desert into northern mali blitz krieg style.

    So let’s put our UK friends to the test, and see what happens.

    • peccavi says:

      What exactly do they owe us? Seriously are we that delusional to believe this is a matter of friends or no friends? The UK is broke if someone was offering them money for their aircraft wouldn’t they sell? Have we asked for it?
      The entire defence industry is essentially propped up on selling expensive beautiful kit to the Gulf states that they will never use and can’t even use, do you think if Nigeria requested these things they wouldn’t be beating a path to our door to tie us into stupid defence contracts.
      Abeg leave the British, their lives are in order, na we never organise ourselves dey run up and down seeking attention from Ghana and Britain

  5. peccavi says:

    The crisis in Northern Mali is not the same as the crisis in Northern Nigeria. The capabilities and resources of the Malians are not the same as the capability and resources of Nigeria. The UK response to Mali will not be the same as the UK response to Nigeria. Mali is part of la Francophonie and not in the UK sphere of interest. It is beyond me and any other sane observer why they want to get involved other than follow follow but good luck to the HMG, which cut our aircraft carriers and promptly decided to engage in expeditionary air warfare in Libya, likewise has just cut the army and now want s to get involved in Mali. Na dem sabi. Me too I dey practise my French make I see how far.

  6. freeegulf says:

    oga dozie, u re on point about the jaguar sepecat and the price tags. my only concern is if NAF can keep them airworthy. it costs thousands of dollars per hour to fly these jets. can NAF maintain them? Can they use them to their full worthiness? these questions remain to be answered.
    our govt disregard for security and armament acquisition is bizarre.
    it would be a big plus if the jaguar jets can be re-introduced into NAF service. maintenance and spares will dictate how long they can keep such birds skyward. deep down, its maintenance and fleet airworthiness that is keeping NAF from splashing big time, su-30 wise

  7. Spirit says:

    How on Earth will we afford to acquire the Jaguars when;
    1) We have just budgeted N4Billion to build a ‘mission house’ for the First Lady
    2) We have spent n&Billion on the Vice Presidents lodge and we still need N9Billion to complete it.
    3) A guy that embezzled N27Billion pension fund was given 2year jail term with an option of N750,000 fine (which the thief brought to the court ).

    Like Peccavi has said, NA WE BE OUR OWN PROBLEM!

  8. Yagazie says:

    In Foreign relations/diplomacy, you don’t have permanent friends just permanent interests. The UK owes us nothing and the sooner we realise that the better. The question we should be asking ourselves is how can we leverage the offer of assistance from the UK CDS to our advantage in a way that benefits our millitary to enhance its operational capability.

    It is a plus that the UK was the former colonial power in Nigeria and that our millitary is modelled on the British Army.,
    The UK have formidable special forces (SAS ,SBS, Royal Marine Commando and Paratroop regiments) assets and our millitary special forces could benefit from training with them.

    The UK could also assist with the rehabilitation of our Jaguar jets. India have just upgraded theirs and the UK could sell us the spare parts needed to rehabilitate our fleet, which could then be used in a ground attack role.

    The Nigerian Navy had 3 Westland Lynx helicopters which have now been retired. We could consider replacing them with the ‘Super Lynx’ helicopter purchasd from the UK and deploy them to our frigates (Aradu and Thunder) for use in an anti-submarine warfare role.

    The UK are also involved in combat operations in Afghanistan and were involved in operations in Iraq- both have a desert topography similar to Northern Mali and as such I believe there is knowledge based on operational experience which they can impart to our troops. They could also assist with our Military field hospitals and combat medicine training.

    Finally as an aside- lets remember that General Richard Dannet the current UK CDS was (as a Brigadier) in charge of the british army contingent in Sierra-Leone during the later stages of our ECOMOG operations. co-incidence or what?

    • peccavi says:

      He is actually an excellent officer and (for a Brit) quite pro Naija maybe because of the SL experience.
      Nigeria is on the right track in terms of restructuring, more cross training with UK forces would always help as well as cross postings

      • jimmy says:

        Believe or not when i see such PEOPLE LIKE GEN RICHARDS visiting Admiral IBRAHIM it means a lot for both countries . I would like to see a reciprocation from Gen Richards extended to ADM IBRAHIM to visit London ( WHITE CHAPEL) at some point the relationship has to improve on both sides.

  9. EastMan says:

    I don’t trust the brits. I don’t like them either. On the emotional side, nigeria should just detach herself from the uk’s apron. They are a diminishing power. Let channel our to where we can gain reasonably from fruitful relationships.

  10. Saints says:

    Would you call the upgrade of our jaguar jets,provision of the super lynx for anti-sub in the NN,training and retraining of nigerian officers by the brits mil experts and SF’s.all this at a little cost to our nigerian govt.would you call it gaining unreasonably ok who should we go to?

  11. I want to tell you guys a story . Immediately obasanjo came to power and this is no false story even the NTA reported it it was in early 99 when OBJ was immediately sworn in as democratic president! BAE systems then the makers of JaGuar paid. OBJ a visit if you guys remeber it was a breakfast meeting they had at aso rock . They told him that having lifted the sanction(EU) that they would like to restart that relationship again, but OBJ told them that nigeria had other priorities. General Beeg I no you have a photographic memory you must be able to recall that news story on NTA 9o’clock news and even bring that link out of your archive. General Beeg sir it has being our leaders are not serious about procurement! OBJ must particularly, Nigeria under his time sold nearly 300 billion dollars about 250 billion pounds! I have already told you of procurement scandals must particularly during the IBB years! I do not mean to disrespect him either! We were meant to buy challengers! And the british were willing but some people thought otherwise! In defense shows,exibition and airshows they never take any nigerian delegation seriously

    • eyimola says:

      Why should we buy British, when they have let us down so badly in the past? Dont believe the hype the mordern day UK defense sector is not as robust and dynamic as the past. Almost every non Western Arms deal by BAE in the last 25 years have been tainted by scandal. Every defence project has been overbudget and underwhelming. Just for the record : BRITISH POLITICIANS WILL NEVER RESPECT NIGERIA. So we need to move on and find a better friend

      • Somoric says:

        Never say never! Currently, the UK is looking to scrap 4 good frigates- HMS Cornwall, Cumberland, Campbeltown and Chatham- brilliant Type 22 frigates. How about the Nigerian CDS asking his opposite number on these babies? A whole aircraft carrier was scrapped for a misely £3 million. I don’t believe everything I read on the net, na hearsay. Next on my shopping list, UK should grant us permission to speak to the Indians about our Jags. The Jags can be reactivated with the Indian expertise at a cost that would surprise most defence aviation enthuasists. Haba dem dey naija now, dem sabi how to mise o! Na only these 2 things to test the waters nah! All the trainings and logistical support na big yarn, as uncle Sam don carrygo. Check Beegeagle pictures and smile. Moreover, we can see a sprinkling of Royal Marines appearing for Apapa dey nack Harp and Suya. Seriously, we need to put our money down, with climate change causing wahala even in Naija, we need a heavy-airlift capability, just two AN-124 will do. For the naysayers and they know themselves, we won’t park them on the tarmac permanently. Our politicians always find good uses for our flyboys. RIP NN 08! Don’t forget its Russian, our brodas in ECOWAS would request for some equipment or disaster support at any moment- something is always on the horizon in Africa. I am tapping my fingers in anticipation on what next shall appear with our Commonwealth friends.

    • doziex says:

      IBB must be made to answer these questions, while he is still alive.

      If we can’t get to a full fledged corruption trial, because of ongoing corruption by our current leaders, can’t some savvy journalist, pin the man down on some these issues ?

      He had no reason to short change the military, the way he allegedly did.

  12. Number one says:

    No Nation has friends only interests – Charles de Gaulle.what exactly do we want from the British and what can they offer us ?

  13. figss says:

    Is NN Aradu still ocean going(operational)?

  14. CHYDE says:

    You need to see the comment made about Nigeria and the Jaguar jets . Its rather a pity that Our Govt is part of the problem as far as armament acquisition is concerned

  15. doziex says:

    Hey guyz, Oga peccavi to be specific, I never said the UK owes nigeria anything. However, they know how to get what they want, when they want it from our representatives.
    we should learn how to tie them getting what they want to us getting what we need.

    Getting these jaguars, all 75 of them, is a win win for both sides. First of, no one is standing in line trying to buy these jaguars from the UK. Nobody wants them. Not equador, not Oman, who are retiring their own fleet, and moving on to bigger and better things.

    The indians builds them under licence, besides, they have acquired or are in the process of acquiring way better jets.
    The UK can’t afford the jaguars or the harriers, the french are also done with their fleet.

    In my mind, this leaves nigeria who still has unfinished business with the sepecat jaguar. After operating our fleet for a whooping 6 years, the fact that we still operate alpha jets and F-7s as our frontline fighters and the little importance nigerians and their leaders attach to equiping our armed forces with the best equipment money can buy, more than makes this POV a valid one.

    UK owes us nothing, but selling us theses retired jets that they don’t need, but that would put NAF back on the path to excellence. And for one million usd a piece ? That would show goodwill towards the nigerian people. The way that not selling us the OPVs when we needed them most, showed a lack of goodwill.

    Finally, this deal is so cheap, and doable, that even our thieving politicians shouldn’t prevent it from happening.

    • jimmy says:


    • peccavi says:

      So is that something for the UK or Nigeria?
      Do we or do we not have a government? General staff or Defence Ministry?
      Is the UK refusing to sell Nigeria OPV’s or combat aircraft?

      • doziex says:

        It’s about the the specific deal for a specific nation.

        The US marine aviators got the UK harriers for less than 2 million usd each, because of reasons other than the true price tag of those jets.

        The US in turn gave NN NNS thunder for free. Not because they could’t get some $ for it in the arms market.

        As I said, it would be a concrete gesture of goodwill. Something which they don’t have to do.

        But you are right, on the point that our clueless defense and govt officials should at least be expected to know of the deal, and to make a request/offer.

      • jimmy says:

        For both Countries Oga peccavi

  16. adickmish says:

    My Ogas, why are you all wasting your time on the UK. I know them like the back of my left hand,nothing good can come from them. To them, Nigerian govt are not serious. the question they (UK) are asking is, what do they benefit from us, what good are we to them, is it worth wasting our time on Nigeria? They laugh at Nigeria every time. Forget it guys, ur dreams can’t come true.

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