Nigerian UNAMID troops in Darfur, Sudan

Nigerian UNAMID troops in Darfur, Sudan


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  1. originalpato says:

    That’s more like a technical to me than a gun truck.

  2. beegeagle says:

    GUN TRUCK is actually the correct name for motorised weapon system. “Technical” is a colloquial term which originated in Somalia..coinage which had to do with “TECHNICAL support” given by gunmen who began escorting relief convoys over 20 years ago using 4WD trucks mounted with HMGs and AA machine guns.

    • originalpato says:

      Although one originated from the other, I thought by now they were distinct pieces of equipment. I thought gun trucks were usually up armoured versions of technicals

  3. beegeagle says:

    Not necessarily.

    Somalia gave the world the popular culture name “technical” but they were not the first to use them by any means. Same way “uparmoured” and “upgunned” crept into popular lexicon after the American forays in Iraq and Afghanistan where Hummer vehicles were uparmoured and upgunned to counter the IED threat in those parts.

    Take a look at the NA which have Pinzgauer utility vehicles and trucks but only had fifty units of same armour-plated and weapons mounted on them as they prepare to go into Mali. Since they were not always configured for battle, it is appropriate to describe them as having been “upgunned” and “uparmoured”

    As long ago as the early 1960s, we have had 106 RRs installed on Land Rovers for instance and they were well used during the War. They were not armoured – just regular Landrovers but they were GUN TRUCKS as well

  4. Henry says:

    NIGERIAN ARMY when you copy and paste to your page on Facebook, for the love of Christ please acknowledge your source.

    Why did you just copy Beegeagle word for word without making at least any corrections of your own. Brother e no make sense now, na so people they use fail exam oh. You don copy em work, plus em name like so.

    Please acknowledge Beegeagle, the boss is doing a great job and a difficult one at that. Don’t just lie to your over 3,000 followers on Facebook.

    P.s, I collected some pictures from your page, but you know that you stole 80% from here(pictures), so I go just say GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

  5. Henry says:

    However I think you are doing a great JOB in showcasing our military(@ Nigerian Army), to that, I say kudos. We all want to see our beloved military soar like the Super Eagles did over the elephants of Ivory Coast. It still does not excuse you from acknowledging your source. It is the right thing to do. Big ups brother.

    @OGA BEEG na you be boss oh.

    Nigeria has deployed 4 Alpha Jets to Mali, 2 helicopter gunships (Mi-35P) and transport planes. 1,200 men from the Army and Airforce have already been deployed. Watch NTA news by 12pm today so as to watch NTA NEWS repeat broadcast.

    * the NTA defence correspondent in Mali was all smiles, with a broad grin on his face while reporting and he re echoed the controversial reportage made by “Weekly Trust” a few days ago, about Nigerian troops driving away rebels from Banamba. However, I must say the locals were very glad to see the troops from Nigeria. A very warm reception was given to them.

    NTA NEWS 12pm(Nigerian Time) today

    • jimmy says:

      OGA HENRY thank you very much
      I beg you guys if any of those NTA stations have web links can you provide the links for us if it is on u tube

  6. wocon45 says:

    Can anybody provide authentic links to the official Facebook page of the Nigerian army, there seem to be so many of them out there.

  7. Henry says:

    Search for “nigeria army” and not “nigerian army” on facebook. His profile picture is that of troops in desert camo, wearing the same bullet proof vest seen with troops in the niger delta region.

  8. wocon45 says:

    Na trueoo! 80-90% beegeagle content

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