A Nigerian Army Special Forces soldier at Jaji prior to his departure for Mali

A Nigerian Army Special Forces soldier at Jaji prior to his departure for Mali


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  1. Saints says:

    Sobs”i a sorry but.i couldnt stop myself from stealing the picture..i mean is that guy from the NA.

  2. johnbest1 says:

    Its pics like this that makes me so proud of the nigerian army.

  3. beegeagle says:

    Yeah, it is a REUTERS PHOTO shot right there at Jaji around the time of the COAS’s inspection and briefing of exiting troops. Look closely at his breast pocket area. You shall see “NIGERIA” spilling out somewhere.

    Also note the most familiar desert camo tinged with a splash of green

  4. jimmy says:

    THIS GUY means business i am proud look a his body language THIS IS WHAT i am talking about when i say i can spot NIGERIAN SOLDIERS FROM MILES AWAY ..

  5. Spirit says:

    Behold, The Reaper!

  6. doziex says:

    This to me is yet another indicator, that while regular NA troops might be in the rear guard, our special forces group is neck deep in this fighting, most likely embedded with the lead malian units.

  7. ocelot2006 says:

    .I don’t mean to be the party pooper (and I sincerely apologise if I am), but I strongly suggest the NA Special Forces borrow the Navy SBS’s quartermaster ‘cos they have a long way to go comapred with their navy counterparts kit-wise.

    2)First of all, they’re not issued with primary weapons. That’s right, SIDE-ARMs. Operators from the UK’s Regiment (SAS), the SBS, Australian SASR, Polish GROM (to name a few) will tell you that the elite SF operators primary weapon is the pistol cos of it’s importance in CQB, the SF opertaors’ forte. Everyone knows that, from tge Americans to the Sri-Lankans. And Even Nigerian Special Ops. units like the SBS and DSS/SSS Tactical units are issued with side-arms from Beretta 92s to Browning Hi-powers. Strangely the army’s SF operators aren’t issued any. Strange.

    2) I dig the AK-47 rifle. It’s very reliable, fairly accurate, easy to maintain, and chambers a 7.62mm that causes way more damage tan the NATO’s 5.56mm. But why are army SF operators issued with simple/plain Type-56s instead of the modified AK-47 rifles issued to Police ATS operators? Just learn from the Chadians issued with same rifles but with additional Eotech optics on them. Even with only iron-sights, the later are still better than the plain kalashnikovs as the redesigned rifle stock/butt maes the rifle more accurate.

    3) Finally, what the hell’s with the army SF chaps and Ski-masks? Keep in mind that these guys train in harsh environments at temperatures that are quite high. So why issue thick ski-masks? Why not issue balaclavas like the navy or even shermags/kaffiyas?

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