Nigerian Navy SBS commandos - where the Eagles dare

Nigerian Navy SBS commandos – where the Eagles dare


Nigerian Navy Special Forces


Are you aware that the Nigerian special forces (forget the name) are without a doubt the best in the world?

Part of their training is to walk around with their legs bent, like they’re sitting on an invisible chair, for an entire week.

In the beginning of their training they’re given a puppy. They have to sleep with the puppy, eat with it, keep it alive and happy, and generally bond with it.

After two months they get dropped off in a thirty foot circle of nothing, no trees, no grass, nothing. They can’t leave the 30 foot circle or they get killed (serious). All they have, is a puppy, and the knife. They have to stay there for a week minimum, after a week goes by they’re let out when they eat the puppy, or starve to death.

For their final test they take five people, and put them in a marked off section of the jungle. The one who comes back with four heads is admitted into their special forces.

I used to work with a guy who trained the Colombian Special Forces. He had a friend that was Nigerian Special Forces. I met the guy once, the dude was no joke. I’m pretty muscular (5’7 210 ~10%) and this guy was about 6′ 190 8%, so I had some size on him, and I convinced the guy to a round of slap boxing/wrestling/sparring whatever you want to call it. I went to grapple him and he dislocated my shoulders in about 2 seconds.

Dude would pawn Spetznaz.




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  1. peccavi says:

    Are you serious? This is nonsense

  2. wocon45 says:

    How accurate can this be? @ Oga peccavi I concur, this is absolute nonsense.

  3. tim says:

    I have read this shit before

  4. beegeagle says:

    🙂 My friend, what are you so afraid of…dashing from one thread to the other? The chap merely expressed his opinion. I am sure that he exaggerated somewhere (did I say a categorical “best in the world” or a very credible “exceptional rave reviews?”) but I also know that the SBS chaps are very good at what they do. Not hearsay, I have sat, observed their simulation, xrayed their training methods and partners and dined with them from TOP to rank-and-file.

    Anyway, it is not you that I am looking to hear from on this one. I am more interested in having light shed on their training methods. Can you help out with that?

    Demola and Obix, I shot the photo above when I visited the SBS camp and I am 90% certain that the hulk in the picture it was who dislocated that chap’s shoulder. I did mention something about his exceptional skills in unarmed combat at that time.

    Perhaps you will find that here

  5. beegeagle says:

    🙂 Haba…one-two, one-two, you don kick like wetin call. I would prefer your saying, if you know, this is how SPETZNATZ, SEALs or RN SBS train? I expect to hear from Lord Eeben and Lourens on how they do it in SA; Max Montero to say here is how it goes down in The Philippines; Obix telling us this is how the Russians do it.

    Do you just shoot down anything out of sync with MoD interests just to throw away the baby with the bath water? Can we not learn something using this thread as spur? A “MUST READ’ thread based on my own assessment has already generated seventy plus insightful comments.

    Na wa o..all ya yone na jus to shoot down? Abi you wan help me moderate wetin mek ah post again?

    This guy to my own mind exaggerated with ‘best in the world’ but it also underscores just how highly he personally rates the NN SBS. The talking point there is ‘WHY?’. Many people also rate some Korean and Pakistani special warfare units as best in class, even if there are bound to be naysayers?

    Throughout this past weekend, French SF and combat engineers plus naive Malian troops battled a band of twelve terrorists in Gao and a movie is sure to be made of that…shortwork which unfancied Nigerian commandos and combat engineers engage in as a matter of day-to-day routine in NE Nigeria and on a scale which makes Gao look like child’s play. How many times during these past fifteen months have JSTF troops emerged victorious from 2-3 day gun battles with hundreds of terrorists in Damaturu, Potiskum and Kano?

    I beg, they might not be the best in the world but I am not so wowed by what I see elsewhere in Gao as not to know the battlefield worth of our own men. So don’t turn up your nose too soon as always. Ya yone na ‘oyibo is always rite?’

  6. Henry says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t get the need for this. I don’t get the message, it does not make any sense OGA beeg.

  7. Henry says:

    Oga beeg, what you’ve written above makes by far more sense than the so called rave review you posted above. The thing sounds like a sick joke or a failed attempt at humour. Absolutely nothing to learn from the pale contribution from the dude above.

    of course, you have been invited as a special guest to SBS training camp, you have seen simulations and you presented us/ the world with photos. I do not see the correlation that opinion has with SBS training at all. If we want to discuss other SOF units around the world and compare with nigeria’s, there more than 100 000 photos of different SOF units online to pick from and compare.

  8. beegeagle says:

    That depends on what you are reading, Henry. Are you focusing on the ‘best in the world’ or like I am, reading the narrative on the training.

    Look at the backgrounder above and tell me who asked the most questions about the training regimen of the SBS after I visited them? I have read the training regimen of Selous Scouts on Wikipedia for instance and expect some of our non-Nigerian friends to say “this is how we do it” or “this was how we used to do it”

    On this blog, can you recall how many times I have posted “comparative studies” from Pakistan, India, Egypt and beyond? That is precisely the same idea which I am trying to foster here for those who need it.

    Of all that he wrote there, “best in the world” is the only thing that I find surprising without denigrating the capabilities of the SBS themselves. I mean, that was one line. Why the fixation. Even Selous Scouts used to get a dead rat or something like that to eat and move like 30kg of rocks on their backs without breaks.

    That makes two training narratives – we can have more.

  9. Henry says:

    I fully understand what you were trying to achieve, truth be told you have rightly made comparative studies and similarities with other counter insurgency operations around the world, but this time I do not feel your intentions and the sample for discussion presented above has any correlation.

    Infact, I felt insulted by the guys, loose/ careless use of words. What does he mean by “at the end 5 guys are sent into the jungle for their final training and the person that comes out with 4 heads gets inducted into the special forces” ? He is portraying nigerians as cannibalistic. besides what does the dummy even know, he is probably one of those americans obsessed with abs and 6 packs.

    this is just someone’s opinion, not an expert opinion, not a researched opinion. It would have been best to present photos of say, african special forces or the indonesian detachment 88 anti terror squad, or a plain military personnel’s opinion. The guy is just a fitness enthusiast.

  10. bigbrovar says:

    Whoever wrote that has read too much games of thrones (the part about the puppy was lifted from the training of a special group of machinaries known as the unsoiled) and hunger games (5 people in the forest and one head out) I think alot of it was said tongue in cheek.. not something to be taken seriously.

  11. Henry says:

    Granted OGA peccavi asked the question about fitness, but it still doesn’t warrant this………………..

    • peccavi says:

      The thing came from a body building website and I’m happy to wager whoever wrote it, if serious has never met a Nigerian or an SF operator. It is ridiculous. What is the military value in anything written there?
      To eat a puppy? What use is that? To show how ruthless you are or how hungry you are?
      Or that after spending months traing someone you are happy to let them be killed? Is that a demonstration of skill or blood thirstyness? Abeg, this is another attempt to insult Nigerians and portray us as savages. I am not in SF and never have been but I can tell you alot about SF training and if I ever met a soldier whose training consisted of this nonsense I’d keep him as far away as possible

  12. beegeagle says:

    Peccavi, he CAN be a SF operator who has bodybuilding as hobby. Most that I know are fitness freaks anyway.

    “8est in the world” is all that you find upsetting there and that is all.Otherwise, you were once very interested in their drills.

    It DOES NOT MATTER whether they eat lizards or salamanders, it is not peculiar to Nigeria

    Of the Selous Scouts, read

    ” In the first five days of the course, no food was issued, while for the rest of the
    period only rotten animals were allowed”

    end of quote

    That did not stop them from being the top SF unit in 1970s Africa. Even the SADF’s 32 Bn were patterned after them and probably adopted similar training methods. I do not know of any Beegeagle’s Blogger who does not know the worth of the Selous Scouts or 32 Bn, regardless of what they ate, The truth is that some of us have that mindset which guarantees that once the example is non-Nigerian, it is funky, cool and acceptable. That is what I have come to realise.There is nothing else to be added to that.

    • peccavi says:

      Did I mention ‘best in the world’ at any point?
      I’m irritated by blatant nonsense being written about military training and associated with Nigeria.

      When the Selous Scouts were sent without food was it so they could eat domestic animals. You have Oga Eebens book, as part of 32 Bn training they would be sent without rations into the bush, or with insufficient rations, the intention wasn’t to show how tough they were but to test their ability to survive off the land, deal with adversity and work as a team.
      There is no military logic to sitting in a circle stroking a dog until you eat it. What does that tell me about your skills or abilities?

      • tim says:

        Thanks peccavi, I don’t know what fire ants are eating beeg’s brain today, maybe his food was lased with hemp today…… I can understand, that after survival training you are drop in a jungle with no food or water…… But what the fuck is this dog nonsense within a cycle?

  13. beegeagle says:

    I already said it – it has to be rational and greener on the other side. That is just you being you.

    If you accept that Selous Scouts ate rotten animals, then whatever Nigerian SBS do with any animal handed to them is their business.

    You cannot on the one hand say that the guy is not competent to offer a narrative and not make excuses for any possible gaps in the information provided.

    At least you know why I was not the least perturbed about anything they eat in training – fresh, dead or rotten because the Selous Scout regimen has been known to me for no less than four years.

    I repeat, I posted with a view to eliciting responses from certain quarters because I seek to learn and it is not in doubt that comparative studies is something which one does all the time. Even today, I was talking Type 53H2 frigates with Egypt, Bangladesh, Burma,Thailand and Pakistan by way of peer review. So what else is new?

    The quality of their training is world class – whether it be the complete 8-month SEAL curriculum, the one-year surface warfare course etc undertaken abroad. I had that in mind when I posted. I interviewed, scripted and posted the thread “MISSION PROFILE AND TRAINING REGIMEN” and was looking for the specifics of what goes on in training elsewhere. What sits well with one could be a matter of revulsion for others.

    As for the aspirational East African intellectual who would put himself through the indignity of scribbling on a wall without gaining approval for six months and yet persist, let’s just say you purportedly know a lot with your boundless intellectual scope. Put it to the test, open a blog and let us see how many buy into your bright ideas and verbose, self-vetting intellectualism…deductive reasoning..with all your overly academic hot air. Before I wake up everyday, YOU would have come searching “beeg eagles blog”. You obviously have no life if you spend so much time where ‘we need to be led to the light’. You are self-abusive and self-disrespecting to the point of writing ten pages-equivalent of mumbo-jumbo everyday for six months without approval and you are still at it? That is emblematic of are the verbose monologues you wallow in.

    As for me, a blogger rather than an intellectual, I have just been contacted to be media partner by a highly reputable consortium of Anglo-Nigerian firms. The matter is COUNTER TERRORISM. No matter how circumspect you think one’s views are, Mr Unacclaimed Intellectual, they are selling where it matters the most while you are still wallowing in obscurity. “Logical thinking”, “deductive reasoning”, what is this, a philosophy class? What a bore. You have ‘mental resources’..and enough big grammar with which to conduct monologues. I have nothing more than this blog but somehow it is your life ambition to post here.

    If you had ANY respect for yourself – two months after you got shut out, you won’t hang around grovelling like an out-of-favour attention whore. You would take your mental resources and knack for writing epistles elsewhere, open a blog and walk-the-walk, so that people can assess you as well. Alas, you know in your deepest heart that what you really crave here is validation..poor Lilliputian.
    You do feel emasculated.

    BTW, this was my original point of contact with the Selous Scouts, thanks to Tendai. So you can return to WIKI.

    Watch this space.

    • tim says:

      Stop this puppy nonsense… does not exist

    • peccavi says:

      You posted to get a response. The response is that its bullshit.
      For some reason you seem to be having a fight that no one else is having, no one cares what they eat, but sitting in a circle waiting to eat a puppy, going into the bush to kill 4 of your team mates is bull shit. Na you go join that kind unit?

      For some reason you equate anything other than lockstep agreement with a declaration of war

    • kyallkelvins says:

      Whats up? I don’t get it. 😀 Shed some light on this East African.

  14. demola says:

    i find it hard to beliv dat d dude in d bodybuilding forum just came up with all dis story. Though i also don’t beliv d part of 4heads maybe he meant 4 facemasks or something else.

    • Acting Major Benbella says:

      The Iraqi Republican Guards under Saddam were trained to eat snakes as part of their survival training. All the snake-head chopping they did not stop them from getting their arses handed to them. The Selois scouts were supposedly brave because they fought against an untrained guerrilla army in Mozambique, Angola,etc. I don’t understand why some countries trained their soldiers like sociopaths because it does not enhance their combat skills. What does is good, effective training, better arms, c4i assets and good officers.

  15. doziex says:

    Guys this discussion for me is neither here nor there. It seems to be a question whether the glass is half full or half empty.
    Since everything is a secret with the nigerian armed forces, we simply cannot be sure of what standards our special forces train to, if they are cutting corners like the rest of the armed forces, or if the ecomog wars, the niger delta and the counterinsurgence against boko haram have provided the requisite focus to get at least the CT/anti terror aspects right.

    Thanks to beegeagle’s connections with the SBS, and OGA Henry’s insider knowledge, we are privi to some evidence, that there is a high level of seriousness/importance attached to counterinsurgency warfare, and it’s specialized operators.

    For me, my bias against our armed forces, due to past and current experience, leads me to believe the worst about the NA. Unless there is clear evidence to the contrary.

    So, if I see no evidence of say pilot training, after diligently searching the web for it, then to me, it’s probably not happening.

    Anyways, guys take it easy with mr. Beegeagle, as it is extremely difficult to provide daily feeds to this blog especially with an armed forces as secretive as ours.
    So, if we are only waiting for well written articles, or insider pictures sent to beeg or henry we would soon run out of topics to discuss.

    Therefore, heresay, from a clearly lay source should be part of the piece of the puzzle. The Guy is writing on the encounter he had with a nigerian SF operative. A subject we are very interested in, but have precious little official correspondence.
    So, the 2 cents of this story teller is somewhat relevant, provided he is not just lying. His outlandish tales, could just be a case of the facts being lost in a lay man’s translation.

    However, I was still able to glean a few interesting nuggets from that tale/story. He clearly said that the SF operative was well versed in hand to hand combat, and was extremely fit.
    for me, that answers some questions that even beegeagle and henry’s picture series did not answer.

  16. Obix says:

    My honourable Generals! The only problem i have with the story is the “come back with 4 heads” aspect. Every other thing there doesn’t sound strange to me! Commandos are trained to be resolute for survival, even if it means eating a friendly puppy. For example, in the GRU spetnaz (SF of the General Intelligence Unit of the Russian armed forces) , every 6 months they go through a process called “galloping” (a sort of exam). They are sent into a forest without food for about a week, they get little or no sleep and put under intense physical and mental pressure…Those that give up are sent to other special army units. During this process, those fellows are ready to eat ANYTHING that crawls or moves on 4 legs RAW!

  17. Obix says:

    Here’s quote from a GRU Spetnaz commander: “Many will object to the killing of stray dogs. To make the killings not to look pointless, we worked out another element of psychological stability training. Dog meat is quite edible so
    during field trainings, dogmeat dish could be prepared. Overcoming squeamishness – another important issue for survival in extreme conditions. In order to survive and continue to perform the assingment, the soldier in peaceful times must learn to eat everything, including insects, frogs and snakes.” End of quote! He made this point after narrating how in 1984 while on a mission, he had to slice the throat of a stray dog that was barking at his reece group. In the process one of his dog-loving boys (an interpreter,who didn’t pass through thorough training) fainted, which almost cost them their lives.

    • peccavi says:

      No one is questioning the eating, it is the ‘After two months they get dropped off in a thirty foot circle of nothing, no trees, no grass, nothing. They can’t leave the 30 foot circle or they get killed (serious). All they have, is a puppy, and the knife. They have to stay there for a week minimum, after a week goes by they’re let out when they eat the puppy, or starve to death.’

      How much more ridiculous can something be? Being put in the bush with little or no food and told to use your training to live off the land and survive is different from sitting in a circle. Please can anyone explain the training benefit?

  18. doziex says:

    Hey at peccavi, and Obix, you two must be from akwa ibom state to think that killing and eating a puppy dog is par for the course for the common man.

    With the exception of the chinese, and the efik/ibibio cultures, the dog is man’s best friend, and has immense psychological connections to humans than say a baboon or a chicken.

    So killing this creature would require one to muster the ruthlessness necessary to kill a man.

    Now, who said killing a puppy has no psychological training value. Hehehe.

    hey generals, lets agree to disagree.

    • Obix says:

      @Doziex, you made my morning! First of all, if i’m from Akwa Ibom, it means you too are from there.(Check our names very well, they are of the same origin) he he he!
      Secondly, you missed my point. I didn’t say that killing a puppy has no psychological value (read my story about the GRU Spetsnaz commander).
      What Peccavi and i meant was that there is no psychological value in the whole concept of “getting dropped off in a thirty foot circle of nothing, no trees, no grass, nothing. They can’t leave the 30 foot circle or they get killed (serious). All they have, is a puppy, and the knife. They have to stay there for a week minimum, after a week goes by they’re let out when they eat the puppy, or starve to death.” It’s just a made up story.
      These men are trained to eat anything available to survive. Nobody needs that fictitous set up to get them to do so! If the need arose, the undigested parts of the puppy would be passed out later on the first day. They wont need a whole week!

  19. jimmy says:

    Abi make We move on

  20. Spirit says:

    My dear Ogas.
    I read somewhere that North Korean commandos are trained to sleep on top of decomposing corpses in graves.The idea is that if they are compromised on missions, they are to look for graves in remote area, excavate and hide themselves. I am sure those guys will be into stuffs worse than this puppy thing.
    As per this issue with killing of puppys, I can tell you categorically that its not an ssay thing to do. One needs the heart of stone to slaughter a sickly dog ,how much more a puppy that one has bonded with. A lot of people buy frozen chicken just because they cant handle the killing themselves.
    The “bringing of 4 heads” stuff is errant nonsense, but killing of puppy stuff may be true as a lot of SF units are trained to be ruthless.Lets not forget that the enemies/terrorist these guys are constantly fighting do not count strapping explosives to infants anything special, neither do they see anything wrong in using women, the aged and the disabled as carriers. They use our natural love for animals/human against us. They exploit our humanity. If Military psychologist think that the killing of puppys will aid in the “desensitisation” process, well so be it.
    I love dogs, and I have three of them. The idea of slaughtering any gives me nightmare
    Our enemies kill people just for watching EPL, there is no use for a soldier who is not tough enough to kill a puppy (not for the fun of it anyway) in these war.

  21. Spirit says:

    Terror groups routined strapps explosive vest/belts on big-eyed, innocent looking kids. A second hesistation by a soldier can lead to ceratin death for him and his team mates. No sentiments in such situations. I think this puppy/rotten animal/cockroach etc stuff may also be useful in SERE.

    But like one of my ogas mentioned above, killing a thousand puppys everyday does not make a soldier good. He needs a thousand other skills to survive just one day on the battle filed.

  22. peccavi says:

    Chai Oga Doziex see as you wan find trouble! Why you wan implicate me in 404 related issues!!!
    I no follow oh! All my dogs died of natural causes and ended up in the ground and not in my soup pot.
    On the issue at hand leaving aside the initiating post as I think it has been dealt with to death there is of course the pertinent issue of special forces and their quality or qualities.
    Getting into best SF in the world is one topic I avoid as its just the same as my army/ regiment/ platoon/ company/ country is better than yours argument, in essence its a waste of time.
    But then if we assess like for like can we not consider special forces on merit as to which performs its duties as per spec and how it compares to others in the same field.
    So we have special forces such as Delta Force, SAS Sayaret Matkal etc but we also have specialist forces such as Paratroopers, Marines, South African Koevet, Brazilian PM etc who are not elite forces per se but conduct a specific specialised role to an elite standard.
    To my mind the core general tasks of a special forces unit are reconnaissance and specialised assaults (this is the genesis of virtually all SF units).
    So if we take these as the 2 base tasks of all SF units with other ancillary ones thrown in such as training other forces how do we rate SF units?
    starting in Africa obviously which units do we consider the best? How do we assess them? selection,training, tactics, operational experience and/ or operational success? The biggest difficulty is that virtually all of these units are secret and do not discuss their operations or training methods.
    South Africa (apartheid times) had several SF units as well as specialist units with the Recces in the first group and Koevet, 32 Bn, Parabats etc in the latter, now post apartheid I think they still have the recces as well as police SF, who according to a documentary I watched seem to be trained along 32Bn lines at least in terms of selection. There is alot of open source and subject specific material on these units
    The NNSBS it seems was set up specifically to deal with maritime issues an specialises in riverine/ small boat ops, ship interdiction, infiltration and recce. It would also appear from postings that they are heavily involved in non riverine COIN ops i.e. in the north, while the Army still seems to predominate operations in the slightly more quiescent south. As an aside this mimics the anomaly in the UK SF world in which the SAS was the dominant SF unit in Iraq, a country with a coastline and significant maritime issues and the SBS dealt with Afghanistan a landlocked country.
    What other SF unit does Naija have?
    we know the Army has SF units although I’m not sure what they are called and the Air Force as well although again what their role or designation is is not known.
    I would hazard a guess that the Army SF is focussed on recce and COIN and the NAF with pathfinding etc. So until we have a better knowledge of their tactics, training, prcedurees and operations it is hard to.
    Then there are the SF units of Senegal, Niger, Chad, Angola, Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Botswana, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Kenya etc.
    It would be good to have an inter AU SF competition, maybe a patrols competition. that way we could assess different units skills and capability

  23. originalpato says:

    Oga Beeg, what’s this I’m reading online about our troops going around cap in hand begging for food in Mali.

  24. beegeagle says:

    Premium Times? That is like saying Desert Herald or Sahara Reporters. When a platform that is less inclined to sensationalism and micronationalism corroborates, then we shall ask questions.

    You might want to go through the archives of Premium Times to see where they are coming from. At least, we remember that BH sometimes posted world exclusive notices through them.

    I; Beegeagle, cannot take any story about Nigerian forces coming from a publication which BH trust well enough as to exclusively release communique to because there has to be a reason why much-reviled insurgents trust them so much. So for me, tis eyes right.

    • beegeagle says:

      There you go, gentlemen. The same story told by someone sans mischievous intent.

      The sensationalist who wrote the Premium Times report would not now remember that even in his own village, members of the National Youth Service Corps teaching in his village school also have foodstuff such as yams, tomatoes, plantains etc brought to them by appreciative villagers as a way of encouraging them and boosting their morale. In Mali, it has to be because hunger has nearly wiped out the troops. Tomorrow when they send a dance troupe to entertain the appreciated foreign troops in their midst, Premium Times would come back to tell you that the troops are dispirited and only the music played by Malians has saved them from going bonkers on account of frustration.

      Like we said, earlier we are all too alert to these gimmicks and shall continue to point them out. We are fully on ground here and would not get sold any dummy. Is it not this same Premium Times which exclusively receives Boko Haram press releases? What should one expect from them?

      Some of our people are really too low for zero. They go to any length to play their profane micronationalist politics.

      Premium Times claims that the DDI is being economical with the truth. Everyone says they are in Banamba. Premium Times claim that they are in Bamako but somehow, “the Prefect of Banamba visited with a cow and 50 bags of rice”. Interesting.

      Again, they have used a “Nicholas Ibekwe” a christian southerner’s name to sign off on the report, as if that obscures their micnaionalist agenda.


      13 February, 2013


      The Headquarters of the Nigerian contingent in African-led International Support Mission to Mali (AFISMA) was last week paid courtesy visits by some community leaders in Mali who commended efforts to restore peace and stability in the war-torn country.

      This was disclosed in a statement signed Wednesday by the Director of Defence Information (DDI), Col Mohammed Yerima, saying that the community leaders expressed gratitude to Nigerian troops by donating cows to them.

  25. Obix says:

    There’s no need to lose sleep over this report. Just like Beags noted, their archives are full of reports which should be treated as treason against the state!
    I believe in freedom of speech, but it should be constructive and logical. maybe there should be a law enforcing journalistic ethics. This could go a long way in preventing such cases as the massacre of polio vaccinators in Kano!

    • peccavi says:

      The report is nonsense. Always with the ‘unnamed sources’. The same sources no doubt who spoke to the fashion journalist. A local leader paid a courtesy visit and donated foodstuffs. Is this unusual in Africa or in Mali? At the very minimum quote a soldier and omit his name but give enough details to know we are hearing from the horses mouth. What does not deployed because they don’t have enough armaments mean? Not enough rifles? Ammo? Support weapons? Because any man with P8 in English can be a journalist it seems

  26. Obix says:

    @Beags, That’s exactly my point. We’ve been there before. We should remember that prior to the Nigerian civil war, fake news reports led to the massacre of thousands of innocent lives. Such journalists-sabotuers should be checkmated immediately before such acts go viral!

  27. agee says:

    dis feels like d norm amongst nigerians, throwing d bath water wit d baby, i think d positives shud hv been taken from this message; 1. 4 another sf guy to rate dem dis higher it goes to say alot about their quality i think
    2.the psychological effect of staying in a circle 4 a week, shud b left for dr phil to decide in my opinion. But first i ask dis question, wats d ultimate goal of a special forces operator? I think building d ultimate killing machine that is extremely sound MENTALLY as Well as PHYSICALLY: wats d point of having a low Iq macho man n weak mentally as well?
    3. Simulatin a sitting position 4 days, i still dont see anything wrong, if they re captured, would they be given a sofa ?
    We have dis attitude of nothing gud can come from naija so we criticise; we use phrases like aba made ibo made, where has dat led us? We shud be constructive in our criticism.
    I’m beginning to talk plenty rubbish

  28. beegeagle says:

    See what I told you guys? That East African troll who I blotted out of this place because I knew that he was always a hater – a grub inside a pumpkin destroying it while claiming to be its friend? The envious genie sleeps, breathes, wakes and hallucinates Nigeria. Reads Nigerian papers scouting for slime even before he reads his own nation’s papers? Thank God I caught him red-handed. Thank heavens for IP details.

    That is the verbose Houdini right there – Cycoh DUDUS. I told you that he is emphatic on making negative stories stick and dies a little when anything goes well for Nigeria. Why did he not post the naval acquisitions instead? Of course, that probably ruined his day…catch-us-or-die-trying. Wannabe rival 🙂

    Would you have believed that Mr Big Grammar with a major complex aka CYCOH DUDUS from where he comes to hyperventilate here has carried that fake Premium Times story to circulate online in East African cyberspace? He read your explanations but defamation is his game so he stuck to the account written by Nigeria’s equivalent of “News of The World”…same way that he was incensed by the denial of killings by DHQ as put forward by Reuters – a report which Reuters later denied.

    When we shut out some mischievous people from here, it is not without a reason. Doziex always understood why we squeezed out that evil chap.

    When Peccavi is at odds with everyone over MRAPs or acquisitions, the East African chap is thrilled because that would slow us down. But today, even Peccavi knows that this Premium Times report is nonsense yet Cycoh DUDUS the grammarian would uncharacteristically not believe anybody..not even Peccavi because what the East African interloper with delusins of grandeur really comes here to do is DEFAMATION and then he goes out to spread smear campaigns.

    That said, the SSS need to visit Premium Times. There is a hint of incitement to mutiny in that cooked up report.

  29. beegeagle says:

    Oh, nothing at all…if you read me dispassionately. I only said that all those times when he was always echoing your take on MRAPs, it was not because he really believed. It was because the thought of Nigeria buying them was something which he could not stomach.
    That chap is full of intrigue and utterly manipulative. Let him continue writing his epistles – ten seconds only shall they last on my wall.

    Again, I made the point on a day when even you can see through the gimmickry in that Premium Times report, it was not enough to assuage the malevolent intent in the chap and he went ahead to spread that tale. But if I made a sport of reciprocating that with our wider reach, he would be the one who gets stung because, truth is, such folk can scarcely take a whiff of what they give.

    Years ago, I used to chat with some chaps in that part of the world. As soon as I introduced myself as a Nigerian, wahala set in. They defaced ECOMOG,they queried this and derided that even before I had spoken anything. Is it just an African thing? They even went so far as to say Nigerian hardware is old.

    Yet I was talking to people who still field much,much older Ferret scout cars – which has a successor, the Fox scout car which we own and even the more modern Panhard VBL. I was talking to chaps who were still use Panhard AMLs whereas we field more modern EE9 Cascavel and Sagaie AFVs. As can be imagined, I really could not fathom the locus standi from which all of the talk about old hardware was coming. What were the attacks about, I wondered aloud? You can imagine how amazed I was.

    Some were quite friendly and genuinely wanted to know stuff. They would ask me about Vickers tanks but most were just resentful. Sha, I provided answers to every question..showed them how far we had come since 2000 and I left there.

    When I started this blog and was busy giving them good coverage so that their exertions are recorded for posterity, one of them came here to invite me to ‘join like minds’ and sent me a weblink.When I read through their archives, the same anti-Nigerian stuff was in the air. I am not desperate to be read on anybody’s blog or forum, so I stayed away.

    Kyall sent me photos from Somalia the other day which I had to post. Before then, I had decided to mind my own multi-faceted business and to paddle my own canoe just to prove the point that we are not desperate for content from anywhere else. “In the absence of ant-infested firewood, lizards would stay away from the market square”.

    ALL of them visit this blog innumerable times everyday and see how we have shone the bright light on their people in Somalia while some run down and malign as payback. I have done my best and it is not good enough for them, so I have left off for them to do better. Still, he won’t pick up the gauntlet and go tell his own country’s story which is waiting to be told. He would rather help us tell ours which we have already made a bestseller of.

    Well, see what the supposed pan-Africanist does behind our backs? That is the African for you. The only way to climb up is to pull everyone else down.

    Even the other day when “Daily Post” published a report which amounted to an ethnic campaign of calumny against the COAS (you also saw through that, as a comment which you posted today suggested), this same chap had it posted on my wall even before I got out of the bathroom at dawn.

    So this has nothing to do with you – my fren, come on calm down before you begin dey shake laik moimoi :).

    The point, assuming that the rest of us are in denial, is that not even your own assessment of the report was enough to dissuade the normally amenable chap from going on his campaign of misinformation. Psycho DUDUS is free to remain an aspirational commenter.

  30. beegeagle says:

    Ask them again o.

    AK47-type rifles and GPMGs are manufactured right here at DICON in Kaduna. Armaments? When last did he review the stocks of armament holdings? So we deploy Otokar Cobra, BTR-70 and MT-LB armoured vehicles for humanitarian causes in Darfur and Liberia but cannot find any to send to Mali which has a direct bearing on our national security?

    Even with those new Chinese mini-lorries and fifty uparmoured Pinzgauer battle vehicles, they do not have have nearly enough mobility sans armoured vehicles? Use the blog search window – how many thousands of 4WD vans have been given FREE to defence and security forces by state governments since 2010, never mind the FG?

    These guys obviously do not have half the brains I thought they had. Who are they selling that dud to? Yeah, the writer keyed into that report written by “The Guardian UK”. Very convenient to do so.

    But they all feigned amnesia when another chap wrote an even more damning report because it suggested that southerners would not mind the balkaanisation of the country just to be rid of the North which he described as a basket case akin to northern Mali.

    We are still waiting for them to quote Gwynne Dyer him but they are suddenly shy about mudslinging and peddling blatant lies because most of these chaps, including BH remain paranoid about the unity of Nigeria, even as the country is unlikely to ever to break up. Dyer touched on a RAW nerve that is why his even more damning report has NEVER been used by any upcountry media. And anyone thinks that these media clowns do not know what they are doing with their selective amnesia?

    The SSS need to go through our laws and quickly have any of these guys who write such fables pursuant to their narrow interests brought to justice. “Incitement to mutiny’ and ‘sedition’ look like very fitting charges to press against these micronationalist halfwits masquerading as journalists.

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