The RAM-2000 is a high-performance
light-weight armored vehicle combining
the finest in multi-mission wheeled
designs with advanced human engineering. RAM-2000 utilizes a robust and flexible structure allowing it to be outfitted and configured to perform a variety of military, paramilitary, policing and peacekeeping roles.

With high terrain capability, a solid
power-to-weight ratio and excellent
armored protection, the RAM-2000 excels as a recon vehicle, light infantry fighting vehicle, weapons platform, troop carrier,command platform, frontline utility and logistics transporter, riot control vehicle, etc.

Primary Design Features

In a basic troop carrier configuration, the RAM-2000 carries up to eight fully
equipped personnel, commander and
driver included. Possessing a straightforward robust design with simple maintenance requirements built in, RAM-2000 is continuously mission-ready, even under the toughest of operating conditions (hot dry deserts, mountainous terrain, icy winter conditions, waterways, etc.).

RAM-2000 has excellent maneuverability
and handling in both on-road and offroad conditions, open-country, and rough terrain. RAM-2000 can ford rivers and streams at one-meter depths. With a low silhouette, low profile and low
center of gravity, the RAM-2000 makes for a difficult target. Its advanced 2×4 and 4×4 automotive design draws on the best features of proven all-terrain ground vehicle designs, including earlier generations of Ramta’s venerable RAM
vehicle still in production and operational in various countries worldwide.

Armored Protection

RAM-2000 armored construction provides full ballistic protection from shortrange arms fire up to 7.62mm armored piercing ammunition with optional configurations possible for higher ballistic protection depending on customer requirements. The unique RAM-2000 monocoque armored shell construction coupled with extensively tested and operationally-proven geometric shaping deflects energy
and blast waves associated with mine
detonation or enemy-fired explosive munitions. This hull design impedes the
threat of the vehicle from overturning
under combat conditions.

With a fundamental design requirement
that the highest level of crew survivability be integrated into a robust ground vehicle, the vehicle’s wheels have been located at the platform’s extremities with the RAM-2000 troop compartment located in between. This vehicle configuration combined with the RAM-2000 energy-attenuating hull design affords the crew a higher level of protection against landmines and other explosive devices.

Operational Simplicity & Reduced Driver

Incorporating advanced human
engineering while applying rigorous
military standards for all-terrain vehicles,gives the RAM-2000 driver a vehicle that is simple and comfortable to operate. Training required for RAM-2000 operation is minimal. Any driver familiar with four-wheel vehicle operations will immediately become accustomed to the RAM-2000. Specially designed dash board instruments, shift levers and vehicle controls have been conveniently located to allow the driver and crew to concentrate and focus more on the mission than on vehicle operation and safety.


The RAM-2000 automotive system utilizes the highest degree of readily available commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components and parts available in order to simplify vehicle maintenance and servicing, while maintaining military standards. COTS maximization lowers the specific cost of vehicle maintenance, as well as life cycle costs over time. Simple to open engine hoods and compartment doors provide easy access to all mechanical, electrical and engine components of the vehicle while reducing the number and types of tools needed to be carried onboard.

Air and Sea Transport

Low overall weight of the RAM-2000
coupled with the vehicle’s relative
compactness and low silhouette makes
the RAM-2000 highly suitable for
airtransport by either fixed-wing or
rotary-wing aircraft. The RAM-2000’s ability to ford water obstacles at one-meter depths allows it to make unassisted embarkation/debarkation from shore landing craft.

Customized Configurations

• Mechanized Infantry Fighting Vehicle

• Tank Hunter Killer

• Command and Control Vehicle

• Scout/Reconnaissance Vehicle

• Frontline Utility and Logistics

• Riot Control Vehicle

• Police, Patrol and Peacekeeping Vehicle

Major Features

• Excellent Maneuvering and High
Performance in Rough Terrain

• Robust Design and High Mission-Ready

• High Crew Survivability and Ballistic

• Versatile Multi-Mission Capabilities

• Low Life-Cycle Support and Maintenance

• Complete Training, Documentation and
Integrated Logistics Support


• Run-Flat-Tires

• Electrical Winch

• Folding Seats for Cargo

• Three Storage Compartments

• Able to Mount 7.62mm, 0.5″ Machine
Guns and other Weapons

• Trailer Towing Unit

• Digging Tools

Optional Equipment

• Customized Internal Layout

• Air Conditioning

• Communication Mount

• Other Equipment per Customer


About beegeagle

BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies


  1. beegeagle says:


    T55 tanks – 60 units
    BMP-1 IFV (73mm gun-armed) – 80 units
    Panhard ERC-90 Sagaie- 4 units
    Panhard ERC-90 Lynx- 7 units
    Panhard AML-60/AML-90/Eland – 82 units V-150 Commando 90 mm – 9 units
    Engesa EE-9 Cascavel – 20 units

    BTR-60 APC – 20 units
    Panhard M3 APC – 10 units
    ZFB05(China) – 10 units
    VAB APC – 25 units
    BTR-80 APC – 24 units
    Black Scorpion (Carat) (nos unclear)
    BTR-3U APC – 8 units
    Ramta RAM 2000 – 31 units
    WZ 523 Type-05P – 10 units
    BF6 (WX-523) – 10 units
    WMZ551 105mm (nos unclear)
    ACMAT Bastion PATSAS (nos unclear)


    M2 105 mm towed howitzer 5 units
    2S1 SP arty 122mm 10 units


    T55 tanks
    Panhard ERC-90 Sagaie
    Panhard AML-60/AML-90
    BTR-3U APC
    BTR-60 APC
    Engesa EE-9 Cascavel
    Panhard M3 APC

  2. beegeagle says:

    This vehicle was very intelligently made. The location of the wheels at the extreme ends ensures that driving over an IED or landmine, the troops in the centrally located cabin are largely unhurt.

    Ugly as a hyena but a great addition for CTCOIN operations regardless.

  3. Henry says:

    Lool……….. This is one very ugly APC. Shit. Like “bance” the player from burkina faso, ugly, but very reliable and does the job well. If I’m an extremist in the north and I see this coming, I’d drop my weapon and just laugh my ass off. Damn!!!

  4. beegeagle says:

    I cannot help but imagine that the RAM-2000’s design has been heavily inspired by the BTR-152…the RAM-2000 still coming out uglier though.

    The museum relic that is the BTR-152 carries 18 troops+2 crew

  5. Henry says:

    In other news the nigerian army, according to the COAS says the army would create a a new special operations group, more like a STING OPPS group you have in the SSS or delta force in the USA, made up of 600 personnel.

    “According to the Army Chief, the Special Force, once established at the Army Headquarters, would not be involved in peace keeping operation or internal security operations but specialize in training and confronting any case of emergency whether within or outside the country”.

    He explained that about 600 counter-terror soldiers would form the base while some senior officers would be posted to form the force properly, adding, “They are not likely to be committed to the peace keeping operations and internal security but to be trained for attending to emergency cases.”

    If brings me to the critical question of what about the other special forces units in the army. I know that the 176 special forces battalion is for the seat of government and surrounding states around the seat of government, what about the 1st one created in 08?

    • jimmy says:

      Oga Henry
      I am speculating here I asked this question yesterday the numbers are not that small i.e. just less than a battalion this to me sounds something along the lines of S.A.S or a delta force . Do you have any more info you can share with us?

  6. Sweet…i love that move…..Fully dedicated to keeping the house “clean”. These guiys should be in direct competition with the Navy SBS, US Navy seals and the UK’s SAS.

  7. Henry says:

    Obix, please don’t pour hot tea on yourself oh, my hand no dey. Lol

    • Obix says:

      You owe me one tea bag and 2 cubes of sugar! A satchet of pure water wont be bad either. LOL! Thank God i’m not within the influence of PHCN , i can boil the water! Have a great evening, bro! I can’t stop laughing still.

  8. giles says:

    pls dis beast calld ram2000 can it not be produced based on d framework of d igirigi apc

  9. Henry says:

    @OGA jimmy, I’m sorry I do not have any other information I can share.

    Oga obix, that na better billing oh. Thank you man, I wish you same. Look at the APC now, what comes to my mind is, “what did the Israeli government do to the designer to piss him off so much”? The thing looks like a grand mother who has lost all her upper teeth due to age. Damn!!!

  10. Spirit says:

    This here is one mean looking beast. The designer must either have been ‘high’ when he came up with this stuff or must have watched too many Sci-Fi movies. I tlooks like a cross between a hyena/a beetle/a pitbull. This is superb/practical engineering on display. The extremely placed wheel ensures that the beast’s center of gravity will remain within its base even after explosion and the the low silhouette/profile thing makes for a very difficult target in an open desert. Its going to take quite a large caliber IED to topple this monster!

    @Oga Henry, Na real Bance o! it also resembles a certain Pastor Taribo West, a former Super Eagles defender!

  11. Spirit says:

    The concept of a new SF unit is good provided;

    1) It is well funded and doesn’t deprive existing units/groups of neccessary funding.
    2) The job functions/AOR is well defined and does not overlap with other unit’s so as not to generate unhealthy rivalry.

    Instead of duplicating units, I would rather we concentrate on funding/training/turning the ones on ground into machines.

  12. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, I do not think that this would be a SF unit. It is merely a task-specific, elite unit which would be battalion-sized. You do not raise a SF unit after six weeks.

    The COAS has made it clear that COIN-biased troops(not SF) such as have been trained at Kachia, Jaji and now Kontagora would form the main body of troops to be used for this Reserve Force tasked with emergency response – kidnapping and terrorism.

    The NA have trained about ten thousand troops using their 4-6 week BASIC CTCOIN Proficiency Course. This has been given in lieu of pre-deployment training for troops on CTCOIN operations – same way that peacekeepers also go through a 4-week predeployment course at the NAPKC.

    What I believe is that the NA want to replace the Quick Response Group with this specialist Reserve Force. The Reserve Force would be tasked with rapid reaction to hostage crises and terror attacks. The Basic Operational Capability Course of the NN SBS commandos spans SIX MONTHS and that is only the BASIC course after which they go on underwater, SEAL, surface warfare and other courses which last six, eight or twelve months.

    So a Reserve Force which has 6-weeks of CTCOIN Proficiency Training and has been blooded with combat experience is not a SF unit. They would just be akin to any other elite infantry unit with a core focus such as the amphibious forces. At best, this Reserve Force chaps would be getting recurrency training spanning 1-2 weeks at a go and be engaged in other adhoc skills training courses such as the JMSTC offer. They could also participate in field exercises with SF units.

    In all, they would be skilled operators but not a SF unit.

    Note the following

    – the NA used to train fresh troops in Basic CTCOIN at Kachia and experienced troops at Jaji in batches of 300-400 all through Q1-Q3 2012. By Q4 2012, the new NATRAC opened at Kontagora with a capacity to train over 2,000 troops in one intake

    – NATRAC and NASI appear to be intent on two things as far as CTCOIN goes

    * NDA 5th Year cadets now do a 4-month CTCOIN course. Right after graduation and within the same calendar, NASI provide another 2 months of CTCOIN training.

    That means during their final year as cadets and within a month of being commissioned, they get a total of SIX MONTHS of CTCOIN training. Fifth Year NDA cadets also undergo mandatory field training course in desert warfare. All of that added to highland,amphibious, airborne and jungle warfare courses undertaken throughout their five-year training programme of military training and academic instruction.

    The Desert Warfare and CTCOIN modules were incorporated during the course of these past three years.

    * Rank-and-file soldiers passing out from the Depot Nigerian Army are now also being made to undergo a mandatory post P-O-P CTCOIN course at NATRAC as a response to the exigencies of the times. They form the bulk of the troops who have just graduated from NATRAC


    NOTE..Quick Response Group

    • jimmy says:

      Thank you for clearing this up , this is interesting to me the inevitability as I see it is having an sas type HEADQUARTERS where ARMY SPECIAL FORCES are trained and headquartered……. I know we have to s.f battalions with a brand new barracks just outside abuja.

      • BishopOfSapele says:

        @jimmy please indulge me as am just trying to understand…. is locating a SF barracks in Abuja for the purpose of protecting the seat of power, or because Abuja is central and will enable more rapid deployment to trouble spots around the country from a central barracks location?

  13. jimmy says:

    Let me clarify this I am basing this answer on logic not on any facts that I have comeacross / or had access to.HERE WE GO:
    Most western powers since 9/11 in the U.S. and 7/7 in the U.K. and even prior to that have what is attached to the police either as in SWAT/ATF and in the case of U.K. since the 1979 Iranian embassy hostage siege have TACTICAL units that patrol the streets of London in unmarked vans( yes the police in London carry automatic rifles just out of sight) ..Most western powers also have a special forces attachment just outside the capital though most will vehemently deny it Nigeria is just following suit.
    You are right in a couple of observations ABUJA IS THE SEAT OF POWER and the BOMBING OF the U.N. BLDG showed how vulnerable it can be , yes we have the brigade of guards however their areaof operation is completely different .
    Their area of responsibility is not limited just to Central Abuja ,Please remember despite what is said THEY ARE SPECIAL FORCES that means they theoretically can be deployed any where in Nigeria/ Africa or even the world.We have just finally despite all the denial s begun to see that Nigerian special forces were embedded with Malian Soldiers and were involved at least in Kona ( PICTURES DON’T LIE).
    Please remember this is the first time that a civilian president has given them ( A SPECIAL FORCES BATTALION) their regimental colors and they have their own spanking brand new barracks, this is a first, this also tells you despite what G.E.J MAY DO OR NOT DO HE IS LIKE PRESIDENT OBAMA he believe in coin ops and sf operations he also is very sensitive to collateral damage – and this may be traced to the ODI PALAVER.
    Finally after the Abuja bombing G.E.J like we have asked him repeatedly stated that Nigeria will have A COIN dominated division based on everything that is going on with the army, and there is nothing that I have seen to lead me to believe otherwise i believe that Nigeria will have a 6th army division before 2014 .

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