An operative of the SSS, Nigeria's secret police

An operative of the SSS, Nigeria’s secret police

February 21, 2013

The Department of State Security, DSS, yesterday narrated how its operatives saved former Military President, General Ibrahim Babangida and the deposed Sultan of Sokoto, Ibrahim Dasuki, from being assassinated by Iranian-trained
Nigerian terrorists.

Deputy Director, Public Relations of the DSS, Marilyn Ogar who paraded the Iranian-trained Nigerian terrorists
yesterday in Abuja said: “General
Babangida and Alhaji Dasuki were among prominent Nigerians targeted by the group for elimination because they were said to be showing support for Israel and the United States of America”.

The 50-year-old local leader of the Shiite Sect in Ilorin, Kwara State, Abdullahi Mustapha Berende, who was arrested last December before he could execute his deadly act, was paraded by the DSS in Abuja, yesterday. He was said to have been trained and funded by elements with strong connections in international
terrorist activities.

Berende, the DSS said, was commissioned by his sponsors to identify Nigerians and institutions
sympathetic to Israeli and American
interests in Nigeria for possible attack, was paraded with two of his accomplices – Sulaiman Olayinka Saka
and Saheed Aderemi Adewumi while
the third suspect, Bunyamin Yusuf, is
still at large.

Mastermind trained in the production of IEDs

According to Marilyn Ogar,“investigation shows that Berende gained admission in 2006 to study a six-month course in Modern Shia Islamic Teaching (Da’awa) at Imam Khomeni University Iran and was thereafter recruited by some Iranian elements when he returned for further studies in 2011 and trained in the use of AK-47 assault rifle, pistols,
production of Improvised Explosive
Devices, IEDs.

“Upon his return to Nigeria,Berende was invited by his sponsors for further
briefing in 2012 and asked to establish a terrorist cell in the South-West part of Nigeria with specific emphasis on Lagos. “In a bid to set up the terrorist centre,Berende recruited Sulaiman Saka,
Saheed Adewumi and Bunyamin Yusuf
to assist him in accomplishing the

“Part of the deadly group’s brief included identifying and gathering
intelligence on public places and
prominent places frequented by Americans and Israelis to facilitate their attack by Iranian terrorists and providing specific details on US agencies such as USAID, Max, Zim International Shipping Company, A.A.Consulting, Peace Corps and the Jewish Cultural Centre in Lagos.

“The suspected terrorist was given
$24,000 and E3,500 as well as coded
names such as “Uncle” for Israel and
“Aunt” for the United States of America by his Iranian handlers so as to facilitate their dastardly mission in Nigeria.

“Berende confessed that Lagos was
chosen for attack because the Iranians
believe that Israel has an intellig ence
facility in the area for spying on Iran
and that he personally took pictures of
the Israeli Cultural Centre in Ikoyi and forwarded them to his sponsors in Iran. “The suspect added that in a bid to cover up his malevolent activity in Lagos, his handlers offered him financial support to establish a small business as a decoy”.

Berende regretted that they could not carry out their wicked act before they were apprehended and asked for forgiveness, adding that he would assist the security agencies to work for a safe, peaceful and united Nigeria.

Ogar,however, said the suspects will soon be arraigned in court, and charged with engaging in heinous crimes against Nigeria and the people. “From the foregoing, there is conclusive evidence that Berende in collaboration with his Iranian handlers were involved in grievous crimes against the national security of this country. Accordingly, Berende and his accomplices will be charged to court soon,” Ogar said.


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  1. originalpato says:

    Hmmm… Wonders shall never end. I wonder what became of those Iranian Revolutionary Guards that were detained for importing 13 container loads of arms in 2010, and why Nigeria hasn’t reported Iran to the UN security council.

  2. Periscope cryptologist says:

    Kodus DSS, i would have preferred the turned as a double agents and used to get into the spy ring of the iranians and even grab their handler. So iran thought nigeria will be a fertile ground for their terror activities, sick nation.

  3. tim says:

    Iran is the only country with an open policy for terrorism,they even have a jihad force trained for that purpose.

  4. figss says:

    Iran is known for terrorist activities all over the world.

  5. anas says:

    Nigeria shuld reconsider its relationship wit iran ,this is the reason why countries lik saudi arabia qatar and most the arab sunni nations don’t see eye to eye with iran I hope the nigerian govt wil take this matter seriously

  6. Henry says:

    Nigeria since reported the case to the United nations@ originalpato, the case is at the UN. This is the same way the iranians have been causing problems in south east asia, esp. In thailand against isreali targets. Bad for him, this is treason. He is looking at a life sentence here.

  7. G8T Nigeria says:

    Nothing new, we intercepted a weapon ladened ship from iran and never bothered who were d beneficiaries. Well engh it cud be supplies to jihad fighters since dey were building to unleash terror on nigerians, Similarly, a wpn laden plane in kano was intercepted again claiming it was on transit to a close african nation and one wonders why stopping in Nigeria. Underground news had it dat nigeria open declaration dat the wpn loaded vsl was from iran and iranians were onboard rlly opened the stage. Funny engh the iranians knew MOSSAD assisted SSS in the hunt. Unconfirmed sources had it undergroud that many Nigerians in iranian cells were executed sumarily in protest supported wif the need to brk Nigeria-US-isreal synergy. Another angle to it was Nigeria open declaration against Gadaffi who share common mindset with ahmedinjad. Total support in the fight against US and its allies is the goal. The weight of nigeria on the continent and the follow up of other african countries rlly made Gadaffi’s sympathisers very angry and dis sprug up hatred from elements in nigeria and terror grps funded heavily by Gadaffi. Mohammed Yusuf is not the first nor last leader of boko haram killed and his killing is not engh for his followers to hold a nation on a fight for four to five yrs running. NO and a big NO to this excuse. Nations support terrorism, fuel, fund and shield its movement. Nigeria is lagos and lagos is Nigeria. We have all tribes here, all races and businesses running. Suspiciously, I bliv US, australia, SA, isreal, uk all have int cells in lagos. Time to fish them out. Many years ago a bomb landed in sudan killing an isreali targeted terrorist. Al Bashir accused isreal and spearheaded hatred upon its pipu. Such int cells only protect their nations interest and of course leave us as the battle grd. I hope we don’t see such in nigeria expecially in Northern Nigeria. One wonder what will happen if a US drone strikes and kills a known terrorist in the north. HmmMmmmm, be d judge

  8. J.A.Z. says:

    I was wondering whether Zakzaky’s movement – the IMN – would have any relation to Iran using Nigerian Shias from his movement as a proxy, and having it become like a Nigerian Hizbullah. Iran has done that in other countries.

  9. G8T Nigeria says:

    US is a great nation but one cannot understand our foreign policy wif US, there is something important in west africa axis and if we can agree, north africa shd be d boiling ground which lies far into the deserts wif more jihad grps n fighters. Y west africa I ask, west africa is the future of world commerce with billions of resourses untapped. Y suddenly one predicts nigeria would brk up by 2015 just merely asserting it to corruption and useless indices. frankling speaking, as a foreigner who loves nigeria, having seen or knows of some evil activities is to assist the govt rather going to the public. We knew foreign ships traded wpns with oil from militants grps, are dose ships not monitored by american GPS or CIA but they knew russia sent grps to syria, or can issue travel warning to their citizens every now and then in nigeria. There is a strong international will to break nigeria and we shd come up with an enemy and focus our resources on dealing with such nation. Other take dressing.
    Since september 11 US had maintained a global war on terrorism with a foremost declaration TO FIGHT THE ENEMY IN HIS LAND. Afganistan, yemen and others were under watch and subsequently deployment began .After the killing of US diplomat in libya, one expects US to maintain a close in counter ops ard some radius. Unfortunately, dey re done wif their mission to remove gaddafi, therefore some in house corrective actions. In mali we expected a foremost approach from US but of course of what value is mali, instead d strategy is to use one problem to actualise their mission and provide logistics in cover. I bet u by the end of mali mission the west would have occupied west africa, very soon french forces wud join forces with nigeria claiming joint ops to search for kidnapped citizens, maybe later when russians, italians n others are kidnapped they come too and others too follow suit. In the 70s Germany never allowed any foreign forces including isreal to its teritory to assist in rescuing isreali contigent Kidnapped during the olympics. They tried their best knwing they had no trained special forces. It was a national disgrace but bliv they did it themselves and learnt. Nigeria is too great, the world knows dat but our strenght is in unity, if we divide then we loose strenght.

  10. wocon45 says:

    Mehn! dis one pass meo! BH never finish, Mali don jump enter, now Iran. What next.

  11. beegeagle says:

    Muslim Shiite demonstrators march
    through the streets of the northern
    Nigerian city of Kano on January 7, 2009
    in protest against the Israeli bombardment of Gaza. About 30,000 Muslims took part in the peaceful protest, organized by the Nigerian Islamic Movement, a pro-Iranian organization, calling for an end to the Israeli attacks on Gaza.


    More Iranian-Nigerians

  12. beegeagle says:

    JAZ, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky’s Izala Movement of Nigeria are firmly the torchbearers of unofficial Iranian-Nigerian relations. The Izala Movement in Nigeria took root around the time of the Iranian Revolution and the group remains the largest pro-Iranian muslim organisation in Nigeria with a membership strength running in the millions.

    One of the features of the Zaria landscape (El Zakzaky lives in GRA, Zaria) is the weekly street procession of his followers after Friday prayers. It is to a lesser extent replicated in Kaduna and it is one reason why cops in Kaduna State have been on red alert every Friday for many, many years before Boko Haram emerged on the scene.

    One more thing. There is a historical link between religious violence and Iran. At Xmas 1980, the defining episode of the Maitatsine Uprising took place in Kano. It claimed 4,177 lives over a two-week period.

    That spell of episodic violence which continued into the mid-1980s was inspired by Mohammed Maroua, a Cameroonian national who first came to Kano from his hometown of Maroua in the Far North of Cameroon in 1945. In 1961, the regional government of Nortthern Nigeria had him deported for heretical and dangerous teaching.

    With the passage of time, Maroua aka Maitatsine sneaked back into Kano around 1978 which coincided with the agitation that ultimately snowballed into the Iranian Revolution of 1979. What is certain is that during his 17-year absence from Nigeria, nobody really knew what he had been up to.

    The Iranian Revolution sought to spread that wave of religious revival to other lands and in tandem, Gaddafi of Libya was espousing his an Islamic Empire encompassing northern Nigeria, Mali, Chad, Niger and Libya. He even created an Islamic Legion populated by mercenaries from these nations.

    It is believed that Maitatsine got financial help from Iran and was supported with Libyan arms and by the mercenaries of Gaddafi’s Islamic Legion. Regardless, that episode of violence was so serious that even as we speak, all the killing by Boko Haram have not matched the number mowed down by Maitatsine vandals.

    Those Maitasine chaps had many strange beliefs and claimed that it was wrong for muslims to bow their heads and face the East when they prayed. To drive home their point, they stormed not a few mosques and shot dead dozens of worshippers praying in that position.

  13. Number one says:

    Iran! The same Iran that is offering to help us with our nuclear program ? With the fall of gaddafi and syria on the line they may be looking at making Nigeria an ally or another battlefield through a civil war.

  14. Saints says:

    So west africa is about to become the scene of a major proxy war between the west and the m-east?..maybe we should also start sanctioning iranian interests that has life lines in nigeria and west africa.[mobilising our diplomatic force in ecowas] i know some african countries might in the long run follow our example if we take this steps…china and india are harlots and would not care less if pro iranian suporters are lynching their citizens,as long as they get to get their needed shipments of oil..THE most embarrasing part is that our vice president begged for assistance on security and power from them last year during the NAM summit.
    our best friends have always being the EU so let wave the Arabs bye bye

  15. demola says:

    i heard dey intend to kill IBB and the sultan.

  16. beegeagle says:

    Former military dictator, General Babangida and former Sultan Dasuki were named as their targets.

    Just shows how blood-chilling and profane these terrorists can be. Dasuki will be 90 this year. Why would anyone be interested in the death of a great grandfather? Tis quite obscene.

  17. anas says:

    With immediate effect the iranian ambassador shuld pack his bags and leave this country the foreign ministry shuld declare him a persona non grata as 4 zakzaky he shuld be put under close surveillance and I hope the SSS wuld infiltrate his organization and dig up more about the group.

  18. anas says:

    Sometimes I don’t blame israel 4 tryin to bomb these iranians.those pple r just natural trouble makers wat is dasuki’s crime 4 God’s sake 2 warrant his assasination ?the nig govt has send a strong statement to those pple that u cannot establish spy rings in this country and go scot free

  19. beegeagle says:

    Oga Anas, El Zakzaky was probably in SSS wahala as much as Gani Fawehinmi was during the Babangida era. I would be surprised if they do not already have a FAT dossier on the man and his group.

  20. benjy32 says:

    Guys you all need to wake up from your dreams and this is a true fact NIGERIA our great country has been sold by or so called al ciada leaders and the notion of we breaking up is in top gear,i dont support iran or any stupid group but dont go touch the bee’s honest becos one dirty western media or source say’s the way we are so blind to reality now than ever cant we see IRAQ,SYRIA,LIBYA,SOMALIA ETC Every wake the fuck up our country is going to bleed and all of yo who comment on this bloq about weapons should freaking learn how to use it,because after the finish breaking and sharing mali we will be next.Have anyone looked into boko haram,free syrian army,libya rebels and the tafkiris and wahabis who being funded by west and allies.Wake up all of you b4 you become refugees to benin republic.

  21. anas says:

    Benji can u be a little precise bcos I’m tryn to make sense out of ur comment but I only ting I kip seein is fuck fuck n fuck pls this a civilised blog nt linda ikeji’s blog try and make some sense in ur comment

    • benjy32 says:

      Since i dont make sense thank you.i am putting my frustration here for the reason that we are being fed lies and controlled by media and our bought out government,Iran dont need to send spies they are in millions in Nigeria,these same accusation is being made in bulgaria,argentina just to gana attention and support for another death and destruction by Nato and US.Listen if you have any friend in the army stationed in the north as him what he knows about these shitte they are armed to the hair and let us let them be i just left nigeria few weeks ago and i know what i heard,and i pray we avoid any thing that will create

  22. jimmy says:

    S.M.H. ,L.O.L on a more serious note it appears the relationship between the U.S. . and also that of Israel has been rubbing Iran raw for many years.
    The majority of Nigerian MUSLIMS are Sunni WITH THE NEXT BEING THE shia/ / shittes in the minority and the ahmadiyas following in that order .These days it appears IraN it appears seems obsessed with constantly being in the news in Nigeria and the world at large for all the wrong reasons.
    No they should not break of diplomatic relations with Iran they can put them on notice that they are on to their activities they also can speed up the trial.

  23. Number one says:

    I believe the time is right for us to establish a counter spying agency.

  24. ocelot2006 says:

    ‘seems Iranian Qud Force are active up north. Kudos to DSS/SSS on breaking this cell.

    • Obix says:

      Yeah Ocelot, I didn’t elaborate on it. Domestic intelligence and counterintellingence operations are the responsibilities of the SSS. While the external aspect of the job is done by the NIA!

  25. doziex says:

    Gentlemen, let’s not get our panties in a bunch over this issue. At the most, this may be some rogue iranian interests, with no directives from the top.

    Iran as is, has a very pragmatic foreign policy, that is centred around their financial interests like every other country.

    Iran doesn’t care if nigeria goes to bed with US and isreal every night. After all, they have fairly decent relationships with india,pakistan, ethiopia,eritrea, egypt, venezuela,south africa, brazil etc etc.
    Bottomline, nigeria is too big and independent, for nations like iran or isreal to worry too much who our friends or enemies are.

    However, if our leadership continues to exhibit, lack of any strategic depth in our nations affairs, if we continue this downward spiral, that has us neglecting nigeria’s hard won place on the international stage, then I guess any second rate power like iran, may be egypt, south africa and others would dare to play table soccer with nigeria.

    • tim says:

      Please read more about irans history and policies.

      • doziex says:

        Yeah tim, against the isrealis, they are just waging a proxy war. It’s their modus operandi. They are also subverting many sunni muslim arab states, with minority shia or powerless shia populations.
        But they also have beef with pakistan with it’s persecuted shia minority. And they tend to side with india against pakistani interests.

        Even as nations like pakistan sent fighter pilots against isreal, in the arab-isreali wars, how come iran the mortal enemy of the jewish state didn’t lift a finger to help the arabs ?

        All I am saying, that there is a method to the madness. Their foreign policy is actually a very diverse and sophisticated one, and not just based on anti isreali terrorism.

        In africa, iran is navigating a complex relationship between ethiopia and eritrea. The arab states were traditionally anti christian ethiopia, which made them side with eritrea over the years.
        Funny enough, this brought both isreal, and iran to ethiopia’s side. But now, iran is exploiting eritrea’s pariah status, to get access to the port of assab, with its naval and oil refining implications.

        It’s the western, and the isreali media mantra, that has reduced the issue to that of just terrorism.
        There is much at stake, and iran even under the ayatollah’s is still a descendant of the great persian empire.

    • jimmy says:

      oga doziex we tend to agree on a lot of things but in this case I AM GOING TO SIDE WITH OGA TIM for an unprecedented second time. Iran is after influence and access nothing more nothing less IMHO IRAN is actually fighting a more bitter war with the GULF (read )sunni states and more CLOSELY WITH SAUDI ARABIA FOR MORE INFLUENCE OF THE SHIA DOMINATION OVER THE SUNNI MUSLIM NATIONS with the now certain proxy states of IRAQ , SYRIA and parts of LEBANON under its sphere ( Hezbollah) it is looking TOWARDS opportunities in AFRICA how do you make sanctions ineffective? by seeking influence in other nations.For a lot of Christains in NIGERIA ( INCLUDING MYSELF ) I did not quite understand for a long time how real this proxy war is until i read where the Saudis wished Israel had actually bombed IRAN SO AS TO DO THE WORLD A FAVOR..
      This is real including the clown in Nigeria who believes ( here we go again NIGERIA should become a Shia ruled NATION and that there is no boko haram except in the imagination of the west. he was interviewed last year by BBC for his fifteen minutes / seconds? of fame.

    • Saints says:

      @tim abeg no use foreign policy & intrstate studies border oga dosiex.who as i recorn is more likely to be speaking from the surface,.. We all know what iran can do.. And for those who are avid followers of presstv their nations intl news channel.we wouldnt say iran is an enterprising nation.

  26. Spirit says:

    Iran did not send fighters to aid the Arabs during their all-out wars with Israel because Iran did not become an enemy (at least overtly) of the State of Isreal until the overthrone of Sha Pahlavi during the Ayaahtolla Khomeini inspired Islamic revolution of 1979. It was pro US (hence pro Isreal) during the Arab/Isreali wars of 1967 and 1973. The whole world saw the capability of Israel Air Force when it attacked Iraqi’s Osirak reactor in 1981. The incident sent a strong message to whoever might want to try anything funny in subsequent years.

    Iran is a great nation being ruled by a theocracy that is hell bent on forcing the whole world to adopts its own style of Islam. It is ready to do anything to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, it has picked on a tiger (Nigeria) that is generally lethargic until you pull its tail.

    I thought they have learnt from the two earlier incidences. Obviously they haven’t. The FG should them the door.

  27. doziex says:

    Oga spirit,, you are right, pre revolution iran was essentially pro isreal, and a powerful US ally hence by 1979, US had sold iran, almost every weapon in it’s arsenal.

    However, in the iran-contra affair, iran bought isreali hawk missiles and tow missiles to counter iraqi tanks and jet fighters during the iran-iraq war.

    This is a history of a regime that can be pragmatic when the need arises. They are not about terrorism for the sake of it. They have their anti isreali/jewish policies, they have their anti arab regime policies, they have their anti US policies and they don’t always intertwine.

    So, if one underestimates iran to be just a terrorist minded state ala the afghan taliban, they are really missing the boat.

    Oga saints mocked their pressTV, at least unlike nigeria, they understand the need for propaganda. But you should really be concerned with the exploits of the revolutionary guards and the industries they control.
    Under their direction, iran is manufacturing submarines, frigates, Tanks, fighter jets, helicopters, surface to air, surface to surface, surface to ship and cruise missiles. Not to mention drones.

    The iranian regime does have an isreali obsession. That has become a blind spot in their dealings with the rest of the world.

  28. freeegulf says:

    common guys, why all this Iran vs west conflict? what is Nigeria’s business with their foreign and ideological policies?
    Nigeria has nothing to gain or lose from these conflicts. if they want to set themselves ablaze, they should go ahead, its non of our business. we should not get entangled in this ‘control and ideology fight’ that has nothing to do with the greater well being of this country.
    this is not a good vs evil fight. it is not Iran bad, Israel and the west good. they all do good and bad deeds to further their own selfish motives. we should stay out of their quarrel.
    kudos to the SSS. however, they should also know that other spy agencies got assets in this country, hence, should try and shut down all these spy networks, be it western, Israeli or Arab.
    there are millions of non Nigerians living in this country, espionage is not really a hard activity to carry out. what should concern u guys currently, is the clear and present danger facing this country. we ‘ve all seen how Libya was demolished by the instrument of crony capitalism. look at what is happening in Mali now. i shudder at the ongoing plans they have for this country.
    Nigeria is next, and when it comes to resources, there re no friends or enemies. its a shame that this country has no clear strategic policies; there are wild animals out there waiting to pounce on Nigeria.

  29. freeegulf says:

    there’s really no need supporting the US and the west here. they are not our friends, neither are they our allies. we should learn to understand foreign and strategic policies of other nations. they have all raped Africa in the past, and continue to do so. we should look deep down and ask ourselves, if we where strong, with our own clear defines strategies, will these countries come to Africa to ravage the continent?
    clearly no. iran understand how to play their own game after falling pawn to the west and Russia for centuries. now they re forging ahead with their own goals. its non of our business what they or the west does.
    we should pursue our own interest that will benefit Nigeria and Nigerians. and not be colluded into some rubbish war on terror and become a client state for some naked capitalist imperialism.
    they will come with the trouble and ‘solution’ to their own designed chaos, the end goal being, domination and control.
    at least the Iranians know what they want. the Arabs and Africans are completely lost and re their own worst enemies. so unfortunate.

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