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  1. yode says:

    Efforts should be made by the federal government to purchase new aircraft and not used ones. I believe we should make the quality of their aircraft a priority. We should stop buying used equipment.

  2. jimmy says:

    What is the purpose of acquiring this aircraft is it strictly civilian or is there a Military connection people want to know something’s going on that i cannot understand….. hmmmm

  3. camouflage1984 says:

    Is this aircraft solely for the use of the Airforce or its going to be apart of the presidential fleet cos i am just wondering to what purpose is the aircraft for the Airforce.

  4. G8T says:

    Even if it is going to be for the presidential Air Fleet, what is the use of a boeing 737. We need combat jets and few airlift planes. This is just to show off. Well lets show off with combats jet instead.

  5. beegeagle says:

    Someone(Yagazie) it was who suggested that there is a plan to have it rigged with airborne sensing equipment. Makes sense in these days of ELINT by the Nigerian Armed Forces in the Gulf of Guinea and in the Sahel using Surveyor planes and satellite imagery.

    However, I would not be surprised either, given the timing, if this plane is used as a dedicated troop transport plane while the C130s and G222s exclusively get saddled with the task of airlifting military cargo

  6. anas says:

    Pls mr jonathan nigeria needs air superiority fighters nt this

  7. eyimola says:

    You never know. maybe they want to use it for troop transport. IT can seat between 250 and 290 passangers. There is no real military variants of this plane, although I do know that the Boeing C-32 (VIP (Air Force 2) is just a modified 757.

    • eyimola says:

      Edit. I assumed the plane was a 757 based on the picture. Its not. Nevertheless, Most of the above commentarry stands. (Apart from the fact that this is unlikely to be VIP transport)

  8. Henry says:

    If the plane is for airlift of troops, honestly, I see nothing wrong. I do not believe it would be added to the presidential fleet. They already have 8-10 planes in the fleet.

    • beegeagle says:

      In the past 24-36 months, the Presidential Fleet has been beefed up with the signing of contracts for and/or the delivery of four brand-new executive jets cumulatively valued at US$260 milliion.

      This jet is almost certainly going to serve as a troop transport plane, leaving dedicated military carriers such as the C130s and G222s to airlift the cargo.

      For in stance and assuming that the three units of refurbished and upgraded C130s re-enter NAF service this week, you can imagine what it would mean if the NAF deployed two C130s and a G222 to move palletized military supplies and armoured vehicles while this Boeing flies two companies of troops into the theatre in one sweep.

      Anyway, I am 95% sure that this plane has no alloted role in the Presidential Fleet. It is either going to be carrying troops or airborne surveillance equipment. Nothing else.

      That said, the FG need to GET SU-27/SU-30 for the NAF. Those would not be grounded by sanctions. India, Russia, Ukraine and China all have in-depth capacities for spares and maintenance support and they do not mix arms business with politics and unclear designs.

      There are certain things which the FG should be shy about. Very high up on that list is her curious fixation with F7 AirGuard jets which no country in Nigeria’s income bracket deploys as her top-of-the-range jet. It is unconscionable and an affront on the dignity of Nigeria.

  9. beegeagle says:

    Like I said earlier on, this has nothing to do with civilian administrative travel. The President, Vice President, Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives travel in the planes of the Presidential Air Fleet.

    Ministerial delegations, when not travelling with these senior officials, charter aircraft locally or fly in commercial aircraft when going abroad.The Minister of Defence has a NAF Dornier Do 228 at his beck and call for local travel though while the Petroleum Minister flies in NNPC jets as can be expected. The IGP has his own Police jet while the NAF have an Executive Airlift Group which takes care of the service chiefs’ interest.

    The Presidential Air Fleet’s have a posh Boeing 737 which is quite new, acquired to replace the older executive Boeing 707 and Boeing 727 of yore.

    The Presidential Air Fleet are not going to be getting this Boeing. They already own more than one Boeing. Here is the list of the aircraft in the Presidential Air Fleet


    – one Boeing 737 BBJ
    (Nigerian Air Force 001 or Eagle One)

    – one Gulfstream IVSP

    – one Gulfstream V

    – one Cessna Citation 2 aircraft

    – one Hawker Siddley 125-800

    – a Gulfstream 550

    – Two units of Falcon 7X jets

    – Two units of Falcon 900 jets

  10. airsupport says:

    I think it is a shame that Nigeria doesn’t have any dedicated crew transports. The armed forces have always had to rely on civilian contractors, nowadays mostly foreign, for their troop transport needs. The most common aircraft leased at the moment are the B757-200 and the MD83 from Russian and Spanish companies.
    The aircraft is a B737-500 which seats about 100-132 depending on the configuration. That’s roughly the size of some of the contingents I see being transported. Its fully loaded range of 2400 NM should be able to reach most destinations in Africa without refueling. You also have a local pool of flight deck and engineering talent as well as spare parts as the variant is operated by local airlines. The presidency pilots were able to gain some proficiency on the BBJ through a partnership with Arik Air.
    I think they should have gone for the New Generation Variant (600/700/800/900) series as that would have given them better range and payload. The -800 in a high density config will seat 189 troops. They could also have looked at getting maybe a Boeing 767 or Airbus 340-300, which are readily available at low cost. That way they will lift most contingents in one flight, bags and all across continents if need be. The only limitation is that these aircraft may not be able to operate to all airports in Nigeria due to their size. So the mid-size Boeing 737 is not a bad choice.
    Now if they can afford brand new gulfstreams and falcons for the presidential fleet, why can’t they afford brand new jet for the rest of the force?

  11. gbash10 says:

    Honestly,fellow Cyber Generals,our leaders too like tokumbo, Haban kai! NAF 001 Eagle One is tokumbo,yes it is,check it out.
    Imagine Nigerian political/military leaders can not refurbish our five(5) C-130H Hercules transport planes not to talk of acquiring brand-new C-130J-30 Super Hercules,na tokumbo B-737 dem wan buy give NAF,na waoo my country leaders.
    If it is true that this platform is meant for ELINT/COMINT or ESW/ECM then the Isreali IAI subsidiary, Elbit, should be given the contract to kit this bird with the latest state-of-art equipments.
    Please you should all be aware that those inferior flying-coffins,the F-7NI AirGuard fighter jets seems to be grounded.

  12. gbash10 says:

    Since the return of democracy from 1999 to date, our political leaders have not seen it deem fit to carry out Strategic Defence Acquition.
    I will repeat this again,our country does not have a Strategic Defence/Security Doctrine or Policy.MoD, Abuja does things by accident or react to particular challenges only they present themselves.
    How can we be walking 13-14 years into the 21st Century without a working Defence/Security Document?How can our defence and security sector be transformed when we are walking blind into the future?Posterity will never forgive those who know what to do but failed to do so.

  13. gbash10 says:

    Please some body,is the present CAS a fighter-pilot,transport- or helicopter-pilot ?

  14. Yagazie says:


    Sorry once again to go off on yet another tangent.

    Read in Comabt Aircraft Monthly (Feb 2913 edition) that the Belarus Airforce in December 2012 for economic reasons retired its ENTIRE FLEET of SU-27UBM fighter aircraft. There are 17 airframes in number (from an original stock of 25) and they have all been placed in storage. The aircraft were originally SU-27UB models upgraded to SU-27UBM (ie two seater jets). You would recall that the Belarus Airforce recently bought ex Russian SU-30K airframes that the Russians wanted to sell to the Indian Air Force before the IAF opted for the SU-30MKI model.

    I believe this represents a fantastic oppotunity for the NAF in one fell swoop to obtain a squadron plus of SU-27 fighter aircraft. These planes have a range of 3,530 miles on internal fuel and with good negotiations can be bought for a reasonable price and upgraded if necessary. Also I belive that a Belarus company is responsible for the in-country maintanance of our MI-34 Hind attack Helos. I sincerly hope that we don’t miss this great opportunity to purchse these Aircraft. Hope the powers that be in the MOD and the NAF are reading this Blog. All we can do as patriotic citizens is to draw their attention to these opportunities. Cyber generals – to work!!!!

  15. Yaks says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen!
    many are so suprised by the Nigerian airforce aquizitn of Boeing 737-500; as to what purposed will it serve the NAF airforce. Well,
    the NAF has a mobility command new esterblished by the former cheif of air staff VM Umar. This unit again has a brach under it named the Executive Airlift Group and various combat militery airlift units. The EAG is task with the airliftment services for the Nigerian Executives and other related civil airliftmnt where necessary……hope this makes sense!!tnx.

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