Nigerian UNAMID peacekeepers in a Toyota Landcruiser 4WD vehicle and Otokar Cobra APCs patrol the Kalma Camp for internally displaced people in Nyala, South Darfur, Sudan


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  1. Number one says:

    I dont think it will be right to write about the SANDF ‘cos it might be misconstrued as bashing by SA.also i think the SA & Ng govt. are competing when it comes to tightfistedness concerning spending on defence.

    • camouflage1984 says:

      The reason why i posted the link was not to slight SA, i was only amazed that SA is also caught in this web. We have advocated for all manner hardware on this blog the Nigeria military but i want us to learn from was is playing out in SA. Acquisition without maintenance is waste of tax payers money!

  2. jimmy says:

    In the years past it may make for a good story to bash ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING about South AFRICA . South Africans also did not help matters with some of their countrymen behavior towards other Africans However this is not about that this is something going terribly wrong .
    What is going on is the govt of South Africa yes the govt run by the ANC has decided to impose it’s own version of Sanctions on it’s own armed forces. APARTHEID has been dead for over twenty years and yet we are seeing the systematic destruction of a once vibrant DOMESTIC generated AFRICAN defense industry. IT DOES NOT HELP THE SECURITY OF AFRICA IF SOUTH AFRICA BECOMES WEAK IT DOES NOT HELP THE STABILITY FOR DEMOCRACY IF SOUTH AFRICA CONTINUES ALONG THIS DESTRUCTIVE PATH.
    What will happen if every time they buy equipment they mothball it?I Moving forward being tightfisted is one thing being completely misguided is another ON THIS BLOG we adhere to a higher standard but what is happening in South Africa a conspiracy theorists will want to say is the enemies of South Africa are working form the inside out.
    Forget the competitor’s part how are they going to compete if everything gets consigned to does not bring me any joy which is ironic coming from a NIGERIAN but speaking to people like Lord EEBEN makes one realise we all Africans regardless of race

  3. Yagazie says:

    Jimmy- I agree totally with the sentiments you have expressed on this point. I am not a South African but it makes me weep to see how the ANC government under Jacob Zuma is systematically destroying the millitary capabilities of the SANDF. What is the point in buying expensive millitary equipment like Saab-Grippen Jets if you are going to mothball 12 out of the 26 purchased?

    As I write (and I stand to be corrected) ALL THREE of the SAN’s submarines are in dry dock and none are operational at the moment.

    The South African Army is crying out for new equipment like morden battle tanks and armoured vehicles and yet the goverment ignores this need BUT CAN SPEND MILLIONS OF RAND ON UPGRADING JACOB ZUMA’S PERSONAL RESIDENCE IN HIS VILLAGE (NKANDLA).

    On top of this we have a situation where it seems the govt is delibrately seeking to destroy DENEL/ARMSCOR – which is the only viable proffessionally run arms industry south of the sahara. Cancelling Denel’s maintenance contract with the South African Airforce is a case in point.

    This is a Defence force which under the Aparthied regimen (abhorent as it was) was one of the best equipped, very professional and most feared millitaries in Africa. Go ask it’s neigbours Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe etc who felt it’s millitary reach- to put it politely.

    Let’s also call a spade a spade- ‘Affirmative action’ is ruining the professional competence of the post aparthied South African Millitary.

    The Bible says that ‘Iron sharpens Iron’- it is DEFINITELY in Nigeria’s interest to have a strong and viable South African Millitary as this will challenge us and have a reference point to aspire to. We can also have joint-millitary exercises with the South African Navy/Airforce/Army – as this will improve the combat readiness/operational capabilities of our millitary – but this can only happen if they have a strong millitary.

    Furthermore South Africa has the biggest economy in Africa and is expected to play a leading role in peace keeping operations on the African Continent. They cannot do this with a degraded millitary. North African Countries are not interested in what happens South of the Sahara as their focus is on the Arab World/Middle East. It will thus fall on Nigeria and South Africa to provide millitary leadership/asistance in conflilcts in sub-saharan africa.

    Thus the deliberate destruction of the SANDF millitary capabilities is to be condemned by all millitary enthusiasts irrespective of our country of orign country or race, colour or creed – WE ARE ALL AFRICANS and ALL have a stake in a viable and strong South Africa – period!!

    • Deltaman says:

      Well said Yagazie!!!

      • doziex says:

        Oga Yagazie, you are a wise man.

        Methinks the nigerian armed forces uninspiring status, has simply bored the south africans to sleep.

        Who needs submarines, when the nigerian navy has nothing worth sinking ? Hehehe.

        Anyway, Zuma should stop behaving like other african nations that obsess about nigeria.

        If you want to be great, Be great, regardless of what your rival is doing or not doing.

    • igbi says:

      I am not proud of this your write up.
      It almost looks like betrayal to Nigeria.
      Or perhaps you are not a Nigerian.
      You say that we all need a strong south africa, but I guess we all don’t care if Nigeria is strong or not ?
      Nigeria is the biggest nation in Africa and the Nigerian economy is expected to get stronger than that of south africa in 2 years, but some experts think Nigerian economy has already passed the economy of south africa because there are many parts of Nigerian economy that are not counted in the GDP.
      You need to review your attitude towards your country, unless ofcours you are nt a Nigerian

  4. Spirit says:

    The ANC government is ‘cutting it’s nose off just to spite it’s own face’. Although Ive never been to SA, but even if white-on-black oppression is still going on in some area/sectors, this Black-on-black oppression (of the military by the ANC government of Jacob Zuma) is like shooting oneself in the foot. SA still has the largest economy in Africa. it is the most technologically advanced Nation in Africa. It is the continental superpower and as such should have a military to match that status.

    In the words of Majek Fashek, “Arise arise from your sleep Africa”

    • igbi says:

      Spirit I am disapointed in you.
      Just check your history data: south africa has always opposed Nigeria in anything, during and after apartheid. So I think you should stop wooing them. Frankly, they are anti Nigerian. Don’t praise your ennemy.

  5. johnbest1 says:

    There are two sets of okotar cobra ‘s in that pic,the first is obscuring the second but look @ the tires.and you would notice another pair

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