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  1. beegeagle says:

    Air aficionados, what going on, sirs ref new deliveries(not Frogfoot)?

  2. Henry says:

    Oga beeg abeg in english in english.

  3. Russellinfinity says:

    Great CAS and ground attack war bird. It’s easy to maintain, can land and take off from unprepared runways(sand, grass, gravel and mud). It can also use diesel fuel. If we are getting this, nothing short of the SU-25sm or SU-25KM would do. Lets no forget the precision guided munitions (never can tell when these would come in handy)

  4. xnur44 says:

    Jimmy et al, sorry the Su-25 thread is already overloaded.
    Here is an update on remaining Alphajets ( I have seen them)and reason behind the acquisition of Boeing 737 for troops and civilian transport.
    …We have resuscitated the Alpha jets based in Kainji, Niger state which were grounded for five years. A lot of people were saying that the jets should be retired from service before we were given the challenge to do the “restoration to flight” work on them and as we speak now, we have returned back eight aircraft out of 11….

    … Some of the eight jets were deployed to Mali for peace support operations. We hope to deliver the remaining five jets on or before the end of August this year….

    …We have also repaired the G-222 aircraft which enabled the air force to save the sum of $1 million. The company has handled the repair work on the Donier 228 aircraft including one “restoration to flight” and two PDMs….

    …Initially, the air force gave us the contract for the repair of only six jets but we decided to repair five additional jets free, having realized so much money. From our estimate, the air force had saved over N2 billion from our activities….

  5. tim says:

    ‚ĶInitially, the air force gave us the contract for the repair of only six jets but we decided to repair five additional jets free, having realized so much money………. Does not sound like business official speak

  6. xnur44 says:

    “Composition problem” I may say; it should have been ” at no extra cost to the NAF”.

    • jimmy says:

      thank you oga XNUR
      I do have one question in light of Nigeria sending a troop contingent to mali and the British helping to carry our heavy duty stuff . Is there any consideration for the ugraded c130s to be able to airlift one or two apc and arty pieces at a time?

      • xnur44 says:

        Yes the C-130 is airlifting all manner of stores. NAF 917 is the current workhorse until NAF 913 is back on ops. Remember they also have to fly into other theatres e.g. Liberia, Serra Leone, Sudan etc.

  7. CHYDE says:

    Talking SU-25’s again. A very interesting subject

  8. beegeagle says:

    Thanks for sharing, Xnur44 sir.

    @Chyde. Yes, it is an interesting topic. The Su-25s are staging a comeback and the production lines are believed to be set to resume their output. The Russian Air Force expect them to serve for another 30 years.

    Even yesterday on CCTV, I saw the young North Korean leader reviewing maneouvres in which a Frogfoot lifted of as he smiled.

    I would actually like to see added on assets wef 2013 in our conventional+counterinsurgency asset bases read thus:

    * (start 2013 through 2017)


    – eight upgraded Su-27s ($100m)
    – four upgraded Su-25s ($25m)


    – four factory-upgraded Su-25s @$25m

    – six factory upgraded Mi-24V @$20 mn

    – four factory upgraded Mi-35P@$20m

    – six factory upgraded Mi-17s @$30m

    – four new Mi-171Sh Terminator@$80m

    – four new Yak-130s (long range, would replace Alpha Jets in the COIN role down the line) @$60 million

    four new Su-30s @ $180 m

    four new Su-30s @ $180m

  9. beegeagle says:

    I actually expect to see a 111 COINEX Squadron by end-2014, God willing. (COINEX=COUNTERINSURGENCY+EXPEDITIONARY)

    That would have

    – eight Su 25s
    – four upgraded A-Jet

    (in reserve – four Yak 130s which would in the short term serve as assets which can be called up at crunch time but whose real role would be to replace the A-Jet after 2020). The A-Jet would then be put into storage after 2020 – to add the force multiplier effect at crunch time.

  10. Obix says:

    The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has received the second ATR 42MP surveillance aircraft
    My Ogas, please note the last sentence QUOTE. : “The air force is also working on details of a new long-range strike programme.”
    Beag one, something spicy is really cooking in the NAF kitchen.

  11. CHYDE says:

    Today seems boring, where is everyone.? No breaking News? BEEG, XNUR44, optimusprime77, peccavi, doziex et al. I am waiting

    • doziex says:

      Oga chyde, you looking for excitement ?

      How about the development that SANDF on the heel of their CAR set back ,is gearing up with Gripens and Rooivalks and perhaps 1,200 troops to go and pacify the M23 rebels aka general Nkunda’s army aka the banyamulenge dominated RCD goma in eastern congo.

      These fighters just recently overran indian and other UN forces to capture goma.
      They have basically disarmed a well equipped but demoralized congolese army, and co opted some of their fighters.
      They are making a fortune from the eastern DRC coltan and other mines. They are closely related to the Rwandan army renown for it’s discipline under fire.

      Because of the exile and refuge history of the tutsis in central africa, many of these soldiers have served in the UPDF, then the RDF, then the RCD goma, then under general Nkunda, and in their current incarnation as the M23 rebels.

      They are heavily armed and well financed in a vast hilly and forested region.

      Zuma must have something he wants to prove.

      @beegeagle, @K’yall kelvins and the rest of the esteemed cybergenerals, what say you about this brewing conflict ?

      • jimmy says:

        OGA DOZIEX
        I do not want to pour COLD WATER but since we both dey yankee and we know a state called Missouri WHICH HAS THE NICKNAME ” THE SHOW ME STATE” Let me say this T M23/ err the RWANDA expeditionary force has dominated the Eastern congo for half a decade. South AFRICA has to cast itself aside it’s naivety aside if it goes to Goma it will suffer casualties, the body bags will come home this is the grim truth, if they are not prepared or like oga GT8 said if they think the people they will encounter will be armed with bow and arrow and cutlass they are in for a rude awakening.
        M23 from non verifiable sources allegedly receives its orders directly from the defense minister of RWANDA . Uganda it appears plays a less known role these two countries will not sit by idly . This also is not the CR these guys M23 will test the resolve of the S/ AFRICANS we hope honestly that they succeed.

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