The fallen NAF officers

The fallen NAF officers

May 8, 2013

FORTY-eight hours after the fatal Alpha jet accident involving two Nigerian Airforce pilots, who lost their lives in Niamey, authorities of Nigeria Air Force, yesterday, gave the names the pilots as Squadron Leader Benjamin Ado and Flying Officer Ayuba Layelmenson.

Both of them were young men with
one survived by a child, while the other
officer was a bachelor. The release of the names of the officers came as the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh, paid condolence visits to families of both officers in Kaduna and Kainji.

A statement by Air Commodore Yusuf
Anas, Director of Air Force Public
Relations said: “Following the
unfortunate Alpha Jet accident of
yesterday, the Nigerian Air Force has
released the names of the two pilots that died in the aircraft in Niamey.

“The officers are Squadron Leader
Benjamin Ben Ado and Flying Officer
Ayuba Joab Layelmenson. “Ado hailed from Konchisha Local Government Area of Benue State and was a member of the 50th Regular Course of the Nigerian Defence Academy.

“Flying Officer Layelmenson hailed
from Azare in Shongom Local Government Area of Gombe State and
was a member of the 57th Regular
Course. “He graduated from Hellenic Air Force Academy in July 2011 and was
commissioned as pilot officer.” “He was an instructor pilot and has flown many aircraft types in the inventory of the Nigerian Air Force as well as Pakistan and the United states.

The senior officer was married and
blessed with a child.


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  1. peccavi says:


  2. Eeben says:

    May you rest in peace. Thank you for your service to our continent.

  3. ”when u go home tell them of us and say for your tomorrow we gave our today” RIP

  4. makanaky says:

    RIP our fallen heroes

  5. jimmy says:

    Well done thy good and faithful servants, Rest in perfect peace.

  6. wocon45 says:

    You have done your best, for our country and the continent as a whole.

  7. CHYDE says:

    RIP, Very painful

  8. asorockweb says:

    The fast movers that keep the soldiers safe – RIP

  9. Odion says:

    May you RIP, Soldier’s

  10. freeegulf says:

    RIP to the fallen Heroes, you ‘ve served the fatherland with heart and might. thy labour shall never be in vain.

    training command needs to standardize their training curriculum. the old chaps had standard RAF training in the 70s and 80s, and the quality is quite higher than eastern europe pilot combat training. of course, it might not be the cause of the crash, even the USAF suffer from air crash accidents annually. but we have to go back to our old air warfare and pilot training which the rugged LBR-SRL era pilots had.
    training has always been top priority for NAF, please they shouldn’t lower the standard to eastern european air forces

    we are yet to hear much about NAF combat missions in war thorn mali. the A jet has always been reliable, hopefully, they can ascertain the cause of the crash and remedy any spiral situation

  11. K'yall Kelvins says:


  12. Henry says:

    RIP fly boys.

  13. Yagazie says:

    My heart bleeds for our fallen heroes They look so young. Please rest in perfect peace. You died serving our great country- Nigeria and the African Continent.

    The course of the crash has to be investigated and the findings made public. These Alpha Jets had recently been refurbished and returned to front-line service. Though a flying airforce is bound to have accidents and mishaps this loss is particularly painful. Aircraft can be replaced but the dead pilots can’t be replaced. They are gone forever leaving behind loved ones to mourn their passing.

    We should all really appreciate and pray for our men and women in uniform serving our country in peace-keeping missions all over Africa and indeed the world.

  14. Number one says:

    R.I.P heroes of our time. Please correct me if i am wrong,but,isn’t this our first time of losing an alpha jet.

  15. tim says:


  16. gbash10 says:

    @ Tim,I doubt if the cause of crash would be due to maintenance,because right from the era of the MiG-15 and MiG-17 fighter jets in the inventory of the NAF,the Alpha jets seems to be the only combat jets that have been continuously flying even when the West imposed sactions on Nigeria due to June 12.
    When the 3rd FT-7NI AirGuard had engine problem and then crashed in Yandev near Gboko,the two crew were able to bail-out safely.
    However,this was not the case with this Alpha jet crew.@Number One, I have not seen any report about the Alpha jet crash in the NAF service since their induction,but 3 were down in the Liberian/Sierra Leonian Civil war.These now brings the number of lost Alpha jets to a total four(4).

  17. gbash10 says:

    I am still asking these salient questions whether the Alpha jets in NAF service are carrying any radar,radar warning receiver,RWR,chaff/flares,and an electronic jamming pod ?If these things are not onboard our Alpha jets,then the MoD,Abuja should direct the NAF High Command to withdraw the remaining A-jet back to Kainji immediately.
    Mali is a war zone different from the then Liberian/Sierra Leonean war zone having MANPAD SAM and AAA(Triple As) guns manned by ill-trained rag-tag rebels,whereas Mali is having experience Afghanistan Taliban terrorist fighters who killed a lot of Soviet helicopters using the US Army stinger MANPADs.And this zone is infested with the Soviet SA-7 MANPAD SAMs from Gaddafi’s arms stockpiles.

    • xnur44 says:

      Nigerian Air Force Alphajet Losses since induction

      Rank; Officers names; Aircraft type; Year
      Fg Offr Imadoumwoyin; A-Jet 1986
      Wg Cdr Ado Bashir; A-Jet 1998
      Sqn Ldr A Mohammed; A-Jet 1999
      Sqn Ldr DO Ojomo; ABT-18 2001
      Wg Cdr E Scott; A-Jet 2003
      Wg Cdr A Eniaye; A-Jet 2003
      Wg Cdr SC Adim; ABT-18 2003
      Wg Cdr RO Adeniyi; A-Jet 2004
      * Three (3) A-jets lost during ECOMOG ops

      gbash, the A-jet in NAF service is equipped with HUD, RVR, and precise navigation and fire-control computers which permit flexibility on attack missions. its equipment allows it to obtain great efficiency when planning and executing missions. but it does not carry a radar, remember it is particularly suitable for supporting air offensive operations, ground operations as well as operational conversion training. For self defence, it carries two (2) IR missiles, no jammer pods but chaffs and flares can be fitted if required.

  18. beegeagle says:



    NTA NEWS reports monitored a few minutes ago indicate a grand-scale invasion of Bama at 0500hrs this morning. Bama lies close to the border with Cameroon.

    Indications are that it was a very fierce and coordinated onslaught in which several police stations, a magistrate’s court, the prison and even the 202 Tank Battalion were attacked.

    Over 100 prisoners were freed by the attackers in the Shuwa Arab-dominated border precincts town near Cameroon. 22 policemen and 14 prison guards, including their Comptroller were killed while 13 insurgents died in the fierce exchanges.

    • jimmy says:

      WOW !!!
      please keep us informed . For those who say we should not spend on the military these are your answers.

  19. gbash10 says:

    When will the MoD,Abuja acqauire brand new high-performance modern multirole fighter jets that would take up the air combat and battlefield challanges of the 21st Century decisively?Or does the MoD take delight in serving families with letters informing them about the lost of their loved ones ?
    Because if we do not use at least small amount of our oil money to acquire platforms with state-of-the-art avionics,the MoD may be sentencing our flying boys to dead as they go into air combat with either the Alpha jet or the inferior F-7NI Air Guard fighter jets!
    When the Senate/Rep Committee Chiarman for the Air Force asked the then Chief of Air Staff,CAS,Air Marshal Paul Dike whether he would still recommend the Alpha jet for new acquition,he categorically said NO! giving the reason that the Alpha jet has no place in the 21st Century air combat role of the NAF,but our political leaders who are ignorant of issues on contemporary defence equipments,with particular reference to air superiority fighter jets and their role in our National Defence Strategy/Doctrine.Our political leaders should enquire from Isreal,China and India the role of airpower in their respective National Defence Strategies/Doctrines.
    The time to act is now!

  20. Cryptologist says:

    Rest in perfect peace fly boys. Thank you for your efforts in trying to make this world a better place for us all.

  21. peccavi says:

    High tech plane no dey crash?
    Abeg can we rest the spend money, buy intergalactic spaceship gist and just letthis stand as a memoriam to these sons of Nigeria

  22. doziex says:

    In short, I hereby demand that I be addressed as the honourable prophet Doziex.

    As I have correctly predicted the recent turn of events on this thread.

    I first said, that Alpha jets would not survive dive bombing against triple A rich and SAM infested targets in mali.

    The Armored SU-25 flown by chad, niger and perhaps Mali would have being what the doctor ordered, but NAF chose this thin skinned vulnerable bird.

    Well, this is all assuming they got shot down by ansar dine, the tuaregs or boko haram.

    Anywho, RIP to our brave young pilots.

    Secondly, a massive invasion, and overruning of our barracks, towns, police stations, by an increasingly mobile and well armed boko haram.

    We have refused to prepare for this threat. Many here, said NA would crush ’em to a pulp. Well, we go see .

    As for a 2nd hamilton class ship being offered to the NN, I guess Oga Beegeagle called this one correctly.

  23. Donspony says:


  24. Charles Somorin says:

    RIP flyboys, you played your part in the annals of peace in Africa. Goodnight our worthy servants

  25. Spirit says:

    Brave warriors
    You have serve your people well and you have fought with bravery and honour.
    Welcome to Valhalla.

  26. Spirit says:

    Going by the track record of the Alfas, what could have caused this?

    1) Intense anti-aircraft fire (SAM/MANPADs/AAA)?
    2) Chaff/Flare/ECM malfunctioning?
    2) Equipment (Ejector seat) malfunction?
    3) Failure of parachutes to deploy (very unlikely for two pilots at the same time)?
    4) Malfunctioning terrain avoidance radar which might lead to a pilot (flying at very low altitude) to fly into a hill/outcrop?
    5) Others?

    We need to know so that we can prevent a reoccurrence

  27. Spirit says:

    As per the attack on Bama, we would continue to experience such as long as the FG refuses to equipt the NA with choppers that will aid rapid deployment to theaters. These guys are attacking poorly defended and isolated border towns and post.

    The destruction of a scale describe by Beegeagle above could not have been achieved in 30 minutes, not even in 45 minutes.

    1) Rapid Deployment Forces should be equiped with Mi-171/Mi-8 and stationed/positioned such that they will be able to hit any location in the North within 30 minutes.
    2) Their area of responsibility should overlap such that they will be able to back-up/assist each othe.r
    3) Members of such units must be ready to go between 10 to 15 minutes.
    4) The pilots should run shift such that at any point in time the shift on duty should be seated in the choppers ready to go*.
    5) Drones should immidiately be deployed to hotspots to monitor events and give real-time reports to commanders at bases. This will help in avoinding a ‘Baga-like’ contovrersy.
    5) A few attackers should be allowed to ‘escape’. Such will be trailed by drones to their hideouts in the mountains and follow-on attacks can then be conducted on such hideouts.

    We are at war!

    *It was rumored that at the peak of the Cold war, some pilots of the USAF Strategic command on duty used to have their meals( in full flying gears) seated in their B-ONE Lancer/B-52G Stratofortress on the runway!

  28. ifiok umoeka says:

    My heart goes out to the families and love ones of these brave dudes. While we wait for the result of the investigation, let me state that I do not subscribe to all these refurbish talk. We should invest in new assets and have a long term plan to pay for them. We don’t even have to get fully equipped version, we can integrate more options as our finances allow and they become available. While we try to save money, we should remember that pilot are expensive to train and it takes time. Again, salute to does brave warriors.

  29. Debayo Adelaja-Olowo-Ake says:

    May their dearly departed and brave souls rest in peace. Long live the Nigerian Air Force. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Viva Africa.

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