An Otokar Cobra APC and 4WD patrol vans of the Nigerian Army near the gate to the palace of the Shehu of Bama

A Panhard VBL M11 scout car of the Nigerian Army on patrol at Bama

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  1. originalpato says:

    Is it that a country like Nigeria has no means of detecting a column of technicals carrying 200 armed men in the desert?

  2. agee says:

    This event made me really sad, I remember when the budget for defence was increased in 2012, everybody was screaming what for, I hope they have their answers. The Isreali surveilance contract, the house has started ranting, just as with cyber security we are told that security and connvienience can’t be achieved simultaneously, the same applies to physical security, sadly the house of assembly and self proclaimed activist don’t know this. They expect security to fall from d sky. And finally I think the govt and military should begin to take CYBER SECURITY seriously

  3. beegeagle says:

    For CTCOIN, MoD need to fast-track the convoluted MRAP/M-LPV transactions? What is delaying deliveries on the Oshkosh Sandcat M-LPV? Have we asked for continuing deliveries of Panhard VBL scout cars and Otokar Cobra APCs? Have we taken a look at this very attractive option from China?


    The terrorists are upgrading their arsenal. What are the MoD doing in response to counter their improved firepower?

  4. Nnamdi says:

    I expect that by now, given the changing capabilities of the enemies, there should be as many APCs as soft skinned 4WDs patrolling that axis of evil. More ground attack helicopters and one or two fighter jets be dedicated too. My reason is that apart from increasing sophistication of these criminals, the report is that they operated for a whole 5 hours in Bama! Since they have turned this to a “Toyota war”, aerial supremacy must be brought in. Convoy of 50 4WD as that that was used over the weekend attack is only a sitting duck for a pair of fast attack choppers backed by a fighter jet to take out the AAs.

    We just must up the ante. 😡

  5. Solorex says:

    Looks like a more affordable version of our good cobras,We should not be buying 40,50 pieces; we are in a country of where there are groups canvassing for disintegration of the country openly, we have religious terrorists, ethnic militias,well financed armed groups all over the place and e.t.c. The unity of this country is greatly dependent on how well the military can prevent these groups from fomenting trouble-not saying there are no other factors.

    We need to to have a jumbo haul of good amour and decent firepower to stay alive;we need to have a plan for say acquisition of 1200 APC’s in 4 years , we could kuku buy the production line and license for a few models that will serve the police and military like Myanmar did with the Ukrainian BTR 3.

  6. Saints says:

    We ve spent time to run analysis on this chinese made norinco VNL on one of your other post.. But i think we should subscribe on more panhard VBL as the Norinco is only a chinco version of the VBL. A closer look at it would tell the story.

  7. beegeagle says:

    @Saints. Just a PLAN B in case someone decides to grow a brain and go funny on us for whimsical reasons. If France would not sell more VBLs, we know where to turn for close substitutes.

    We need to make pragmatic projections in view of our real history of having lived through arms embargoes and sanctions during the ECOMOG years. Hopefully, we learnt something at the time.

  8. Spirit says:

    Beeg and my other generals,

    The FG is not serious about fighting trerrorism.

    What does the FG need the National Assembly for? to do what?
    For Christ sake, don’t they know how to bget money when they want to ‘settle’?
    How many times has the FG taken money out of the Excess crude Oil account without approval of the assembly? Na today?

    FG bought 20? APCs for the Police in a country that is ‘UNDER SIEGE’ and we are celebrating?

    We are not serious!

    Thats my take.

  9. freeegulf says:

    is boko haram getting emotional? why the sudden rush of operation? they where winning some sympathy vote after their trouncing in Baga. with this brazen ops, they will soon feel the effect from the army. more of their hideouts will be exposed and they will roast!

    • Saints says:

      Very correct analysis sir. As a mechanised BH would find it hard to stay anywhere in nigeria. And i think thats one reason why they want to establish a specialised base for themselve. And i promise you that,if it happens, that base would be protected by talks of dialogue and the fear of return attacks

    • Russellinfinity says:

      This is a slap in the face in broad daylight. I saw this coming…it was only a matter of time.

      • Henry says:

        OGA, It is no slap in anybody’s face. I can also grab my keyboard and write a report.

        We have shown that we are very committed to peace but at home and abroad. Despite our problems at home, we have brokered peace in ivory coast, equatorial guinea. When the captain sanogo overthrew the civilian government in mali, our foreign affairs minister/ministry was at the fore front , applying pressure on the illegal military regime, place sanctions on them and suspended mali from ecowas while the military regime was in power.

        We had 4 alpha jets in mali( up until the crash yesterday) and another 2 MI-35p helicopters stationed for the war efforts in mali

        We also sent in 1200 troops into mali, backed with heavy equipment, all this done despite all our security challenges in borno state

        If this is what a report terms as waning influence, then I would gladly accept it. Afterall, it was nigeria that got badly beaten by SELEKA(farmers) in CAR and raised a white flag.

        We came to mali prepared, and if given the go ahead to begin our mission, I have no doubt in my mind that our troops would perform with distinction.

    • peccavi says:

      The article is broadly right. Chad has shown its hand and come out on top in several situations. It is a classic case of unforeseen 2nd and 3rd order consequences.
      The Chad government has lost or seen neutralised 2 key threats Ghaddafi’s Libya and Sudanese based rebels. They have tied in with the French withdrawal from hardcore African interventions to set themselves up as the dominant power in the Sahel/ Central Africa in general and la Francophonie in these areas in particular.
      The operations in Mali in conjunction with the French were decisive and well fought, Chad came out with a clear victory (many claimed High value targets)and wisely withdrew before getting bogged down. In CAR all indications are that the Chadians were behind the rebel victory either by letting them through or direct supplies. South African accounts of the battle (which if true in fact indicate the Para Company in fact fought an extremely brave and credible action against overwhelming odds and were well handled and manoeuvred) .
      They report the rebels who were previously armed with AK’s and slippers suddenly appeared in formed units with body armour and support weapons.
      One cannot say if this makes Chad a power broker but they are projecting force where and when they want and have built up good credit with France and shown their capabilities in Africa.
      What this means in terms of power structures in unknown

      • doziex says:

        Oga peccav i, no be sey you talk.

        I had previously complained that our military, our press and GEJ’s govt let our small but significant contribution to mali be upstaged by the french and the chadians.

        The chadian soldiers deployed straight to the battle front the french were nothing short of excellent.

        Oga henry, 4 alpha jets , 2 mi-24s and 1200 troops while nothing to sneeze at, nigeria should have, and could have done much more.
        Mali na we back yard we should have rolled in there with at least one mechanised brigade.
        Or at least used our press organisations to magnify what contribution we are making.

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