Bodies of slain Boko Haram terrorists and their weapons at the gates of the 202 Tank Battalion, Bama where their onslaught was thwarted. Two soldiers and thirteen terrorists were killed in the gun battle

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  1. originalpato says:

    Damn!!! O boy music done change…BH are now interested in taking territory. I hope Abuja is paying as regard to procurement.
    What still beats my mind is why the Police and Prison Service have refused to take steps in ensuring that their facilities are fortified against such attacks.

  2. agee says:

    Just read an article by jon Gambrel of AP, he claims 202 tank battalion was overrun by the insurgents. The military needs to work more on its PR, different stories everyday we don’t know which to believe. I also observed all the reporting from troubled zones are done by foriegn journalist, while our local journalist sit at home and rant on twitter; then copy and paste stories from their foriegn counterparts, to the extent AP has cautioned guardian and thisday for the use of copyright material.

    • Deway says:

      Never mind Gambrel of AP. The insurgents were mowed down by a hail of bullets as they climbed over the fence.

    • Sani says:

      That is right Agee. We have a problem with a local media houses. But come to think of it, the foreign media relies on the account of their local stringers but go ahead to twist the story to suit their purpose. The test of the credibility of any story is when it is balanced with input from the military or security agencies on the ground.

  3. beegeagle says:

    We already told you that beyond photographs, AP in Nigeria led by Jon Gambrell and abetted by Haruna Umar, Yinka Ibukun and Bashir Adigun are foundationally useless to the reading public and represent the principal source of misinformation to North America. They do not know whether to be journalists or activists and are stuck on that plane.

    AP went to town with stories of 2,000 houses destroyed at Baga while AFP said 300 houses. AFP brought us photos.

    Today, we have Reuters, crewed by an infinitely more mature and balanced Tim Cocks, Joe Brock and Ibrahim Mshelizza taking off at Bama from where the AFP stopped at Baga while Gambrell and his fellow ramblers write from their fertile imaginations in Lagos, 1,750km to the southwest by road from Bama.

    Elsewhere, Beegeagle wrote:

    “beegeagle says:August 31, 2012 at 1:49 am

    If it is coverage, Reuters, Xinhua and AFP
    are okay. AP have great photos but that is all. Jon Gambrell is characteristically
    negative and downright scathing for the
    heck of it. He gets too personal to allow
    for balanced coverage…I only do AP for the heck of it. They sound more like compromised activists than dispassionate journalists.”

    They are free to write so long as they get called out by military PR when they brazenly misrepresent the facts like this. Notice that neither AFP, Xinhua or Reuters keyed into that tale as espoused by AP and certainly, you can draw your own conclusions from this photo.

    If you were not told, would you think that this barracks came under an attack of any sort – for a barracks supposedly overrun? Who is the new unit commander installed by BH now that they have supposedly overrun the battalion? Supposedly, BH should be on the prowl in their newly captured tanks with a view to gaining media mileage – where are those? The troops at the sentry post..are they BH? Would an erratic BH allow Reuters to shoot an unflattering photo such as this without beheading the photographer? So how was the barracks, obviously so under military control, overrun?

    Methinks Army PR should send a riposte to those AP jokers with the facts of the matter made clear to them.

    More importantly, it was with a view to pre-empting champions of misinformation that we posted this photo. One would expect that as soon as something of this nature happens, the Army PR officer and NCOs on ground would make a deliberate effort to capture the photographic essence of what they know to be the story and forward to the DDI or DAPR who would then distribute same to our print media and online media for dissemination.That way, mischief makers are kept at bay.

    We do not run a commercial operation but if DDI and DAPR need people to tell the story based on how matters actually panned out, we are available to travel and see – Mali, Niger, NE Nigeria, it does not matter. They only need to make the werewithal available(same way journalists were taken to Baga) and provide security.

  4. ruggedbattalion says:

    Good job to the nigerian army , pls try and deploy drones and ensure they are nipped in the bud before any attack .

  5. jimmy says:

    THIS picture released is worth more than a million words it shows due to lack or burnt marks , lack of expended cartridges that all actions took place at the perimeter or just inside, Logically i.m.h.o. the two soldiers who were killed were either the sentry guards who did not and in the finest tradition of Nigerian bravery did not abandon their posts and chose the path of “death before dishonor,” this alerted their comrades and the rest was history.
    OGA BEEGEAGLE please we should make a concerted effort to MAKE SURE THOSE WHO DIED IN THIS BATTLE DID NOT DIE IN VAIN.
    Last but not least it is being reported that a U.S. delegation IS ARRIVING to see things on the ground in Baga. It would be very appropriate to take them to BAMA ” since it just happens to be in the same NEIGHBORHOOD”.

  6. Nnamdi says:

    I honestly do not know if to rejoice or be sorrowful. Neither will I pretend to be more concerned than you others.

    In my humble opinion, I would wish that the President raises the game in Borno-Yobe axis of evil. What I would recommend is to invoke executive discretion and suspend constitutional government in the area, then (immediately after) send the request to National Assembly for ratification to clear ground for appointing a Military Sole Administrator to take over the place “until the security situation is conducive for return of constitutional governance”. With a MILAD, the game changes because the politics becomes different, so also is the legal restrictions and expectations that could ordinarily limit tactical actions under the present full constitutional status in place over the region. It is high time the gloves are removed, we just can not continue like this and allow this madness to fester.

    I am so sick. 😦

  7. Solorex says:

    Its deeply disheartening when solutions are begging to be considered and yet senseless destruction pervades! BH is getting tougher and more brave,by now we should have learned by now that whatever you put on the table they will still attack not minding whether they die or fail!

    All attack prone states by now should have several gunship transported rapid response squad that will guarantee minimal special forces troop insertion to troubled spot within 45mins of report of attack and strategically placed back up team of APC’s that will provide firepower within say 1-2hours-this is what NATO did in Afghanistan and Iraq. its is simple principle of every attack must be repelled and a severe beating back must occur.

    The attack at the barrack was definitely not meant to overrun it but would have been to keep the soldier busy and prevent quick intervention in other areas.

    Moreso alot of people are probably sleeping at NIA,SSS and DMI;I am still wondering how in God’s name terrorists would drive for hours in open vehicles and still be able to mount a surprise attack on several fronts!

    By now every prison in attack prone area should have a quarantine ring of half a kilometer and be manned by at least 2 APCs, a few SMGs and a few snipers;how many times have BH broken into prisons successfully?. This is indeed sad.

    We should also realize the fact that we live in a country were there are alot of people with penchant for trouble,We need to spend good money on Amoured Personnel Carriers,helicopters and rapid response mechanism. We cant be buying a dozen gunships and few APCs under this conditions-we need rapid military expansion! Say we but 3 dozens gunships and 300 APC’s this yea for a start

    • Henry says:

      Just to add to what you have written oga solorex.

      I had proffered earlier your suggestion in a different thread, as regards the area of protection of prisons and police stations, which continue to be the most vulnerable targets.

      *the airforce is due to receive 6 MI-17terminator 1sh (armed) and 3 mi-35p helicopter gunships

      *on many occasion oga beeg had stressed on the need for nigeria to place orders for armed german de-commissioned MBB light attack helicopters for the airforce, navy and army, and I fully concur with him. He stressed the need earlier again today. My hope is that DHQ is listening.

      Like I said earlier, their is need for the soldier, policeman or prison warden serving anywhere in the country, but moreso in the north east, were guerrilla tactics is the norm, to be well armed and equipped. It is imperative that troop numbers be ramped up in remote north east stations.

      1 security operative = ballistics vest
      = 5-8 mag’s (2x HE grenade for the soldier, just as oga peccavi had suggested)
      = radio

      This should be the basic for every security personnel so that they can better hold and defend their stations, without been constantly over-run in the case of the police and prison service

      Basic arm
      *An M-4 carbine cost 153,000 naira per unit. The Filipinos recently placed an order for 50,000 units of M-4 carbine, for their army. Complete with ACOG sight and fore grip ( I am by no means advocating that we go for the M-4)

      * it’s is imperative that we get a rifle for the army which provides, range, accuracy and stopping power. Our best bet at an affordable price is the AK-102. It is time we dump the AK-47’s. The AK 102 provides the same efficiency and stopping power of the AK-47 and more. With an effective range of 550m it almost doubles that of the AK-47 and provides by far better accuracy.

      Accuracy, penetration and range would save a lot of lives.

  8. Nnamdi says:

    @ Solorex,

    I posted this somewhere else:

    I expect that by now, given the changing capabilities of the enemies, there should be as many APCs as soft skinned 4WDs patrolling that axis of evil. More ground attack helicopters and one or two fighter jets be dedicated too. My reason is that apart from increasing sophistication of these criminals, the report is that they operated for a whole 5 hours in Bama! Since they have turned this to a “Toyota war”, aerial supremacy must be brought in. Convoy of 50 4WD as that that was used over the weekend attack is only a sitting duck for a pair of fast attack choppers backed by a fighter jet to take out the AAs.

    We just must up the ante. 😡

  9. peccavi says:

    Oga Solorex exactly!
    If you look at the situation in more detail from the level of destruction most was around the police station and prison.
    It would be very interesting to find out who was incarcerated there, I just hope the FGN is not so silly as to keep BH prisoners in such a remote and dangerous place.
    I would suggest the attack on the barracks was a diversion, to fix the army in place and prevent them from reinforcing the main target i.e the prison and police station.
    Oga Henry, abeg forget the M4 etc. They are fiddly weapons that need good maintenance. The AK is a good weapon and suited for our conditions. The 7.62 round will penetrate walls and knock a man down, a 5.56 round will just pass through

    • Henry says:

      Everybody knows the AK 47 is a good weapon, however it is an out dated rifle. There have been improvements/ modifications made on the AK, to improve both it’s accuracy and range on newer models, while retaining it’s penetrating power and ruggedness. Models which the army can afford, so why stick with the old version.

      “A hoe can do the same job as a mechanised plough”, why do farmers then go for a plough instead of the hoe?

      I did not advocate the M-4 for the army, I only wanted to compare costs with our current budget.

      • peccavi says:

        Fair point but I dont think rifles are our biggest or most important equipment issue. We need to standardise weapon systems and stop this silly mix of NATO FN with Soviet AK and now 5.56 Tavors etc. A single weapon system (based on the AK to my mind) and made at DICON should be the way forward

  10. Spirit says:

    @ Oga Solorex,
    I posted in an earlirer thread

    As per the attack on Bama, we would continue to experience such as long as the FG refuses to equipt the NA with choppers that will aid rapid deployment to theaters. These guys are attacking poorly defended and isolated border towns and post.

    The destruction of a scale describe by Beegeagle above could not have been achieved in 30 minutes, not even in 45 minutes.

    1) Rapid Deployment Forces should be equiped with Mi-171/Mi-8 and stationed/positioned such that they will be able to hit any location in the North within 30 minutes.
    2) Their area of responsibility should overlap such that they will be able to back-up/assist each other
    3) Members of such units must be ready to go between 10 to 15 minutes.
    4) The pilots should run shift such that at any point in time the shift on duty should be seated in the choppers ready to go*.
    5) Drones should immidiately be deployed to hotspots to monitor events and give real-time reports to commanders at bases. This will help in avoinding a ‘Baga-like’ contovrersy.
    5) A few attackers should be allowed to ‘escape’. Such will be trailed by drones to their hideouts in the mountains and follow-on attacks can then be conducted on such hideouts.

    We are at war!

    *It was rumored that at the peak of the Cold war, some pilots of the USAF Strategic command on duty used to have their meals( in full flying gears) seated in their B-ONE Lancer/B-52G Stratofortress on the runway!

    The FG/NASS still do not understand that we are now at war and that our nation is UNDER SIEGE.

    As suggested by Oga Peccavi, Jimmy, Beeg,Ifiok and Henry earlier, every police station and prison along that axis should be turned into a fortress by the introduction of Watchtower manned by snippers, soldiers equiped with at least 6 mags and 2 granades, 2 GPMG and armed men on staggered patrols, acquisition of MBBs in dozens etc.

    Dedicated Alfas (L15?) should be ready to hit terrorists hideouts/bases in neighbouring countries at a moment notice.

    This is now a full scale war.

    • tim says:

      I love my snipers….if there was a sharpshooter there, or two……the BH death rate would have been higher…… I would even shoot to kill, one in belle, two in legs…….they will talk and beg for medic care, before they died.

  11. Henry says:

    *in other news,
    The nigerian army says, it is going to deploy many of it’s home-grown surveillance devices to help her in surveillance, intelligence and front-line information gathering, to help her battle the insurgency in the north east.

    One of such devices is a balloon, with a 84km launch into space range, fitted with up graded surveillance cameras. It was displayed during last year’s army celebration.

  12. (@lordfej) says:

    abeg shay na balloon we need abi boots on grounds and drones, i hope our defence strategists are not using the lives of the brave men and women fighting this war to achieve corrupt aim and enrich their pockets. God wont forgive them and neither would we, cant they see the witting on the wall? I am tired, Le general and my fellow cyber Generals i think it is high time a pressure group was formed to influence decisions and contribute in our own way so the men on ground know that some people appreciates their sacrifice of today.

  13. asorockweb says:

    It looks like the casualty figures have been revised:
    “The casualties comprised 21 insurgents, six policemen, 14 prison officials, two soldiers and four residents made up of three children and a woman, who were burnt to death by the insurgents”

    ThisDay is reporting.

    If they actually recovered 21 BH bodies, the column that attack 202 battalion must have been shredded.
    Still, a well planned and executed attack. Body count doesn’t bug BH.
    If 202 battalion had heavy armor, they should have sallied forth and attacked the second column.
    Prison wardens are not meant for any kind of combat; neither is the police.

    This is the side effect of the Mali operations. BH will consume their new found resources in a couple of months.
    In a way, this reminds me of the last year of the Sri Lankan civil war; high activity and apparent parity, until the last few months.

    GEJ must remember to standfast.

  14. Saints says:

    Hey! That same kind of gas inflated surveillance device has been brought down countless times by the syrian government forces this year.(it is been used by the free syrian army) so if you are saying we should use balloons to unearth BH hideouts i think it wont ever work here in Nigeria

    • dapo says:

      it is a very alarming attempt by these bh monsters to overawe the govt into making huge political concessions to them and their beastly sponsors.

      • dapo says:

        however, i am seeing a very daring move by the very choice of this particular tank battallion barracks as a well thought move to steal one or two tanks. that worrying thoughts points to only one thing most especially comings on the heels of the baga battle. bh is not ready and willing for amnesty most especially when jonathan is too weak kneed to get rid of their sources of income by killing their sponsors.

    • dapo says:

      i wont be surprised if they get emboldened tomorrow by the govt kid glove approach by start planning how to attack aso rock. wat the govt doesnt know is the longer a war drags on, the more the likelihood of ppl who have one or two things against the govt might be joining the enemy. already too many ppl have too many grievances against the ave
      rage nigerian govt at any point in time.

    • igbi says:

      you are right I think we should send you instead.

  15. tim says:

    We fighting with beasts, fight them like beasts, not when they come to you……go out and hunt them, men in squads, info given to them their perogative what to do with that info… , I would go for the heads that the boys in BH fear, sekahu or what’s his name first, the politicians next.

    • Saints says:

      Western analyst would rate BH as a local “cum” international terrorist group. But i swear i dont think thats what they are. I mean who the fuck would want to attack a military formation in a nation like nigeria(forget all this talk of poorly kitted soldiers and unprofessionality) our soldiers are war hardened for christ sake. I mean one look at their faces and you would understand what being a soldier is all about, compare to our DSS D2, fresh faced fine boys. This guys have perfected the use of the AK47, and i do not even want to begin to imagine a Nigerian Army without a variant of the World reknowned Kalashnikova. I think Ak74,MTAR21, and the rest should remain as the standard special forces issuance while DICON work hard on manning up the Ak47 for the Army.. but even with everything sha, i would not advice anybody (no matter how many virgins have been kept in store for him in the after life) to walk into or attempt on a nigerian army barrack. Haba! A man fighting for his house fights like a rabid dog. Well lets just hope those maniacs get their share of virgins in heaven.. And for our dead comrades i say THE BLOOD OF FALLEN HEROES FEEDS OUR HEARTS WITH PRIDE.

  16. freeegulf says:

    who are we kidding, SSS and DIA know the moneybags behind boko haram. the sponsors of boko haram are in this country, some are outside Nigeria. why re the Nigerian sponsors that are home based still walking free? why re they even breathing?

    with all due respect, the president is too lilly livered. its quite sad that the security peeps have to suffer from these political maneuverings.

    follow the money trail, kill these bast**ds. before this planned meltdown upnorth, GEJ should declare state of emergency in yobe and borno states. kick out boko partner shettima and his yobe counterpart, and install a military administrator (a trust worthy retired senior officer as MILAD) to govern these states with martial law if need be.

  17. beegeagle says:


    Another one steps up for recognition 🙂

    It is typically neoliberal to grab ANY leeway, no matter how odious or reprehensible, just so that their mushy and permissive objectives are attained.What does she have to say about the following

    – even as terrorists attacked at Bama, have they ceased to attack and wipe out halves of communities, not to forget attacks inside the heavily fortified green zone in Afghanistan, even with the superlative ‘strength’ and COIN knowhow of ISAF? Why has Guantanamo Bay not been shut down to engender an ‘easy reprieve’ from the onslaught of terrorists? BH’s insurgency commenced September 2010. If it has not ended, so what? ISAF with all their military ‘strengths’ have been in Afghanistan for a decade longer. Has Afghanistan been pacified?

    – Terrorists are still raining down rockets on Israel, 45+ years after the Palestinians began to resist the Israeli occupation. Have Israel, whose response has been more heavy-handed, released the terrorists held in their jails? Why not?

    – the IRA killed and maimed for 28 years, not to mention an audacious attack on the hotel where PM Thatcher was lodged. Why did the British sustain the military effort for 28 years?

    Perhaps some of these teeny boppers who write for these big name platforms need to get some grounding on how the world revolves. Apparently, they only know and reckon with the present and that is why they always sound so simplistic.

    Release terror suspects to stop BH attacks? If BH are attacking to release people in prison, what does that tell us other than the fact that the ‘real culprits’ were incarcerated? Why should they be released? Why not also pay them for having committed crimes against humanity so that peace reigns? Tomorrow, this same writer would also publish another tirade suggesting that the problem in Nigeria stems from a lack of enforcement of the laws…since we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

    And which barracks got burnt to the ground – the police barracks or the unscathed army barracks which we see in this photo? Is it the military or the police and prisons warders who bear responsibility for the security of police installations and prisons? So what has the Army which dealt a heavy blow on the insurgents at Bama got to do with it?

    These people never cease to propound ridiculous ideas? Release terrorists and peace would a time when they are hiring foreigners to levy war on Nigeria? What would the terrorists so released do – go into retirement?

    Some of these flippant busybodies just need to shut up and observe. First they blackmailed the FG into considering an amnesty for terrorists – what happened? BH fluffed the idea. The blackmailers were unrelenting, so the FG constituted a committee to facilitate that amnesty. What happened – BH bring in sterner weaponry and step up attacks in the periphery that is the Far Northeast. Now out of their wits, the rhythm has again shifted to ‘release the terrorists?’ Are you freaking outta your mind or something?

    This is just crazy.

    • igbi says:

      I really don’t understand why journalists keep telling lies. Why does the uk guardian say our army barracks were burnt to the ground ? It is like they don’t know that the army and the police are not the same. And reading their article, you also get the impression that the prison was Inside the army barracks. This is a high level propaganda. I think we should really consider the fact that boko haram has allies among big foreign media like AP and the UK guardian. That should inform us on who is sponsoring them.

  18. Henry says:

    ABUJA—As condemnations trail Tuesday’s attack on police, army and prison formations in Bama town, Borno State by Boko Haram terrorists which left 55 people dead, the Nigerian Army said, yesterday, that the attack  on the 202 Battalion Barracks, with rocket propelled grenades and anti-aircraft guns was aimed at overrunning the barracks and creating mayhem.

    Director of Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Ibrahim Attahiru, who made the disclosure, however, noted that the attack was successfully repelled.

    He gave the actual number of casualty recorded during the attack thus: “those killed in action include 21 Boko Haram terrorists, six Police officers, 14 Prison staff, two soldiers and four civilians, including three children and a woman. They were burnt to death by the insurgents”.

    Attahiru added: “there has been heightened insecurity in the North East recently occasioned by unprovoked attacks by Boko Haram terrorists in Baga, Marte, Bama and Banki being the most recent. The Nigerian Army successfully repelled attacks on these locations and the situation has been normalized.

    “At about 05 10 hours on May 7, 2013, suspected Boko Haram terrorists dressed in military fatigue (Army uniform) attacked 202 Battalion Barracks in Bama with rocket propelled grenades, general purpose machine guns, bombs, 18 seater buses and six Hilux vehicles fitted with anti-aircraft guns.

    “The attack was aimed at overrunning the barracks and creating mayhem. It was, however, successfully repelled and the barracks was not in any way breached. The Bama Police Station, Police barracks, local government secretariat, INEC office, local magistrate court and a primary school were burnt by the Boko Haram terrorists.

    “About 105 inmates were equally set free from Bama prisons. The items recovered include 4 vehicles, 14 weapons, 12 IED’s, assorted ammunition, several RPG tubes and bombs”.

    The burnt Bama Police Barracks yesterday
    Quick response groups to patrol major highways

    “As part of deliberate efforts to contain activities of the Boko Haram terrorists from spreading, Quick Response Groups have been established to patrol major highways nationwide.

    “The QRGs are to provide quick reinforcement of troops to troubled spots. The patrol teams operate along designated routes to check the spate of armed robbery, arms trafficking and kidnapping, as well as any other acts of terrorism. Since its inception, the QRGs have achieved some successes.

    “They include reduced banditry along major highways while denying Boko Haram terrorists freedom of action. It has assisted in ensuring military presence along our highways; has denied Boko Haram terrorists and other criminals freedom to convey IED’s and its precursor materials.

    “The QRGs have equally improved the Nigerian Army deterrence capability by its constant patrols of designated routes. Additionally, it has equally supported Operation Mesa troops to deal with immediate threats to their respective areas of responsibilities”.

  19. beegeagle says:



    “It also comes after fighters seized massive troves of Nigerian military equipment” – Jon Gambrell.

    That sounds like keying 100% into the Youtube propaganda video posted by the latest splinter group of BH which appeared two weekends ago.

    Where did that fantastic cache of arms supposedly seized from the military emanate from? Is there any devil in the detail? He should have been bold enough to say ‘Bama’, ‘Baga’ or ‘Monguno’ but people sometimes get faint-hearted when they lie.


    “But the insurgents’ heavy weapons helped them overrun the barracks of the Nigerian Army’s 202nd Battalion” – Jon Gambrell

    Here is the photo of the army barracks supposedly OVERRUN at Bama, according to Jon Gambrell of AP. The photo is from REUTERS

    Methinks it is safe to say that Jon Gambrell is a fiction writer and not a journalist. He is working assiduously to amplify the problems of Nigeria. It is telling that he swallows everything he gets told by the terrorists and casts a shadow on the credibility of EVERYTHING he gets told by the military. See how he has bought into the terrorists claim of having seized the cache of arms displayed in their last video from the military? Did he see the weapons physically to confirm their serial numbers? How come he latched onto this new tale only after the propaganda video emerged? How come only his typically vitriolic AP know this story about a seized cache of weapons whereas more credible operators who have set foot in Baga and Bama and with photo evidence to show for it, such as Reuters, AFP and Al Jazeera do not know about it?

    Our authorities would do well to withdraw this guy’s accreditation if he does not cease to spin myths rather than work as the journalist for which he has a work permit.

    • Deway says:

      If Jon Gambrel is in Nigeria then he should be quizzed by the SSS and his visa cancelled. The government cannot continue ignoring the lies being fed to the world and the news agency he works for should be sued, and that’s how you get global media attention. There is freedom of speech but there is a limit to everything in life.

      • bigbrovar says:

        The guy is a certified troll who gets a hard-on with it comes to spitting negativity about this country. I mean he practically goes out of his way to do so. More than once I have exposed his lies on Twitter. I think any democracy should be robust enough to ignore persons like him. Arresting him or withdrawing his accreditation would only amplify his lies and make him a darling to naysayers. I have a feeling he is wishing for this to happen. We can only try to shame him with the truth and intelligent conversation.

  20. igbi says:

    We all warned Jonathan that talking about giving Amnesty to terrorists would be interpretted as a sign of weakness and that terrorists from neighbouring coun tries will poor looking for people to kill and possibly Amnesty to grab. Now look, the poor masses of Cameroon and Niger are on the Amnesty business today. Thanks to God our army is strong and would not loose a battle. But Jonathan has the blood of the dead policemen and prison warders on the head of his Amnesty plan. verry soon, we will see algerians killing our policemen in order to catch Amnesty. Jonathan should stop his stupid Amnesty right now.

    • Saints says:

      Just the talk of that word “amnesty” infuriates me, guess we have to hand the security Northeastern nigeria over to PMC’s. So that we can start counting collateral damages and abuse without the mention of the Nigerian army

      • igbi says:

        Side effects of Amnesty plan: now all the terrorists of the whole west african region are rushing into Nigeria. Al qaida will soon follow, every criminal minded person in this world will soon follow. Because when criminals hear of a country where crime pays, they rush into that country and create havoc. We can all thank Goodluck Jonathan for being the most visionless president in the world.

      • Henry says:

        ***BREAKING NEWS***

        President GEJ cuts short his trip to south africa, might declare a full state of emergency on borno state

  21. Henry says:


    President GEJ cuts short his trip to south africa, might declare a full state of emergency in borno state

    • Saints says:

      Yea.. Talking about that, i hope he ‘s not running back to remind the BH boys of the value of the nigerian amnesty reserve and to lecture them on the importance of ADR.

  22. beegeagle says:

    It appears as if Cameroon have adopted a ‘do nothing’ stance about the presence of BH on their soil. Within the past seven days, they have launched attacks in Adamawa and Borno from Cameroon.

    Does anyone believe that Cameroon would cooperate if, for example, SF commandos need to go in and take out a BH cell inside Cameroon? I have no worries about Chad or Niger.

    Does anyone remember the signing of this agreement during the state of emergency declared in certain LGs and the closure of the border in 2012, which in hindsight, Cameroon apparently entered into so that Nigeria may reopen her borders?

    • Saints says:

      Sir. You have no worries about those two countries because they gave in to france and the us. But the truth is that Africans threat Africans differently.

  23. CHYDE says:

    @ Henry, I just hope he doesn’t chicken out, haba!!!!

  24. igbi says:

    At this point, we have to invade some parts of Camerron and Niger and Chad to root out the terrorists, since those countries are not doing their job. We need to throw this Amnesty deal away. Mr president, we are at war, either you want it or not. Stop holding the army down.

    • Saints says:

      You really should prescribe that word “invasion” as it contradicts every international treatise that i know of and that nigeria stands for.. There are other alternatives which includes Hot pursuits and joint military efforts but as per invasion. Sorry it wont happen. Nigeria did not violate the sovereignty of any state under a military led admin and they certainly wont do that under a civilian admin.

      • igbi says:

        US invaded Afghanistan because Alqiada was using it as a base. US sent soldiers to Pakistan because benladen was hiding there. So why would Nigeria shy away from invading few towns in cameroon chad and niger in order to root out the terrorists there. Cameroon is not cooperative. Paul Biya is not a responsable man.

  25. igbi says:

    I would like to warn Nigeria about allowing aljazeera to report in Nigeria. For now they are trying to do a good reporting job, but I have been following them for years, and I would have you know that they have helped terrorists in Israel and Libya and Afghanistan. And they might switch from news reporting to high level terrorist propaganda at any time. For now AP, UK guardian are already dowing propaganda for boko haram. It would be best if we sent out all foreign media and suspend press freedom untill the war is over.

    • peccavi says:

      Oga, abeg relax.
      Forgive my language but I have to be blunt.
      In the space of a few posts you have recommended invading not one but two sovereign states and suspending press freedom.
      I presume you are being hyperbolic but unfortunately hyperbole becomes rhetoric which becomes reality.
      A society needs a free press even if it publishes libellous and misleading content. The answer is not to imprison, expel, ban or censor but to win the fucking argument. So it is the duty of which ever side be it your tribe, religion, local, state or federal, government, ethnic militia, church, mosque or political party or whatever to put your points out there and present them in a way that is accessible.
      Invading countries is very very expensive in lives and money and very very very very illegal.
      If you do intend to do so you invade countries nobody likes and can not defend themselves (see USA VS Panama, Grenada, Iraq etc).
      Suggesting Nigeria invades Niger/ Cameroun/ Chad might appeal to the jingoistic imperialist in me but its one of those things that you really want to avoid dpoing.
      I guess I’m being harsh but sometimes we must be realistic in our statements.

      The final thing is that emotion has no place in war, international affairs and definitely in COIN. It leads to silly decisions

      • igbi says:

        The notion “free press” is a big joke. No press is free, they are all controled by politicians or business men who use them for their own interests. CNN is controled by the Pentagone, France24 is controled by the french government, Aljazeera is controled by the prince of qatar. Our own newspapers are controled by politicians or are paid by individuals to publish stories which are verry far from the truth. So to put things clearly, telling the truth is no longer what journalists try to do. Nowadays, journalists are nothing but propaganda directors. Boko haram’s propaganda is already being printed by many of those journalists.
        Countries like Algeria sent foreign journalists away and that helped them keep the peace. Nigeria is at war, and we need to do what we must to win, don’t underestimate your ennemy.
        Cameroon, Chad and Niger are not even arresting boko haram terrorists on their land. They are allowing boko haram to use their land as base so if we don’t go in there to kill the terrorists then the problem will never end.

        What is the value of a Nigerian life these days ?
        For the sake of “not invading” shall our policemen keep being slaughtered ?

  26. I think it time the Nigerian Military prepare an invasion force to attack towns where BH comes from…ie Cameroun. Borno state and its like should be placed under a Military Administrator until security improves. The Amebo drones should be deployed to these towns to assist in surveilance(for real ooh…its time for them to be bloddied). We are almost in a similar position to those of the pre civil war era. Its time to unleash the DRAGON.

  27. bigbrovar says:

    Before anyone talks of Invasion we first have to put our house in order. Call a spade a spade MOD has handled this Bornu issue with kids gloves. We did much better than this when we had to defend another man land sending in close to 20k boots on the grounds backed by airpower APCs and tanks.. yet all we have been able to muster in bornu are Toyota Hilux? where are the Hinds and MRAPs? when are we going to wake up to the fact that we have a crisis in our hands of the magnitude of 1969? At this rate we should be expanding our over stretched military and embarking on a weapon spending spree.. over the last 3 year BH have uppgraded from bow and arrows to Anti Aircraft mounted Toyota Hilux..Have we risen to the challenge? We keep responding to attack after attack without going on the offensive against this animals. I have said it more than once the body language oif government make it seems there want the situation to be sustained not eradicated. Its the only logical explanation to how flatfooted our BH response has been over the years

  28. ocelot2006 says:

    ‘seems the attackers met a hail of 7.62 and 50cal bullets. Kudos to the army. But I suggest they not only station APCs in front, but 1 or 2 MBTs to blow any friggin terrorist-manned technicals sky-high.

    But that said, there’s need for the army to acquire better and bigger MRAPs for the troops.

  29. beegeagle says:


    THE BAGA STORY – a documentary

    Hurry, tune in. Programme started 2200hrs(GMT+1)

    • Henry says:

      General beeg, please do place a summary of the documentary here on the blog, for those of us who are un able to view the programme due to work commitments or other varying factors.


  30. Spirit says:

    Im watching

  31. (@lordfej) says:

    abeg for those in diaspora post a link or something. please quick question am i the only one having sleepless nights on the security issue in Nigeria?

  32. beegeagle says:


    Uncharacteristically for “The Guardian(UK), this is a much more balanced report devoid of the verbal diarrhoea of Ms Hirsch, their West African attack dog. Monica Mark is the “The Guardian UK” reporter in Lagos.

  33. peccavi says:

    Really Oga Igbi, so because media sources are owned by certain interests we should shut don all those that don’t say what we want.
    Its those silly attitudes that have held Nigeria and Africa back.
    When you have finished shutting down all other media houses and are now telling people only what you want them to hear shebi the problem will go away?
    As Prof Achebe said, if you don’t like the way someone tells, your story tell it yourself.

    When we invade Cameroun let me know whether the free or unfree press should cover it or not

    • igbi says:

      We have to give the green card to the military. This is war, if you blink, you die.

    • igbi says:

      “Its those silly attitudes that have held Nigeria and Africa back.”
      Those silly attitudes as you call them are applied in the USA, in France, in England and so on. in those countries, when a media becomes verry influential, it gets either infiltrated by the government, either shut down, either bought by the government, either discredited through a high tempo propaganda.
      Tell me when an influential US media last criticized the US military.
      So please measure your words. Stop living in a dream world.

  34. G8T Nigeria says:

    My friends, we are at war, the earlier we recognise the facts before us and také very painful steps den we aint ready at all. In warfare u exploit all means to silence an enemy. Most local and international press always herald negative news about Nigeria, be it our military, health sector, moral values and so on. Former president OBJ dealth with John cannigie (a CNN nigeria correspondent) who went to militant camps and have them threathen the existence of nigeria on CNN worldwide, DO U CALL THIS PRESS FREEDOM. These people need be cuationed at all cost. I do not subscribe to total press onsluaght but some form of checks and balances. A nations NATIONAL INTEREST is supreme to any group of individuals. Magaret thacher did what she had to do to striking ATC, sack and replace immediatly. Rather than spoon feeding some grps of persons holding Britain to ransome. The int press shd tell us more on NATO muderous actvities in libya, US activities in iraq,afganistan or isreal bombing UN buildings and using phosphorous bombs. They shd tell us more abt atrocities in Guatanamo prisons even syria. Have u not noticed news favour the mighty. There is a campaign against Nigeria and our political or moral correctness will only lead us backwards.
    The manner our local press handle issues baffles me, they make militants so mighty over our troops. From Jomo Gbomo to shekau they all have free access to our dailies with wat ever threats they wake up with. Read abt the black movement in america and how they were wiped out. Pls pls pls, lets just stop being to simplistic, accomodating and staying by rules even the makers knw does not stand sometimes. SOMETHING needs to bě done to news reporting in Nigeria- from hausa BBC to AP and ajazerra all stand with BH. But be candid with the truth- How much comdemnation on BH activities have we seen. With about. 70,000 killed in syria, the UN is still discussing what to do,but for BAGA the world almost ended. Be reminded that a tV programme on vaccination cuased some people thier lives in nigeria. The press is powerful, without it Nigeria can never succeed. We just need to do the needful if is means sending some people parking from our territory. I am just too fed up with divergent news in nigeria. In modern societies, both local and int press agencies converge for briefing either from the police, military public relations officers before going on air. So Y not asking. Opposings viewscould be entertained sometimes but as it is now, the nigeria matter don pass BE KIAFUL. Wake up

    • G8T Nigeria says:

      I was wondering, is it right to have satellite photographs of a portion of a country’s territory without first seeking permission to do so. Which nation, or company granted Human Right watch such access to use such facilities, does HRW have any satellite,

  35. eyimola says:

    Well you are wrong. Nigeria will not win this conflict by muzzling the press. I don’t see any significant issues with the reporting of any of the news emanating from Nigeria at the moment. How many times have we on this site complained about the lack of information from official military/law enforcement sources? If the Nigerian state is not capable of controlling the flow of information, then there is nobody else to blame I’m afraid. Nobody needs to seek permission before pointing a satellite at any point on this planet. HRW interpretation of the telemetry is a completely different issue.

  36. beegeagle says:

    @Igbi. Oga, check your email abeg. Urgent

    @ALL. Gentlemen, do you remember this report which we posted in the main Baga thread?


    Reports emerging from Maiduguri today suggest that MOPOL men from the JSTF stormed UMTH and descended on a few chaps there. They were probably offended by the content of the New York Times report above.

    Trust Premium Times to make a meal of it. They have wilfully mixed it up and used “policemen” and “soldiers” interchangeably. Do they not know what they are doing – little wonder they get exclusive content mailed to them by BH?

  37. Teeboy says:

    These pictures do not tell the full story. I see no blood splatter, bullet or scorch marks. Nothing to suggest that a battle took place outside the gates of this barrack. What I do see are the bodies or insurgents that seem to have been piled up in a heap outside the gates of the barrack.

    • igbi says:

      Your tone sounds like that of a boko haram sympathizer, am I wrong ?

      • Teeboy says:

        So dead wrong! So cos i make a sound observation, that makes me a Boko Haram sympathizer? Lol! Just listen to yourself

    • igbi says:

      What you can see on that photo is that there is no damage to the barrack, and you can also see evidence of the dead terrorists.

  38. igbi says:

    This is for the US which thinks it can give us lessons:

  39. igbi says:

    Every time the USA opens its mouth, please broadcast this video:

    • peccavi says:

      Ok Oga Igbi, not sure how old you are or what you do but just for future reference any person who uses a North Korean propaganda video as evidence of anything other than bad production values has kind of lost the argument

  40. Xxavier says:

    Avid reader of your blog Beeg and its become an essential dailyFix.Thought i would shoot a couple of questions your way as you seem to be the industry oracle on this Was curious as to whether the Belarusians had a monopoly with the defense ministry over the maintenance of our fleet of MI -Russian military helicopters.and whether space exists for other players to offer similar services as BVST to MOD..??

  41. igbi says:

    First of all the video is not all propaganda, although the part in which they talk about North Korean might and purity and democracy is propaganda. What I liked in that video is that it is a view of the western and eastern ways from the outside. The non propaganda part of it is what an alien would actually think when he first steps on earth. Don’t just dismiss the video by saying it is NK propaganda, Watch it with a critical view.
    One thing I really liked in the video is the way it exposes the USA with verifiable facts. They say our military is too violent, while the US has killed more than 8 million people since the ending of the second world war. Let’s not even count their throwing of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Ngasaki. They say our govt is corrupt, yet theirs is so corrupt that they frequently send their soldiers to die for private companies. They have invaded 39 countries in the last 50 years, and yet they are the ones who keep saying some governments are not responsable. They keep talking about democracy while themselves they don’t have democracy. How do you explain that with a GDP of 14 trillion dollars every year, the US still has a lot of jobless and poor people, even many hobos and other homeless people. With all their money they couldn’t take care of their people as good as qaddafi took care of his people, yet they tamed him “brutal dictator” and had him killed.
    I can go on and on, but the most disgusting about the US is when they said: “The US doesn’t have permanent friends, it has only permanent interests”, that says it all.

    • Teeboy says:

      Well at least, Igbi, you and I can agree on America’s hubris, aggression,imperialism and double standards. You need not look beyond Syria to see this. Anyway, discussing this would be distracting us from the topic at hand which is the truly horrible security situation in the country!

      • igbi says:

        Your remark is on point. I just wanted to remind people who the US was.
        Many Nigerians are blind to the fact that our soldiers are fighting a war against terrorists.
        I am not verry happy with the USA, because on the one hand they halp terrorists in Libya and Syria and Iran, and on the other hand they say they are fighting terrorists. They refuse to call boko haram terrorists and they keep saying funny things about the situation in Nigeria, so I really Wonder if shekau is not one of their agents!

  42. igbi says:

    Just ask yourself one question: who is strongest in propaganda ?
    The US or North Korea ?
    It is clear that the US is stronger than North Korea.
    What do you do when someone lies better than you ?
    You espose the liying process to the public and hope that destroys the power of telling lies in order to reduce your disadvantage.

    • peccavi says:

      a) Wetin concern USA and North Korea in this gist?
      b) By what matrix do you get 8m people killed by the USA? How many killed by the USSR internally or externally since WW2? OR China internally?
      c) Wetin concern USA and North Korea in this gist?
      d) Which countries has the USA invaded? All 39 of them. As someone who advocates invading sovereign countries because of illiterate, fundamentalist who do not pose an existential threat to the country why are you so opposed to the USA exercising the same practice?
      e)Wetin concern USA and North Korea in this gist?

      • igbi says:

        I am trying to expose the USA for what they are because I read way too much papers in which the USA are saying we are using “excessif force”. That is verry laughable for a country which has invaded 39 countries is less than 50 years, and killed more than 8 million people. I used the North Korean video because it says a lot of verifyable facts.
        Too many Nigérians believe in the US lies, and not enough on their own soldiers. I want that to stop right now. Let me tell you this: the USA is not our friend. The USA is only interested in our oïl, they frequently say so themselves !

      • Igbi has a point(though its not the discussion on the table). Not just USA but UK and some other western states….They are all hypocrites. They have no solution to the problems in its best they shut up( probably get to learn the root cause of the problem befroe talking). A bachelor is not supposed to give a married man advice on marriage matters.

        The invading of Cameroun has been taking out of context here. We are not suggestion taking out the Government of Cameroun..we are sayin that instead of taking out the Jihadist in a fight in lets say bama, then let them flee with their dead…We are saying let the armed Forces pursue them to wherever they are running to and exterminate them…Even if they run into Cameroun or any other neighboring state…Not invading to take out the legitimate government

  43. ifiok umoeka says:

    I stayed away from commenting as it got ugly, but u see brothers, when we squabble, BH wins. A house divided… Can’t stand. Pls let peace and reason prevail. One love

  44. peccavi says:

    Ok, now that we have exposed the perfidy of the US lets get back to Baga and Nigeria

  45. igbi says:

    I would like to know if that idiot called sowore in sahara reporters is working for boko haram, because he seems to publish their propaganda a lot these days. If I ever meet him, it will not go well at all. That guy has disrespected everything Nigerian, he keeps spreading lies on his media in order to create chaos in Nigeria. I really want to know why some Nigerians act this way.

  46. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, it seems to me that a discernible pattern of collaboration and cooperation is emerging upcountry and the results are there for us to see.

    Whatever anyone has to say about hearts and minds, until the people truly get tired of surreptitiously rendering support to terrorists, they shall not know peace at any rate.

    In 2010, Abia State in SE Nigeria was the kidnap capital of West Africa. The whole menace was masterminded by a certain Osisikanku who was an out-of-work mercenary who had seen action in the Niger Delta’s Gunboat War. He relocated to the forests of Abia State with his followers, all armed and dangerous. From there, the instituted a reign of terror such as had never before been seen in the state.

    Indeed, the people of Aba placed themselves under a self-imposed curfew as most people were indoors at 5pm for fear of being picked off the streets by kidnappers. It was the case at the time that kidnappers would write to their victims, asking them to pay a certain amount of money or be kidnapped. The criminals grew very rich from their odious trade and armed up some more. They even began to kidnap policemen!

    In the face of a total breakdown of law and order, the President directed the GOC 82 Division at that time(General Sarkin-Yaki Bello) to take charge of the situation.

    Using the same ‘heavy-handed soldiers’ and the same ‘brutal tactics’, hundreds of suspects were rounded up. We also heard about allegations of torture and extrajudicial killings as troops poured into Aba and Umuahia by the hundreds and placed the state on lockdown. Special Forces commandos took to the forests scouting for the elusive leader of the syndicate. Eventually, the commandos spotted and eliminated Osisikanku and within a few short months, peace had returned to Abia State.

    Elsewhere in the North, the security situation in Kano is improving daily..regardless of the antics of terrorists. In Kano, people have been known to apprehend suspected terrorists. The security forces use the same tactics in Kano and Abia, Yobe and Borno.

    Going by the maxim “evil thrives when good men do nothing”, it is not hard to see that the gains made by security forces in Abia and Kano are attributable to the genuine desire for a restoration of law and order. By the same token, I am led to believe that people in Yobe and Borno suffer on account of their inclinations – running with the hares and chasing with the hounds.

    Just my two kobo.

    • igbi says:

      Oga Beag, please could you do an investigation on sahara reporters and sowore in order to show their true colours. Because I think that right now this sowore is spitting much more venum on Nigeria than Afua hirsch ever did.

  47. igbi says:

    An interesting story, which informs us about the danger of mrdia handled by the wrong set of people. You should be aware that there is such a thing as media thugs, sowore is one of them.

  48. Blackrev says:

    You are most correct oga beeg. I also think another problem we have right now are the oppositions. It seems they become so paranoid with gaining power that they’ve lost all sense of patriotism. At a time like this that every so called alders should come up with solutions to even show that they have that leadership qualities we crave for, these people would rather critisize every aproch the government takes to solve this matter. if he does this he’s too harsh, if he does that he’s too soft, he keeps qiet he’s too clueless. And so far the only solution our mega APC can come up with is amnesty. And they were shouting it as if thats the best they can do. We simply lack real leaders and elders. What we have are a bunch of old men trying to stay relevant. Can’t this people take example from countries that have managed this kind of insugency succesfully(cos it can’t really go away like that) even tunisia that is about to experience it are making gains because everyone came out to condemn terrorism and refuse to show support. i wonder what is progressive in APC. I believe this tin has a political dimention to it

  49. beegeagle says:

    Igbi, Sowore has always been an incoherent rabble rouser who takes on causes which he cannot finish. I should know ‘cos he was the President of the Students Union Government of the University of Lagos during my 1st Year there. He was in Geography and Regional Planning. OptimusPrime007 knows the rest of the story.

    At that time, he took on some confraternities who came together and publicly injected him with a substance which he does not know what it was till date. He thinks it was lead but I was reliably informed that it was vitamins which he got injected with. Otherwise, he would have long since died. “Show” is still paranoid apparently 🙂

    He got into the CLO-CD circuit which drove the business of street-level activism aimed at the revalidation of the June 12 1993 presidential election results and on recognition, he got shephered out to the USA as General Abacha’s goons cracked down.

    Sowore is believed to be close to the posse of politicians who went into exile on American goodwill at the time – such as Bola Tinubu, Toks Afikuyomi of the ACN and is certainly close to the CPC lightning rod that is Yinka Odumakin. That explains the very pro-CPC stance of the SR platform during the 2011 polls..political buccaneering perhaps.

    In all, he belongs to that axis of ‘activists’ who are eveready tools in the hands of foreign spooks and interests who seek the advancement of their own national interests through the projection of ‘soft power’…while Show and his self-despising and gossip-loving audience denigrate their own country.

    Lots of chaps in the media, the literary arts and activist circles are similarly amenable or are already being used to undermine our national interest as we speak. That is why they are often subtly propped up through public speaking and foreign travel opportunities, fellowships and awards for ‘unclear’ work done for the foreign interests who in turn try to brand and hold them up as ‘forces for change’ and ‘social entrepreneurs’

    In places where these antics attained maturity, peace has departed from those countries in perpetuity – Tunisia, Libya and Egypt come to mind. Fancy a hitherto ultra-stable Tunisia now grappling with cross-border guerrilla attacks and urban mayhem

    Welcome to the era of “openness”

    • Teeboy says:

      well said Beeg. Well said. This is the enlightenment that i long to see people seek. All that “Arab Spring” hoopla were the machinations of foreign interests.

  50. Henry says:

    ****BREAKING NEWS****

    Iranian Azim Aghajani convicted over Nigeria arms

    An Iranian businessman has been found guilty of smuggling weapons into Lagos and sentenced to five years in prison by a Nigerian court.

    Rockets and grenades were among the arms found inside 13 shipping containers of building material in 2010.

    Court documents said they were due for re-export to The Gambia.

    Nigerian Usman Abbas Jega was convicted alongside Azim Aghajani, alleged to be a member of the Revolutionary Guards.

    They were convicted on four of five charges relating to the shipment, reports the AFP news agency.

    The final destination of the weapons has not been established.

    There has been speculation that they could have been intended for The Gambia’s neighbour, Senegal, where there is a low-level rebellion in the south.

  51. beegeagle says:

    That is good to know, Henry.

    13 containers of weapons, including rocket artillery are enough to destabilise all of Senegambia, never mind the Casamance region of southern Senegal alone.

    Good work by the SSS.

  52. Number one says:

    @ Igbi every country does what is in its best interest.

    • igbi says:

      Not true at all, many countries do whats in USA’s best interest.
      You see, I am fed up of Nigerians praising the USA night and day while they are insulting their own country.

      • Blacrev says:

        Guy, you dont seem to get it. it’s calledd mental slavery. i raised this issue with beeg some months back and am yet to get a reply. maybe it’s too sensitive for him to comment. the thing is that these whites might have abolished slavery long ago, but they still managed to cage our minds to let us know they are still our masters. this is evident and we know it. am not anti western but i still say you can never trust them. here are my reasons:
        1) the west are the number one sponsors of terror. they did this when they supported the mujaheddin fighters in Afghanistan against the soviets which created the taliban and osama, in lybia, sponsored a lot of rebellion in mostly Africa and south America, and are considering arming Syrian rebels after knowing fully well that 80% of them will eventually turn to terrorism after the revolution. all these because they were Governments that wont obey.
        2) Africa is a continent with abundance resources that can sustain the whole world for decades. China which is a rising power needs these resources to maintain their rising development, so they want to make transparent deals with African nations with such resources(though not 100% but better than western conditions). this the west don’t want because china has made us realize we were being cheated out of our resources. so they came up with the policy of containing china.
        3) they say they advocate for democracy and try to enforce it especially in Africa, but they still support countries like Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar etc. that are number one sponsors of terrorism, human rights violations and the most undemocratic countries. i can go on but my point is that the US has not shown much support to our Government on this matter but have continued to add to the political tensions in the country. they couldn’t have predicted our break up if preparations have not been made(they are so good in covering their tracks when it comes to supporting rebellions). i would like America to strongly condemn boko haram and label them a terror org. instead of always criticizing our military in every effort they make in trying to fight them whether through their media or embassy. we really need to free ourselves from this mental slavery

      • Teeboy says:

        Blacrev do you suppose that the reason the US isn’t labelling Boko Haram a terrorist organization is because they would very much like to keep their friends in the north and engage them should Nigeria split as they have curiously predicted?

  53. eniola says:

    5yrs is too small 4 me. Its lik a pattin in d back……

  54. die9myte says:

    All well said about the Bama,Baga situation it politicaliztion,it biasness,it weakness and shortcoming. @igbi I support some of your UsA claims,cos’ when has the internal problem of a sovereign country become issue of foreign country to dabble into,talking about sending inspectors or what to Baga.
    Another issue is with our people just as we keeping clamouring for change,talking about some political elite hijacking power,let come to think of it if me,u and some greedy ppl never gave them our support to rig they can’t do it All from abuja,that said our people should start making issue of security their problem too. Police,soldiers can’t do it all without adquate information from the people we should start trusting our armed forces cos’ they are putting their lives on the line cos’ frustration do set in atimes if people u trying to save at all cost are not forthcomin (imagine the issue of nassaraw) I won’t be suprise if some police start displaying harsh tactics towards the environ.
    Lastly this war against boko haram is a fight for all regardless of your tribe,ethnin group or religion. Like yoruba says if u throw stone into the market can never say whether your target is your neighbour.

  55. Henry says:

    This report reiterates what the chief of army staff said a few months back about creating a new 600 manned, fully equipped special forces group

    Military To Introduce Anti-insurgency Unit


    As part of measures to effectively tackle the current security challenges in the country, the military has revealed plans to introduce an anti-insurgency unit as obtainable in other parts of the world.

    The Chief of Defence Staff, Rear Admiral Ola Ibrahim disclosed this while receiving a delegation of course fifty-three of the Indian National Defence College in Abuja, adding that the planned anti-insurgency unit would be fully equipped to tackle the challenges.

    Giving the assurance that the military will do all it can to ensure that the problem of insurgency is controlled, Rear Admiral Ibrahim maintained that though there are enormous challenges in the fight, the armed forces are not overwhelmed.

    He pointed out that the most important step taken by the Nigerian military is to support the deepening of democracy which, according to him, has the potential to create a more secure country.

  56. beegeagle says:

    Bama is over 30 miles clear of the Cameroon border at the nearest end, situated behind a wall of towns such as Gwoza, Ashigashiya,Kumshe,Kutilax and Gulumba Gana, among others.

    Are we saying that these guys drove over 30 miles from the nearest border undetected? If not and assuming that they mustered for this attack inside Nigerian territory, is it too much for the security forces to conduct searches across all the remote communities in Borno which lie around and/or to the east of Longitude 14 in the “Ear of Nigeria” – from the northern end at our frontier with Cameroon on the El Beid River down to Gwoza in the Mandara Mts? I mean, Ngala, Ran, Logomani, Gajibo, Kala, Kutilax, Dipchari, Kumshe, Gulumba Gana, Ashigashiya, Gwoza and all the villages and hamlets in between across 5,000 square kilometres of territory?

    Come on, can we get proactive about this already?

    • Teeboy says:

      Serious shortcomings in our security apparatus. Or should i say serious traitors, collaborators and sympathizers within our forces? And at the crux of this matter, the north/south, christian/muslim divide. 1914 was a mistake. A big mistake

  57. beegeagle says:

    Long live Nigeria, TeeBoy. Let us hope for the best.

    What I CANNOT understand is the sheer level of lethargy which has characterised the serious business of appropriate provisioning for our military and security forces.

    I cannot believe the snail pace which has characterised everything which needs to be done. The foremost reason why governments exist in Nigeria is the provision of security for lives and property. That is what our Constitution requires.

    Yet in the face of the great urgency which the security situation across the land demands, what we continue to hear is “COMPETING DEMANDS” on a scale of preference in which, against the grain of constitutional precepts, the hardware needs of the security forces appear to be firmly rooted to the bottom of that scale, even at a time like this.

    There is no sense of urgency entailed in the planning as people still have the luxury of making provisions for 3-year plans in situations which require a 3-month response time.

    Our budget implementation at the end of each year appears to stand at 30% – a truly abysmal completion rate.

    Where are the light observation helicopters, drones, attack+assault helicopters, mine-protected Light Patrol Vehicles and Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles which ought to be coming to the security forces in a cascade at a time like this?

    Our selfish politicians have REFUSED to see anything from a nationalistic perspective, preferring to lapse into ethnic cocoons. There are people, including Lamido Sanusi, who have correctly deciphered the fact that to free up more funds for development, our bloated 36 state structure needs to be replaced with a six or eight regional structure which allows for economies of scale. It is the poorest Nigerians who have stood against that, waxing paranoic about the breakup of the country. So they remain impoverished and continue to destabilize the polity under the guise of agitation.

    If our Constitution were written differently, a Nigeria with 36 other mineral resources in all parts of the federation thought able to generate an extra $40bn in income, should not have so much problems with allowing the national wealth to reach the grassroots. How come the people of Ibaji in Kogi are squabbling with their neighbours in Anambra over oil wells, with dozens of peop killed? Should that be so whereas the said Kogi State, with 29 solid minerals, is the most well endowed state in Nigeria and with each of its LGs able to boast a minimum of two solid minerals?

    Why should that be so when Kogi State alone holds enough reserves of limestone to sustain three cement plants the size of Obajana(on its way to becoming the world’s largest by 2015) for 400 years? Why should that be so whereas Okaba district of Ankpa LGA hold enough reserves of coal to generate electricity for all of Nigeria for 99 years?

    It is the case that nextdoor Nasarawa State with 22 solid minerals is the second most well-endowed state in Nigeria. It suggests that a North Central region incorporating Kogi and Nasarawa and with that quantum of mineral wealth should be as rich as Gabon instead of languishing on the poor list while waiting for handouts from the Federation Account. Why are we as Nigerians promoting dependency rather than productivity which would elevate us all?

    With 28 billion barrels of oil-equivalence in bitumen deposits which continues to gush from the ground on account of its abundance as we speak, why should Ondo State or a South West region need a cent of oil money from the Federation Account?

    Methinks we are our own worst enemies. I am telling you most solemnly. Even the rule of law cannot be promoted because politicians would impute narrow-minded explanations into the simplest matter of an infraction of the law which deserves punishment.

    That is why herdsmen are right now killing, raping, maiming and burning across Oyo, Ogun, Delta, Benue, Nasarawa, Taraba and southern Kaduna..having had a field day on the Jos Plateau killing people by the thousands in village wide massacres and going unpunished because one one interest or the other needs to be served.We see black and call it blue. BH are killing elsewhere and in a warped pursuit of ‘parity’ of an odious kind, some of us think they need to be amnestied?

    Na siddon look we dey.

    • Teeboy says:

      Well i admire your optimism and your patriotism but i really do believe we are seeing the beginning of the end.

      • igbi says:

        The end of our unity would favour none of us, for the fulani herdsmen who “worship” their cows, I think they should be systematically arrested by the policement when spotted. Because they seem to me like a murderous gang, and that is how you deal with gangs.

      • Teeboy says:

        You see that’s what we erroneously believe. That a fragmented Nigeria will favour no one. That’s fallacy. Its because some colonial master deemed it fit to merge distinctly different cultures into one country, we now believe we are destined to be together. So let me ask you, if Nigeria stretched as far as Chad or Niger for instance, would you still clamour for unity? Of course you would still say so! Why? Cos you would never be able to imagine a Nigeria without the Tuaregs and Bedouins up in the north.
        Some of the newly emerged countries will prosper, others will not. It’s as simple as that!

  58. igbi says:

    The president needs to show some “balls”, he needs to show he is the president, not the sultan of Sokoto, not the pro-terrorist senators. His flip flop on Amnesty and the fact that Senator zanna is still free ( and allowed to spread boko haram propaganda unabated after his nephew was proved a boko haram commander and caught in his house ) shows a lot of weakness from his side. he needs to start thinking as the leader of the nation and he needs to do things for the interest of Nigeria and not that of some politicians amongst his party. In times of war like this some présidents would hand the power to the military and come back only when the problem is over. I think we need to see that happen. And for the other politicians, I am sorry to say I see verry few patriots among them. It is all about their own tribe as I see, sometimes it is all about their own religion. Do they realise they represent the nation in its entirety ? Do they know their obligations ? If I were a general in the Nigerian army, or the IGP, I would mount a team charged with taking out politicians deamed ennemies of the state. (ofcourse there would be a secret military judge which would investigate the politicians’ actions and deliberate on a secret judgement: death sentence or not guilty.) If guilty, the secret commando would carry out the assasination of the politician. This might be a little far fetched, but we really need to get rid of some sabotteurs right now.

    • igbi says:

      I do not support killing traitor politicians in secret, but something needs to be done.

    • doziex says:

      I ‘ll be damned. Oga igbi I actually agree with you here.

      As the chief law enforce in the land, President GEJ must show no fear or favor to any interest group within or without Nigeria.

      As Putin said, as he assumed power in a corrupt, violent and lawless Russia, “There must be a dictatorship of the law”

      Sometimes, western govts and so called human rights groups pretend to care too much about the rights of law breaking insurgents, rather than the destructive effects on a nation.

      So here we agree. President GEJ you must take courage, for your job calls for it.

      No jihadist or power usurping northern group, no niger delta oil thieving syndicate, no OPC, no Massob, no bakassi boys or armed group of any kind is above the law.

      Go on the offensive, molest these bastards, for it is helpless Nigerians, that they are victimizing.

  59. igbi says:

    @Teeboy, First of all we need to stop saying “colonial masters”, I would rather say “colonial thieves” or “colonial murderers. And second thing: Have you checked around lately ?
    My main concern is that we are verry strong right now, with our population, if we divide then I think the nations which have been eyeing our ressources will clamp down on the new oïl rich countries.
    Cameroon would then be the superpower of the region, and then expect them to claim more territory and offshore wells, there would be incessant wars between neighbours for oïl rich lands, all this doesn’t sound well.

  60. Saints says:

    Putting all that aside. Invading a sovereign state be it francophone or anglophone has its political and diplomatic implications. And we are not industralised enough to survive a western backed sanction for lets say 24 months. Our foreign reserve would disapear. Nigeria would become the iran of africa. Iran is even being accepted by some fellow arabian states. AU would also place us on sanction. And then and only then would Oga igbi realise the imports of that word “Invasion”. We dont even have the firepower by the way.

    • Saints says:

      @ oga igbi, i am sorry my comments came too late.. Meant it as a reply to an earlier comment. But my rookie web browser knew best. Yea even lord eeben made mention of neo colonialism in his reply to a comment last week.. I think our approach to defence matters should remain indigenous as we can only counter our own problems from learning from our own problems and not that of another man.

    • igbi says:

      Just one correction: iran is not an arabian state. An other correction: we do have the firepower, and Iran wasn’t industrialized before the sanctions, it got industrialized as a result of the sanctions.

      • saints says:

        ok, lets say Iran is not an Arab state. but please mr igbi the almighty international politics specialist. what body does the Iranian republic represents during diplomatic conventions, the Arab league or the African union. a normaL iranian could deny being an Arab and claim a Persian origin, but that does not suffice in diplomatic documentations.

    • igbi says:

      And what I mean by invading is : sending secret commando units to dismantle the terrorist camps in Niger, Chad, and Cameroon. I don’t mean taking away their souvereinty.
      In that type of case our government could deny ever sending a commando unit once the job is done.

      • CHYDE says:

        Hehehehehehehehe. Igbi, seems you’ve been watching a lot of Movies of late (just joking). The idea of sending secret commando units into our neighbouring countries ain’t a good idea at all. I’d rather we form a joint commission ( or something else) with them instead of causing problems for ourselves. These groups will only thrive if there is division, like some rightly pointed out on one of the threads.. UNITY is the key. and if these countries dont want to help, seal up the borders. Simple and Short

      • saints says:

        so when deniability is impossible what do we do then.. start war?.

  61. igbi says:

    @Chyde, do you know how immense our borders are ?
    Do you think there is just one door at the borders you can just close when you want ?
    No, our bordersd are nothing but a very long imaginary line.
    The commando option is unevitable.
    I suggest we also start buiding walls in the border and start placing land mines on that imaginary line, and abawires, and a lot of other toxic traps.

    • Teeboy says:

      Lol! You have indeed watched too many movies. Do you know hw many international laws you’ll be breaking should you mine the borders? What about the safety of ininnocent individuals or that of the future generations when hostilities seize? So when hostilities stop, all we need do is go back out there and remove these mines abi? As easy as that right?

      • igbi says:

        These mines are to be at the imaginary border line. Much like the ones seperation Noth Korea and South Korea. And please stop talking about international laws, nobody follows them, eveb the people who made them keep breaking them at will. You have to stop thinking with those laws in your head, be wiser than the west, that is what we need.

  62. igbi says:

    @Teeboy, if Nigeria désintégrâtes, I see many new nations military occupied by Cameroon, France England, Russia, the USA, etc for at least 50 years. I see a lot of worlords doing raids across the news countries. I see deaths in thousands and I see cameroon becoming the big bully, taking a big deal of our oïl wealth and the rest in the hands of western powers. I see a big bunch of failed states. I see deaths in the millions. I see you saying, if only we had known ! I see people saying: we used to be the Giant of Africa!

    • Teeboy says:

      And are we the Giant of Africa? Truly? Are we? Giant in what exactly?
      A north/south split is what i advocate. When are you going to realize the number problem that devils us is this? Right now Maitama Sule is swearing to mobilise the whole north against Jonathan in 2015. Is the presidency their birth right? Na by force????

      • igbi says:

        Look, I am not a politician and do not want to be, I suppose you too are not.
        I suggest we arrest and give a jail sentence to peaople making claims like that man.
        The presidency is the right of every Nigerian who is elected. I suggest a weaker presidential office in order to make the office less enviable.
        Let governors hold much more power than they are holding right now (but we have to be carefull with that aswell). And let the army have its own constitutional duties that will make the army able to function without orders coming from politicians (a sort of military which would not be Under political power from, neither the governors, nor the president, only following the laws and constitutional responsabilities given to it (although we need a lot of caution to do that). We can do this to solve most of this fight for presidency and political relevance and division.
        All this is just my way of telling you that there are solutions out there, don’t just jump into the fire and say “let’s divide”.

  63. igbi says:

    @Teeboy, the mines are never to be removed, them and the walls are to serve as the materialization of the imaginary border line. They are to remain there and even be upgraded when needed.

  64. igbi says:

    @Teeboy, do you suggest people trying to cross our borders in fraud are innocent ? I say no, I prefere them to be blown up, rather than bring weapons and terrorism into Nigeria.

    • eyimola says:

      Too many inflammatory statements are being without consideration of the consequences. Apart from the fact that Nigerians are probably the largest source of non refugee illegal immigration in Africa, the suggestion that Nigeria deploys land mines at he borders (despite the fact that the country signed up to the international convention banning the use of such) is appalling. This solution ignores the fact that the customs and immigration depts are incompetent and corrupt. In a country has gotten so accustomed into paying off traitors that it no longer knows how to deal with what is in effect a low level insurgency.

      Blaming foreign journalists who right stuff we disagree with is not going to achieve anything.

      • igbi says:

        Eyimola, have you seen our borders ? It is impossible to man them. It is verry easy for people to pass the borders fraudulently. I suggest we build a wall along the borders and we protect that wall with landmines, as a solution to stop people from crossing the border fraudulently. And your comment about foreign journalists is incredible, those journalists are busy spreading lies and propaganda against your cuntry (that is if you are a Nigerian), in order to spread chaos and havoc and in order to terrorize and demorazlize Nigérians, yet you think that we should treat them as messangers of God. eyimola, I am dissapointed in you.

      • igbi says:

        I also hope you know the main target of closing the borders (with a wall a landmines) would be to deny terrorists the ability to cross the border. If you don’t agree with what I propose then please propose a way of closing the borders, and keep in mind that they are too long to be manned.

      • eyimola says:

        Its against International Law PERIOD. Nigeria signed up and ratified the convention against the use of such weapons 15 years ago. ANY use of such will invite significant reprisals.

      • igbi says:

        Once again the corruption and incompetence saga. Do you know how many of these people you are insulting have died for Nigeria ? Do you know how hard their job is ?
        No you only need to sit comfortably somewhere and start insulting them and accusing them with no proof. While at the same time protecting foreign journalists’ right to terrorize Nigerians and illegal migrants’ right to bring in weapons and kill Nigérians.
        Long live your dreamworld.

      • eyimola says:

        I’m ignoring you.

  65. beegeagle says:

    Oga Igbi..please, try to attack the message frontally but spare the messenger. Tell Oga Eyimola or anyone else what they need to know and leave it at that. Remember tiffs with Peccavi,Doziex and Jimmy Hollyee before now?

    Everyone of us patriotic Nigerians cannot fathomably see or interprete our country’s affairs the same way and trust me, we are all passionate about her issues..good or bad. You won’t be the first person to have suggested that the borders be mined. Doziex thinks so as well and G8T Nigeria is favourably disposed to that idea. So you are not alone. Be satisfied in the knowledge of that and let it go.

    Just sway the opinion without getting personal, my brother. If you do, others would react at any rate and f’ight go start be dat’.

    Joo o..”bigmen and elders” follow dey hia. Thank you.

    • saints says:

      thanks oga beeg, and to oga igbi i say i am sorry for whatever comments i ve made that doesnt go down well with you

  66. igbi says:

    Please can someone tell me what is wrong with some of our women:

    It’s like US propaganda is really catching up with some of our women, I think if you prolonged that video then the women would be asking for the USA to come and colonize Nigeria.
    The person with the mike interviewing the people on the ground herself doesn’t know anything about what she is reporting, she even admits it. I think there is a real problem of education in my beloved country. At least all the men interviewed spoke well. I think national pride should be taught at school.

    • beegeagle says:

      When I was a boy in primary school back in the defunct Bendel State, we used to be taught citizenship education in a subject called “CIVICS”. We were taught everything from the flag to the coat of arms..good, passive and bad citizenship etc.

      Those days are gone with the wind. Tis a free for all now. Most of our sistren do not even know that they are Nigerians..not Ninegerians.

      Na so we see am.

  67. igbi says:

    @eyimola, you can ignore me as much as you want.
    I will just add that almost no country follows international law: France broke them in Libya. USA broke them in Irak, Sudan has been braking them for more than a decade, Algeria broke them during its fight against terrorism in the 90’s and during the latest hostage taking in Algeria.
    A way of setting the landmines without rousing suspicion is to declare the border line military territory, then double wall it and set mines in the middle. Now anybody who ends up in our military field because he is trying to cross our borders fraudulently has himself to blame. And there is no international laws violated here: in our military field we have the right to test weapons, even landmines.

    • Donspony says:

      Seriously…land mines? Please look up Laos, Mozambique, Sri Lanka etc
      In the event of unmitigated circumstances causing citizens from either side running to safety, pray tell what would happen.
      Nigeria needs a robust taskforce to tackle illegal crossings and smuggling but never land mines.

      • igbi says:

        In that case, the people would be crossing the manned part of the border and would be granted passage only after screening and if they are legal migrants.
        As I have said before, the border is too long for human beings to mann it. Just take a map and measure the border.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        @ igbi, the use of mines is a BIG NO NO. I believe Nigeria signed up to a UN resolution banning the use of mines. Think about the communities located close the borders. Is it until you see pics of children with limbs blown off by mines that you’ll fully understand?

        There are why better ways of policing our borders. Technology is one. If the Brazilians can adopt a mix of UAVs, AWAC aircrafts, helium filled ballons equipped with FLIR, observation satellites, and military+law enforcement units to police the massive Amazon jungle (against smugglers, illegal loggers, and drug cartels), I see no reason why we can’t do the same.

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