A NAF Mi-35P attack helicopter in the Czech Republic enroute Nigeria, post-overhaul, October 2008

A NAF Mi-35P attack helicopter in the Czech Republic enroute Nigeria, post-overhaul, October 2008

9 May, 2013

A military helicopter has crashed just days after a jet crash west of Niamey. A statement from Nigeria’s Air Force said the crash happened on Thursday morning at its base in Port Harcourt
and that the crew escaped unharmed.

Local witnesses described seeing a
plume of smoke rise from the base. The air force identified the helicopter as a Russian-made Mi-24B attack helicopter. The statement said an investigation into the cause of the crash has started.

On Monday,a Nigerian Air Force Alpha jet fighter crashed 60km west of Niamey, the capital of Niger, killing two pilots.


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  1. duduboi says:

    Too many crashes in too few days. We do not have enough air assets to absorb this rate of crashes.

  2. Saw this one happen….It’s like there was a fire onboard….The Pilot tried…guided the chopper to the ground…and took off…nothing firmen could do cos the ordinance onboard d chopper kept popping….

  3. ifiok umoeka says:

    This week has been sad news after sad news. Attacks, ambushes, crashes. I’m just sad.

  4. beegeagle says:

    What is the physical state of the chopper, 007 and do we have the NAF number?

    The MiL helicopters remain excellent workhorses regardless and remain top picks for UN PKOs worldwide.

    Ever since we began to acquire Hind attack helics in 2000, this is only the second time that any of them has crashed and even the other one was restored to full functionality. In April 2007, NAF 530 – a Mi-35P crashed while helping with the distribution of sensitive election materiel. It was flown out to LOM PRAHA in the the Czech Republic for restoration work and it resumed NAF service in October 2008, delivered straight to Makurdi by an Antonov heavylift plane.

    • Sorry Gen…dont have those details yet…U know say na Military barracks..Taking Pictures is not allowed. I would try and get the details soonest..But we need more of these beast….They helped in dealing with Militants in their bases…i can attest to that.

  5. Solorex says:

    Accidents are inevitable, but 5 crashes within 36 months is not inevitable. The basic problems often associated with these kinds of seemingly continuous crashes ( a small air-force like ours) is often maintenance related or human errors(boils down to training, retraining, availability of simulators e.t.c).This is a fact that would be hard to swallow.

    We need to have Martin Baker Zero-Zero type ejection seat installed in all our jets as a standard issue and NAF needs to situp by shoring up its maintenance/pre-flight inspection and training practice/policy, acquiring simulators and re-training as necessary.

    Moreso, the government needs to think big and act big;South Africa became the regional service center (with MRO facility built by Denel Aviation) for Russian Mil aircrafts and SAF does’nt even operate Mil helicopters! But their Government/Denel realized that several African countries operates them and would find it cheaper to bring then to SA for upgrade, maintenance and repairs than ship them to elsewhere.

    I see no reason why NAF/FG could not arrange such a facility with private sector, seeing that MIL products will remain our gunship of choice for a long time to come and there is plenty of market plus alot to gain in such a venture.

  6. beegeagle says:

    That is correct, Solorex but even before the Q4 2011 MoU signed between the NAF and BVST of Belarus ref the establishment of a service centre in Nigeria, BVST technicians have been cooperating with 97 SOG on MIL aircraft mtce?

    Anyway, the crux of my own take is to assert that the safety record on the MIL airframes in Nigeria after 13 years, exceeds 90%. So these are no F7 AirGuard. We actually need more of the very rugged MIL airframes – Mi24V, Mi35P,Mi17V5 and Mi-171Sh Terminator.

  7. Spirit says:

    Haba! in just one week? Are you sure BH is not using juju to bring down this aircrafts?
    On a more serious note, it is bad to loose an aircraft, it is very bad to loose two aircrafts within 5 days, it is awfull to loose them in non-combat operations!

    If the two aircrafts have been the ‘Flying Toy 7 Airguards’ I wouldnt have minded. But these crafts (Alfa and Mi-24) are tested and trusted die-hard machines. What is going on?

  8. beegeagle says:


    THE BAGA STORY – a documentary

    Hurry, tune in.

    Programme started 2200hrs(GMT+1)

  9. beegeagle says:

    NTA News reported a while ago that the preliminary report on this ccrash has been released. A malfunction of the tail rotor is suspected. All other systems were certified OK.

    The crashed airframe had flown 1,908 hours. This suggests to me that it was one of the batch of Hind attack helics which were acquired from Ukraine in 2008. The first ever batch of six Mil attack helics acquired in 2000 were ALL Mi-35P (6 units)

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