Logo of the Nigerian Arny Desert Force

Logo of the Nigerian Arny Desert Force


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  1. asorockweb says:

    Nice logo.
    The slogans are entirely home-grown.
    “Train to kill” – Human RIghts Watch will love that.
    They are already citing the “Kill and Go” slogan as evidence of institutional disrespect for human rights.
    HRW has become too powerful, I would even say repressive.

    • igbi says:

      All militaries have that type of signs and ideology. Just listen to the French foreign legion’s music. I think NigĂ©rians have to sign a petition asking HRW to mind their own business in the future, have they even counted the number of poor Libyan civilians who were killed by Nato bombings ? What do they have to say about North Korea ? (Nothing).
      HRW is only important if you take it seriously.
      Ignore HRW, don’t let them enter Nigeria, never ever ever.
      Always have a team to deny whatever they say, just do to them what Israel does to them all the time.

  2. ifiok umoeka says:

    No comment

  3. Anas says:

    This bagde reminds resembles that of BOPE in brazil

  4. demola says:

    Guys, if you remember the tread on nigerian army deploying first battalion wholly manned by special forces. Somebody i suspect to be a member of the battalion posted a comment saying ‘one man, one bullet’ this indicates that the slogan has been arround for long amongst army SF guys for long. Truely homegrown.
    Oga beeg may we have information on the size and constituent or this unit or taskforce.

  5. (@lordfej) says:

    exactly at Oga anas, Le Gen once again you have pulled the rabbit out of the hat. this was the question i was asking concerning the units in the military. Oga camoflage you are mouthted

  6. tim says:

    Beeg check your email

  7. jimmy says:

    oga tim
    shed some light on this o! this is very interesting is this log for a newly created battalion or brigade? or the long awaited coin division hmmmm…… inthe immortal words of Fela we dey wait o!

  8. triqqah says:

    Wow! Trained to kill ( that’s obvious)… One man, one bullet… That’s frightening!

  9. I believe we should start strengthing our Armed Forces quietly but very quickly. A strong Armed Force projects the strength and policy of a Nation. I think its past time….We need to use this crisis on hand to our advantage. The Nigerian masses wouldnt bat an eyelid now if the FG fishes out 50Billion Dollars now to spend on arms. And who says we cant trade crude for arms?

    • Acting Major Benbella says:

      Sir, I think spending $50 billion on arms for the armed forces is reasonable and one we can absorb. Arms acquisitions are usually delivered between one to five years. The bigger and more sophisticated platforms like submarines and fighters take longer. It is also possible to negotiate a pay back plan system over 10-20 years with zero to 1% interest.

      The state of our armed forces, its projected growth (that I personally will reach 300,000) and the changing threat assessments in our region may well require such spending on defense.

  10. Henry says:

    @Optumusprime007, you aren’t serious right? 50 billion dollars in arms purchase and throw our nation into debt, that our grand children would be paying for? Noo, I beg to completely disagree.

    A foreseeable option would be to increase defence budget to 5-6 billion dollars yearly. That’s the route, I believe nigeria should take.

    It’s affordable and we won’t be at risk of plunging the nation into debt.

    The bright side is, under this administration manufacturing is steadily increasing. So if the tide continues to rise, as it is at the moment, we should reach a point where local private industries would begin to fill up our foreign procurements gap.

    • Yeah i know Oga Henry….Just tired of the lack of adequate procurement by our Government….What i really meant was that we should do things wholesale rather then retail….its cheaper doing it wholesale than retail….Instead of buyin say 2 multi-role fighters, we can purchase say 20(the manufacturers go feel at ease to give us some jara), and have some payment arrangement…that kinda thingy

  11. beegeagle says:

    007 was probably thinking in naira terms – 50 billion naira. That is a pittance.

    Our shopping list(not defence budget) should be spiked to U$$1.5bn for the year – special emergency and sustained at the level of $750 million in 2014 and 2015 respectively. I shall come back with my shopping list for all three years.

    It is sad that at the height of the Gunboat War, MoD drew up a US$3 billion shopping list which the Yar’Adua regime was favourably disposed to. We went to sleep on that as well.

    Nigeria MUST get away from the habit of short-term measures and losing sight of the big picture once temporary reprieve comes. For example, even with the threat from landmines faced by our troops in Sierra Leone, one would have thought that a systematic plan for MRAPs should have been put in place since 2000. The war ended and our memory died with it?

  12. mike says:

    wow, what a frightening logo. my guess is that these guys go be sf.just saying.

  13. jimmy says:

    The tragedy about Military coups and the ULTIMATE Irony ( removing the epic spending during the civil war) civilian regimes tend to out spend Military Regimes by whopping sums which also tend to be TASK SPECIFIC and Beneficial to all three Branches.
    I do not want to agree with all the red necked Generals but based on what Nigeria is going through in the North ( open rebellion) and the Niger delta ( oil SABOTAGE/ CRIME/ PIRACY).
    add this to how much Nigeria makes + Foreign Exchange reserves( $50b).
    The British in the 70s went through a series of corruption scandals with their famous Scotland yard . one of the things they did was to tie the pay increases of their police officers to the rate of inflation.
    The fact of the matter is the armed forces are getting better but in terms of equipment/ housing/ procurement reliability we still lag way behind.The police as evidenced still lag way behind and yet they are the first line of defence. This attitude has to change. This allocation of stinginess now that we are in two full blown crisis has to change.The army needs modern day equipment not hands me down( Modern APCs,tanks, Missile systems, and also much better accommodation) .
    The navy is showing improvement but it is being tasked with enormous responsibilities and the funds are not being given , and no it does not include for OPVS . I am talking about enhanced radar coverage to 200- 500 nautical miles of the coast from LAGOS- CALABAR AND” BEYOND”
    The Air force needs a lot of things one is the most important things needed is a service chief who has the ear of the president and can relay the sense of under procurement that is going on the CONTRACTS IS MIND BEFUDDLING THAT THE SHAGARI REGIME signed contracts for the c-130s as well as the jaguars, as well as the Aradu on Oil @ $10-$20 a barrel and yet we cannot bring the will power to buy the Su-27/ Su-30/ Su 35 as a package over a ten yr period this is what we should aspire to / train our pilots for yet we do not do these things till an emergency breaks out remember” if you pay peanuts you get monkeys”

    • Acting Major Benbella says:

      Oga Jimmy,
      I cannot agree with you more. Besides the important things you mentioned that the armed forces need there is also the fact that it is really equipped for large scale offensive warfare. I have long argued that Nigeria needs to play to its advantage and in this instance, to its size. It should not base it’s war fighting strategy on the small scale size of most African countries of sending a battalion or a brigade. I’m for putting 20-30,000 well equipped and well provided troops into a single battle thus raising the stakes for the other side. I think war is a serious business and should be approached with all the seriousness it deserves.

      • Acting Major Benbella says:

        Additionally, we should stop lowering our expectations when it comes to buying or manufacturing war equipments. No more hand me downs and second rate systems. I mean why buy a T-72 when an A6 or even A7 is what we need. Very good tanks will always win battles except if there are air planes around.

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